Mike came out of the ship with a big grin on his face. “Damn that was fun.”

Scotty looked back at the Retribution Mike had just exited. “Been in Caldari space with that? Most folks been running the destroyers.”

“I know, I know. Ran into a few of them, here and there. A Kiki or two and some Sunnys. But this suited me just fine, for now. It sometimes comes down to a matter of math, for me. While I hold a lot of assets for the Bus I am not that rich anymore. So I am savin up and may try a Kiki laters if I make enough to do so.”

“Pays that well, them Caldari jobs?”

“Two and a bit runs covered the cost of that beast.” Mike jerked his thumb at the retribution. “Now I am keepin track to see if I can afford the Kiki. Want that one ‘prepaid’ and not a debt load.”

Scotty whistled. “So whatcha figure? How many runs you gonna have to do?”

“Well the thing is? There be some competition for the prize. I am batting about 60% of the time it pays off and the rest someone else gets the last trigger before I do. So I am waiting for the fuss to die down and the playing field to level out a bit. It don’t help none that the action I want is lose to the crowded part of space.”

“Space is too big to get ‘crowded'” Scotty objected.

“Depends on how ya look at it, I suppose. “Seems you find the most hisec capsuleers in Caldari space and these runs are Caldari so the math is against me. But even us immortal Gods have to sleep now and again so I am watchin the charts and making hay while the rest sleep. I Figures a few days and a bit of luck and I will have what I need.”

Scotty chuckled. “You know? It is nice to see you flying for your own purposes again, between the Bus and politics i was beginning to think you had forgotten yourself.”

“A fair worry but I tend to be around myself enough to remind me that I am still here, still at it. Come on, I’m buyin.”



My thanks to Erstschlag who made a good lesson Vid and fit that I could use, right out of the box. Thing works well for me.

I do hope that I can manage a Kiki by the end of the event, love that ship to pieces.

But as to the last part of the post . . . Burnout is a thing, both with games and especially for players who have served on the CSM. But I am still playing, still active in rookie help chat.

oh and speaking of rookie help chat there is this jerk for the last few weeks who REALLY seems to have a bee in his or her bonnet and a stick up their ass. The make new toons just to log on, swear and curse until banned, and then they make another toon. Weird. I am not sure what CCP can do against such a dedicated asshole but I think that they should do something.

The rest of the channel is friendly and welcoming and a lot of the regulars help as best they can. The ISD show FAR more patience than you might expect.


fly it like you won it


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