It was quiet.  No company about,  no comm channels open.  Mike smiled as a small countdown clicked over on his comm and opened a bottle of port.  “Nice to cross lines.”

The comm silently continued climbing from the indicator that his skill education now exceeded 100 million.  Another button flashed and Mike sighed and opened mail to see what notifications had arisen.  Then he started laughing.

Bounty has been added . . . three times.  Mainly by friends and listeners to the various shows he had been on.  But he had crossed the 10 billion mark for the price on his head.  He sighed, sipped the port, and sent off thank you’s to the latest people to add to his price.

“They really have to find a way to let folks collect this easier than waiting for me to go wandering into low.”  He muttered, topping up his glass.  The last countdown on his comm continued to decrease . . . number of days left in the election.

“No idea how tings gonna go there and worse, I has to be there, live, for the announcement of the results.”  He made a note to buy more port and take his hipflask with him.  “Man has ta be prepared, no?”



Just a short one as I have been busy doing campaign and life.

But wow on two different fronts.  100 million sp and 10.5 Billion bounty.

Vote, Tuesday is Tuesday CCP Iceland time.  Try to get it done by Monday Evening, to account for the semispherical nature of our globe and the timezone differentials



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The CSM elections have been called an ego trip for a bunch of self important players of the game of Eve.

Yes and no.  No, I didn’t run to stroke my own ego, if I had I would have quit by now, having lost 4 times running.  I wouldn’t run again because having run and won, for once the smartest thing to do would be go out on a high note, not to another loss.

But I won’t lie to you.  It does boost my ego when people have nice things to say about me.  Isn’t the same true for you?  Election time causes a lot of talk about the candidates and who they are, how they have done or what they will do.  And I read that.  and I think.  is that me they are talking about?

When I was younger I used to play floor hockey (no ice) as a defence.  I don’t think I ever got a goal and I hung my head in shame every time they scored a goal against us because they had gotten past me. I know what being on a team means.

CSM8 was a great team.  Hell I accidentally made it onto an all-star squad.  It isn’t what I did it was what WE did and oh we did a lot.  Some of it was beneath the surface but we worked often and hard.  I didn’t score many goals and I hung my head in shame when we were slow on minutes or missed a chance to make things better.  But then we picked up our sticks and we kept playing.

This was supposed to be the part where I list all the endorsements I have received.

decided against that

If you want, you can find them.  But I AM proud of a couple of special things.

First and foremost. How many of the incumbents are heavily endorsed.  As a team we excelled and you all recognized that.

Secondly, how many diverse groups even mention me.  I mean seriously?  On the goon ballot?

but most of all . . . that a lot of people take me for what I am, what I would like to be . . . a nice guy to talk to.

Not a lofty goal and not one I set out to achieve but I cannot think of anything better I would like to be known as, in this game.

So win or lose, end of this month.  I will keep writing, keep answering mails, keep playing.

That’s it, no lesson, no asking for anything,

fly it like you won it

If you go to fanfest this year, find me.  Say hi.  They will probably make me wear a tag or something.


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Who to Vote for (pt 2)

“So you has this list of whatchoo looking for.  You gonna tell me who you voting for?”

“Kind of.  I am going to sort them and then you can pick and choose which is most important to you.  First set is the proven workers that I enjoyed working with. . .  CSM8 incumbents.  That would include

Ali Aras- Arguably The hardest working incumbent running and a great person to work with.

Mangala Solaris- Solid man for the job, Represents RvB well.  Knows his larger gang combat and leads the Ganked roams now and again.

James Arget- I watched him fight for wormholes every day in the summit and never take on a tone other than professional and patient.  He represented his constituents well.

Mynnna- Now he does not need my endorsement as his own people will probably make his election a sure thing but I would be remiss if I did not include him on my list for the effort and the knowledge he brought to the council.

Then come the people I would like to see in from all walks of the game.  The ones who have shown that they care and will keep fighting to make it better.

Xander Phoena-  We have been teasing him since last election that he had to run this year, that or suffer the doom of having to do the interviews again.  The man cares about the game and is very good at communicating his concerns

DNSBlack-  Solid guy who will go above and beyond to make his point but can speak at great length on the mechanics and changes to the game

Jayne Fillon-  Best representative of the public small gang community.  Bombers Bar and Spectre fleet.  A steady worker in a thankless job.

The above three tick all my boxes for having the work effort and the passion for the game and the depth of experience.  After them it becomes a matter of diversity.”

“You on some affirmative action kick?” Ev looked dubious.

“Nah, I want a diverse group in the council so fewer things slip by us.  So I want people from all parts of the game.  Null was easy as Mynnna is already up there.  I suppose the other one, Sion, will be elected as well but I know little or nothing about him.

Lowsec reps.  I am torn between Sugar Kyle and DjFunkyBacon.  Both represent different aspects of low with DJ on the FW side and Sugar the low Residents.  Hell, I’d love to see them both get in.  I have listened to both their interviews and came away impressed.

Wormholes- Already have James up there but another one wouldn’t hurt.  The Chitsa did a great job last time and he will be hard to replace. Proclus Diadochu is recommended by Trebor and he is someone I trust (as long as I keep an eye on my drink)

The other part of Hisec.  Now I do consider myself to be the only PvE carebear in the race but not everything that goes on in hisec is peace and light.  There are the ‘content creators’, those who gank, scam, wardec and they have a right to play the game as well.”

“Wait, you are endorsing someone who would hunt you?”

“If I say I want diversity I mean it.  Psychotic Monk impressed me when we did a panel recently and I think he is someone willing to hear both sides of an argument.  Communications box is checked.

Steve Ronuken is a great person for creating content on the outside of the game.  3rd party apps as it were.  His activities include a lot of industry and mining and I am sure he is far more efficient at it than I am since I just ‘dabble’.”

Mike sighed.  “14 on a ballot is a lot of folks.  By my count I got up to 12, 13 if you include me . . . and I am kind of in favour of voting for me, as well.”

“So who is your last?”  Ev grinned.

“Everybody needs a wild card.  I leave it to the voter to find theirs.  Same goes for order.  The last election I stayed in the race based on the number of #1 positions on the ballot that I received.  If you are voting . . . well the placement means everything.  Those first elimination rounds are tough and the 1st slot votes keep you in long enough for the trickle down from other votes.  I didn’t beat my opponents so much as I outlasted them.”

Ev grinned.  “I’ll ‘member dat, come election day.”



No I won’t tell you what order to vote in.

I will ask that you put me at or near the top but after that it is who you like, the above are the ones I plan on voting for and a wild card I have yet to decide upon.

If I need cheering up, tomorrow I will collect a few endorsements like I did a year ago to show a few others approve of what I do and what I have done.  But there are good odds that by the time you get to reading this, the polls will be open.

I beseech you, vote.  Even if it is not for me, Vote.

fly it like you won it



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Who to Vote for (Pt 1)

“So, mon.  You knows who I should be votin for?”  Ev leaned against the Scorpion and smiled at Mike as he swung down from a weapons inspection.

“Yes . . . and no.  Are you even allowed to vote?”

“I has me ways.  Who you tink be best for me, eh?”

“Ah, now there you said the magic words.  ‘Best for you’”  Mike looked back up at the battleship behind them and smiled.  “If I run a quick mining mission and take that ship out to do it in, what would ya be sayin?”

“That you should be sharin whateva you be smokin.  Because you ain’t clicking all the right butans anymore.  Ya don’t be going and takin a ship like dat out for minin.”

“Exactly, and you cannot find one candidate who is the right one.  So you look at what you want, what you need, and then you pick out the right one for the job.  But like armor and shield and an engine there are  a few things any candidate ought to have for them to be worth your vote.”

“Like what?”

Mike held up a hand and started counting off on his fingers.  “One, work ethic.  Do you know they will actually do the job and keep doing it once they are elected?  Two, time.  Is their life and situation conducive to the commitment of time they say they are making?  Three, communication.  Can they talk/write/comm, whatever.  They have to be able to talk to CCP in a way that will make the powers that be listen.  They also need to be able to do the same with the people that they say they represent.  More importantly than either of those, can they listen because that is also a part of the communication skill.”

Ev nodded.  “So those be the basics, what are the speciality parts?”

“Ah, now this is where you need to use that thing between your ears as something other than a sponge for alcohol.  The special is what you need and how you think.  If a pilot flies in lowsec, for example, then they should be looking at the lowsec candidates.  If null . . . and so on.  But that doesn’t cover it all.  There are lots of styles of play in different security spaces so you need to find the one you think will do what you would do, in office.  Sadly this may mean a bit of research as you should listen to a podcast or read up on them to see if they do have similar views.”

“You be thinking that voters are gonna make an :effort:?”  Ev laughed loudly.

“A man can dream.”  Mike muttered.  “Then comes the last ting.  All this, up till now was to figure out your first vote, the numero uno position.  Buy you can vote for 14 people, in order.  If a candidate is too far down too many lists then he may have support but not make it through the ‘passing on’ of unused votes and be eliminated.  Last year I stayed in based on the number of first place votes I got.  I kept in the running where others fell to the wayside.  But those votes were backed up by second, third, fourth round choices as well.”

“Well that be easy.  I just vote for all the people in my type o space and job done, no?”

“No.”  Mike shook his head.  “You want a variety of voices in the council.  You want all parts of space represented.  If all folks are thinking the same way then that is like a band where everybody plays lead guitar.”

“I saw a show like that once.”

“So once you got your top choice and maybe a number two or three spread the rest of your votes out over the other parts of space.  Cast a wide net and see what you catch.  Look for depth, in the council and in each member you vote for.”


“Are they serious?  Do they have passion about this or did they toss their hat into the ring for ego?  Do they think about questions or try to answer the way they think the voters want them to?  Can they take a side and stick to it?  A candidate with depth is worth three who are just there because it ‘sounds cool’.  A council with depth will discuss, refine, WORK.  Which is what you want.  Hell it is what I want, too.”

“Pity all dat takes :effort: and so most won’t bother.”

Mike sighed.  “Most won’t even bother voting, let alone doin the research.  But we get what we earn.”



This is the list I will be applying when I make my slate of recommended.  I already have a lot of names on it, it is filling in the other ones, which means I listen to podcasts, read threads.  I hope to have my recommended done by the Tuesday that polls open.


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He would have liked Eve

I was chatting in a channel with Fintarue (of the We Hurt Team, High Drag) and Random McNally (also High Drag) and Gynax of Fly Reckless.  We were discussing fandom and celebrities.  I thought of something Hunter S Thompson once wrote and went looking for the quote.

Googling and searching did not find me the quote I wanted (still haven’t found the darn thing) but I did come to an awesome realization.  Hunter S Thompson would have loved Eve.  He got it long before the game existed.  Let me show you with a few quotes I tripped across.

The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.

Try describing Eve to another adult.  Then read the above.  Hell, send this to Ero1 and the people who want to know where the ban line is.

For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.

Even as a PvE player, if you think about it, this becomes a basic truth of the game.  Read up on the crew of a ship and then decide how many lives you snuffed out in your last battle.  People talk about the violence of rpg’s but they are bush league.  I mean you have to kill them one at a time.  We work in bulk.  Then read that quote again and wonder if the devs have it posted somewhere in CCP headquarters.

It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.

We may call it ‘never undock in something you cannot replace’ but the feeling is the same.  There is a food chain and you are seldom the apex predator.  Welcome to Eve.

One last one . . .

There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having Fun and being Smart.

I live this one through most of my career in the game.  I don’t max min.  I don’t seem to work hard at making isk or doing anything.  I Have fun and most people wouldn’t think that was a smart way to play.  Except for  . . . Brave Newbies.  They are following the same concept of fun/hr instead of isk/hr.  7o my brothers in lifestyle.

Yeah, I think Hunter S Thompson would have liked this game.

No lessons, no questions, this was a quick off the cuff because I had a minute or three and wanted to get this down.  My thanks to the buys in the podcasts sekrit back channels for making me think, now and again, even if I am a carrier of tech gremlins.

Oh, If the Blog Banter folks read this . . . what other authors do you think would get eve?  A good post starter, no?


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Seconds Leaked

Winter Summit Seconds (because minutes take too long)


Day 1


Tournaments/CSM localization


Drinking game rules are distributed, game of Hide and Seek in CCP offices ensues.  PGL is not found for three hours.  Session declared successful.


Feature Plans . . . Red Solo Cup vs Shot glasses are debated hotly.  Final decision is that it depends on the alcohol and not the security status of the player.  Ripard throws his hands up in the air in frustration being firmly in the RSC for lowsec camp. All agree that carebears should be issued sippy-cups.


Lunch is declared to be ‘liquid’.  Ripard is allowed to keep his Red Solo Cup.  PGL is found and declared the winner of the first session.


Team Super Friends is initially a disappointment to Malcanis who misread it and though supper was being delivered early.  He changes his mind after they introduce the new concept of “ignoring cups all together and just drinking from the bottle.”


Nullsec Session: Mynnna distributes the Orders that he brought with him from the Nullsec Overlords, secret handshakes ensue.


Eve features update: Discussion of the Orders from previous session is ended with a direct memo to the Art department to commence designs of wizard hats for the Nex store.


Day 2


Secret Project “Echo” plans are proven true as yodelling in the great white canyons occupies the first hour.  Dolan demonstrates the ability to yodel the alphabet while revisiting breakfast.


Secret Project “Foxtrot”: Mangala leads the Devs in a merry dance session perfectly choreographed in the ‘Orders’ from the day before.  All dance to the tunes with half the attendees wearing red shirts and the other half, blue dresses.  Sala finds his dress compliments his complexion and asks to keep it.


Secret Project “Golf”: “Good idea!” shouts Hilmar, making an appearance in very expensive pants and a set of clubs worth more than some properties in downtown Reykjavik.  The meeting adjourns to the links where all the CSM members find that they are to be Caddies.

Day 3

Secret Project “Hotel”: CSM stays at the hotel for the entire day to rest up before resting up for the flight home.


Happy 1-4-14

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He was in the shower, trying to wash off the way he felt.  Problem was that mental dirt does not come off with simple soap and water.  “Why?  Why do I read it at all?”

Arguments to and fro on issues of the day flashed across his minds eye and he adjusted the water to be shade hotter.  “Definitions are handy for helping frame a question, they are not an answer.  Ad hominem attacks do nothing but make both sides look bad, one for doing it and the other gets sprayed with the muck.  Slippery slopes and righteous indignation, on both sides.”

Earlier a podcaster had asked Mike to summarize 80 pages of debate.  It took him five sentences.  Friends of his had fallen on both sides of the debate but Mike often found that they were dealing with incomplete information or trusting others summaries.  Some of the summaries were, to say the least, edited to show that side in the best light.

“The funniest thing is that they blame Ripard even though this issue has been on the back burner for weeks.”  He closed his eyes and let the water run down his face.  “But I suppose everybody was looking for somebody to blame, by that point.  I only wish there were better terms and analogies that did not connect the issue to other more ‘hot button’ topics.  Say ‘torture’ and get a dictionary thrown at you.  Abuse would have been a better word.  Connect it by example to any form of ‘domestic abuse’ or, worse, sexual assault and all the gloves come off.”

He killed the flow of water and grabbed a towel.  “In the end, it comes down to the fact that the powers that be have the right to remove a pilots license.  And they did, supposedly.  So all the angry folks are looking for places to vent the last of their built up pressure.”

The towel covered his head and muffled the last words as he rubbed his hair into a semblance of dry.  “But why did some of them come over to my campaign to cool down?  Why?”



There are a LOT of debating tactics.  Some are even valid.  Most that I saw were not.

No, I won’t rehash it any more than I have above.  This is one of the few blog posts that I am unsure whether I should even hit ‘Publish’ on.

Look, if you visit my thread in the campaign forums come on over and give me an endorsement if you have something nice to say.  Ask questions if you want an issue addressed.  Or ask here.  But give me a break from the above issue.  For a little while, anyhow.

fly it like you won it.  I haven’t been in space in days.


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So Much to Learn

Mike thumbed the comm remote to silence the broadcast.  “Why is it,”  he asked her, “that there is so much opinion and so little news?”

Free shrugged.  “People who wanted to keep secrets learned a long time ago that the best insurance is to control media.  But the public wanted their information so they shifted the focus, slowly, until news was done but the ‘news’ was full of fluff and nonsense.  I have no idea when the last real informational newscast was done because everybody has an opinion and wants to tell it to you”

“Yeah, but sometimes I would just like to see an overview of what is going on in New Eden.  Latest tech news, who is shooting who, that sort of thing.”  Mike slouched down, moping.

Free looked over at him and said, in her best imitation of his aunt.  “So, you broken or what?  Tu wants sometin done you go an does it, no?”

“Oui Tan . . . stop that.  Spend a couple of weeks with her and you . . . “

“And I start talking sense.  Something you shouldn’t need to be told if you had paid attention growing up.  How many ‘casts have you been a part of, last few weeks?”

“Including interviews?  Maybe 4 or 5.  Why?”

“Knowing you, it was all friendly and you enjoyed yourself, right?”  She looked him in the eye, smiling.

“Well, yeah, most of them are good guys, I chat with them on the side, now and again.”  Mike shrugged.

“Then do something you don’t do, very often.  Ask for help.  Make your own news cast and get the technical from those who have gone before you.  Even if you were in direct competition with them I bet they would lend a hand but you aren’t.  You want something different so MAKE it.”  She was almost yelling by the end.

“Make it?”  Mike leaned away from the tirade then repeated himself a little louder.  “Make it.”  He grinned.



And so I made the first pass at recording, last night.  Had a few available casters listen and give tips.  Special thanks to Ninja Turtle and Lanctharus.  I have been ‘assigned’ some research and some more technique tips for recording (not to mention a few subtle prods to get a better mic)

No, you won’t hear that one nor will I make another for a week or so.  But I was happy with the initial project in a similar manner to my wife being happy when the garden is dug in but nothing is growing yet.  You don’t have a product but you know it can be done with a bit of care and attention.

My favourite thing about it?  I kept it under ten minutes.  So even if you hate it it will be over soon enough.

fly it like you won it


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OOC CSM Expected

Okay, suppose you actually ARE elected.  What then?  Bask in the glow . . . . mmmmm, feel it?

Good, now get to work.

What work?

Good question.  You have paperwork to do, channels to join (in that order, no sign, no talk)  There are previous members of the CSM sitting smugly off to the side laughing as you wallow in the deluge of information.  Get yourself organized.  If there are incumbents who are still on the council ask them questions and more questions.  Figure out the who is who of the CCP hierarchy.  It REALLY helps to know the right person to ask for specific things.


It is not your enemy but it will not be your friend, either.  Know the time differential between you and other members, between you and CCP.  Set up a poll to see when you all overlap (if you do at all).  Find out what times CCP wants to have meetings and curse if it does not match your availability.

Figure out how much time you have to spend on CSM duties.  If you are serious about this you may want to re-evaluate your other duties in Eve, not to mention basic undocking and shooting times.  If you are not serious about this . . . well, I wish you hadn’t run in the first place.


I don’t know about you but I find it easier with paper and pen than typing, sometimes.  The folks who miss one meeting or another want to know what they missed, can you fill them in?  Did you remember everything?  How are you at taking notes while trying to keep track of the conversation and take an active part in it?  Because they do expect you to be active.  You may expect the same of them, as well.


Talk to the players, but don’t say anything NDA’d . . . easy, right?  No comment is not as easy as it seems.  Talk to CCP but try to convince them you are right and worth listening to, without yelling.  Read forums listen to podcasts watch twitch streams follow twitter . . . . why won’t they all just shut u . . . . oh.  You volunteered for this, you ran in an election to get here.




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Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black– H. Ford

Mike idly swiped through the images of the ‘new’ ships paint schemes and then looked down at the comments about them.  He sighed heavily.

“You know better than to read comments.”  Scotty said, looking over his shoulder.

“I do, but I alwasy have this faint hope that tomorrow will be better, people will be able to engage in a conversation without resorting to name calling.  Or better yet, read news before screaming about said news.  I mean it says right here . . . “

we will begin gathering data  that will help us make your larger dreams of ship “skinning” come true!

Mike pointed demanding.  “What part of beginning to gather data makes the general populace think that all colours and all styles are in a box, ready to go?  It is a clunky . . . “

“You don’t have to tell me that.  I am in the hangers watching that jerry-rigged system at work.”

“Clunky . . ” Mike pressed on, “mismanaged PROTOTYPE.  But if the idea takes off then there will be streamlining and more options made available.”

“Have you seen some of the things people want to paint?”  Scotty asked.

“I have.  All I can say is some people feel a true need to overcompensate for their personal shortcomings.  Others . . . .well who the hell is that rounded feline?”

Scotty snorted.  “You going to do it?  Paint I mean, not overcompensate.”

“Maybe once, as a vote for the project to move forward.  But I am looking forward to things in the future . . . Alliance colours, logos, hell even sponsorship for tourney vessels.  It is a renaissance time coming for art in New Eden.  Very Gallente.”

“Even if our ships do all look like . . .”




Honestly, 34 pages of discussion on a test bed of something everyone has been asking for?

fly it like you won it


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