OOC What the CSM isn’t

Well, my campaign thread (here) has started moving.  Mainly one or two folks who disagree with my stand on one thing or another.  But I wanted to start setting a few points out, kind of setting the stage before the main event.  This is because a few folks over the past few days have struck me with their ignorance of what the CSM is.

“A popularity contest.”  Well yeah, in the most basic way that is what ALL elections are.

“A free trip to Iceland”  Um, I am not sure I can afford another ‘free trip’.  This is time off work, sideline expenses, and of course hitting the bar every night (and Iceland is expensive)  Not that I am knocking it, I have enjoyed every trip I have taken to there.

“Unpaid Devs”  Although there are people on the council who can code (Steve, Ali to name two of the current ones) we are not hired to code, design or map out the future.  We don’t write the Roadmap. We, at best, help copilot.  And the curves are coming fast, these days.

“Spies/leaks”  Accusations of members taking NDA material back to their lords and masters has been around since the start.  Prove it?  THAT is another story.

“PR trick”  There has GOT to be a better way to get press than go through all the elections for so many years if we were just a publicity stunt.  They have listened to us in the past and they will continue to do so in the future.  As long as we don’t screw up.

“Play-testers”  You are welcome to go onto Sisi and be one.  You will sometimes see things before I do.

“In the know” Seriously, we do NOT get to see everything ahead of time.  Art does not send us their rough sketches and not all teams feel obligated to show us what is coming next.  And they don’t have to.  We are stakeholders in ONE team and making contacts on the others.  So sometimes we are as surprised as you are.  At times . . . I like that but then I don’t shake presents under the tree, either.

If you are thinking of running.  If you want to present as someone with a reasonable talking knowledge of the CSM please take a bit of time and read the Minutes.  Maybe more than one set of them.  Talk to a CSM and pick their brain, maybe talk to more than one of them.  Most of us will answer questions as long as it does not cross the NDA boundaries.

My favourite quote from my thread so far and my answer?

Schmata Bastanold wrote:

I don’t think I will vote for you this time. Reason? If there was no CSM tag next to your picture I would have no idea you still are in CSM.

Out of curiosity, whom do you know to be on the CSM and how did you find out?

It could be argued that I am one of the more outgoing CSM members this season. Between forums, podcasts, blogging, twitter, what medium were you looking for, direct mail?



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Hydra problems

“So I take on what looks like a little project only to have it grow and run away from me.”

“Dis dat ting for teh new pilots?”  Ev asked.

“Yeah, Operation Magic School Bus.  I thought it would be simple but every-time I cut off the head of a problem . . .two more grow back.  Or a new head sneaks up behind me and bites my ass.”

“Tell me bout it.”  Ev leaned back and opened a new beer.

“Well initially I thought the problem would be funding.  You know, getting things to give to the new pilots.  But I put the word out through some friends and contacts and that head was chopped off.”

“An da heads dat replace dem was?”

“Where do I want it and when can we start?  I was almost overwhelmed with the generosity and so I scrambled to find places for the materials to be placed.  Then also, on the heels of that was ‘what do I want’.  This lead to trying to figure out fits that would work for the newer pilots who were . . .shall we say undertrained?”

“Yeah, you say dat.  I say babes in teh woods.”

“Whatever.  Then came the other half of the communications issue.  Finding a way to talk TO the people I was trying to help.  More than half of them ignore local comms or don’t even know they exist.  Thoise that have that much savvy are justifiably cautious as they have been warned that New Eden is a big scary place.”

“Well it is.”

“Worse, some of them look at me and see the ‘wanted sign’ and my bounty and figure I must be one of the REALLY bad guys.  I offer them a ship and they run in the opposite direction.”  Mike held his bottle up to the distant lights and sighed.

“Trust be hard to get, right off the bat.”

“I know, so I am going the sea turtle route, I keep showing up and letting them get to know me.  The ones who come close (answer in local) wind up walking away with a new ship.  I hope that word will slowly get around and the project may work better.  I am also trying VERY hard to get permission to actually talk about this in the special channel reserved for Rookies.  I don’t want to step on toes there because that is a great contact point.”

“So what are the next heads? On your hydra, that is.”

“Dammit, I wish I had a separate folder in my wallet to track this sort of thing.  Keeping books on the side so I know which isk is mine and which was donated would be a Godsend.  I want to do right by the folks who donate, you know.”

Ev drained the bottle and set it to one side, reaching for another. “You could keep some, nobody would ever know . . . “

“I would.  I won’t do that sort of thing.”

Ev laughed.  “I knows, I knows.  I still say you be in the wrong line o work.”



Sea turtles is reference from Pirates of the Caribbean

Anyone who says Eve community is bad is looking in the wrong places.

Fits are being assembled and the project now has a mailing list.  I am making my route and I think I will have to expand it.   My next post should have the fits I have going so you can tear them apart but the funny thing is a lot of the meta stuff is getting hard to find because of all the new players and people helping them.

Operation Magic School Bus     is the mailing list, join in whether you want to help or be helped.

This counts as part of the prize draw.

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Running for CSMX

“You ever wonder if you are running out of habit?”  Scotty asked as the coffee was delivered to the table.

“I have been running in the elections since CSM4, iffen I recall correctly.  Yeah, I actually DID worry about that.  So I spoke with a few capsuleers I trusted to steer me right.  Asked if they thought I should run or step aside for someone else.”  Mike chuckled.  “They were pretty well unanimous and that is what pushed me over the edge.  That and I still don’t think the job is done.”

“Yeah but boss, you know the job ain’t never really going to be ‘done’.  There is always something else that needs fixing.”  Scotty added the sugar as though measuring reagents for a lab experiment.

Mike dumped in the sugar and splashed it with cream like he was doing avantgarde art.  “Granted, but there is a big job right on the horizon.”

“You mean Sov and all the territorial rules?  That don’t affect us, here.”

Mike frowned.  “See?  That is why we need . . . look, New Eden is all interconnected.  Changes in one place always make a splash locally but the ripples extend to the edge of the pond.  Take the changes to automatization rules.”

Scotty grinned.  “You mean the Iz Box! guy, the other day?”

“It ain’t one box or one company it is the whole concept of automatization.  But I don’t want to argue about it I want to use it as an example.  The changes caused market shifts in ores and in pilots licensing. Or a good movie comes out and suddenly the new training schools are running at max capacity.  Point is, if we try to see New Eden as a bunch of separate parts that are barely connected then we are doing it wrong.  So to dismiss something as ‘happening in some other part of space’ is myopic.”

“So you are saying everyone should worry about Sov?”  Scotty sipped his coffee and grimaced.

Mike watched him measure out a shade more cream and nodded.  “Well, maybe not worry about but every change changes everything, a little.  That is why I have trouble understanding some folks insular attitudes.  It is ALSO why I appreciate people who are positive every change is a direct attack on their own space.”

“You mean like Dinsdale?”

“He is a vocal one but he is not the only one.  Thing is?  He, and others, get the interconnectivity.  I may not agree with all of his conclusions or premises but he sees a bigger picture than some pilots.”  Mike sipped his own coffee and shrugged.  “All things being equal I do see the universe through hisec eyes. but I try to see as far as I can from where I stand.”



Yeah I am running again, announced it on twitter and in the forums but I thought I ought to put something down here, as well.  When the election gets closer there are good odds I will do some campaign opinion here and I always welcome questions.  But this was my way of announcing.

Dinsdale, I know you probably understand, this was not an attack but a compliment.

I am STUNNED by the support for Operation Magic School Bus and so are a few pilots who have been handed ships in the past few days.  I am trying to perfect a route for the visits.  I am fairly sure if there is an optimized one I am NOT one it.  Smart play would be to place clones in each area but I seldom do the smart thing.

time to give away a ship . . . a BC I think.  comments over the posts (this one and any that follow) through the next week will be in the draw.

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Dee Carson returns

He walked through the station with two bottles tucked firmly under one arm.  This was not his usual haunts but he had checked and the fool Gallente had returned to his home turf, for the time being.  From the personal quarters to the cafes to the bars . . . all knew he was ‘somewhere’ but nobody knew exactly where.

Finally, with a sigh, he found him, not 200 meters from the ship he had left, an hour before.  “You are a hard man to track down, Azariah.”

Mike laughed and held up a hand as several loitering workers straightened up suddenly.  “He be an old friend.  Dee Carson, as I live and breathe, what drags you to this neck o da woods?”

Dee looked around and smiled.  “Your friends always worry about your enemies.  Is there anybody neutral about you and what you do?”

“Probably, but Tanta always told me that iffen you are a grey man nobody will hate you but nobody will love you.  I decided a long long time ago that being grey was not for me so I will take a few enemies in stride, it probably means dat I am doing something right.”  Mike Grinned as his eyes wandered to what Dee was carrying.  “And those are for . . . “

“Toasting your lack of grey.”  Dee passed one bottle to Mike and the other to Scotty.  “I have a contract to set up with you but I want to make sure things are what you want.

“You heard about the Magic School Bus?”

“Mike, your lack of grey makes you kind of loud, or high profile, or both.  A fair number of folks have heard.  I’ll bet if you had your comm on something other than silent  . . . ”  Dee chuckled as Mike turned on his comm and scrolled through messages and contracts, blinking as he hit accept a few times.  “Holy gods, da Bowhead cannot come too soon.”

“I was right, wasn’t I?”

Mike grinned.  “You will be wrong one day, but this is not that day.  Yeah, some folks sent me isk to outfit the ships, some volunteers to FC and a few ships here and there.  He squinted closer . . . ok, more than a few ships.”  Dee thumbed a tab on his own comm and Mike laughed.  “And more again!”

“Yeah, I did my best to fit them according to your ideas but feel free to alter them.”  Dee took a glass from Scotty as did Mike.  “To new friends, new targets, new adventures and new adventurers”

“Newbros”  They all called and drank.



I think I said this a long time ago . . . Eve is people, not scifi not spaceships, people.  Sometimes we just need a kernel of an idea and then the people come from all over to rally behind it.

To those who have donated so far, thank you.  Drop me a line if I am allowed to write you into the stories, especially the FC volunteers.  Dee exists as does Manora and the Mining Queen and others I have had in the tales I write.

I needed to write about the fleet with Redemption Road last night but it didn’t tie in for me but I had a grand time with Greygal and Druur and the rest of the fleet.  Damn if Grey didn’t hand the fleet to me, I felt like a bachelor being handed a newborn.  All I could think was support the head and don’t drop it.  Long story short, all was quiet and I didn’t drop a thing.

My job right now with the Magic School Bus is to get the fits/doctrine together than start talking to the fc’s and to the students.  It is a hard sell to convince them that this is on the up and up when we all know Eve is a game of scams and trickery and nothing is for free.  Right?  The systems I will be trying to set up in are these . . .

  • Deepari
  • Jouvulen
  • Couster
  • Malukker

magic school bus logo

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It took a few back and forth trips in his ship, The Gutenberg but finally he had the parts in one hanger and he spent an hour with the hanger bay men, assembling the ships.  Kestrels, fit courtesy of Greygal of Redemption Road.  Nice, easy to manage, something a fairly new pilot could handle.  Ten of them all lined up but he needed to test the local waters so he grinned and stepped over to a comm panel, looking at the local channel.  Not a word in the past hour.

He clicked the comm and spoke.

 Mike Azariah > quiet bunch
Mike Azariah > Do any of you read local chat?
PewPew Aishai > sure sure :)
Yuppie Oksaras > nope
Mike Azariah > PewPew Aishai congrats, for being first to answer you get a ship, a kestrel
Mike Azariah > If you want it
Mike Azariah > ahhhh paranoia strikes . . . .is this a trick? a scam?
Mike Azariah > only way to find out is dock
Mike Azariah > or say ‘no thanks’ and I will offer it to yuppie
Kaya Requie > who gets it if yuppie doesn’t want it?
Mike Azariah > well by being third to speak, you
Andocai Etrides > :D
Hei Zoso > lol i almost want to stick around here just to see how this ends -__-
Mike Azariah > to add to the paranoia, note my bounty
Mike Azariah > and ask . . . why?
Hei Zoso > lmfao
Mike Azariah > well pew is a no show, yuppie?
Kaya Requie > what would we have to do to get the kestrel?
Mike Azariah > contracts don’t work with trial players
Mike Azariah > so you dock, I offer a trade, you read and decide
Mike Azariah > I am saying it is for free
Kaya Requie > ok, sound easy :D
Mike Azariah > and you are docked kaya
PewPew Aishai > sry mike. was away for a second :D
Mike Azariah > there you go
Mike Azariah > tell you what pew, still open offer, just doc
Kaya Requie > it already has launcher :D
Kaya Requie > thanks :D
Mike Azariah > it is fitted
Mike Azariah > ammo in hold
PewPew Aishai > sry. i’m really new here.
PewPew Aishai > where should i dock?
Mike Azariah > only on station in system
Mike Azariah > rt click in space shoose station choose dock
PewPew Aishai > kk. thx. on my way to jouvulen III
PewPew Aishai > i’m in
Mike Azariah > hit accept or cancel, your choice
PewPew Aishai > you are SO awesome.
PewPew Aishai > thanks a lot :)
Mike Azariah > Yuppie same choice
Mike Azariah > the ships are courtesy of older players
Mike Azariah > I am just the deliverman
Lirana Ichosira > i think i have played eve way too much.. im hearing things where fairies give free ships :D
Mike Azariah > I MAY come back tomorrow and ask who wants to come on a roam in ships I provide
Mike Azariah > Yuppie, I cannot leave the offer open forever
Mike Azariah > Lirana Ichosira who you callin a fairy . . . I am a member of The Angel Project
Mike Azariah > ok, one last kestrel, here
Mike Azariah > who?
Mike Azariah > as in who would like one
Mike Azariah > /emote sighs
Mike Azariah > and this is why nice things don’t happen
Lirana Ichosira > Mike seriously you are weirdest person i have seen
Mike Azariah > pew. kaya, enjoy your ships
Mike Azariah > Lirana, you have no idea
Mike Azariah > /emote laughs
Lirana Ichosira > :)
PewPew Aishai > thank you!
Mike Azariah > Oh Lir, would you like one?
Mike Azariah > even if you do call menames?
Lirana Ichosira > no thanks i like to try get my things myself
Lirana Ichosira > im stubborn like that :)
Mike Azariah > good for you
Mike Azariah > If ever Eve kicks you in the teeth, though
Mike Azariah > and you need a small hand
Mike Azariah > The Angel Project
Lirana Ichosira > thanks
Mike Azariah > It is a channel in game
Mike Azariah > and a character (not me)
Mike Azariah > last call?
Mike Azariah > no? well I have real world to attend to
Lirana Ichosira > take care of yourself
Mike Azariah > fly it like it was free

He closed the comms and laughed, the loading bay workers looking at hium like he might be a violernt sort of insane.  One finally screwed up the courage, nudged by the others he came closer.  “I don’t get it.  We watched and we couldn’t see how you tricked them.”

“Easy, I didn’t.”  Mike looked at the ships still lined up.  “That in and of itself is the problem.  I am trying tohelp folks but they been well taught.  If it is too good to be true . . . “

“It probably is a scam.  Riiight.”  The man squinted.  “So you’re saying . . . this wasn’t a scam?”

“Right.”  Mike tapped on his log book the ships handed away.  “I keep records for Angel and others.  These Kestrels an friend of mine made, the fittings Greygal suggested, the cash for the fittings, Mute paid.  From what I have heard my HARDEST job is going to be convincing people I am the right kind of crazy and not out to scam them.”

“Then what?”

“I take them out to Low or Null and we have some fun.  We may lose the ships but maybe we won’t.  Who knows.  But more important than that . . . I am buying the first round, iffen you don’t think it is some sort of trick.”  Mike grinned and the hanger worker grinned back.



Does nobody read local chat?  I mean in Jita that makes sense.  But elsewhere?

oh the Kestrel?  From here.  I will need a good easily fit and flown newbie Amarr, Gallente, and Minnie frig sometime soon.  I will hit Greygal up if I have to but if you want a challenge then send me a fit for simple and effective.

We do tell folks to be cautious and trade seems such a place to scam in.  And me, with my pilot pic leering at you and the bounty right there.  Obviously a trick.

Except it isn’t.  I am donating time and effort, others did isk.  I won’t give up easy. The best way to start is to do something, so I did.  Tomorrow I may try again.

fly it like you won it.


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OOC Giving back

I am a regular on the Podside podcast.  Have been for quite a while but they still let me ‘have the floor’ if I ask for it. I guess they are slow learners.   Tonight (Saturday 29th November) I proposed 2 ideas and I want you to be a part of this.

1)  Operation Northern Troll  -; Very simple, I know we are looking forward to the Yule Lads but I want to give back to CCP.  So I am sending them a Christmas card.   All I ask is that you do the same.  Not am email or electronic toss off, a real stamped and delivered physical piece of mail.

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik

Is their address.  Take a moment and send them a card.  Simple, silly, trolling or serious, Christmas,  midwinter solstice,  Kwanzaa,  Hanukkah, or whatever your seasonal celebration,  take a moment and send a card.  Remember,  snail mail is slow so you may want to act soon.

2)  Now for the other thing. Operation Magic School Bus –  I have been in the Rookie Chat channel for the past week, having a blast welcoming new players and helping them out.  But the thing is, all the help is solo based and mainly PVE in nature.  That wasn’t what hooked them, the trailer showed fleets and I want to give them a taste of that.

Here’s what I need.  FC’S and rookie flyable ships.  Hell, I will fit ships all day to get this going and will be but I need people willing to teach and take newbies out for a taste of what is to come.  If you want to use it as a recruiting tool, go for it.  I only ask that you not purposely lead them into a trap for giggles.   There is no pride or skill gained nor is made.  It does nothing for the game as a whole and not what this is about.   Death runs I am okay with but not ambushes and traps.  Let’s show them Evegate or see how far east/north/south/west you can get.   Build or break a gate camp.

Show them another side of New Eden, the side you like.

If this interests you then send me an email in game.  I could also use some ships, low end frigs, nothing big or expensive.  I know that the Angel Project will be helping out but we can use your help, too.

So this is me, asking for you guys to give.  A card, a ship, some time.

fly it like you won it

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Iz box!

Mike was leaving the ship, hair still damp from washing pod goo out of his hair when he heard the argument across the docking bay.  Curious, he wandered over.

“I tell you I no be having them monstrosities in my ships”  Ev was yelling at a little man with a pallet of boxes.

“Iz Box, Iz just a box!”  The little man yelled back gesturing at the pallet.  “It iz fair and not the cheating you say.  Iz just a boxez.”

“I am ok with automation to a point.  Dat be what drones are for.  But not the blind automation of an entire ship.  Dat be juss plain wrong.”  Ev crossed his arms.

“It iz legal.  I haz papers here where they never ever say it iz not legal.”  The little man waved a comm padd.

“Juss not right.  Damn zombie ships are bad juju.”

“Ah,”  Mike said as he took the waved comm.  “This.  Yeah, it is not officially ilegal till a month from now.”

“What? No, they make mistake.  We iz doing nothing wrong.  Just flying our ships and hurting nobodiez.”  The little man looked frightened, now.

Mike smiled and handed back the comm.  You take unfair advantage and sweep the belts clean leaving the average miner with nothing.  Your type make a full team of bomber pilots look clumsy by comparison.  Slaved systems to a common command remove the skill to flying, the je ne sais quoi.  No, I am with Ev, here, and soon Concord will be as well.”

“You’ll zee!  You will loze zo much when we iz gone.  We iz the real backbone of New Eden whether you wantz to admit it or not.”  Red in the face, the little man blustered.

“Maybe, but I am willing to take that chance and so are the people in charge.  Now go away, preferably quietly.”  Mike turned his back, ending the conversation and went in search of coffee and a pastry.



ISBoxer is NOT being banned.  But one of its main functions IS.  Along with dowels and rubber bands, trained parrots and other ludicrous displays of multicasting.  Seriously I did not think that this would be a threadnaught and I request that you read the first post before commenting.

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Tantas Kitchen, tullderr

Fair warning, this is a summary of the third day of the CSM summer summit, you would be far better off reading the real minutes as this is in character and mainly written because I said I would.  But the summaries are accurate for as far as they go.


“Now the last day was almost anticlimactic”  Mike said as he chopped the onions.  “Most of the big news was null plans on the second day but that doesn’t mean we were done.  We started with a conversation about the CSM itself. The Whitepaper Review.”

“You spent an hour navel gazing?”  Ruis asked as he stirred the pot.

Dumping the onions into the pot Mike nodded.  “Pretty much.  We discussed our choice to not have officers . . . “

“I was wondering about that.  If you was to say who the officers were . . . just based on what they done so far. I wondered.”  Ruis grinned.

“Nope.  Not even gonna go there.  We worked well as people stepping up to the tasks set before us and we even have had people stepping back and down when they realized this was a bigger job than they expected.  That lead to talkin ’bout how we replace people who leave.  Then that lead to talking about elections and the fact that we better get things goin on that.  All this we want added it to the white paper, which is the document that describes what we are for and how we do things.”

Ruis tasted the stew and shook his head.  “More heat.”

“Next was the Industry Recap.”  Mike started chopping peppers of various luminous shades of red.

“Pshaw. y’all talkin bout workin and you doin none yerself.”  Tanta swept into the large kitchen like a queen arriving in her throne room, and entourage of ladies in waiting including Free and a few of Tantas dance students.

Mike laughed and swept out a plate already containing meats, cheeses and crackers.  “I was wonderin when you’d show.  Never let us cook in here wiffout some supper vising.”  He went back to chopping the peppers and flipping them towards the pot off the end of the blade.  “So we was talking about Crius and the changes it wrought.  Seems making things make sense encouraged a lot more folks to make things for themselves.  WE talked about how busy Jita is and ways that may change that.”

“Busy is good, you don’t shoe people out of the kitchen you just make sure they aren’t in the way.”  Tanta said, loading a cracker.  “Girls?  Eat, these two laggards will be at least another hour before they serve us real food.”

“Time is the one thing that cannot be rushed.  That and a decent meal.  Now where was I?  Ah, work and industry.  All in all there were things we could still ask for . . . and did but the movement all seemed in a positive direction.  Then came Starbases.”

“You mean like where Madam went to visit you?”  One of the students asked.

“No, that was a . . .well we do use the same word but context is everything, here.  There are starbases owned by the capsuleer organizations and then ones owned by mortal corporations.  In this case we talked about the capsuleer starbases, sometimes called POS’s.  Greyscale said it best

 . . . the goals were ‘starbases should primarily be a platform for doing other things from. they should give you a place to project yourself from. . . . We want progression with simpler functionality . . . – A strong sense of home. We want it to be super customizable for your needs ‘.”

“Home is good.  Roots is what make you appreciate travel.”  Tanta said.

“Oh he had a whole lot more to say on the subject.  I got the feeling this was one of his big goals in life.”  Mike was now setting up rice to cook, measuring the crowd in the kitchen and adding a few more scoops and more water to the pot.  “He wants them to be awesome and functional and all that and more so it mattered where you lived and what you did there.  We, of course agreed.  Better guns would be a good start.  You should always be able to protect your home.  And if you don’t there should be a way for others to decommission or even steal it, not just blow it up.”

“But blowing it up will still be an option, right?”  Ruis asked.

“Of course it will be.  Then we got to Veteran Player Retention which is a nice way to say we would rather the vets were less bitter and more active.  We talked a lot about what the elders wanted . . . new space, new missions, new things to do and to have done to them.  The common theme was ‘new’.  From that it was a simple segue-way into things that would be new. General Game Design.  This was where we talked about new innovations and tech.  I got to pitch the Tugboat and damn if they didn’t listen to me.”

“And why not?  I raised you ta speak well.”

“Tanta, it is kind of different talkin to folks who make the big decisions and yer juss a lil pilot.”

Her voice shifted, all her students unconsciously straightened their posture.  “Boy, there ain’t NOBODY greater or lesser than anybody else unless they let that be so.  I never raised you to be one o them who thought otherwise.”

Mike grinned.  “Yes Tanta.  So we also discussed payouts for incursions, Defender missiles and how new pilots were trained.  Off-grid boosting and flak bombs.  It was like a jam session with the powers that be and it was over far too soon.”  He sighed.  “Then we got down to specifics with Team Banana Stand”

“Who names them there groups, who?”  Ruis asked making a face.

“Beats me, I was just glad they didn’t called themselves banana hammock.”  Mike ducked the cuff aimed at the back of his head from Tanta without even looking.  “Then we talked missions and payouts as well as communications with the agents and standings.  I know it sounds really short but we went long on the details on that one.”

There was a knock on a door in the front of the house.  Tanta nodded to one of the students and she ran to answer it.  Mike continued.  “Then we talked sports. (Organized Play)  Combat sports with the folks who run the alliance tournament.  A lot of it was trying to find ways to make farm leagues and minor tourneys for less specialized pilots.  One of the men there, Gargant, said . . .

Gargant closes with a statement on his overall desire to build tournaments from the ground up, giving players the tools they need to make these things work, with automated tools and much more

And we mostly agreed with that.  Last we talked to the  Community Team who had been our hosts for the whole shebang.  We talked about the formatting of the minutes, and timeline for getting them done as well as allowing us access to some more internal communication channels with the powers that be. WE talked about the GM’s (thems the people who handle complaints) and how complaints are processed.  We . . .” He stopped as the student returned, she was very pale.

“Madam, there be a law man at the door.”

Free looked about and saw that the knife Mike had been using a moment before was now laying right by her hand.  She also noticed his jacket was now undone, allowing easy access to the holster she knew he wore.  “There ain’t much more ta tell.  Tanta, you want me to go chat with the gent?”

“My house, I greets company, myself.”  She flowed from the room and Ruis, Free, and Mike followed.  The students went elsewhere and the knife was no longer on the counter.



And that is the last day.

This was a fun thing to do but also a lot of work.  Winter will be four days of meetings.

I said I would do this and I have.  So there.

fly it like you won it


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BB#60 metrics

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 60th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.

* * * * *

Jakob Anedalle of Jakob’s Eve Checklist blog asks:

With Phoebe about to land, CSM Minutes now out, and more of CCP Seagull’s vision from Eve Vegas it appears CCP has a bold roadmap, is making big changes, and is willing to take a hit in the short term to see it through. What do you see as the measurable signs that will tell us that they’ve succeeded? What outcome will we see as players? Is it concurrent player count or something else?

Get writing!


Now I just finished the last post and realized I wanted to write about this but I am going to do it OOC.  So if you are looking for the filthy RP’er stuff, move along move along.

I am in the semi enviable seat of having a better idea of what is coming than most.  One of the priveleges of sitting on the CSM.  You are probably expecting me to do a cheerleader job, here.  Go team and all that.


Measuring things is a funny business.  In teacher training I actually too a full course in just how to make tests and evaluate the results.  Oh, numbers are easy to count but are they measuring what you think they are.  Are they a true reflection of what is going on?  There are probably some folks at CCP who say ‘yes’ to that question as the bottom line IS the bottom line and folks have to get paid.  But I asked more than once, at the last summit ‘what are the goals’ and the answer was seldom ‘more subs’.

It is measurable and that is what the blog asks but I prefer some other metrics to consider. Activity, maps, where things are happening and how much.  Use your maps in dotlan and see if changes have an effect.  CCP released the data of cynos lit and Steve Ronuken made a fantastic gif out of it (btw to really piss off some people I alternate between three different pronunciations of gif, the third making the g silent).  Click the link and if you think of it, thanks Steve and CCP Manifest.


Pick what is important to YOU and decide if things are getting better because this is Eve and nobody should be able to tell you that some external measurement can decide if you are happy.  Looking for fights?  Count how many you had last month and do the name next month. Maybe attach a value from hotdropped to fair fight to we blobbed them and decide which is worth the most.

What CCP wants may or may not be what you want.  Maybe you are just killing time till [insert upcoming space title here] stops taking peoples money and actually ships a game.  Maybe your lifestyle is ruined because of changes made or upcoming.  In which case Eve failed . . . failed you.

But if 5 years from now there is still and Eve, if we are still playing and arguing that Eve is dying.  I’d say that is your empirical evidence that the seachange called Seagull and the bold shifts and roadmap worked.

Hope I am here to see it.

fly it like you won it


* * * * *
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Second Tullder

Mike hitched up his jacket to keep the holster accessible and leaned back on the park bench.  Tanta was knitting and Ruis was standing nearby splitting his attention between the kids playing and the two sitting.

“Tanta said yous talkin about all the high and mighty stuff you been doin, she said.  Y’all talk about where the real action be?  Ya talk bout dat?”

Mike smiled.  “Null or low?  If null then I would question the idea that that is where the real action takes place when even its residents complain about stagnation.  But yeah, that was how our second day started.  Day two began with us sitting down to General Low-Sec Discussion.  Sugar set the pace and it was a good one.  She was very organized and had a list of questions and suggestions, everything from Supers in low to FW standings and more mining opportunities for low miners.  Research into clouds was also brought up.”

Ruis looked up at the sky and back at Mike.  “What’s ta research?”

“Gas mining, you goof.  Iffen you gonna make boosters, drugs, then you need specific hard to get materials.”  Mike snorted and then noticed that Tanta had stopped knitting and was listening more closely.  “Problems?”

Tanta shook her head and smiled.  “Sounds like this Sugar be a formidable woman.”

“She is.  They discussed Faction Warfare . . . “

Ruis interrupted.  “So how come you never went to fly for our people, Mike?  How come?”

“Mainly the same reasons that were being discussed.  Faction rules are bad enough that it becomes a one ways street.  I likes my freedom.”  Mike shrugged.  “It was a dense session and a lot of things crossed the table. but that was nothing compared to when we got onto nullsec.

Nullsec was the big topic and you knew this going in because we actually allotted a double session to it.  I asked that they start with the goals and then tell us how they was gonna get there.”

Ruis leaned in a bit.  “So whats they want?  More Huge Battles like Assakye?  More o dem?”

“No, not really. Fozzie set the pace sayin ‘We want to create an environment where the act of living in null sec is a bit more involved in some way. Where warfare is less soul crushing and allow a larger variety of organizations in null sec. These are points we have discussed before where it allows both large groups and small groups to be able to operate in known space.’  He went on to explain that bottom up doesn’t mean the rich won’t get richer, it just means that it will be apparent that all the little wallets are feeding them, like in rentin.

The changes to power projection are the first step on a longer road.  We’s gonna be seeing new ways of defining and taking and holding sov but that will probably come out next year some time.  We want more granularity and the ability to say ‘this here asteroid belt is mine’.  Say it with smaller and destructible structures.”

“I prefer to say it wif flowers”  Ruis opined.

“That you steal”  Tanta said, not looking up.

Mike grinned, he had stolen flowers from her garden as well, it was the best way to make sure they were fresh.  “Well further down the road we know the way sov works is gonna be changing.  Whether it be tossed in the bin or so heavily modified its own mother wouldn’t recognize it is up for question. All I know is the powers that be are serious about downgrading stations and outposts the the point that enough ships could take them down.”

Ruis snorted.  “Who is going to feel safe, then?”

Mike shrugged.  “Nobody, to the point where everybody just stops worrying about it.  Maybe.  Figuring out how people and organizations will react is the hardest thing.  But it is what they have the CSM for.  Then there will be occupancy level claims and/or ways to stake your claim to an area.We spent a fair amount of time discussing the ramifications of this and I am looking forward to hearing what other folks think, now that it is ‘out there’”

“But,” Ruis said. “Most folks try to make the rules favour themselves more than the working overall, they just do.”

Another shrug.  “Yup, so you listen to what is said and WHO is talking and you try to see, are they talking for themselves or for everybody.  Hell, even in this discussion we were having some folks would talk from their specific power base.WE talked about all the alternatives to jump travel, whether it be gates for the big ships or the death express.”

“What is that?”

“It is when we die on purpose so we wakes up sooner in our clones.  If the battle is a long way from home it can save a fair amount of time. I know it sounds weird to yas but some do use it.”  He hurried to push on.  “If it works out right it won’t kill capitals and supers but make them more usable in the smaller numbers.  If there is less worry of someone dropping in from halfway across the galaxy then you might field the big ships in small numbers more often.  Same goes for bomber wings, we don’t want them to be the only choice but we also don’t want them to be a pure bad choice as well.  So we tossed back and forth the pros and cons of occupancy sov vs the granularity model.  The one question I asked that didn’t get answered was whether the powers that be had talked to line grunts as opposed to the leaders of coalitions”

“You always did think troop over officer.”  Tanta murmured.

“Always seems asking the opinion of the guy in charge is a sure way of getting status quo or a firmer entrenchment of his power.  It would be like asking bankers how money should be kept and used.”  He held up a hand.  “Yes, I know that is what is done, but it is a stupid way to do things.”

“Then came Team Five-O, they be the ones that we have the closest ties to, chat with them every other week in formal settings and damn near every workday by comms.  Because of that we knew a lot of projects going into the meeting but it was nice to see things like the mockup for new UI elements, visible bookmarks and all that.  We also discussed the basics of new paint jobs for the ships and some new missions of the Burner variety coming along.”

“Burner missions?”  Ruis asked.

“Very hard to solo, very deadly, this I know first hand.  And I am looking forward to a rematch.  Then we chatted with the Corporations & Alliances folks.  Like tax law the rules for those systems are so convoluted that nobody knows all of it.  They have actually hired an outside team to research the topics.  Then we talked about awoxing, that is where a person infiltrates a corp just to shoot the folks in it.  Some ancient loophole made that legal.  That is gonna change though the discussion on it went longer than you might expect.  We also talked about shares, being able to access corp roles from Crest,  Best one was being able to invite to a corp rather than the convoluted invite/accept/accept the acceptance.”

“Well tank heavens they fixed dat.”  Tanta rolled her eyes.

“Little things that start to make sense mean a lot to some folks, Tanta.  Not everybody hits them but they is a stone in the shoe for the folks that deal with them everyday.  After they left then we talked to another team . . . Team TriLambda, or as we like to call them, the Art department.  Most of what they showed us was things like the new Blackbird, Chimera, Dominix, Exequeror, Incursus and Maulus as well as some portraiture work.  We talked about clothes and hats and other such fripperies.”

“Some folks care ‘bout how they dress.”  Ruis straightened a thin leather tie.

“And other folks figure you is just waiting for that to be your noose.”  Mike grinned.  “Gotta admit, those art folks do draw some nice stuff. but that meeting lead right into one that was a more focused topic though still artistic. Alliance Logos was a hot topic because it is not as simple as it seems.”

“I don’t know why.  I seen your ship have logos on it, that stick and hoop one has more than a couple.”  Ruis frowned.

“It is a legal issue.  To permanently inscribe a logo demands that the rights to it are clear and in a huge galaxy with multiple legal systems that is not as cut and dried as you might think.  The last session of the day was Security.”

“Secret Police like to keep their own secrets.”  Tanta nodded.

“I was amazed at how much they actually told us.  We talked about ISBoxer, botting, cheating, RMT, ddos . . . .they held nothing back buuuuut.”

“Let me guess.” Ruis said.  “You can’t say much about what was said.”

“Not much at all.”  Mike admitted.  “Though what is in the minutes shows that we did talk about things the time stamps say it all.  Short minutes for a full hour.  It is what it is.  If you showed how you caught folks they would get more evasive.  If you draw specific lines then there will be some ass who dances right on it.”

“Speaking of dancing.”  Tanta said.  “It is time we headed back, I have a class to teach and YOU.” She jabbed a needle at Mike.  “Have the evening meal to cook.  Take Ruis into town and fetch fresh, make what you want but enough to feed 20,”

Mike and Ruis nodded and answered in unison “Yes, Tanta”



and that was day 2

The thing that struck me the most about this day was the fact that we disagreed, even between the council members themselves.  I am not saying this is bad but it lets you know who stood up the way YOU would have.  Who spoke for you.

Well it is important to see how things are decided and not just what.

I am going to take a small break and I will do day three.

as I said last time, if you don’t like who this is written the feel free to go read the full minutes yourself

fly it like you won it



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