Free smiled as the ‘Great Artist’ continued to work on the starscape of movement.  She understood it now.  A hand gesture spun little comets spinning into a nebula, his finger flicked to impart a spin upon them so they trailed corkscrews of light as they plummeted inward.  His students gasped and a few applauded.  “You’re sure?”  She sub-vocalised over the shared comms with her tech.

“As sure as you are.  About how it works and who is working.”  The camera held steady as he filmed her moving in to the performance area.  “Sure enough for Her.”

The smile deepened.  Even the tech had grown to respect Madam though he had never met her, just based on how those who had, acted.  She took slow gliding steps forward, moving quietly through the onlookers.  Everyone was there for this dress rehearsal, as she expected.

He frowned a one comet had just a touch of muddiness to it’s halo.  The others seemed to only lend contrast, making the muddiness stand out, to his eyes.  As he made the next moves the muddiness increased, spread.  He stepped out of the piece his expression threatening dire consequences to anyone who might interrupt him.  All the onlookers stepped back, except for Free who stood there with a placid expression on her face.

“I understand,  now, why you wanted Madam to dance for you, I understand.”  She said in a calm voice stepping past him, into the work itself.  The other students gasped at her and shrunk back trying to distance themselves from her audacity.  “She would make the art without thought, without mud.”

He turned to glare at here and opened his mouth to say something but then stopped, realizing that she was standing still yet the waves of colour washed around her like a veil.  “Madam said you were . . . not her best student.”

“True, I came late to the program but I learned much at her hand.  In this case it is a matter of intent and purpose.  To think, to worry, to hesitate THAT is what brings the discolouration.  THAT is why your students cannot replicate the work is because they are thinking, trying to learn.  Some dancers think, others just move with and in the moment of the music.  We both know Madam is one of those dancers.”

“Are you?”  Boro watched the colours still ripple around her though she moved not a muscle.

“I also am one whose training leans towards action being one with thought.  There is no room for mistakes which is why I am here, to fix one.  One that you have made.”  She nodded to the tech who started to circle around as though moving for a better shot which, in a way, he was.  “The mistake is one I have Tantas blessing to correct and so . . .”  Her body flowed in what might be mistaken for a solo dance if one was not familiar with what a kata was.  Her eyes were closed as she moved and the light and dark radiated off of her leaving trails across a galaxy.  The room was silent as she moved, silent except for the sound of her sliding steps . . . and the sudden ‘oof’ as a man was kicked, hard, from behind and stumbled towards her.  The light stayed clean and pure as she opened her eyes and with an economy of movement snapped his neck as he came into reach.  His own aura in the piece was a mass of muddy darkness that swiftly faded as he became very very still.  “He was using your tour to deal in slaver drugs, with slavers within the Gallente systems.  He was the one who chose the path, he was the one who made the day to day decisions.  He will do this no more.”

She stepped out of the piece and looked to Boro.  “Best thing to do is contact the authorities of the last planets your tour touched upon.  Open his files to them and you will soon have the proof you are going to demand of me.”  She looked to the tech and they both quietly moved through the crowd to leave.

“WAIT!”  The Artists voice was so commanding that they actually stopped and the crowd parted to allow him to catch up.  Once he was even with them he held his hand out to the tech.  “The recording, if you please.”

Free nodded and the tech touched a button and a green light blinked.  “It is in your archives, now.”

“If you do finish the piece I will want to see it.”  Boro smiled.  “If.”

The tech smiled back and a distant look came into his eyes but that was masked as Free started again moving to the door.  Behind them Boro called.  “If you are right, give Madam my thanks.”

“And if we are wrong?”

“Then I assume Madam will handle that in her own way.”



I have been listening to the CSM interviews.  Enjoying a lot of them but you can hear the people who are thinking too hard about what they think they are supposed to say as opposed to saying what they think.  It muddies their water

I do plan on making more direct commentaries of who I like in the race and who will be getting my votes.  I also hope to get another piece written for the Neocom in the near future.

Man I am just full of hope.  (I can hear someone saying softly ‘well, he is full of something’)

fly it like you won it



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Ulterior Motives

“Sometimes my work is so secret I don’t even know what I am doing.”  Mike greeted Scotty as he climbed down out of the ship.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, I was told that nobody gives gifts without ulterior motives.  I drive the Bus handing out free ships and do not know what my motive is, aside from trying to help some new pilots.”  Mike shrugged.  “Oh course the conversation was in another language so there was that.  Been a long time since I spoke patois.  Anyhow, buy you a coffee?”

Scotty smiled.  “Why, what are you up to?”  He laughed.  “Sure, lead the way.”

Once they were sat in one of the coffee shops that surrounded the hanger deck Mike continued.  “I know lots of good folks who donate to the Bus and never ask a thing in return.  I hand out the ships and THEN mention the mailing list so they know that membership is not required for a free ship.  But still my motives are questioned.  Still they ask what the catch is . . . why?”

“The way of the world.  Mike, how many people do what you do?”

“A few, Sin, some of the npsi folks like Greygal, um . . . me . . . . . . ”

“That is the first reason people don’t believe you.  Your kind are freaking Unicorns.  The second one is less tasteful.  Often gifts are to people and they ARE hoping for something more.  Take that media pilot, Panda.”

“Yeah?  I know her a bit.”

“Somehow I knew you would say that.  Anyways she was short of funds to get to the big to-do for your kind, Fanfest?  Some other streamer asked HIS viewers to chip in and the funds were raised.  Nice, right?”

“I know where you are goin with this and . . ”

“Then let me finish.  I doubt the dust had even started to settle before there were accusations of a misogynistic nature. ‘She only got the money because she is a she’ or ‘What does he expect from her when they get there.’  Am I right?”

Mike sighed.  “You are.  A lot of it was downright nasty stuff.”

“Of course it was.  Those are the same folks who believe there are no gifts, always ulterior motives.  They cannot imagine a universe where one person might help another ‘just because he or she can'”  Scotty paused.  “Question is.  Does it make you want to change what you do?”

“Of course not.”  Mike snorted.  “Hell, it makes me want to do it more, to show that it can be done.  I am damn glad I am not running in the election this time around so there is no saying that I am giving so I can get more votes.”

“And what about Panda?”

“What about her?  I have seen her fly in fleets and she still has the new pilot thrill of flying thing that is so damn cute.  Probably could cut me into little chunks in a fair fight but why should that bother me?”

“What if she gets things because she is beautiful?”

“What if I get things because I have a convincing voice?  What if someone else gets things because they are smarter than the average pilot or better at trade?  Should we all hide in darkened hoods like some Amarr, use voice modulators to impersonalize our speech?  When did being something special become wrong?  If a person judges you on looks or gender alone the problem should be theirs, not yours.  If they act inappropriately  on the basis of that reaction then, again, the fault lies with them.”  Mike realized that he was raising his voice and paused.  “Sorry, got carried away.”

“You sure you are not running for office again?”  Scotty asked softly.

“Not this time round.  I am very sure.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Mike grinned.  “Take the weekend off.  Maybe catch up with an incursion fleet or just do some exploring.  The Bus will still be there, come Monday.”

“So the opinion of others?”

“Is something they are allowed to have.  As I am allowed to have an opinion as well.  Like assholes, we all get to have one.  Just some folks seem to choose to let it be their entirety.”

“Opinion or asshole?”




Yup, still making the rounds, yup still folks trying to figure out what my scam is or why I would do such a damn fool thing.

I don’t really want to go down the gamergate road because people on BOTH sides of that argument got way out there.  But we cannot complain about the dearth of female gamers and then verbally attack any who show up.


I assume you all are.  It explains our love for watching cats.

Racism, sexism, ageism, polydactylism, whatever.  Yo dog, you be you but don’t go pissing on my tree.

fly it like you won it.


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All Over Again

“Ya evah wonder . . .you know dreamed . . . iffen you could do it all over again would you do the same tings?”  Mike swirled his drink in the glass and looked across the room to Tanta.

“What are you on about, boy?  Of course I have, everyone has at one point or another.  With you took chance when offered, tried to kiss rather than back away.  We is people full o regrets of roads not taken.”  She stared into the fireplace and smiled.  “Each temptation passed by is a regret.  Each chance we had to say ‘I loves ya’ before someone died.  Lot’s I wish I could go back and fix.  What brings this up?”

“Oh, I heard they has found a way to ‘reset’ the Dusties skills.  I always wonder what would happen if they came to me with the same offer.  Would I be the same iffen I could unlearn and learn again.”

Tanta nodded and there was a long pause.  “You wouldn’t would you?”

“No, I do not believe that I would.  I am who I am, warts and mistakes and missteps and all.  I do not regret what I have learned nor do I wish to change the past because then I would not be who I am, now.  I understand that some folks would leap at the chance to rectify one ting or another but for me?  No.”  He looked into the glass again and whispered, “no”

“The pains and the rough time helped make our edges, give us the strength to fight on.  People tried raising kids in ‘safe’ ways and you know what happened?  They was weak, sickly little tings, all allergies and sensitive to the point that they expected everyone else to warn them about triggers lest they gets their feelings hurt.  Ya gots to let the scrapes and bruises happen or they start expecting the world to be right all the time, for the ‘reset’ button to fix anyting and never have to answer for their own damn fool mistakes.  You don’t want to fix the past, you wants to learn from it.  Speakin o which.  I loves ya, boy.”

Mike grinned back.  “Loves you, too, Tanta.”



OK, y’all can tinfoil if you want but this was about something in Dust that made me think about what would happen if it was brought to Eve.  Would you buy a ‘skill tree reset’?  I have seen it in lots of games but never before thought of it in application to ‘my’ game.

The discussion that triggered it was a neocom podcast.  Skill Points is a very touchy subject in Eve.

Would you?  If they offered a total skill remap (not attributes I mean erase all the skills, give you the points, rewrite your character)  Would you remap a character?  To what?  Why?

Questions this I like to ponder on my walks.  (Unless I am runner 5)

Oh, for putting up with my writing I am having a seasonal draw.  Comment on this or the last or the next post and you are entered.  This will be out of my own pocket, not Operation Magic School Bus funds . . . I have to decide a ‘good thing’ to award but I will announce it in the next post after I see how my wallet is.

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No, not a wardec, the date.  It has been a busy week and I thought I would give you a bit of a catchup.

  1.  I wrote a thing for the Neocom
  2. Prizes for the 1st anniversary of Operation Magic School Bus went out.  I cannot thank the donors enough and it was kind of cool to send out those plex.
  3. This my second nag for Northern troll I may do one more a week from now.
  4. New stuff is right around the corner with the Dec 8 update 1 week away.  Are you looking forward to or dreading it?  Me?  I really want to see what folks do with the command destroyers.
  5. CCP has been active in twitch.  Cooking, answering questions, all sorts of insights into the people who make the game we all play.  About 1700 eve time every weekday.  Or you can go to the channel and check out the previous recorded episodes.

But it is time for me to go to dance practice so later gaters.

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OOC: Operation Northern Troll

This is the second year for this and I am pushing it on every damn podcast or site I can get time on.  The concept is simple.  I want you (yes, YOU) to send a Christmas card to CCP.  Not a digital thing but an honest paper and stamp card.  I push it early because we are talking international mail and its speeds.

Address of the main office in Iceland is

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik


CCP Atlanta

250 East Ponce de Leon Avenue • Suite 700
Decatur, GA 30030 • USA


CCP Shanghai

B8 building • 800 Changde Road • Jing an district
Shanghai • 200040 • China, People’s Republic

CCP Newcastle

New Eden House • Fletcher Road • Gateshead Quays
Newcastle-upon-Tyne • NE8 2ET • United Kingdom

Yes, we give them our money, yes they are a company but they are a company that keep us entertained and I figure one card from each of us wouldn’t be that hard to send off in thanks for the fun we have.  Mine hit the post this week, handed to a moose who will trek it to the nearest beaver station and then tail slap-shot on a puck to the border and then into civilization.

Join in, confuse the poor folks in the frozen darkness and bury them in cards.  Christmas, winter solstice, Hanakkuh , Kawnzaa, whatever your holiday . . . go for it.  A fancy card or crayons on a paper bag.  Handmade or store bought.  Just do it.

and fly it like you won it



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PvE’s Future

Eve is a PvP game.  I have heard that yelled often enough by so many people trying their damnedest to be loud enough to make it true.  Except . . . it isn’t.  Eve is a living work of science fiction where we play.  Yes, you can shoot someone else and take their stuff but you also can mine, build,  play successfully for years without killing or being killed by another player.  Now understand that I define PvP as direct person on person violence and none of the namby-pamby ‘if I mine then it is pvp because I deny someone else those same rocks’.  Bullshit. The same goes for MOST market transactions.  (Although I will make an exception for major market manipulations).

So we have a game with PvE in it and the PvE is considered the low end, predictable, safe. (Until the pvp folks drop in to say hello)  Some of it is also needed. I honestly would love to see what would happen if players actually did stop mining.  Yes, there are reserves but they would run out.  But I am chasing a distracting squirrel.  PvE is changing.

Some if it comes down to newer, better coding.  The AI has improved three times over the past few years.  Sleepers were tough, Sansha was tougher, and now the Drifters who WILL pod you, will follow you into warp, will call for reinforcements.  Cool.  I almost think we are ready to see even stronger regular forces who run when overwhelmed or get more help  proportionate to who is hitting them.  The there is the idea that we are in a living universe and not the only space jockeys out there.  So NPC convoys and caravans roaming the spaceways.  Space will happen even if nobody is there to hear the trees fall.

But part of space happening is other players as well.  So enter the tribute system.  Encouragement to be in the game, if only to do a mission or two.  An extra thing for the average casual player who doesn’t play for 5 hours straight.  I already can hear some of you screaming ‘Oh God, he is talking about dailies’  Yup.  But before you follow that cry with the suggestion that I go back to WoW (which I have not played) think about what dailies are and WHY they are.  Think about number of people online and the user count.  The people who only log in for Pap links and wars.  Think about the ‘one more turn’ habit of gamers and rell me how many will just log on for the daily.

A lot of this came from the Eve Vegas PvE roundtable with CCP Affinity.  Things like NPC’s that will follow you, system to system.  Drifter Capital ships.  Fleets that react to the size of the force facing them.  But all was not sunshine and roses.  Standings may change . . . you cannot be friends with everyone.  (darn it) Sansha will not keep throwing bodies at us forever.

Affinity has a 2 year plan and I, for one, am looking forward to blogs from her as well as plans for the short range.  She knows as well as we do that PvE is part of the game and that it needs a solid jolt to make it more alive.  This is not a theme park where we can put in a new ride and call it an expansion.  Tools have to be made, coding done to make the NPC’s dynamic and interesting.  It has to fit with the play in place and not suddenly start handing out isk like there was no tomorrow.

Bottom line?  There is still hope for PvE and incentives for the casual player coming soon(tm).  Now if we could just make mining interesting.

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What the CSM isn’t

The CSM roundtable at Eve Vegas was . . . interesting.  If you have an hour of your life that needs filling and you can see for yourself.  Sound quality is not my fault.

I want to hit a few points about the CSM because the debate has been kind of loud, of late.  CSMX has had some turnover.  One resignation, one removal for inactivity and one removal by CCP.  There have been rumours of leaks, of insider trading, of us being in the pockets of CCP, Goons, or both.  I know that several of us get very angry letters or attacks on our purpose or usefulness.  For me, most of the times, the attacks are in the forums or on reddit.  They may be elsewhere but I have a limited time to spend looking for people out to get me.  (And I use that time in game, as I should)

  1.  The NDA.  Sorry, I cannot say anything about that . . . kidding.  If CSM is to be able to advise CCP on what are good ideas and bad ideas then we should see things before the main gaming population does.  While they do not have to listen to us they can at least get a hint of what is going to happen.  Both scenarios have happened in the past.  CSM has a small closet of ‘I told you so’s’ that we call out from time to time.  If there was not an NDA then we would be . . . well a focus group just like the other two that are currently formed but without any of their focus.
  2. Politics and Drama.  I was not joking when I said in the Roundtable . . . ‘stop electing politicians’  Mr. Karrde swiftly pointed out that I am a poor one to make that comment since I have been in 7 elections and served 3 terms.  Put 14 motivated people on a council and some will rub others the wrong way.  It is inevitable.  Sometimes we can get hung up on a single word and argue about it for hours, seriously.  But the greatest crime, imho, is being elected and then doing nothing at all.  The one thing I seldom see in the council is politics based on who serves whom.  We may tease now and again (I always reserve the right to say Grr Goons) but when push comes to shove the job at hand is what we focus on, not what imaginary internet tribes we belong to.  Oh there are exceptions, there always are.  But overall?  We are probably a lot less political than you might expect.
  3. It is just a Popularity Contest.  Yes, hello, welcome to ‘How Democracy Works’.  To be elected and get on the council you need to get people to vote for you.  This could be considered a popularity contest.  You lot elected us, live with it.  (My favourites are the people who complain about who got on the council and yet proudly say that they did not bother voting).
  4. Nobody listens.  Oh I hear a lot of forms of this (irony intended).  CCP does not listen to players, to CSM, to their gypsy corporate guidance counselor.  CSM does not listen to players or if they do it is to the wrong players.  Players are mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed bullshit.  We never let the players have a voice or when we do it all goes horribly wrong.  (see sov townhall).  Thing is?  We do.  Can I prove it?  Yup, I point at Sugar, at Steve, at Corbexx, at the other people who engage players and take active part in discussions.  Hell, in the Roundtable, above, only ONE of us was silent.  The rest engaged.
  5. It is a publicity stunt.  If that were true then we should have shut down a long time ago.  Do the math on how much it costs to fly 7-10 of us from around the world to Iceland and put us up in the upper end hotels.  Do you honestly think they are gettin much bang for their advertising buck at this point?  CCP sees a value in us.
  6. well?  come on, gimme 6, 7, 8, whatever.

Bottom line?  I am still on the CSM for about 5 more months.  I will continue to do what I do and hope for the best.  I will get my supporters and my detractors and I will still have my book of notes.  Come the new year there will be another summit and I have no idea if I will be invited, can go, or will telecommute.  But I have YET to see an argument against the CSM that is not steeped in its own bitterness or just plain wrong.

But then I am an anarchistic optimist.

screw the rules, hope for the best

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OOC In Vino Veratis

Disclaimer, I am home from the pub crawl and still Drunk. Any spelling errors I blame on autocorrect.

First? Snapshot memories,  Guard, pole dancing on the bus.  Greygall helping herd folks out of one bar and into the next.   Going into the wrong  bar. Saving one token as a souvenir. Sad that we neither peddled a cab nor made it into Fremont Street proper but just drank on the edge of it.  One bar showing ‘Faster Puzsycat Kill, Kill.’  on multiple screens. Talking to so many folks that I am totally hoarse right now.

Downside ; Oddest thing about Eve is that most people that come to Eve Vegas or Fanfest belong.  An alliance, Corp, something. Me? Not so much.  I have the CSM but I feel isolated, apart from the groups that forms.  As it should be.  I  do my own thing and this is part of the price. Not belonging to a group means that you have no place to call home. You are on the edge of groups.

. Sorry, I get melancholy when in my cups.   I actually am having a good time.  Lots of people greeting me and so many stories to hear and tell. If you get the chance, attend a player event, especially one like Fanfest or Eve Vegas. I look forward to meeting you and having a drink or three.

Fly it like you won it,


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CSM Mike does Maths

Dave Stark got me thinking with a post to TMC ( a comment actually)

        • upon revision it’s probably a bit cheaper than that. closer to 12b but it’s still hardly cheap.

          as to how i did it; to train 500,000 sp (for one packet) that will take you 7.7 days based on +5s and a perfect remap.

          you get 50,000 sp back if you’re over 80m sp. so you’re going to need 10 of those every 7.7 days. there are ~4 lots of 7.7 in 30 days (one month).

          that’s 40 (well, 38.9 but i’m doing quick maths here) skill packets.

          the price of a plex is 1.2bn, so that’s 300m isk per 7.7 days (in my original calculation that i did at like 5am when i was half asleep i mistakenly said this was 400m). so it’s 300m per packet just for the training time.

          if you now multiply 300m by 40 you get 12bn isk.

          that’s WITHOUT the cost of the extractor.

So I decided to play with numbers for a bit as well.

Basic assumptions I took.  1)  Daves quote for training speed at +5 and well optimized (2) 15$ for a months playtime  (3)  People are not stupid (ok, 3 is a stretch)

Say that I want to train skills ahead of the ‘real time drag’  and suppose I can afford it.  What would be a reasonable cost to pay?  Well, less than plex value would be nice but someone had to pay for it so suppose the base value was that someone sold it to me at cost (their cost)  If they can farm 2 million sp a month on their brood mare then it would be reasonable to expect that they want to get paid for that.  1 plex for one month work seems like a reasonable ‘at cost’ assuming that Aurum is free (bad assumption but I wan to roll with it)  That means that each TSP would be worth .25 plex.  ($3.75)

So I asked around what a well skilled number would be for subcaps.  25 mill was a popular figure bandied so let’s roll with that.  From .5 mill to 5 mill the new character being ‘helped’ will need a 1:1 ratio of skills so he/she will buy 9 TSPs for the 4.5 mill boost.  From 5 mill sp to 25 mill sp there is that diminishing returns to account for so the next 20 million sp will actually need 25 million sp bought which is 50 TSP’s.  That give us a grand total of 59 TSP’s to get from starting out to fully ready to rock.

It would take one brood mare 15 months to pump those out.  Or 15 brood mares 1 month.  But either way, 15 months of someones time to bake those TSP’s 14.75 if you want to get exact about it.  A quick 14.75 * 15 Gives us the value of $221.25 .  That is the base cost for a character bought up with plex if you paid for the plex.  Again, this ignores CCP’s cut since we do not know what the extraction device and such will cost.

I cannot see anybody selling for less than this since that was their base cost unless they are fire-selling while quitting the game.

So, the most common defense of this proposal I see is that ‘it is the same as the Character Bazaar.’  I went and looked.  Now, for the record, I don’t like the character bazaar but I understand why it exists.  I looked at some older threads to get a feel for what the going rate was.  I started laughing.  A LOT of bumps for 25 mill characters if they ask more than 10 billion for them.  10 billion is less than 10 plex.

A few conclusions.  1)  If this goes through then someone could make a killing buying up characters and chopping them up for parts.  But if it does not go through . . .   (2)  It is cheaper (right now) to buy a character than the base cost of the TSP’s will be.  ‘But the character bazaar does demand a fee’ you exclaim?  Yes, yes it does, $20 I think?  Still cheaper even with that added in.  And there are character farmers who make very clean and focused alts, no embarrassing mining skills and all.

Economically?  I just don’t see it as a viable thing to buy a character up unless they do close the Bazaar down.  It is good, maybe, for a one shot boost to get into the flavour of the month.


I still do not like it.  I oppose it and have since it was shown to the CSM.

I will try to write a post elaborating why . . .soon.

but then, Vegas is coming and I fly out in a couple of days.  so don’t hold your breath.

or, do, I don’t tell you how to live your life.

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The temperature was too high and the air tasted stale. Too many people in a small room for too long. At times Mike had to fight for the ability to properly pay attention to the business at hand. It was worth it, though.

The second day had been another one of mixed reactions where hopes were raised but so were tempers. It was not always the council vs the powers that be, either. At times the council, itself,  would disagree and interrupt each other. That was fine and as it should be.

The third day  was full of hope and smiles and by halfway through Mike’s mood had improved measurably. The information was often still ‘secret’ but the plans raised people’s hopes. They all knew that not everyone would be satisfied but given the pilots of New Eden that was a given. As always it was impressive, the level of open dialogue that they engaged in. There was a topic or two that they were always steered away from.

The council itself was the usual mix. They would meet in the mess for the morning meal but separated in the evenings only to all wind up in the same drinking establishment by halfway through. Mainly they all headed back to their quarters to process minutes and cover the news of the day from beyond the planetary isolation that they were stuck in.

Mike chuckled at the arguments that followed the AllianceTournament, happy that he did not have a duck in this pond. (or a camel in the war).


You have seen the first minutes, second will be along shortly. When this is all over and I have a brain again, we  can discuss them… Or you can scream at me about things not said or done.

Fly it like you won it


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