Fitting in (Part 4 Faster you fool)

“Speed comes in a lot of varieties and being able to dictate the range of an engagement or even whether you want to ba a part of it is a key thing.  Not to mention some faster ships are harder to hit and other faster ships are easier to hit.  As with everything else, situations are not as cut and dried as they might seem and you have some choices to make.”

Mike touched his comm and the screen filled with modules and rigs.  “1mn afterburners, microwarp drives (mwd) inertia stabilizers.  Things to push you faster, make you lighter, make you more agile, all are part of the mix.  I will start with the small stuff first.  Agility is how fast you turn but mainly it will affect how fast you can align and get into warp.  This is important if you see something big coming and want to not be there when it arrives.  It is also handy for crashing through simple ambushes.  Getting out of dodge and on to the next stop is something I like to be able to do.”

“There are rigs for that as well?”  One in the front row asked.

Mike nodded.  “There are but it has been pointed out to me that often a new pilot cannot afford rigs for a little while and if they are losing a lot of ships this might be too much of a cost.  So if you have the isk I would recommend that you research it a bit or ask me after class.  Let us talk about the main two go fast modules.  I will only work with the basic t1 versions because it is good to narrow the focus.  Meta variations are just that.  Some worth far more and do better but they all fall in the same general categories.

Basically they are both going to make you go faster, the mwd far more so at a minimum of a 500% speed boost as opposed to the 112.5% for the afterburner.  The afterburner has lower fitting requirements (but not proportionately so)  and fewer skill demands.”

“Why would anybody choose afterburners, then?”  Asked a Minmater pilot on the left.

Mike grinned.  “There are two key disadvantages to the mwd.  The first is that a scrambler can shut it down.  All of the sudden you are just doing normal speeds.  Afterburners are immune to that.  The second is that while you are going faster your signature also blooms by 500%.  That means they will lock you faster and missiles (and bombs) will hit you harder.  Again, something that does not happen with afterburners.  But your ships, Minmatar, have the reputation for having some of the fastest base speeds in space.  So, with the Slasher,  which would be best?”

The pilot looked around, suddenly finding himself on the spot.  “Speed is life, mwd.” He said with a nod.

“Close.”  Mike grinned.

“How can it be close?  You gave me an either or question . . . ”

“I play dirty, sometimes.  For a slasher I like the dual prop fit.  You use the mwd to get in fast then the ab to orbit without the bloom.  IF it fits.  See a lot of the fits we discuss will be dependent on your skills.  You have a lot to learn and a lot of choices to make.  As you gain experience and skills fits will become easier.  But if I HAD to choose one?  I agree with you.  Speed is life.”

He looked around.  “So take a few minutes and look at the tristan and decide what you would fit and why.  We are almost done, folks.  The big things of Hull, Tank, Boom and Go are covered.  Next we will discuss the ‘other tings’ which is a broad topic that I will barely cover at all.”



Yeah I like going fast.  Being able to dictate range has been the result of dying when not able to.

So many little bits and pieces to fit, so many choices to make.  Damn I love theory crafting.  So what of it my friends?  What is best for the Tristan?

fly it like you won it.


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Log and Stork

“Long ago,”  Mike leaned back and took a pull of his beer.  “There was a pond full of frogs who were free and happy . . . until they heard about kings and ruling and politics and such.  They felt left out so they called to the Gods and asked that they be given a king.  One of the gods listened but was busy so he dropped a log into the pond and left it at that.”

Scotty laughed.  “So it made a big splash and then just floated there, doing nothing?”

“Exactement.  After the intial fright they rode the waves and then the waves died out and nothing happened.  They had a king in name but they went back to doing whatever they felt like and having fun.  But then they heard about other ponds with kings who DID things.  So the started nagging the Gods, again.”

“This won’t end well, will it?  Ev said taking a pull on his hookah.

Mike shook his head and grinned.  “So the log floated away and the God in charge of such things sent them a Stork.  It was active and a lot of frogs died, Others ran away to other ponds and the one who had been nagging the Gods realized . . . ”  He looked at the label half pulled off his beer and continued picking at it, his voice trailing off.

Scotty peered at Mike and asked.  “You aren’t talking about fropgs and ponds, are you?”

“Nah, I am thinking I need another beer.”  Mike grinned and got up to fetch more for all of them.

Ev nodded to Scotty.  “He likes the old stories because dey gives him a framework to handle new tings.  Cause nothin really be new anymore.  Just the labels change and the stories remain the same.”



Yeah, I poach from Aesop more often than I should.

Yeah I do think this might be relevant if you are looking at the same things I am.

It is time to give away a battleship, I think.  Comments over the next few days, say till the end of the weekend.  I will include ones that came in earlier today.

fly it like you won it



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CSM Comms

Ventrilo, skype, lync, mumble, japper, slack, Teamspeak, hipchat . . .  doesn’t anybody write, anymore?

Every time I turn around it seems that there is some new great and wonderful method of keeping in touch with people and I am overwhelmed by the number of different programs I am expected to keep up with if I want to do the job I said I would do.  We have all the NDAs done and now are settling into the ‘learning communications phase’.  Every year there is this hump to get past where we all agree on how and when we are going to talk.

Ah, when.  CCP, of course, wants to hold meetings during business hours . . . theirs.  Makes sense, right?  Except for the fact that the world is big and you fools elected reps from many different time zones.  What were you thinking?

So things will be inconvenient for some of us.  Summits will require some VERY long trips for at least one.  But we knew that when we signed on to be on the CSM so nobody is complaining about feeling inconvenienced at this point, right?

WE have chatted and started to learn each others quirks.  I have already been told not to talk about sov/null since

Obviously they do not know me very well since knowing nothing has never caused me to be quiet in the past.  On the contrary . . . I start asking questions, questioning assumptions, assuming I have a right to talk because NO ONE PART of Eve is in isolation and dammit I was elected to be there.

/me pants a bit and steps down from the soapbox

Yeah, just starting out.  Fun fun fun

I’ll try to remember to do this sort of thing avery couple of weeks.  With Xander gone you won’t have the same insights you had last term.  But Sugar writes and maybe some of the others will as well complaining about that damn guy from hisec.

fly it like you won it


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Fitting in (Part 3) Guns

“So that brings us to the reason we fit a tank of some sort.  The fact that others fit guns.  And so should we..  But so many to choose from.”

He popped up an image of weapons systems that flashed by, missiles, hybrids, drones, all of them staying on the screen barely long enough to identify.

“Guns, lots of guns.  We, as a species, excel  at the technology of doing damage to ourselves and others.”  Mike shrugged, “So you train.  starting out you train in the weapons specific to your race but later . . . well you branch out to expand your options.

“Amarr,”  he nodded to the prim miss in the front row “primary weapons systems are lasers, energy weapons.  Broken into the two sub classes of pulse and beam, depending on what range you plan on engaging at.  Minmatar on the other hand are more old school with projectile weapons, again divided by range, autocannons and artillery for short and long, respectively.  Caldari?  Missiles and rockets.  Gallente are blasters and railguns.  Secondary systems are often ‘borrowed’ from the other races along with the drones which every race fits, now and again.  Though I will say the we Gallente do them the best.”  He grinned and the image changed.

“So we look at our hulls and ask if the choice we already made in that regard points us to a specific weapon.  Well?”  He looked out at the class.

“Um, the uh Tristan has . . . ”  One student started out “Hybrids and drones?”

Mike nodded.  “Specifically it has . . . ”

Gallente Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and tracking speed

“Now that means our work has been half done for us.  But what does tracking mean to you?  For me it means that this ship is good at hitting the fast targets or being fast and hitting close in.  That means blasters to me.  If a weapon cannot track you can shoot all the ammo in the world and miss a small target doing a high relative speed to you.  But so many to choose from.  Mainly, as I have said before, it comes down to what you can afford and what you can fit.  You experiment, you try and you do some math.  Since we are doing a bottom of the food chain fit we will go with the most basic, the Light Electron Blaster and work with that.  Ammo is an option that can modify the characteristics of a weapon system but we will get to to that in a bit.  As for the drone bay?  It can hold 40 cubic meters.  Me I would toss in either hobgoblins or warriors, depending on where I was going.  Warriors for PvP and Hobs for Pve.  If I was feeling mean I might also add a few Hornet ECM drones for a possible chance to really tick someone off.  Drones are a skill that, if you plan on using them, you train high, early so you can get the most out in the field right away.”

One of the students was sitting up straight and Mike nodded to her.  “The Slasher is . . . ”

Minmatar Frigate skill bonus per level:
5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage
7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed

Role bonus:
80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost

“Ah,” Mike grinned, “A role bonus, this is a little extra that specifies a good use for the ship by helping it out a bit in that direction.  But it is something for a bit later.  Projectiles . . . close or far.  Now with the slasher that honestly can go both ways.  I have seen fits for the Slasher that use artillery and others that use autocannons,  It comes down to the fight you want.  Some folks want to get right in the fray and brawl, others prefer to stand at a distance and kite the enemy, keeping out of reach of the enemies guns.  Although if you are close in you sometimes can be ‘under their guns and playing havoc with THEIR tracking.  Given that bonus to our tracking I am going to favour the close in approach . . . but you may decide differently.  So again we are faced with a myriad of choices and again I am going to go with the cheapest and simplest, the 125mm gatling autocannon I.  So we fit a trio of them in there and move on.”



Care to guess which system comes next for me?

I am enjoying this . . .

fly it like you won it




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Fitting in (Part 2) Tanks

“OK, welcome back.  What can you tell me about the slots on the Slasher?”  Mike looked out expectantly.

“Um Tops are . . . ”  One students started hesitantly.

“We call em highs, mids, and lows.  But go on.”

“To . . I mean Highs, 4.  Mids, 4, Lows 2″  He said, glancing at his notes.

Mike smiled.  “And what does that tell us about the tank we will fit?  Well before you answer let’s look at the types of tanks possible.  There is shield tanking.  Most of the modules for that fit in Mid slots.  Armor tanking occupies the Lows, Hull tanking . . . well let’s not talk about that right now since it is a thing for more experienced folks and fools in equal measure but for the record?  Lows.  Then come the off tanks like speed tanking, which again takes up mids AND lows or ECM tanking . . . mids.”

He looked about.  “Now remember what I told you before.  This is how I do it.  I do not claim it is the right way or the only way.  If you have a specific task for a ship then you fit said task in first and then let the other modules fall where they may.  But this is a general fitting guide, not a specialization . . . yes?”

“What sort of cases does tank take a back seat?”  The pilot looked curious so Mike accepted the sideline.

“Well,”  He said, looking right at her.  “Gankers do not plan on living so they fit all for damage and maybe enough tank to survive the first salvo from Concord.  Fleet doctrine may call for shields since that is the logi you will have with you or armor if that is the doctrine of the day.  Some miners foolishly, in my opinion, fit to maximize their cargo hold at the cost of any tank to speak of.  External circumstances happen.  Now back to the slasher.”

“The kind of spindly structure that makes a good Gallente or Amarr pilot shudder and mock the duck tape and bailing wire.  Given what we know, what would you guess the tank I plan on fitting this to be, barring any of the afore mentioned outside circumstances?”

“More mids, so shield?”

“Right in one.  Shield tank it is.  Given that it is Minmatar it has a nice speed but we will add to that in a bit to enhance the secondary speed tanking as well.  But what sort of shield tank?  Yeah, there are subsets.  You could go active or passive.”

“What is the difference?”  The young lady in the second row asked.

“Active uses more cap but allows for more choices.  I tend to see more of active tanking in hisec, PvE type runs.  Passive applies a buffer or resists to survive long enough for your friends to save you, PvP combat situations.  This is by NO means a hard and fgast rule but it is what I see.  The exception is the ASB, [Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Cap Booster 50] which is active but I see them in capsuleer combat more often than the longer grind of a mission runner.”

He looked up at the image and sighed.  “The rules always shift on the situation, which is why teaching you these things I keep reiterating the point that how I do it may not match other sources.  In the end you fly how you want to or by the doctrine of whom you are flying with.  Your ship, your life, your call.”

He tapped a control.

“A fine Gallente Ship.  But then I am always willing to admit to a bit of Bias, in that regard.  Slots?”

“Highs, lows, mids, all 3’s”  Someone from the back called.

“Exactament.  Now how do you decide how to tank it if there is no clue in the slot layout?”

“Put both on?”  Someone asked, Mike made it a point not to look or single them out.

“Ah, I was waiting for that.  Dual tanking.  If one is good then both must be better, non?  No.  Unless your only task is to absorb damage you have other things to do and dual tanking usually means you will do a mediocre job of either one.  After the slots the other place to look for a clue is the built in bonuses for the hull.  Some ships actually do favour one thing over another and building against your own bonuses is seldom a good idea.”

He looked up, “Sadly, neither one has bonuses that send us one way or the other.  The Tristan is

Gallente Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
7.5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret tracking speed
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and tracking speed

and the Slasher

Minmatar Frigate skill bonus per level:
5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage
7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed

So we will come back to this when we talk about the offensive but it tells us nothing right now.  So which do you think is best?”

The room was quiet for a moment then the Amarr miss in the front row asked.  “Doesn’t best depend upon what you are going to use it for?”

Mike grinned broadly.  “You just won one of each of the ships we are discussing.  Let me know the name after class and I will contract them to you.  THAT is always the thing.  Best in fitting does not exist without the circumstances of where, for what, for why and budget all coming into play.  Well done.  So what we will do is hold off on deciding tank until we look at some other parts of this one, eh?”



Fitting is fun and I actually enjoy the task of theorycrafting new player fits.  It is a different challenge when they DON’t have a full suite of skills.

But if you have stuck with reading my stuff this is probably old hat for a lot of you.  I just wanted to put this out for the new folks.  Feel free to comment and correct me.  I figure about 2 , maybe 3 more posts to finish this off.

fly it like you won it




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Fitting in (Part 1 Hull)

“I still don’t know why I let you talk me into these things.”  Mike grumbled looking out at the class.

“Because I know you work hard at making things easy.  It make a difference from the walls some of our experts put up.”  The Dean gave Mike a shove out onto the stage.  “And because I can.”  He said much softer.

Mike sighed and started. “So, y’all get a frigate and are told, ‘fit some stuff on it’ and let out into the wild.  If yer lucky you might know somebody but if you are unlucky they will only have a ‘T2′ fit to show to you.  Being young pilots you are kinda limited to T1 for now.”

One pilot in the front row asked.  “What is T1 T2 and are they the same as Meta?”

“Fine question and no, T stands for Tech, kind of the background materials and such that go into the design and making and specialization of the item.  Meta are subdivisions of it that have slight variances.  As a general rule Meta 4 is far superior to Meta 1 but not always the right tool for the job.”

“When would better NOT be the right choice?”

Mike grinned “When you was gonna lose it and the meta 4 cost more than the hull you put it into.  When the difference in the performance was not worth the hit to your pocketbook.  I am running under the assumption that most of you are on a budget right now, no?”

The class nodded glumly, almost in unison.

“Yeah, that should really be another chat, making isk.  I make a note.”  The Dean grinned ear to ear and spoke rapidly into his comm and Mike knew a ‘note’ had been made.  “But for now I am working on cheap and works, you can always move up to T2 or Meta 4 as your budget grows.  So the first thing is the hull.”  Mike ran his hand back through his hair and looked out at them.  “There is NO BEST.  Stop askin.  If you ask me what is the Best ship I will always answer with a question . . . or set of questions.  For what purpose, what race, what sec space, what budget, what skills.  All of those are factors of ‘best’.  Mining in a Tristan is not as good as mining in a Venture but a Tristan does have better tank.  Using a shuttle makes sense for running an errand but it don’t have the cargo capacity or a Wreathe.  Each ship should be right for something but no ship is right for everything.  So the first thing you do is look at the description of the ship to see what it is good at and the spread of the slots.”

“Slot spread?” An Amarran student asked primly.

“High, Mids and Lows.  Not to mention hardpoints and their preferences.  All this is found on the ships info panel.  Not all ships have a drone bay, not all can shoot missiles, Each has some predetermined capabilities that you need to know so you have a starting point to work from.  If you work to the ships strengths you are taking advantage of what you have but you are also being predictable which brings me to the last thing I want to mention before we take a break.  Every rule I mention can and should be broken.  The key is to get enough experience to know when and where the breaks can happen.  For todays project we are going to look at a couple of ships.  I think we will go with the Tristan and the Slasher.”  Mike popped the images of the ships up and gestured to them.  “Open your comms and look at the info, be ready to talk about them when I come back in ten.”



Yeah, rather than hit you with a wall of text I am going to break this up into bite sized pieces.  I will use a pair of ships to illustrate different points.  I hope

The T1 fitting is because these ships will be added to the Operation Magic School Bus stables.  I have not done them yet (not fully, though I worked on the Tristan today) so you will have a chance to play along at home.

I have absolutely no hesitation in taking good fits from wherever I can get them.  If you have a good one, let me know.

Am I the only one yelling ‘ship it’ in reference to ghost fitting tools?

fly it like you won it



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OOC: Art

Operation magic school Bus is going well.  I have fun chatting with new players in local and in the Rookie Help Channel.  To get it ‘known’ is the hard part.  (btw this is me asking for any blogger types who see this to mention it on your side, help get the word out)

But sometimes the help is . . . wow.  I mean THIS

He got the Bowhead and turned it into the magical mystery tour sub!  The artist is Saturm Sam and he is a newbie in the game but not a newbie to the arts.  If you see him in local send him compliments along with any designated fire/missiles/snowballs.  This is his second Eve related piece, the first being the artwork for the Neocom Podcast.

Damn, Sam

fly it like you won it because I know I just won, here.



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OOC: Mathematics

Okay, a few ‘Eve is dying folks’ have been proclaiming the end of the word for a while now (like since the game started).  They do anything to prove how dead the game is . . . and keep playing with the rest of us anyways.

CCP did stop publishing their subscription numbers a few years back and then the sudden change to the industry standard of silence became proof, PROOF I say, of the imminent death of Eve.  Yet, here we are, still playing.  Funny, that.  Oh you can go places like which I think is a really cool thing and see the active players for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

But it is fun to mess with numbers that we are given.  Well for me it is, sometimes. . . kinda, you know?

Now math is based on premises.  If the ‘givens’ are false then the conclusion is questionable.  So IF CCP lies about numbers then all of the following goes out the window and here is where we leave the pavement for a little off road mathing.

The givens come from CSM announcements of election for CSM9 and CSMx

CSM9 said the voter turnout was 31294  CSMX turnout was 36984

But Leeloo did tell us one more detail . . .

Eligible voters cast 36,984 votes, meaning that we have 15% increase since the last year’s election. We have also noticed a 3% turnout increase since last year and it’s a nice trend that we hope to keep for the next election as well. – CSM10 Voting results, CCP Leeloo

It is the turnout increase I want to look at.

31294/Pop9 = % turnout for the election last year, let us call that X  (and also A)  Pop9 is the eligible voters at the time of the CSM9 election

36984/Pop10 = % turnout for this year . . . which according to Leeloo is 1.03X a 3% increase.  (We will call this B because I like lots of letters in my math)  Pop10 is the elegible voters at the time of the CSMX election

If I divide B by A . . . 1.03X/X  I get 1.03 . . . the X is gone  Mathmagic, kids!

But THEN you do the fractions for B/A

36984/pop10/31294/Pop9  fraction divided by a fraction?  Invert and multiply.

B/A = 1.18 Pop9/Pop10 = 1.03  Move the Pops to the right, numbers to the left

1.18/1.03 = Pop10/Pop9 = 1.14 which seems to be about a 14% increase in the voting population this past year.

Now all of this has been done while I am recovering from a surgery and my brain is fuzzy.  Tell me where I ‘oh so obviously’ went wrong and feel free to show that those numbers are the death of Eve, not a sign of life.  And I also remind you that this is all based on the numbers as they were publicly announced.

I am proud to say that no NDA was broken in the making of this post

fly it like you won it.


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OOC: Almost there

The worst part about the future is the wait, once you know when it will arrive.  That was true with the birth of my daughters, every year when school is almost over, oh the list goes on and I am sure you have your own examples to add to it.

So things in the future for me and Eve.

1) I am almost done my second term in the CSM and the election closes in a couple of days (or if you read this later  . . . has closed).  Then comes the week and a half wait for the results.  I do not believe in ‘lame duck’ politics so I will work up until I know I am in or not.

2) Oh the thread on sov changes did NOT blow up as badly as I thought it would.  Heck we are only at 170 pages.  In the greater scheme of things that is not bad.  I am keeping up with it and participating even when one poster asked . . .

Why is the one and only CSM discussing nullsec and sovereignty in the forums a hisec CSM known to dislike nullsec and all those that live there? Azariah is almost certainly trolling the thread.

For the record I am not trolling them although I will occasional use sarcasm for the more extreme cases.

3)  Fanfest.  Oh you lucky folks who are going.  Tons of advice out there for how to pack, what to do.  My main advice?  Have fun. and do the tours, you will be amazed at who you meet and who you can chat with.

For me a lot of it is a little boy in the back of my mind asking ‘are we there, yet?’

I really have to get undocked and flying again.

fly it like you won it and for heavens sake, vote if you haven’t already


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Dash to the finish

“So, off the G’s and onto H.  Only one of them, Harry Saq.  He is going for the ‘I represent everybody’ style of campaign and I mainly found it a bit too beige.  So a no.” Mike grinned.  “Only one H, so drink.”

The group groaned but complied and Scotty made a small mark on his own padd.

Mike blinked at his list for a moment before remembering to speak.  “J’s, fair number of them starting with Janwa Resh.  Now he is the opposite type of problem.  A very specific list of goals.”

“Why be dat a problem?”  Ev asked.

“CSM does not call the tune very often.  We take and help modify, we suggest, we do not arrive on the doorstep with a list of demands.  No, I think this person needs to do a shade more research into what the CSM is and isn’t.  Like, say, Jayne Fillon who still has a nemesis haunting his campaign but is back for another run at it.  Like last year I like him both for his support of the npsi groups and his willingness to engage.  He is a yes, from me. Now Jenshae Chiroptera is an odd one.  For some I would almost say the vote might be well placed.  Just not for me.  Hisec but some of the ideas presented are too black and white extremism.  No, from me but each person might want to look for themselves. Now June Ting is the heir to Ali.  Solid person with a good head on her shoulders representing Sound Mind.  Pretty much an independent nullsec resident which puts her up there with mermaids, dragons and wolves.  Mythic.  Unless I can find another better rep like her she is a maybe bordering on a yes.”

Mike finished his drink and waved for the others to do the same.  “It may move faster from here.  A few folks in the K’s did not make the minimum level of effort I expect so we jump right to Khador Vess who is from RvB and might be considered Mangalas heir.  Now I have not dealt with him directly but I have him as a maybe.”

They took a break that consisted of eating and chatting amongst themselves (and more drinking)  For Scotty, the next day the evening kind of degenerated into a blur but his padd kept something of his notes. Such as they were.

Klapen – not sure if troll or a decent guy

Lorelei Ierendi – a bit one sided hisec

Manfred Sideous- good person, hope he gets in, but he has the bloc vote

Migui X’hyrrn- He can look to TEST for his votes, does not need mine

Mike Azariah- well . . . yeah, of course 

Psianh Auvyander- A lot to be said for him and who he represents does not have a lot of other folks, yes

PsychoBitch–  no, poor losers are usually also poor winners

Radu Lupescu-Another hisec ‘safe’ guy but I would like to see what he has to say about hauling.  maybe with no leanings

Sabriz Adoudel- James 315 devotee, so no

Sion Kumitomo- Bloc candidate so who cares what I think

Soelent- Deja vu on so many levels.  Needs to work on platform from this year but hope he runs again next.  no

Sort Dragon- Let his bloc vote him in, or not

Steve Ronuken-  YES please yes.  excellent member and worker and an expert in the things no other candidate has a clue on

Sugar Kyle- YES  no question. no debate, just YES

Suzy RC Mudstone- I like the enthusiasm but some of the ideas . . . maybe

Thoric Frosthammer-  Let his bloc vote him in or not

Tora Bushido- Actually, I like this guy.  He spoke well on interviews except for the ‘eve is evil’ thing.  Because it isn’t.  so no

UAxDEATH- he will have his own voting bloc, does not need mine

Vaari- Um, no

Vic Jefferson- Let his own bloc vote him in, or not

Xander Phoena- YES, simple as that. 

Xenuria- I fear for the trolls.  That they might decide this is worth doing

then there were snapshots of empty bottles, boddies scattered across the room and Mike singing some Gallente song while trying to make a sandwich out of leftovers.



Sorry this went past the start of the voting period

Lets look to my yeses and converted maybes

Me (Mike Azariah)


Sugar Kyle

Steve Ronuken





The maybes will be your own call , , , go back through the posts or find what interests you.  Hit up Vote match, maybe although it seems to be consistently steering folks away from me.  (I have yet to hear anybody matching me there)

Good luck to all running


will be nice when this is done, eh?

fly it like you won it





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