Snowball Pictures

Mike was laughing and showing them the pictures from the snowball fight.

“Now this one was me after I undocked and the noise as the fireworks went off was damn near deafenin.”

“I always wondered about that.” Corey said. “Space is a vacuum so how do you have ‘noise’?”

“Fair question. Our connections to the ship simulate the sounds to allow us to have more instinctive feedback and response. Same way we ‘see’ while encased in a metal egg full of goo. So the simulation of what I was in was damn noisy. Ya know some pilots actually turn off that part so they fly in silence and jokingly ask ‘it has sound?’. I think they is missin out.

Now this shot I took from a bit of a distance. Planet or moon is kinda bleak but oh we lit up their skies I betcha.”

Tanta muttered “My fancy pants pilot canna tell the difference twixt a moon and a planet.”

Mike shrugged and showed the shot.

“Another one of the Bus in all her glory as well as a few other nice ships but the prettiest one was this.”

“That there is a Monitor and a few of them showed up to fly about. Someday I hopes to save up enough to have one o my own but that is a long long ways away.”

Corey frowned. “I know it is not my place but before we were . . . friends I did do a complete dossier on you. You are not poor.”

Mike nodded slowly. “My assets make me look rich but that includes Bus assets. Your dossier did not differentiate”

Corey nodded then looked up sharply, “You mean people trust you with that much in assets?”

Mike shrugged. “They do and I, in turn, keep to the social contract and do not betray the trust. It is not how I do things and it would be the end of the Bus as a whole.”

“I tried to raise you right, but you have a stubborn honest streak I just couldn’t get out of ya.” Tanta chided. “Even as a boy he would fess up if I asked who ate all the cookies.” She chuckled and slid the plate of fresh baked cookies a bit closer to him and saw his eyes light up.

He took one leaned back and smiled. “It was a good day, I remembered to thank Commander A9 and hope he passed the thanks on to the others.”

“Yeah I think that was a moon.”



Live events made by players are always fun. Devs and ISD showed up as well (and were welcome) but it was a player thing.

I’d like to thank the organizers a lot if only for the chance to take the pics and chat with other.

fly it like you won it.


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