Trying to get into space

He was heading for the podbay when the comm stopped him.  He scanned the newsline and started laughing.  It was not his job to have any involvement with the Alliance tournament but the fact that a single group ran out of the competition at the last minute, forfeiting their match was precious.  Especially given who they were . . . CODE.

The outcry of the spectators was . . . impressive and CODE replied that they did it to maintain honour.  Mike read both sides and laughed some more.  IF what CODE wanted was to be talked about then they had succeeded.  If they wanted to show that they had any skills shooting at people who shot back, well not so much.

His favourite quote was

James315 runs for CSM – QUITS
Erotica runs for CSM – QUITS

Typical.- Helena Russell Makanen

And on that note he turned to get into the pod, Then a note about possible money laundering came in.  The smiles left his face as he sat down to get ahead of the curve and see what was going on.  Shadowed meetings and discussions at all hours of the next few days marked his routine and space remained a vacuum.

Then the schedule for the meetings to come arrived.  Mike sighed and keyed in the orders for his crew to stand down.  He had research and planning to do and lots of sudden communication channels to monitor.  He wasn’t going anywhere.  The laughter at the buffoonery of CODE was long since faded.



I honestly think that the CODE thing was hilarious.  From the banning of catal;ysts to the mockery they have received since.  The only thing that would have made it better is if it had been revealed that the RvB team had planned to bring Skiffs and Ventures with an Orca booster.  (Don’t tell me that that violates the rules, I like my dream better)

The Somer thing is being actively handled.  That is all I am able to say.  Oh and I loved this image in response to my assurances to that effect, in the forums. Me, as Bagdad Bob is hilarious.  I’d like to thank the Eve media for what (so far) has been a fairly evenhanded handling of this issue.

But I am having trouble finding the time to get into space.  My problem, not yours.

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OOC Blood in the water

Somer has started a new version of old stuff.

The sharks are circling but not all for the same reason.  Some want to tear it down, others are watching to see if it stands long enough for them to become part of the feeding frenzy that would start if it IS legal.

Of course it starts on a weekend so the response time from CCP will be less than optimal.

Two things from me.

1) Yes, CSM knows and is asking questions as well.

2) Stop, think, listen for what comes next.  Don’t go screaming off into the outer darkness until both sides have had a chance to have their say.

Lots of fins, lots of little teeth.

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For those of you new to my blog, I write stories, sometimes.  Might have a lesson, other times just plot advancement.  If you are looking for Eve commentary, move along, nothing to see here.


“Drugs”  Free set her hands on the table to keep them from shaking.

“Y’all know we Gallente are not adverse to . . . ” Tanta started to say.

“Slaver drugs.  Will sapping obedience drugs.  A major source has been tracked to Gallente space where the laws are less restrictive but the usage is all across New Eden.”  Free looked down at her hands and rotated them to be palms up.  “The cross border politics and laws makes them impossible to stop for any legal process or organization.”

Tanta nodded.  “So you come, instead, to me because it has a Gallente tie.  And it is you coming because . . . “

“I was taken and the drugs used on me, once.  With help I managed to escape, get clean.”  She was still staring at her hands.  “But there are nights where the cravings are still there.  You never are cured, just strong enough for one more day, and another and another.”  She raised her eyes to meet Tantas.  “This is something that needs stopping.  Oh, I don’t care about the Gallente recreational drugs but this is something very different.”

“C’est vrai.  It is something different but I had to be sure you were not bringing your own Minmatar restrictions into my home.  Yes, we will help you but what do you have so far?”

“Less than I want.  The source is on the move and that is one of the issues.  We backtrack and the leads all dry up.  Finally we managed to find enough dead ends to form a pattern.  The source is Boro Dei.”

Tanta sat back.  “How sure are you?”

“All the dead ends coincide with stops on his tour.  His financing is . . . questionable, at best.”

“Circumstantial, then.  Nothing absolute.  So why hasn’t anybody moved on him, then?”

“Because he is always on the move he is never there when the trail is followed.  Because his tour is wherever the whim takes him there is no way to set a trap or sting ahead of him.  The only way is to be there for proof and to cut off the head of the beast . . . is to be with him.  We need the proof before I act or else we will not be sure,  we will not be able to get the peripheral operations”  Free looked back down at her hands.  “But for that, I need help, your help.”

“You know I have worked with him a few times before.  We are not friends but professionally we admire each others work.”  Tantas voice had grown distant.  “That was some time ago but I expect that he still remembers me.  So, what do you plan and what do you want?”

Free looked up slowly.  “That’s it?  What do I need?”

“I know you are not a fire and forget missile, to use one of Émés terms.  You will want the proof, to have everyting locked down and set.  I can live wit dat.  If Boro is innocent you won’t kill him, if he is guilty then he needs killin.”  Tanta sighed.  “I hopes you is wrong but we cannot live on our hopes, we makes the effort and finds truth.”  She sighed.  “I does miss dat boy but better we women handle the real business, no?”


“Drugs”  Mike said, setting his hands on the table to keep it steady as more pilots pulled up a chair.  “You go after the new hunts the agents are rumoured to be bringing to the table and you better be packin evry advantage y’all can get.  Dat means boosters.”


“Well, there ain’t gonna be anyway to get them on grid now, is there?  But I was talking about the OTHER boosters.  The combat drugs like Blue Pill, Exile, Drop, that sort o ting.”  Mike smiled.  “Someone once thought I would be embarassed to be connected wit dat stuff but I does use it from time to time and I tink their use, for a bit extra edge may become more mainstream if the ones we is fighting are playing all of their advantages.”

“They are illegal, ain’t they?”  Another pilot asked.

“The strong ones are, though iffen you look hard enough I am sure you will find a source.  That is the thing with drugs, someone is always willing to sell.”



Damn I am looking forward to the new mission type for L4’s

I am betting that a lot of folks won’t read the dev blog about it and get a very rude awakening the first time they go in.  These puppies are supposed to be hard.

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OOC How to ask

Now before I begin I want to lay down one basic tenet I have taught my daughters.  It never hurts to ask because if you don’t ask then you are much less likely to get.  But that does not mean screaming ‘gimme gimme gimme’ is gonna net you anything either.

This is the forum post that started me writing this, but since it is post 967 in a 59 page threadnaught I am going to assume a LOT of you missed it.  So for all my readers (both of you) this will get the information a bit more disseminated.

1)  Stay calm.  People block out screaming rage monkeys and move on or grab popcorn and place bets as to how long till they burst a vein.  What they don’t do is listen to the content.  You might as well be yelling that the Kaiser wants your string.  Calm.

2) Sauce.  If you are venturing a wild ass guess, personal anecdote, or graffiti you read on a bathroom stall . . . fine.  But that will not get a lot of traction with people who deal with numbers and facts.  “Everybody is unsubbing” is easily proven or disproven.  Do so.  Show your work, show the math, show the source.  This is true when I am marking math and physics and it is true with posts as well.

3)  Suggest.  And not in vague terms.  I take people to task for saying ‘fix null’ because that is not a plan, it is a goal.  Specifics, dammit.  ‘The drone bay is too small’ would be better phrased. ‘make the drone bay 150 m3′

4)  Ramifications.  Sure having a freighter with a sig size of 7 and a warp speed of 25 au/sec would be nice but what effect would it have on other parts of the game?  Are you looking at the whole game or just your little piece of it?

5) Write well, spell and format the sucker.  make it easy to read so people do.  Hard to believe but I have found that even some DEVS are people.  The rest are lizards in people suits.  Watch the eyes THE EYESSSSS.  

6) A tiny bit of back-reading would help.  Is yours a new idea or is it the proverbial dead horse.  If you have listened to Podside you know I am not against going over old topics in hopes of shaking something new out but I do do my reading and ask questions in hopes of a new idea.

I use this as often as I can, when dealing with people who write me new ideas and when talking to CCP.  The better you use this sort of thing the better your ideas are received and the more you can get done.

It is not rocket science, even if we are talking about internet spaceships.  Common courtesy . . . isn’t that common.  But you do get listened to when you use a modicum of it.  Unless you are on Podside, then you HAVE to bull over the other speakers at times or you will never be heard.

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OOC Just because I’ve said nothing

Does not mean that I’ve have done nothing.

Or that we (the CSM) have been slacking off. Far from it.  Thing is, as usual, we have little we can bring before you until CCP devs say it first.  It is part of the deal of being on the CSM and the dreaded three letters, NDA.

Sometimes we have been listened to, sometimes we have not.  But then this happens in any relationship (Those of you who are married know what I mean) Some topics of discussion wil never see the light of day and it is supposed to be that way.  As a result things look quiet, from the outside.

But here we are, three months in and rapidly approaching the first summit for CSM9.  Topics are being chosen, positions being built.  We have survived TWO releases, Kronos and Crius, and are rapidly approaching a third, Hyperion.  With quicker turnaround our topics shift and grow and if they are not talking about something you know a lot about . . . wait five minutes.  But do not wait too long . . . or the topic will shift again.

Fortunately we have had managed to maintain a good turnaround time with the CSM being there for questions from CCP.  Sometimes it is just a chat pointer to the forums for us to comment before they go public soon after.  By soon it could be hours, not days.  I marvel at how fast things do change and the turnaround of work that I see from my side of the fence.

There are times that I hate the NDA.  When I am on a podcast (like Podside, for example) and I have to quiet down just as the discussions hit interesting topics because I don’t want to wander too close to things I know or should not talk about.  I have a WIDE span for those rules so you cannot use my silence as a ‘getting warmer’ type indicator. But silence . . . I am a chatty kind of guy and so you should know and understand that if I am not chatting with you I am probably finding some other outlet for my voice.

Yup, send sympathy notes to Fozzie, Leeloo, Falcon, Rise, Logibro et al

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OOC Finger and toes

I feel I’ve stepped out of the wilderness
All squint eyed and confused
But even babies raised by wolves
They know exactly when they’ve been used

See when it starts
To fall apart
Man, it really falls apart
Like boots or hearts
Oh when they start
They really fall apart

Fingers and toes, fingers and toes
Forty things we share
Forty one if you include
The fact that we don’t care -Tragically Hip, Fingers and Toes

Nope, I am not bitter (yet) but I have been in a LOT of discussions about Eve and less play happens as a result.  Between personally imposed projects and sudden topic squirrels that I have to chase down I barely manage to log in and do a bit of trade or make something.

Which leads me to my first question for you. I hear folks say that Eve is primarily a PvP game and that PvE players need to learn to accept that or ‘go back to WoW’.

No.  Because I do not believe the premise that Eve is a PvP game.  I believe that it is a game that has PvP as an aspect of it and that is an entirely different kettle of fish.  There were folks who brought in the market PvP aspects and said that darn near everything we do has an influence on the game but I do not know that that makes it PvP.

So I looked a little further and I am still getting some answers from the folks who made the game. I do not even expect them to be allowed to have the last word, though, because this game is far more than they ever intended.  We the players made that so much more and in ways that the makers never expected us to do.

You, the reader, presumably play this game called Eve.  It is a common ground that we meet upon.  But that being said, I have no expectation that we share more (other than fingers and toes). We each find in the game what we bring to it, we feed the wolves in our own souls with what we make of Eve. It is so many things and so much more than a three letter designation. Go on, try to explain Eve in one or two sentences. Did you cover it? Did you include things like the Angel Project? Goons? Industry and the Market? Is it possible to sum up the mass creation of not just the company but what we, the players, have added to the game?

Probably not.

Which is why I get my hackles up when someone dismisses another persons gameplay with ‘Eve is PvP, live with it’.  I will revisit this, after I have spoken to some more people but I wanted to get the topic out there and see what you had to say.


What do you think Eve Is

How do you explain it in an elevator pitch?

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OOC Earned

There is a mantra in Eve or Risk vs Isk.  It is the yardstick we seem to measure activities against.  I am not pointing fingers because I have been guilty of the same thing at times or tried to contort what I was talking about to fit that paradigm.

My mistake was pointed out to me in a recording of the High Drag podcast last night.  While some activities are won through the gamble of risk for isk a lot of it is made ‘the old fashioned way’.  The player works and is rewarded.  Whether said work is risky or monotonous is not the issue. Whether they enjoy it or it is an odious asd repetitive task is also not part of this debate. Use the word ‘grind’ if you want but remember many of us use the same term to describe how we earn our pay cheques. (I am Canadian and that is how I spell it, so there)

Miners are doing something and reaping a minor reward for it.  Return is dependent on where they do that mining but there is not an intrinsic payoff for running close to the edge.  Null miners find better minerals but they may be safe as houses, deep in their own territory.  IF you though risk should determine where the best stuff was then mining resources would move to where the most miners die.  I doubt that would be deep in any blue doughnut.  But their organizations do not want risk so they worked hard to have intel channels and stations and space they could call their own for the miners to be in.  The isk is not risked it was earned.

Incursions, my work, may not be the riskiest although there is risk involved.  But I have been with them from the start and I KNOW the amount of work that went into forming the communities, building doctrine, training FC’s and learning to work together.  I do not argue that they have the risk in the same way they did, back in the day.  I am saying that they are reaping what they have sown.  They earned it through the groundwork of the early days.

So now, when I see an argument about risk/isk I am going to run it through the ‘yes but did they earn it carefully rather than take the big chances’ filter.  The game is not about putting it all on the line every damn time you want to make isk.  What the game IS about is another thing I am working on.  More on that later

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Of Poetry and Counting

Mike chuckled as he looked to his instacomms (Twitter).  He sent out a message


Over the next few hours his fellow councilor put out some poems as did others.

Having been corrected on this himself he put out a single haiku showing he had learned his lesson.  Sugar did not understand that he was just showing he had finally learned his own lesson and was not critiquing hers. He loved her short form writing in spite of its lack of adherence to some ancient structure rules.



Look guys, a simple twitter contest.  Now till Sunday night.  @mikeazariah and @tweetfleet included.  Gimme a short poem, haiku or sugarku, about the market or what you love/hate about the game.  Ships to the ones I really like or get a lot of love from others.

Sugar, you are entered and I do love what you wrote today.

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Patience, in the market

Mike watched as the shuttle boarded below and sighed.  “I worry about this new union thing that hires the best workers we have and contracts them out to the highest bidders. Makes me feel that we may lose something in the process.”

Scotty’s reflection nodded beside him.  “You really think so?”

“Probably not.  Oh, where they go will be an advantage, sure ’nuff.  But there are always advantages to be had.  I’ll stay round here and keep doing what I always do.  If prices and the market change then I will see how the new winds blow and where they carry me.”

“Not gonna react right away?”

“I have old materials, old stock.  If I keep selling at my current prices then I will keep making the profits I set up long ago.  If the markets move and materials get more expensive then I will be factoring that in . . . when it is time.”

“Some people try to up the price long before they get new stock.”  Scotty said softly.

“Ayup.  Seen that sort of thing all of my life.  Don’t mean I have to do it as well.  If I stay at my price point and they all jack theirs who will be the one selling?  I expect the market will be full of watchers and jumpers over the next couple o months.  Like the smarties who try to trick fools by crying about leaps in Plex prices, just so they can create a jump that can be profited off of.  Pump and dump?  I don’t know.  I sell at a fair profit and move on.”

“You haven’t been moving much, lately.”  Scotty pointed out.

“Yeah, well I been busy with things.  Chatting with folks and trying to make for a decent proposal with the powers that be.”

Scotty shook his head.  Honest and hard working, no wonder the man beside him was considered an oddity.



Price of crude oil goes up and gas prices jump instantly.  Same thing with T2’s.  No WAY that it is a true indicator but just some folks playing with the market.

Ride it and make isk, if that is your sort of thing.  Just remember that there are some old warhorses in this throughbred race and we may try to add a measure of sanity to the market in our own patient ways.

Things I LIKE about Crius industry

The UI

Not having to click 10 or 11 times to invent 1` thing

memory in the processes

drag and drop blueprints to the industry ui to start a process.

yeah, I am in the forums reading the doom and gloom prophesies . . . but I am old.  I have lived through over 5 dozen predicted ends of the world and I am still here.

eve is dying?  Yeah, so?  To quote far wiser folks, from the moment we are born we begin to die.  In my opinion you can lie down and wait for it or dance your way to the final resting place.  Or again, going for better words . . .

play eve

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OOC: CSM active comms

It seems that summer is when we take on projects, thuings to do while CCP is in a quieter state due to various vacations.  Last year I went so far as to make  powerpoint presentation that I have no idea if it was seen by more than myself.  But I did do it and I had a small measure of pride in the work.

This year I am a bit more public on my project and have had a lot of chances to talk to folks and take in their input on incursions.  But a side effect of the project IS the communication.  Fleet after fleet have told me that they appreciate being approached, asked.  I tell them that taking their suggestions does not mean change is in the offing and that I am doing this because I want to.  But they seem to just like having a chance to be heard.

Dammit, I have run quite a few compaigns (and lost the majority of them) but I have always said I would be there for the players.  Why am I just realizing that sometimes being there is not enough, I have to go bang on doors and ask the bloody questions myself.

A few folks write to me and other CSM folks, out of the blue, but relative to the population, not enough.  I try my best to reply to most of them (unless another CSM member already has).  One or two have expressed frustration with me as I don’t manage to get the instant change or response they were hoping for.  (I cannot stop an expansion nor can I grab the security team by the ear and force them to go after the specific bots you know of)


Here is the question for you.

I have spoken to some fleets about incursions but when I finish this project who should I seek out and talk to NEXT.  What group or comms would like an ear to bend and a person to relay their concerns?

and yes, I chose a sloth on purpose.

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