OOC: CSM active comms

It seems that summer is when we take on projects, thuings to do while CCP is in a quieter state due to various vacations.  Last year I went so far as to make  powerpoint presentation that I have no idea if it was seen by more than myself.  But I did do it and I had a small measure of pride in the work.

This year I am a bit more public on my project and have had a lot of chances to talk to folks and take in their input on incursions.  But a side effect of the project IS the communication.  Fleet after fleet have told me that they appreciate being approached, asked.  I tell them that taking their suggestions does not mean change is in the offing and that I am doing this because I want to.  But they seem to just like having a chance to be heard.

Dammit, I have run quite a few compaigns (and lost the majority of them) but I have always said I would be there for the players.  Why am I just realizing that sometimes being there is not enough, I have to go bang on doors and ask the bloody questions myself.

A few folks write to me and other CSM folks, out of the blue, but relative to the population, not enough.  I try my best to reply to most of them (unless another CSM member already has).  One or two have expressed frustration with me as I don’t manage to get the instant change or response they were hoping for.  (I cannot stop an expansion nor can I grab the security team by the ear and force them to go after the specific bots you know of)


Here is the question for you.

I have spoken to some fleets about incursions but when I finish this project who should I seek out and talk to NEXT.  What group or comms would like an ear to bend and a person to relay their concerns?

and yes, I chose a sloth on purpose.

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The surveillance was professional and very covert.  They had long since given up on electronics as the old woman swept for them more often than she did for dust.  But the older methods worked just as well.

“Rotate teams now.  I want images of the new girl sent out.  Keep back, I do not want to see what those guys are carrying under their jackets.”

-probably just another one of her dancing students-

“Yeah?  Name me the last time SHE came out to meet a student.”

-good point, images sent . . . woah, that was fast.  and not good.  possible ID given, Minnie assassin codename Free-

“Assassin?  Confirm.  Now is she after Her or working with Her?”

-think the boys would let an assassin that close?  questions is, who does She want dead bad enough to bring in outside talent?-

“Better question, who is it that She won’t handle herself and would bother looking outside for help.”

-i don’t like that question, it implies waaaay too many things.-

“All units pull back and vanish, full briefing in 6 hours.  I am kicking this one upstairs but we may get retasked.”



Just because direct action is not taken does not mean that you are not being watched.  Ibt may mean they are good at what they do OR that they just have not yet decided IF they are going to do anything.

If this makes you slightly more paranoid then . . . good.  I have done my job

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OOC CSM stuff –> Incursions

Two quick things

1)  Yes they have released the list of who is going to Iceland in mid September

Ali Aras, Sion Kumitomo, Steve Ronuken, Mynnna, Sugar Kyle, Mike Azariah, Corbexx

So you have a really GOOD mix of playstyles represented.  Wormholes, low, high, null?  All there.  Industry, PvP, PvE, Manufacturing?  Check.  I am glad to be part of this crew and am looking forward to the Sunmit.

2) Speaking of meetings . . . some of us have started projects to bring things to the table with the CCP folks.  My personal one has been Incursions.  My favourite comment about this I have heard more than once is . .

No, don’t get them to look at incursions, they will nerf/break them

The least favourite input is from people who don’t do incursions and then blame them for being ‘free isk’ and driving up the prices of plex and the root cause of all other bad things in the game.  Them I listen to politely and write nothing down.

[side note:  Being a representative of the players does NOT mean that I will take everything you say direct to Hilmar.  I edit, I choose, I reject things I disagree with and/or think are stupid.  If I am foolish enough to run again you can indicate your acceptance of this form of representation at the polls.]

So, back to the incursions.  I have been chatting on the forums and asking folks in various fleets.  Still have to get to a Ditanian fleet and a null fleet person.  I am putting together a package of stuff along with able assistance from Sugar Kyle.  This does NOT mean that incursions are on the table being prepped for surgery.  It means I am trying to represent the people who helped get me into office.  It means I am trying to improve the part of the game I know the most about.

If you have input and you avoid the forums because they make you feel icky then feel free to add a comment below or send me an evemail.  I am spending a lot of time working on this and I want the effort to mean something so I am doing my best to get it right. That means talking and listening to the most amount of people to get a good feel for things I may not have seen or even thought of looking for.

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Fighting the inevitable

“What do you mean, no disguise?  You always travel with one.”

Free snorted.  “I have serious doubts that it would fool anyone related to Him.  Especially HER.”

The tech could hear the capitals in the way she said things but chose, wisely, not to point such things out.  “Am I on site or off for this one?”

Now it was Free turn to suppress a smile.  There had been a time when the idea of his accompanying her would have not even crossed his mind.  Now he was laying out like an option.  “Off, I think.  While I am with her, getting ready I want you to go over the target list and find me everything you can.  Trim and compact it because I am going to need to learn it all.  If plans change I will let you know.”

He nodded and started to pack up his gear.  Habit kept them from ever staying more than a week in any one place.  He tossed her a trio of ‘clean comms’.  “I’ll move closer to their path but it is the proverbial drunkards walk.”

“Then it is easy, go to the next bar.”  She tossed the comms into her satchel and hiked it up onto her shoulder.

“Be careful.”  He asked, quietly.

“Don’t have to be careful, I have to be good.”


“Now you boys be good or I gives you a reason ta regret it for the very short time you will have left to exist.”  She swept across the spaceport like a queen, three large and much younger men followed her.

“Oui, Tanta.  We Knows, we knows.”  Ruis was the largest of the three and he nodded with a wide smile.  He was looking forward to their guests return.

The woman did not even turn to look at him.  “An wipe dat smile offen you face.  You look like a lovesick gator.  Nuff to scare all the townies away.”  They did cut a swath through the busy shuttle area but it was not his smile that made folks move but her determined stride.  “We doin dis as a favour we is gonna be owed and I want them to owe the full amount.”

“Y’all ready gots the money spent?”

“Idiot.  Dese here favours be worth more than isk.  Dey be power and the ability to hits anyting in a whole new way.”  She paused to take in the arrival board and pointed to the right.  “Over dere dey be disembarkin.  You three be ready to carry her tings.”

“Tanta, she travel light.  Least wise, last time she. . . .”

“I don’t care if she shows up wif just a toothbrush.  You will carry it for her.”

“Oui, Tanta.”  He sighed and looked over the heads of the other people waiting.  When he saw Free he did not point but just tapped Tanta lightly and then he and the other two started watching the rest of the crowd a LOT more closely.

Tanta hopped once to get the right line then bowled through the crowd to greet Free.  “Darlin, welcome home!”

Free suddenly found herself being hugged and pulled down for a kiss on the cheek.  She stood up and realized that her bag was gone, already in the hands of one of Tantas escorts.  She shook her head, smiling at how smoothly it had been taken.  “Mike sends his love and wishes he could come to visit but he is all political, can’t turn on a comm without hearing his voice it seems, these days.”

“That boy, what will he do when he has ta be all normal again?  I’ll have to find him something to keep him busy.”  Tanta measured Free with a glance and chuckled as the woman stepped back, holding up her hands.  “Lordy, don’t fret.  We hasn’t had an arranged marriage in our family for at least two years.”  Tanta linked Frees arm with her own and asked. “Just the one bag?”

Free smiled and shook her head.  “Mike told me that I might want to bring a present or two.  But since I couldn’t bake he made a few suggestions.”  She did not add that Mike had spent the better part of an afternoon with Free finding just the right things to get and subsidizing the purchases.

“Boy is finally showing some common sense.”  Tanta lead the way to baggage claim where a large case was waiting.

Free popped the top and took out a bundle which she handed to Ruis.  “Sparring gear, with extra padding.”  The other two lads roared with laughter as Ruis turned red and held the bundle at waist level.  Then he blushed even deeper as he realized she was holding her satchel again.

Underneath that package were books.  “I confess Mike did most of this.  He said if I couldn’t cvook then I should encourage others to do so.”  She hesitantly lifted one battered tome out and handed it to Tanta.  “We found the oldest cookbooks we could find . . . “

Tanta took the book and laughed.  “For the oldest woman you know, eh?”  She swept Free into another hug and grinned up at her.  “The thought be good and I will see iffne they knows anything I ain’t learned yet.”

Free breathed a sigh of relief and then grimaced realizing her bag was in the hands of one of her escorts, again.  She shook her head and accepted the inevitable as she followed her escorts out of the terminal.



Sometimes you cannot stop something from happening so you either accept it or keep fighting knowing that you will lose.  At difgferent times I have done both.  In PvP I will keep shooting right till I blow up, I mean what else is there to do?

Market PvP though, that is a different kettle of fish.  I HATE the 0.01 isk games and will only play so long before either jumping it up to where they will be making very little or finding another thing to invest in.

Sorry I am very very behind on posting.  Mainly working on a project I will write about under a separate header.

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OOC Donkey

This started it

In my family my daughters, like me, talk more when nervous.  We even made a code phrase ‘Donkey’ to let them know when they were starting to babble in public. (referring to the donkey in Shrek)

Sometimes I wonder if I should teach that code phrase to my fellow CSM9 delegates so they can let me know when I am going overboard.  Same goes for podcasts.  It has become a bit of a running joke that I hotdrop ‘casts and then push my own agenda of the day.

Then again, maybe we are all faking it and I just do so noisily.  The discussions we have had with CCP have been well received (at least it looks that way) and I enjoy every meeting I can make.  Timezones have some folks listening in at work on phones, others into their late afternoon and me bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am.

They give us time to talk, to listen, to think, and to respond.  I have never felt rushed at a meeting nor shut out by others who may disagree with me.  We do not always agree and there have been times when we took different sides in front of the devs, other times when we had debates in our own channels or even sub channels where we hash an idea out with one or two other people and try to reach a consensus or at least listen and try to understand why the other person is a pigheaded fool. (joke)

About a month and a half in.  CSM9 is not the same as CSM8 but that is neither a good nor a bad thing.  It just is.

Now I have projects I should be working on but this has been rattling around my head.  As always if you have ideas, comments, whatever.  Evemail me or add to the comments below.

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OOC Granularity

I am following a discussion on the Eve-O forums

[no mike, don't do it, it rots your brain]

It’s ok, I am immune.  It’s not like I hear voices or anything . . . anymore.  Anyhow.  There is a person asking for Wardecs against a specific person, not his corp or alliance, JUUUUST that guy, that guy right there, I wanna kill him.

A day or so later this comes up on the Big Country show on Eve Radio.

[no mike, don't do it, it rots your brain]

Hush, I know, I know.  But they taker the idea of granularity up a notch where you want to dec a corp that is hiding in an alliance.  You don’t want to pay the fees or even fight the alliance, just that corp, that corp riiiight there, I wanna kill them.

Now I wear a monitor so that I do not have too long an exposure to the forums OR BC’s show.  So the beeping told me to back away and return to something safer . . . like stocking shelves in the Fukushima gift shop.  But while I added to the ceramic mushroom collection I had time to reflect on the basis behind the ideas.

We band together FOR safety.  It is one of the reasons for pack mentality, mobs, and obsessive fans of boy bands

[he means you Xander, YOU]

And it is the benefit of ‘bending a knee’ to some higher order or organization.  Safety, security.  This is what the people asking for the granularity of kill and wardecs are trying to make an end run around.  They want to remove the protection of the herd.


[That's it?  No?  No explanations or anything?]

Ok, they are trying to remove a mechanic that was made to encourage the gathering of players into larger social organizations.  Why would we then remove the mechanic?  So loners can have free reign to target and kill anybody without having to make the basic predator effort of ‘cutting them from the herd’?  Work for your kills or find easier targets.  Ask around, there are TONS of ways to ruin a players day or even a corps without having a golden ticket to avoid any and all consequences.  So . . . no

[The opinions expressed here are probably partially due to Mike being at end of the school year and a bit stressed.  But if he wrote this another time of year he probably just would have said it nicer and with some rp story-line wrapped around it.]

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OOC Layoffs

I won’t get into the huge arguments about what it means.

Just I have lost a job before and I REALLY feel for those who lost theirs.  In respect for them and for those left behind, that is all I really want to say.

May you all land on your feet and continue running.



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OOC: Three guys

Jesters Trek is going dark, it is explained here

The celebration of his enemies started with a post by Dinsdale here

I was within a hairs breadth of posting on that thread but then I decided that I wanted to do it here.

Three guys, Jester, Ripard, Ross.  Related but distinct.

Jester wrote a blog.  It caused discussion often around the Eve watercooler and was read by more than one dev (that I know of).  It was researched and thought out and so damn prolific that it was scary.  I will keep the site bookmarked till he closes it down because I still go back and read some of his arguments/thoughts.  Not that I agree with all of them but they make me think.

I like thinking . . . maybe another reason I don’t fly with . . . nah

Ripard flies with Rote Kapelle.  He is a proponent of small gang PvP and he ran in an election and did EXCELLENTLY.  He managed to take one of the coveted top two seats in CSM8.  You do not get that by being nobody.

Ross is the guy I know the best.  He is a man with a beard, a willingness to laugh and listen and think about what he is listening to.  He is not going anywhere because he is not an in game creation.  I attended a summit with Ross, not Ripard or Jester.  We had running jokes and (along with Trebor) mocked the younger enthusiastic members of the CSM.  He is the one who has tired of writing so continuously.

Ross will keep playing the game.  He just decided to stop WORKING on the parts that were not as fun anymore.

I think he made the right decision, even if I will miss the blog.  I still have Ross to talk to on skype.  I’ll still get wind of his opinion, now and again.  So two of the three may go away, the important one remains.

if you don’t get why this makes a difference, read Malcanis’ article from a fe years back here

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The Amazing Technicolour Dream Cloak

Seeing as I like riffing on ideas, though my brain storms are usually limited to a light drizzle . . . this one is thanks to http://www.gamerchick.net


Mike snorted, listening to the argument at the next table.  Cloaking was one of the standard ways to get people to disagree.  He had heard the rounds of this for years, especially the disdain for the AFK cloaky camper and the laughter that wormholers had for anybody worried by them.

He tuned them out and opened his comms trying to find something to read while he ate his Key Lime pie.  He had developed a taste for it over the past year.  He almost inhaled a mouthful and choked a bit as the first article was echoing and expanding on the argument behind him.  He sipped his latte and refocused through his tears.  “Serendipity be workin overtime.”  he gasped and the decided to see what the author had to say.

[seriously, go read it]

Her article made him grin, the idea of differentiation of the definition of cloak, itself.  So many factors that could be played with, range, local, d’scan, visibility, or overview . . .  each of which would have its own benefits and drawbacks.  You might be able to layer them but they would have fitting limitations making total invisibility damn near impossible.  A pilot would have to make choices.

Then she went on to enumerate various ways to ‘beat’ cloaks.  Mike frowned, many of them had huge overpowering issues that would change a lot more than what they intended.  The EMP pulse, for instance.  If there were a weapon that turned off all active modules in range then you could kill a targets active tank before opening fire.  So many active systems were involved in such a broad access that . . . he shuddered.

He flipped back up to the many cloak idea and turned it over in more detail.  What if there WAS a module that let you stay out of local?  A fleet could ghost through enemy systems unless there was a guard on the gate watching the overview.  He chuckled.  That would make people even more nervous, of course they could d’scan as well.  But that would be so much WORK for some poor person quietly sitting in an Ishtar.

The nastiest cloak would be the Overview one.  Invisible unless they clicked on you visibly or you turned it off to activate a module.  Camera men and reporters of big fleets would love this.  Twitch folks would be able to be on site and not easily taken out.  Oh you can scan them, see them in local, just targeting would be tough.  A interceptor . . . would have a field day.  Mike shook his head.  Again the balance would be difficult to maintain but some of them would make for some very new tactics.

“But that ain’t happennin, even if it do be an interestin set of ideas.”  Mike paid out his bill with his comm leaving his usual tip and left quietly.  Having been teased about not letting people get a word in edgewise had made him try to listen a bit more and not always be the one with the story.  But being invisible was not his style . . .



I do love seeing ideas tossed about and flipped over to see what they other side looks like.

Ignore the ‘should it be changed’ and take a look at ‘how COULD it be changed’

fly it like you won it, I give out a ship in the next two days.



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Out of the Shadows

They knew each others identities and yet they kept the privacy screens running, the shadows obscuring the details and electronics altering the voices.  It was a matter of good trade-craft, a habit that kept them alive after all these years.  The room was silent, for the moment as they each read the scouting report.

“This is a special case.”  The voice sounded feminine but then . . . maybe it was not.  “The normal methods will not work.”

“Our methods are anything but nor . . . ”  An oily voice answered, only to be interrupted.

“The kill may be the same but this one will be in the spotlight.  This one will be under scrutiny, this one may be so well lit that there are no shadows to hide in.”  The first answered.

“The brighter the light,” A third voice said with a lyrical undertone, “The deeper the shadows that surround it.”

“We are unsure of the source, unsure of the delivery methods, unable to watch from the outside.  We need someone who can get in and stay in until the job is done.  They are all Gallente, through and through and we need to get one of ours in among them.”  The feminine voice was cold as it counted off the issues.

“A wolf may stand among sheep but they will all know it is a wolf.”  The lyrical voice whispered.

The oily voice slyly laughed.  “You already have someone in mind, don’t you.”

“We will need to ask a favour,  one we all know will be cashed in, sometime in the future.  SHE does not forget but she could get our team in, if we ask it of her.  Given that will be the chosen method of insertion I am sure you all agree there is only one possible candidate for this task.”

The room was silent for a minute and then they all started to laugh, except the oily voice who whined, “I don’t like owing HER favours.”


Frees comm chimed and she grunted, “About time.”

But it was not a summons for briefing but tickets for her and her tech back to the world she had just left a week before.  The encoded message she shunted off to Cory, the tech who sent back the translation a moment later.  %Madam will brief and coordinate%

Stunned Free looked from her comm up to Cory who shrugged and started to pack.  “More dance lessons?”


No major morals/lessons in this one, just starting a new storyline I have burbling in the back of my head.


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