The temperature was too high and the air tasted stale. Too many people in a small room for too long. At times Mike had to fight for the ability to properly pay attention to the business at hand. It was worth it, though.

The second day had been another one of mixed reactions where hopes were raised but so were tempers. It was not always the council vs the powers that be, either. At times the council, itself,  would disagree and interrupt each other. That was fine and as it should be.

The third day  was full of hope and smiles and by halfway through Mike’s mood had improved measurably. The information was often still ‘secret’ but the plans raised people’s hopes. They all knew that not everyone would be satisfied but given the pilots of New Eden that was a given. As always it was impressive, the level of open dialogue that they engaged in. There was a topic or two that they were always steered away from.

The council itself was the usual mix. They would meet in the mess for the morning meal but separated in the evenings only to all wind up in the same drinking establishment by halfway through. Mainly they all headed back to their quarters to process minutes and cover the news of the day from beyond the planetary isolation that they were stuck in.

Mike chuckled at the arguments that followed the AllianceTournament, happy that he did not have a duck in this pond. (or a camel in the war).


You have seen the first minutes, second will be along shortly. When this is all over and I have a brain again, we  can discuss them… Or you can scream at me about things not said or done.

Fly it like you won it


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Rainbow smoke

He sat in the observation bubble staring up at the night sky as he reviewed the first day of meetings. Overall? They had gone well but some issues had come up that seriously concerned him. He hoped that there would be more opportunities to voice that concern in the days to come.

An armored vehicle patrolled in the distance but Mike ignored it as he watched the light show, above. Ribbons of light, like rainbow coloured smoke shimmered and stretched across the night sky to become a standing wall of green and red flames. A shooting star crossed the wall and then vanished.

Taking a sip of his drink he sat back and allowed the beauty of the moment wash across his mind and let the days stresses ease. Three days of meetings still lay ahead and there was still much higher to do.


OK, how cool is it to see an astronomical light show from your hotel window while attending a summit on an Internet space game? 

I am sitting in the light of sunrise, writing this and grinning like a fool.

Thank you all for helping get me to this point.

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He looked out of the window of the ground shuttle, his hands twitching to be at the controls. Jayne sat to the left and the security detail front and back. The landscape was a surreal barren stretch of rocks, boulders, and very small plants fighting for a foothold on the once lifeless terrain.

“The terraforming hasn’t finished the initial stages. ” Jayne explained.” The planet is still listed as  lava class.

“Nobody would expect a Summit on molten rock. ” The commander of the detail said from the front. ” We are coming up on the handoff. You will be going into the wreck while we stay up top overwatch.

Mike nodded and hefted his gear. Jayne grabbed his larger case and they were out the door as soon as the shuttle stopped. A rush of dust and wind and the shuttle was on the move again.

“They don’t linger, do they? ”

Mike just shook his head and lead the way to the access hatch of the wreck of what looked like an ancient colony vessel. Once they passed security and handed over their gear their liaison issued them their multipasses and they were given some time to rest and prepare for the days ahead.


In Iceland. If you have twitter I will try to send the  occasional message. 

Otherwise,  watch this space for more to come.

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OOC: Packing

I may, just to hear some of you cry, do a post or two from Iceland ‘in character’ but right now I am trying to figure out what I am going to forget, this time.  Last time it was my phone.  As usual I do a briefcase and a small carry-on bag.

Being Canadian I am not worried about cold or rain or wind.  I have a layer of fat (like a walrus) to insulate me from sudden temperature changes.  Pads to take paper notes and the ever-present ‘book’ that has requests in it.  Two of my favourite pens (sharpie fine and a zebra f-701 stainless steel), tablet, phone, music player and chargers and cords.  Huh, wonder what is missing.

Ah well, travelling solo is always an adventure.  Gate camps have a different meaning in airports.  Nice thing is I know where I am going, who I am looking forward to seeing and talking to and what I want to get done.  The rest is just icing on the cake.

oooh, I hope there is pie, screw cake.

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Mike grimaced and swiped his hand across the comm blanking it, again.

“Problems, hun?”  The waitress refilled his coffee and cleared the remains of his dinner service.

“Nah, just imagining what I would do if I were in the ATXIII”

“And what would that be to us mortals?”

Mike grinned.  “I feel like I have had this conversation before.  It is watching a bunch of capsuleers participate in a fair fight.”

“I thought your kind were allergic to that.”

“For the most part, yeah.  But Once a year pilotes train and theorycraft to see who can do the best design and flying within specific guidlelines.”  He turned his comm for her to see.  “This is this years rules.”

She glanced over them and shrugged.  “Means nothing to me.  What makes it so special?”

“Points allocation combined with what your pilots can fly, for one thing.  My fav part is the Flagship.

Any standard T1 or Faction battleship hull may be designated as a flagship.

Team captains must indicate to the GM managing their match if they intend to use their flagship in any given match, and which pilot is flying the flagship.

Flagships may ignore meta level restrictions for the following module types (this means they may fit faction, officer, cosmos, and deadspace versions):

  • All Legal Highslot Modules (not including remote armour repair modules or remote shield transfer modules)
  • Electronic Warfare Modules
  • Weapon Upgrade Modules
  • ONE Shield Booster or up to TWO Armor Repairers

Flagship ship types must be decided in advance and their ship type submitted to “CCP Alliance Tournament” character via EVEmail no later than August 7th. The fittings for a flagship do not have to be disclosed. The names of flagships do not have to be disclosed or remain constant. Fittings may also be changed from match to match.

All flagship hull types will be published in the flagships section of the EVE Online Alliance Tournament site following the deadline date.

“So the enemies know what your best ship is?”  She asked, tilting her head to one side.

“Yup, though you do not have to bring it . . . but if you are eliminated, never having fielded it . . . ”

“You feel like an idiot.  But bring out the best too soon and you might lose it, right?”
“Now you see why I like it.”  He spun the comm and tapped it then spun it back.  “These are the flagships for this year . . . ”

So out of 64 teams………….

51 submitted a flagship

Bhaalgorn – 27
Geddon – 9
Vindi – 3
Bhargest – 3
Rattlesnake – 2
Phoon Fleet – 2
SNI – 2
Domi – 1
Typhoon – 1
Mach – 1

“Bhaalgorn, that is a Blood Raider ship isn’t it?”

“In more ways than one.”  Mike nodded.  “It specializes in neuts so it sucks the ships engines dry, just as the raiders do to their victims.  In a combat that means that the power to run your ship is going to be a big worry if one of these is on the field.  But do you assume they are going to bring it?  Or hope they don’t?”

“13 teams did not list a flagship. Why?”

Mike grimaced and shrugged.  “I can make a guess, some cannot afford one but they could have declared and not brought so that is dumb.  Others were probably too disorganized to get their paperwork in on time so now they are denied that strength other teams will have.  I don’t know for sure.  But of course all the tournament news fades as new news takes centre stage, eh?”

“Oh My Gods.”  She said.  “Did you see the news footage?  Those Drifters shot an Aeon.  The Empresses Aeon.”

Mike nodded.  “Yeah, I know, I was there.  And yes, it was as fast and efficient as it looked.  Blink and you might miss it.  So there will be some interesting times ahead for the Amarr Empire.  I hear they might even have another ‘right of succession tournament‘ which will make the Alliance tournament fade in comparison.”

“Going to theory craft that one?”

“Oh probably but darlin I am Gallente so I doubt I will be invited to the proceedings as a guest judge.”



Life kept getting in the way of getting this post out so it is a jumble written over a week.  Finally came down to hit the publish button or the trash.

Eve is a game where there are events inside and outside of the normal play.  The ATXIII has been fun to watch and I was there for the empressive death.  Keep an eye open and being able to say ‘I was there’ is fun.

Oh and Test?  Mad props to the Battle Badger.  LOVE IT

End of month is coming up.  I weill try to come up with a draw in the next week or so.

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OOC: Silver Platter Synchronicity

Two things happened, one right after another.  The first was chatting with Kira (of Nova Haven and Necom fame) and the second was reading a post by Sugar (fellow CSMX and her blog is required reading, for me)

Kira first.  For the record, right after she finished complaining about this she apologized for ranting.  I never saw it as such but accepted the apology anyways.  People who join a help channel or a corp sometimes seem to expect that said help will be handed to them.  That the helpers will know what you need and volunteer answers to questions not asked.  Later in the game these same people will die during wardecs because they are mining and when told that there is a wardec on they complain . . .’why didn’t you tell me?’.  If it is pointed out the information was all over the place they stick to their guns . . . why did you not tell ME?  In the end I told her that, to a certain extent, some people need Darwinism experienced first hand.  Let them die and then point out (again) where they might have learned of their safety levels and maybe played a bit smarter.

These people expect personalized service with the restaurant serving the food without even the bother of taking their order and getting it right, every time.  A lot of Eve information is out there (some of it hidden, I will admit) but it is a buffet.  Get up off your ass, go over the the serving tables and fill your plate but do NOT sit at your table complaining that you are hungry.

On to Sugars post and this set of questions near the end.

I listen to people telling me what others do not deserve. I’d like to hear what a player does deserve. What are they entitled to? What are the pieces of a good gaming session? What should fill up that spot that is gaming? That makes us thirsty to return?

The word that burned off the screen at me was entitled.  Gods, I hate that word and all the baggage it brings with it.  You paid for this game and you are entitled to there being . . . what?  To be lead by the hand by a mentor or calm robot voice until you understand all the minutiae of a game that I doubt anybody fully gets?  To be able to skip the tutorials and make mad isk so you never have to pay for the game because you heard that you could play the game with in game gold?  For GM’s to be on, 24/7 and leap to your aid if something goes wrong, even if it might have been your fault.

to be served

after all, you paid for it

And then I read the quote above, again and another word jumped out at me . . . game.  Is Eve a game?  Of late I have questioned that.  Golf¹ is a game, there is a score, winners, losers.  Chess, no score but winner, loser or draw.  Games, both of them.  How do we keep score in Eve²?  There are not even levels to say that you are a 23rd level Paladin, fear not!  I don’t play Eve to win very often, I play it to enjoy the social aspects, and to figure out a new thing or a new place.  It is a puzzle³.  A huge intricate puzzle that I may never solve (even with hints on the net) but IF I manage to solve this corner, or guess correctly what that guy will do . . . I get my enjoyment.  But I have to go to the table with the right attitude and be willing to work to even find the pieces of said puzzle, let alone put them together.

Entitled?  Nope.  There are days where logging in is more a chore, a grind, than I might want it to be but something is always there that keeps me doing so, anyways.  Maybe it is the other people, maybe it is the hope of something new and exciting.  Maybe it is even the chance to be the new and exciting thing for someone else.  I don’t know, for sure.  But I very seldom demand or expect that things get handed to me, I just hope to find the next piece that fits the puzzle that is probably almost all of my own making.

I do know where that entitlement came from.  I have played enough games (and still do) that take me and show me the path.  Railways along which I can enjoy the ride and shoot at the targets as I pass them by (ever ride the Buzz Lightyear in Disneyland?) just like all the people before and after me.

How about you, though?  Are you still waiting to be served, sitting at the table, hungry?  Or are you loading a plate at the buffet?

apologies for the rant but these things fester in the back of my mind if I don’t air them out, now and again.

fly it like you won it



1) for the record I have golfed and teased my fellow golfers that I was the real winner because I got many more opportunities to hit the ball than they did.

2) yes yes, isk balance, killboards, skill points, but none are listed as the goal of the game, are they?

3) if you missed these as a child I am so sorry, I loved this series

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Matching socks

New month, new things to think about and time to sort out the sock drawer again.

1)  CSMX and Gorga.  I stand by what I tweeted.

I just hope that phrase is never directed at me.  Do I want to see a council member booted?  No.  I want 14 people all paddling in the same general direction.  But you can only ‘ship oars’ for so long.  What the DOES call for is continued work on the White Paper and a more specific set of rules about what constitutes activity or how long you can be ‘away’ due to work, vacation, or other reasons. Do I like airing the dirty laundry in public?  Hell no.

2)  Gunjack.  and the offical announcement  Yes, I knew a bit about this.  No it is not stealing time, money, resources from Eve players, slowing our own game as a result.  A company IS allowed to have more than one project on the go, at a time.  There is a word for that, diversification.  But seriously, the first thing I thought of was a game I played the hell out of more than thirty years ago. This.  Don’t know if I will buy a vr for it but man I lived in that arcade game (just after the first starwars movie I was in a turret and could hear ‘don’t get cocky kid’ echoing in my ears.)

3)  Reddit.  I go there now and again but I swear it is a toxin that makes me shift to a nasty person so I have to limit my exposure.  I start nice but shift to Northern Troll very quickly.  Fortunately the most recent example was downvoted to oblivion.  I will stick to forums with only an occasional trip to reddit more for the protection of others than for my own good.

4)  Things are quiet with CCP as various members of teams take some time to enjoy sunshine and summer.  We still talk everyday but not as focused as one might want.

5)  And yet live events and activity on the RP front has me awake and paying attention.  I love this part of the game even if it does not matter to some it is story and a story I am IN.

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Me Time

Mike docked and sat silently in the ship for a few moments before beginning exit protocals.  Scotty met him as he came down the side of the Jackdaw and whistled.  “Hey!  I thought you were going out on a roam with Ganked fellas.  What are you doing in the same ship you left in?”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “Damn iffen we didn’t live through it.  Well, most of us, anyhow.”

“Come have a drink and tell me about it.”  Which lead to them soon being in one of the bars close to the mechanics level of the station, as opposed to the usual pilot levels.  The bar looked . . . well used would be a polite term for it but the drinks were served fast and nobody bothered them.

Mike sipped his first drink, eyes widened and he signaled for a second one to be brought as he downed the first.  “So this is where the good stuff is stocked.  I swear some pilot bars recycle a BIT too much.”

Scotty grinned.  “Clones lack properly formed taste buds so why bother?”  He held up a hand before Mike threatened to cook another fire meal.  “I kid, I kid.  So, the fleet?”

“Well there are a few things to be learned, even if the deaths were few.  One is when someone says formup is at 1900 and fleet leaves at 2000 be there as close to 1900 as you can be.”

“And wait around an hour?”  Scotty frowned.

“They didn’t wait.  I was in fleet and shooting stuff by 1945 and the fleet was already on the move.  We were about 90 strong and I think the FC was a bit put off by the numbers and strength.  There is nothing like seeing a swarm of Jackdaws in motion, I will tell you.”












“We headed into Providence to see what there was to find.  I could hear folks on comms as 2000 rolled around asking where the fleet was and they sounded disappointed that showing up at the last moment they were not being waited for.  We, well we were hunting.”

“FC was good?”

“FC was excellent, he even provided  a video about ship composition, he was one of the Spectre Fleet folks . . . John Drees.  He had a good second in command and I kept them both watchlisted.  I also listened closely for align, jump or hold commands so I managed not to be left behind nor did I leroy at any point along the line.  For me, that was amazing.”

“Wow, no offense, Mike but usually you do screw up.”

“I KNOW.  Mike emphasized each work carefully, reaching for the third drink and signalling for another round.  “I do not know what went wrong/right/whatever.  We has some caracals ghosting along, looking for stragglers, a bomber or two make a run at us and did come in on a solid battle at one gate.  He kept his cool and called out targets in order and I just followed and keep the oppositions ewar damped.”

“Spashed water on them?”

“No, you goof, the fit they wanted me in had dual muon damping systems as out defensive ewar.  If we saw something nasty or the oppositions ewar we made it do they would need to be docked with us to have any effect on us.  It worked.  Excellent logi was a bit boost as well, the one time I took any incoming fire I just popped out the word and damn if the damage did not level out and stop.  And yes, I remembered to thank the logi afterwards.”

“So how many hours was the roam?”

“Now that was the odd thing.  Normally (as the FC said) we wander till folks get bored then dive headfirst into the nearest organized fleet and welp everybody.  Total wipe.  He took us to HED but nobody was there to play, not even the gate was camped so we called it a day and stood down the fleet with only three or four losses.”

“All in all?”

“All in all I had a good time, watched a good fc and flew with an excellent group of strangers.  I call that a win.”



Mostly it was things I learned.  I always watch and try to pick up little things.  The stay calm really paid off as nobody was left behind and there were very few communication errors.

Man does a hawk/jackdaw fleet have an awesome alpha.

But . . . here I am with a jackdaw that didn’t blow up!

I was all set for the loss so this next draw is for a jackdaw hull.  Comments over the next week are an entry.

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BB 65 Numb bears

This months Banter was suggested by Jakob Anedalle – “I liked the discussion on The Neocom’s recent “Tinfoil Factory” on the future of attributes in Eve. Perhaps piggyback on that and invite those folks into the banter as well?

Attributes and Skills
Does Eve need attributes? It’s been discussed a lot recently. Unlike other MMO’s your characters attributes don’t make a difference in day-to-day gameplay. They simply set how fast you train a skill. Is it time to remove attributes from the game or totally revamp their purpose? Do they add a level of complexity to the game that is not needed? If you really need to use a 3rd party application to get the most from it should it be in the game? Should they be repurposed with each attribute adding a modifier to your ship? Are attributes a relic from the past or are they an important part of Eve – You make your decision and deal with the consequences?

Banter on!

Mike sat, staring morosely out the port at the ships coming and going.  The cup of coffee was going cold, undrunk, in front of him.  His mind was systems away and he didn’t care.  Funerals tended to do that to him.  Immortality had the effect of making a pilot think harder about death when it finally came for someone they knew.

He knew it was not that way for all pilots.  Some tended to treat their bodies like an ill-fitted suit and were constantly having it tailored or redesigned.  Right to the point of having their minds altered to better accept whatever training they happened to have planned.  Mike shrugged.  He did not subscribe to that version of Min/max mentality and it probably cost him a bit here and there but he was who he was.  Not a set of numbers or statistics on a chart but the mind . . . the soul behind the numbers.  If there was a soul and if capsuleers still had them.  The Amarr seemed a bit divided on that issue.  Mike stayed closer to home with Tantas thoughts on the matter.  “Ya are who ya be.  Be wicked?  Be nice?  What you do and how you treats folks is who you be.  Not just thems as who is important, either.”

The waitress came by and replaced his cup without asking or being asked.  Mike thanked her without looking up almost mesmerized by the passage of ships.  Like people they came and went and you never knew whether you would see them again.  So you made the times you had count and stopped counting the time.  No, he would not get his mind adjusted because he was comfortable with who and what he was, slow learning and all.  But that did not mean he begrudged others their rights to make those changes.  They had their beliefs and he, his.  As a true Gallente gentleman he could not see himself forcing his beliefs on another.  They could make their minds so mushy Sansha would say ‘ewwww’ and look elsewhere.

He took the cup and nodded to himself.  “I wonders iffen Hilen optimized hisself or he just was what he was.”  The coffee was the perfect temperature and soon gone.



In case you don’t get it. I don’t use the attributes but that does not mean that I think they should be taken out of the game unless they are causing an issue.  Some people do use them and why should we take that toy from them?  because they finish a skill faster than us?  FINE.  You couod remap and minmax too.  Just because you don’t want to does not mean others should not have a right to do it.

It is like those protesters who wanted to stop me from eating bacon because they were vegans.

I drove through the crowd and managed not to gun it.  barely.

Oh, Mararinn won the hecate.  I will contract it when I hit Jita next.

fly it like you won it



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Free watched as the girl studied a recording and then tried to emulate what Boro had done,  dragging her hand through the simicrum of the solar system and trailing light. Muddy waves of red spun from one side of her hand and she made a sound of frustration and reset the simulation.  “The problem lies with matching his exact technique” She said, “So we’re allowed some time with his materials to try to learn exactly how he does it. According to history records this technique of teaching apprentices is the time honored tradition.”

“Tanta lets you practice but you are never sure if she is watching.” Free replied. “So you are always trying to do your best.”

“Boro doesn’t teach us. We are merely allowed to attend and learn by watching and emulation. ” The hand swept across again,  smoother and with fewer distracting eddies.” Ha! ”

” So there are no classes or lessons? ”

” Oh no.  To interrupt his creation with mundane teaching would be a true crime against the arts. ”

” And you are expected to learn on your own, no guidance? ”

” We are given ‘opportunities’,  nothing more. If we needed hand holding then this is not the place to be.”

Free shrugged, “Each has their own way of doing things, I suppose.”  She looked to the tech recording the interview and then pushed a bit more. “So who decides little things meals, where to go, the hiring of ship and staff.”

The girl shrugged “I don’t know, I suppose there’s some manager or something. That’s not our CONCERN, we are here for the art.”  As she emphasized the words her hand rail back through the solar system creating new patterns and light but I had not been there before. She stared at it, stunned.

Free took that as an opportunity to go.  ” Find this manager she was talking about. Somebody knows what’s going on and that somebody might have her hand on more than just a pulse of the art.”  A nod sent the tech on his way leaving her to think about learning. Tanta encouraged innovation in her students but only after she was sure they had a solid foundation. Frees training as an agent had been even more rigid. But Boro just allowed the students to try to teach themselves. Maybe it would result in even greater creativity or it might just lead to frustration. Either way, it was clear that the students had little interaction with the ‘Great Man’  and even less power. They dropped to the bottom of the suspect list.


Been a while since I did a story post.  Yes,  I am also making a point. No,  I am not in the mood to tell you what it is.  But I am in the mood to give someone a Hecate. Comment on this post or the last one to be entered.

fly it like you won it


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