“So, where is he now?” Free asked as she helped chop veggies for the dinner.

“He has been doing more Bus runs of late and I thought he would be coming by soon as he is in the area but he has diverted to Luminaire” Corey was setting out bowls and silver for the dinner.

“What is in Luminaire?”


“Come again? What do you mean, snowballs?” Free frowned as she made even and precise cuts.

“Lordy, tis dat time o year again. You does know that this season be his favourite, eh?” Tanta said from where she sat, watching a pan of meat sizzle. “The lad be out celebrating and havin some fun, I spect he will be home soon after dat. Best we be making some cookies tomorrow mornin ta have fresh for him when he arrives.”

“I still don’t understand what snowballs have to do with spaceships.” Free protested.

“Old tech, used for wargames, non damaging weapon systems modified to look like a snowball hits. A friendly mock battle to celebrate the season. Held in Luminaire and run by a pilot Mike is friends with, Commander A9.” Corey said. “Should be running about 2100 galaxy time on the 18th (that is tomorrow)”

“So is he there in one of his small fast ships to scoot around and dodge?”

“He took the Bus”

“Of course he did.”



no moral to this, just hope to see y’all there if you can make it. I will try to remember to take some screenshots and if you do the same? send me the good ones.

fly it like you won it


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