Dash to the finish

“So, off the G’s and onto H.  Only one of them, Harry Saq.  He is going for the ‘I represent everybody’ style of campaign and I mainly found it a bit too beige.  So a no.” Mike grinned.  “Only one H, so drink.”

The group groaned but complied and Scotty made a small mark on his own padd.

Mike blinked at his list for a moment before remembering to speak.  “J’s, fair number of them starting with Janwa Resh.  Now he is the opposite type of problem.  A very specific list of goals.”

“Why be dat a problem?”  Ev asked.

“CSM does not call the tune very often.  We take and help modify, we suggest, we do not arrive on the doorstep with a list of demands.  No, I think this person needs to do a shade more research into what the CSM is and isn’t.  Like, say, Jayne Fillon who still has a nemesis haunting his campaign but is back for another run at it.  Like last year I like him both for his support of the npsi groups and his willingness to engage.  He is a yes, from me. Now Jenshae Chiroptera is an odd one.  For some I would almost say the vote might be well placed.  Just not for me.  Hisec but some of the ideas presented are too black and white extremism.  No, from me but each person might want to look for themselves. Now June Ting is the heir to Ali.  Solid person with a good head on her shoulders representing Sound Mind.  Pretty much an independent nullsec resident which puts her up there with mermaids, dragons and wolves.  Mythic.  Unless I can find another better rep like her she is a maybe bordering on a yes.”

Mike finished his drink and waved for the others to do the same.  “It may move faster from here.  A few folks in the K’s did not make the minimum level of effort I expect so we jump right to Khador Vess who is from RvB and might be considered Mangalas heir.  Now I have not dealt with him directly but I have him as a maybe.”

They took a break that consisted of eating and chatting amongst themselves (and more drinking)  For Scotty, the next day the evening kind of degenerated into a blur but his padd kept something of his notes. Such as they were.

Klapen – not sure if troll or a decent guy

Lorelei Ierendi – a bit one sided hisec

Manfred Sideous- good person, hope he gets in, but he has the bloc vote

Migui X’hyrrn- He can look to TEST for his votes, does not need mine

Mike Azariah- well . . . yeah, of course 

Psianh Auvyander- A lot to be said for him and who he represents does not have a lot of other folks, yes

PsychoBitch-  no, poor losers are usually also poor winners

Radu Lupescu-Another hisec ‘safe’ guy but I would like to see what he has to say about hauling.  maybe with no leanings

Sabriz Adoudel- James 315 devotee, so no

Sion Kumitomo- Bloc candidate so who cares what I think

Soelent- Deja vu on so many levels.  Needs to work on platform from this year but hope he runs again next.  no

Sort Dragon- Let his bloc vote him in, or not

Steve Ronuken-  YES please yes.  excellent member and worker and an expert in the things no other candidate has a clue on

Sugar Kyle- YES  no question. no debate, just YES

Suzy RC Mudstone- I like the enthusiasm but some of the ideas . . . maybe

Thoric Frosthammer-  Let his bloc vote him in or not

Tora Bushido- Actually, I like this guy.  He spoke well on interviews except for the ‘eve is evil’ thing.  Because it isn’t.  so no

UAxDEATH- he will have his own voting bloc, does not need mine

Vaari- Um, no

Vic Jefferson- Let his own bloc vote him in, or not

Xander Phoena- YES, simple as that. 

Xenuria- I fear for the trolls.  That they might decide this is worth doing

then there were snapshots of empty bottles, boddies scattered across the room and Mike singing some Gallente song while trying to make a sandwich out of leftovers.



Sorry this went past the start of the voting period

Lets look to my yeses and converted maybes

Me (Mike Azariah)


Sugar Kyle

Steve Ronuken





The maybes will be your own call , , , go back through the posts or find what interests you.  Hit up Vote match, maybe although it seems to be consistently steering folks away from me.  (I have yet to hear anybody matching me there)

Good luck to all running


will be nice when this is done, eh?

fly it like you won it





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Too many letters

Refilling all the drinks took a bit of time but it gave them a moment before Mike continued on.  “So,” Ev asked, pointing towards their host “he needs ta be on lots of lists, right?”

“Not that easy.”  Scotty explained.  “Though with lots of candidates who are in but not serious the bleed through will have different effects.  See after the first pass of the counting they start to take out the folks who ‘have enough’ and then they drop one who was ‘lowest so far’.  If Everybody put Mike as third on the list but nobody put him up as first then he would not be elected, even if all folks wanted him in.  The lack of firsts would keep his thirds from ever making it to the counting block.”

“So he needs ta be surviving the first few rounds till them other votes start ta pile on, eh?”

“Exactly, shh, he is about to pontificate some more, I hope he manages to get a few more letters of the alphabet done, my liver cannot handle this being tooooo long.”

Mike looked down at his comms and took a swig of a drink that was black on top fading to orange and finally a clear fluid on the bottom. “corebloodbrothers, now here is a guy whom I have shifted opinions on . . . a lot.  On comms [text] he is entirely different than when you meet him in more specific meetings.  Something to do with translation software, I think.  So best you look for examples of him actually speaking  He represents a part of space that is managing to keep to their values even though they seem to be the hunting ground for damn near everyone else.  That being said I hope his bloc votes him in.  He is the first of a special type of candidates.  Folks I think will get in and probably deserve to but they do not need my vote.  I can say what I will about them and it won’t make any difference.”

Someone in the back muttered ‘Grr goons’ and another yelled ‘DRINK’ and they all did.

Mike coughed a little, “The coconut rum finish is a killer. The last C is for Cycule but I really couldn’t find much to like or hate about him.  Not on my list.  DomanarK.”

“New letter, drink!” and everyone did.

“Dom is another one like Ashterothi.  A good candidate competing along with Xander for the community media seats.  He is a good guy and I wish him the best, I would add him as a maybe but I still am favouring Xander.  Which brings me to Endie.”

“Another new letter?”  Everyone drank again and a soft thud of a lightweight in one corner hitting the floor brought forth a round of laughter.

“I like Endie for the seat.  I found his interview with the Cap Stable guys to be good and I hope he will bring a good bloc viewpoint to the table.  Doesn’t mean I am going to vote for him, just that I hope he gets a seat.”

“What about Sion?”  Someone asked, and finished his drink as punishment for jumping the queue.

“What about him?  He will probably get a seat as well.  I just would like to see if this new Goon rep is better at representing the game.  I still question the value of leadership types even running for the seats but there is no way to manage that.  I mean seriously, the two who call themselves the right and left hand of the Mittani?”

“You see there is no voting in the council, no use for them to have many voices saying the same thing.  I would rather see people from multiple blocs show up than two from one.  But then, what do I know about null, eh?  Neither of them need my vote and if the changes to the proposed council summits goes through being voted top will have little effect as all the working members of the council will pretty well be in attendance.  Endie sounds interesting and I hope I get a chance to work with him.  Then comes Erika Mizune.  She is an industrialist community person, null based.  I listened to her interview and it just didn’t capture me, you know?  Erweb Maken is another of the alternate language types, connected with the ‘Russians’ in Geminate.  I have not seen much of his platform but he may be a bloc candidate of a block that does not talk to us.  What I do know is he is active in multipship usage under a single pilot.  That ends the E’s”  Mike emptied his glass and filled it up again as some drunkenly explained what Mike meant by ‘multiship usage’.

“To all the pilots beginning with F.  F them all.”  Mike toasted and drained his glass.  “And so to the G’s, Gorga.  He is with NC. and I hope he can get enough of them to vote to make him viable.  Some of his statements make we want to sit down with him over a coffee and hammer out ideas.  But he better get his bloc vote.  The other G-Man is Gorski.  He is getting a lot of haters for his short term in CSM and the apparent lack of accomplishment.”  Mike shook his head.  “Hard to accomplish when thrown in at the last minute but damn, that man tried.  He is low and thera based and if you had a need to have them represented . . . ”

“You don’t?”  Scotty asked.

“Sugar will cover a lot of low.  I am unsure how much Thera has become its own entity to the point of needing representation.  I have Gorski as a maybe.  And that is the G’s, drink.”



Man, sometimes I should really look at the job before starting it.  Bet the cap stable guys said the same thing (at some point this year)

G’s is good, only problem is after I finish I will have to look at all my Maybes and make my final list.

And voting starts in a couple of days

fly it like you won it.\



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Oh look, a parade.

After Ev and Dee and a few others had grabbed drinks Mike continued on his guided tour of the candidate list.  “Where were we? The C’s? Cagali Cagali, then.  For a young pilot he has a lot of experience with new pilots/players. Flying with Brave Newbies will do that, I suppose. A tentative maybe,  depending on what we have  further down the alphabet. Chance Ravinne is next and he is a different breed from what we have seen so far. He is a salesman or politician. . . ”

Several of Mikes guests booed.

“We have a right to run, too.  Thing is, he has a good record of getting people involved. The CSM could use that so he goes on my maybe list. Citricioni is next and I was willing to give him some leeway because of language differences but his ideas are not very viable and I trust Sugar for lowsec. I hope there is another good lowsec person running to back Sugar up but I don’t think that this guy is it. commander aze, now I have flown with him over the years so I do have a bias. I am behind on my interview listening so I want to reserve judgement until I do hear his but for now I am keeping him in the maybes. corbexx? Solid worker and a definite yes for the ballot.”  Mike looked around the room and grinned “Even when we fought we kept it fairly even keeled and that is a good sign.”

There was a pause where everyone expected a tale of arguments growing heated until Dee  nodded and grumbled “NDA ”  Everybody groaned and, as per agreement, finished their drinks.


Ok, so another short one while I had breakfast.  May do a few more if I get decent connection and a charging spot in Honolulu airport.

Like I said, travel day today.

fly it like you won it


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So, who gets the nod?

Scotty nodded towards a glass that definitely did not have coffee in it. Mike looked up from his padding and grinned. “Going through all the damn folks running is not for the squeamish nor the sober.”

“Ah, so a quick perusal and you’ll be all set to put out your choices, eh?” Scotty found the bottle and waived for the waitress to bring over another glass.

Mike snorted.  “Quick? No.  But big jobs are best done by starting them. I got no better order to hit them than the alphabet. I dropped any folks too lazy to even make an effort so my list won’t force me to consider all 77 of them.”

Scott eyed the bottle with a practiced eye and Mike nodded. Another was called for as the pilot began with the A’s. ” Aeon Boirelle, hisec guy and incursion runner. Hell, he sounds like me a year or three back.  Never heard of him but space is big.  He has some opinion on current hot topics like hyper dunking and isboxer but that is about it. Pass, this year and see if he develops for next year.”

Scotty finished his glass and cheered, “One down, are we there yet?”

“Almost.” Mike lied with a straight face.  ” Aiwha is next and I have him on my  maybe list.  He looks to be a line grunt in null with the usual mixed experience background some folks accumulate. Not all his ideas are good but I would like to see null represented by line members as well as the high and mighty.  Matter of fact I would RATHER see that happen. I’ll explain why,  later . . . But that is one possible.  After him comes Alyxportur who will be fighting Aiwha for that line grunt slot on my ticket.  His ideas will also have some collision with reality but that is the nature of the beast. ”

“You said ‘slot’ like you have some dream team in mind.” Scotty pointed out.

“I do, I always do.  Next up is . . .”

“Not gonna tell me the team makeup?”

“Not yet, see if the pattern shows.  Next up is Angrod Losshelin who is a wormholer and very pro isboxer support. I think I will stick with Corbexx for wormholes.”

“You and he got along well, did you?”

“Not always, but that is fine.  We always kept it professional, which is far better.  Gonna have to be a damn good wormhole candidate to replace Corbexx on my ballot. So no to Angrod and then on to Ariete who is also a wormholer, but if I were to have a second slot for wh reps he would be a maybe. I like his attitude.”

“So now they are marked on who they represent and attitude.  Got it.”

“And effort, ideas, and grasp of reality.  So he is a maybe which brings me to Ashterothi who I have chatted with, now and again. He is like Xander,  looking for the community broadcast support. I like him but unless there are two of them getting in I am leaving that job to Xander, himself.”

“Haven’t I heard something about him being in trouble?”

“Probably,  he has made enemies and some of them play dirty.  Xanders hands are clean and that is on record.  So best you look at them as what are throwing the mud as the dirty ones.  I like Ash for CSM 11 and I will have to see the numbers on my ballot to see if he makes mine this year.”

“Are we there yet?” Scotty asked, opening the second bottle.

“Well, we are done the A’s.” Mike reached over and topped up his own drink before continuing.  ” Bam Stroker, now this is one of those really tough ones.  This guy does so much good NOT being on the CSM that I am afraid that if he is elected it will cut the amount of good that he does.   But he does deserve a shot if he is willing to take it as one of the enablers. Then comes Bane Cortex, says he is a wormholer but even that has been called into question,  doesn’t matter to me,  Corbexx.  So then we have Bobmon who is another one of the do – ers already.  Like Bam, I hope that if he is elected that he can maintain the pace and balance. So he is a maybe.  Borat Guereen, on the other hand is a non from me, too many of his ideas made me shake my head and just sigh.”

They both agreed that only getting to the C ‘s was a sign that food and more alcohol might be called for.  Other friends were invited to join as well and the conversation became a party.


Yeah, this is my opinion , based on reading, listening, thinking and some drinking.  I hope to get the rest of the alphabet done in the next few days.  But I am travelling most of tomorrow so have some patience with me.

As i said,  last post,  if they did not make sufficient effort they do not even merit a mention in this blog.

Fly it like you won it


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A bit of math

Ooc stuff.

The candidate list is up for the CSM election. If you look closely you will see that I am on it.  But so are a lot of other people.  Now that is fine.  I like and want diversity in the council but is it too much to ask for a modicum of effort?

One candidate has managed the trifecta of never having posted on the forums, having no campaign statement, no digital trace other than the fact that he/she managed to get an application in on time.

Of the 77 candidates less than 2/3 managed to start a campaign thread. They expect to represent you but they won’t tell you how or why. Not that I don’t appreciate this.  You see, I am planning on doing a post or two on who to vote for.  If they cannot be bothered to give basic information then I think I am OK  in ignoring them in my blog.  You may feel differently about that but I am limited on time and how much work I want to do for people who have not even made a minimal effort.

Cap stable guys worked hard to do interviews and then all these other people turn up. Why?  Was it a last minute decision or a tactical choice to fly under the radar? What advantage is there in not talking to the people you want voting for you? The only folks this does make sense for are the ‘sure thing’ candidates like Sion,  Endie, or Manfred. The ones with a large enough bloc behind them that external votes and voters don’t really matter. But they did put up threads and platforms.

You can decide if these other folks are worth your time. I have made my decision.

Good sites? https://sites.google.com/site/csmwire/


Not to mention the forum threads, cap stables work and a whole bunch of other bloggers and such

All this work being done.  You have a right to expect the same in return from the candidates.


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Follow up

Sometimes you do all the prep and then wonder what happened at the actual event.  Mike was happy to get a call from Dave.  “So how did it go?”

Dave Korhal was a lot of things.  A miner in dangerous space (always something that made Mike grin), a member of the Brave Newbies Alliance, and a fellow candidate for CSMX.  They had chatted on and off over the past few weeks and Mike always enjoyed the conversations.  When Dave had been offered a chance to FC by Jayne Fillon (another candidate) a Spectre Fleet outing he had decided to go newbie fit.  That is where Mike came in.  Moving 58 Atrons over to the jump of system and advertising in a rookie mailing list to see if he could drum up some pilots.

“There was much excitement and panic and screaming and bubbles.” Dave answered.

Mike laughed

“There were a few requests for another T1 frigate fleet in the future. I think people enjoyed going “newbro”.  And just wrecking shit and welping and not caring.”

Mike nodded and got more of the story out of Dave . . . Dave and Jayne took out 20 or so pilots into Providence.  Dave was (as a Brave member) on the black list and died early but the small fleet of frigates managed to do about 600 million in dmaage to the residents before moving on to poke around in FW territory.  Jayne had taken the reins and the fleet did well.

A contract indicator lit up and Mike accepted the return of some ships but said.  “I will leave them in that station, just in case another trip happens.”

“Sounds good.”

As the connection closed Mike nodded.  It did sound good.  It was nice chatting with opponents, not having the enmity some people seem to treasure.  Old alliances tended to hold grudges and do petty things to ‘get even’.  But people like Dave and Jayne treated the election as something that they were all in together.  Not a competition but a cooperative.  Jayne was offering other candidates a chance to FC to be seen on HIS stage.

“Good folks, they not hard ta find . . . ”  Mike pulled out a random number generator and smiled as it went through a small list.  “Ah, and another good folk, he be getting a pair of Bombers”



For all the accusations and counter punches going on I like to see that some people are playing a clean election.  Kudos to both Jayne and Dave.  You may want to take a close look at their campaigns.  Is it getting on to the CSM that might bring out the worst in some of us?

Raziel, you won.  Write and confirm that you in comments is also you in game so I can contract the ships.

fly it like you won it



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He shook his head slowly.  I know people make the joke all the time but ‘can I haz your stuff’ is usually just a quip.

“I know, but I am retiring and In want the the assets to see good use.  Now open your contracts up and let us do this.”

Mike sighed and spent some time accepting assets, occasionally joking about their location.  “One scrap of metal and a booster?”

“Was it?  I didn’t look. These will make up for it.”

Mike numbly accepted the Dreadnaught and continued refreshing and accepting.  “Do me a favour, write this down.”  He named a hard to spell word.


“Just in case you ever come back with another face, I want to know it is you.”

“Won’t happen.”

“Humour me.”

The last thing to be transferred was isk.  Mike had cleared his own isk out of his wallet weeks ago and he shook his head as the balance for Operation Magic School Bus more than doubled.  “I am doomed to stay on the project forever, doomed I say”

“Good.  I am glad you are running again but you keep it going for the players, for the huge game we play.”

Mike smiled and they exchanged emergency contacts.  Then there was nothing else to say but goodbye.



Eve is weird,  you can have friends that you have never met.  And then you lose them or they move on and you are conflicted.  I decided long ago that they are friends, screw physical locales.

This is the second person to let me ‘haz their stuff’ and both times I would rather still have the person around.

sorry, I do melancholy with the best of them

fly it like you won it and NO I will not give a newbro a dread. So stop making an extra alt, just in case mike is crazy (I am but not in that way)



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A ‘Me Day’

Mike sat back and looked out at the pair of ships, side by side and laughed.  He opened his notifications and read the pair of announcements  . . .


2015.02.04 20:55:00

Victim: Mike Azariah
Corp: The Scope
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Nemesis
System: Tama
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 1908

Involved parties:

Name: Mr Digs (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.00
Corp: Snuff Box
Alliance: Snuffed Out
Faction: None
Ship: Confessor
Weapon: Small Focused Beam Laser II
Damage Done: 1908

Victim: Mike Azariah
Corp: The Scope
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Tama
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 461

Involved parties:

Name: Posax (laid the final blow)
Security: -10.00
Corp: Kira Inc.
Alliance: Snuffed Out
Faction: None
Ship: Confessor
Weapon: Small Focused Beam Laser II
Damage Done: 461

Destroyed items:

Ocular Filter – Basic (Implant)
Cybernetic Subprocessor – Basic (Implant)


The first two were straight forward, he had been caught, fair and square.  Waking up back in the home system was not a new experience but a rare one for the carebear.  He had done so laughing.

The pair of ships he looked at were as different as night and day.  The Bowhead, huge, unwieldy, no offensive power of its own.  Next to it, almost invisible due to the size difference was his replacement bomber.  Small, sleek, and fun to fly.  Although most of what the days activities had been were not flying but lying in wait.

That is what Blops is.  A pair of hunter killers (bait) had gone wandering, looking for likely targets while Mike and others had gathered in a POS next to a Redeemer (orders were to approach to within 1000 m)  Chatter was light while targets were sought.  The first one found was where Mike had suffered the losses (as had three other pilots)  Laughingly he had reshipped, retraced his steps to the jump off point and waited for the next chance.  It was a measure of his insouciance that the gate camp at the entrance to the system had been noted but not really an issue, just something he mentioned in passing as warning for the others.  And more waiting.

He could not imagine the work of the Hunter-Killer crew (now just one man) trying to find just the right target that would fit, would agress, would be worth it.  He asked if there were any complaints/comments/suggestions for the CSM and got the usual set of responses.  They don’t do anything/who are they/ I only talk to my rep.  Mike took it in good humour and noted a few good specific ideas down.  He was already a fan of POS removal . . . dead sticks were a big irritant for some folks.  A new one he had never heard before was expanding the ‘grabby’ part of notifications to more than just the tiny image so that killmails and such could be easily linked (especially if your hands were shaking from adrenaline).

Another call for attention, prejump instructions as to target and fire discipline.  The anticipation, watching the Redeemer, waiting for the orders to . . . .jump jump jump.  Lock, point web, wait for it, count down fire and the target vanished quickly.  A slow wander back to the base watching the jump fatigue timer click down but another target was not found before the fleet stood down.


He left the system, waving to the camp as he went by and soon was back, looking out at the two ships and marveling at the fun that could be had in each, in its own way.



Like I said, I needed a me day where I could go out and shoot things.  I had fun, was in a fleet, got killed and was killed.  I did send Mr Digs a GF message for the kill.  Funny thing is my bounty had gone up above 15 bill but the ship and pod dragged me back below.  Oh well.

Blops is an odd hunting style but good for a casual player.  I was with Spectre Fleet yesterday and enjoyed it immensely  Unlike a roam you do not get stuck too deep that you cannot find your way home and there is the usual chat time without my habit of missing a jump and losing my damn fleet (this happens to me)

I hope you do not mind a bit of an after action report, but  I figured the people who have a bounty on me were curious.  Oh as a way of thanking you for reading this far down?  Comments from now till sunday evening (feb 8) on this or any other post of mine will be entered in a draw for a pair of bombers

fly it like you won it




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BB 62: Going for a Walk

Niden (@niden_GMVA) tweeted this:

It’s not cool to want walking in stations, right?

That tweet got a few positive agreements, but on the other side of the coin we have Xander Phoena ofCrossing Zebras and current CSM member being mentioned in the winter summit minutes:

Xander said that he would officially like to be documented as protesting any art time going to avatars instead of spaceships.

What is and/or should be the future for walking in stations?

He leaned on the railing, watching the people move on their daily tasks in the station.  The part of the world that he felt only a passing relationship or connection to.  It was why he liked cafes. why he sat out in public so often was to remind himself that there was a world not composed of war machines and vacuum.

But was this part of his world, still?  Some said that capsuleers were beyond the petty bonds of flesh and blood, that they were young gods and had no place among mortals.  The doors of a normal life were locked to them.  Mike shook his head. People were people, a job did not make you more or less of one. any more than skin colour or racial heritage.

But violence was a part of a lot of capsuleers lives.  It was not that they were a danger to the people around them but that they were in danger from them.  How many crews were lost, how many lives snuffed out by a moments inattention.  Wouldn’t the families want some recompense . . . or revenge?  Mike looked around as though expecting a mob to be bearing down on him . . . nothing.  He leaned back and stretched his back, sighing.

Maybe it was to protect them from becoming attached to ephemeral lives while they were immortal.  Maybe the isolation was a psychological precaution.  But that made no sense.  Capsuleers were more used to loss of everything than almost any other career.  Life, ship, pod, even learning (on occasion).  He shook his head, again, no there was not a good reason for the isolation so why was it there?



A big myth that gets perpetuated is that to you need to Rob Peter to Pay Paul.  IF CCP decided to revisit Incarna I would not expect them to steal dev time from the likes of Rise, Fozzie or members of the Art Team.  It would be a team brought in or even something that could be contracted. The head of art might supervise to make sure they kept to the ‘bible’ but that would be it.

I REFUSE to say it would a simple thing or a days coding because I hate it when all the devs line up with pitchforks.  No coding is simple nor are time estimates allowed for the people looking in.

Would I like to see a Bar where pilots can hang out?  A casino where we can see the roulette wheel?  Yes.  A Bar where a traitor can end you with a well placed knife?  Organized crime who can rig the machines to filter isk to a shill in a laundering scheme? Um, Maybe?  The ability to hack a station security and get access to the clone vats ending someones ability to jump there, Pre-assassinations.  Hanger robbery or sabotage?  Uh, I don’t think so . . . The kidnapping of pilots refusing them the sweet release of death and effectively removing them from an op or actual play?  No.

Yeah, easy to ask for WiS, lot harder to run all the possible effects of that decision if it ever got made.



Oh other thoughts on this matter

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Turamarth’s musings




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OOC: 44 CSM Campaign Threads

44 Threads . . . WOW

Yup, and that doesn’t mean that that is all of it, just those are the ones that were present when I looked a few minutes ago.  Now will all of those people get their applications in?  Remains to be seen since they have until Feb 15 to complete the process.

Now there have been some changes.  Age restriction dropped from 21 to 18 (or the age of majority in the applicants country, whichever is higher).  You DON’T have to be able to go to Iceland.  Internationally accepted ID will suffice, not JUST a Passport.  Your personal information must be supplied to CCP but they won’t be tossing it out as part of the ballot.

Twice a year we host CSM summits. Summit can last up to 5 days and up to 10 members of the CSM will fly to CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland to participate in person. The rest of the CSM will join the summit remotely.-CCP Leeloo

This is a large change and another is implied.  10 people CAN go to the summits, not just 7 as in previous years.  Can does not mean will but it is there, now.  What isn’t mentioned is Fanfest.  Your flight/hotel is not covered by CCP if you are elected. Will they supply tickets into the events?  Yes.  But you have to get your own self there.  (They will try to help with discounted flight/hotels though their local connections but it is still going to cost) When they pay the way they expect you to work.

And they do expect you to work, make no mistake.  Anybody who is trying to get elected on a strong ‘fanclub base’ and doesn’t do anything once in will not last long.  Not to mention . . .

Any behavior or actions considered being a material breach of the EULA, TOS or NDA by a CSM delegate is grounds for immediate dismissal and permanent exclusion from all pending and future participation in the council. There are no exceptions or “first strikes” regardless of the infraction. Delegates are not only expected to uphold the social contract that all society members are held accountable to, but should also set a behavior standard for everyone else to follow. CCP Leeloo

I will write more about the CSM in the next week or so, not as a campaign thing but to advise others.  Warn them.  Once upon a time it might have been an ego thing, a ‘yeah, I am somebody’

Now it is a volunteer position where you are told by cynics that you are a useless PR drone and by angry people that you messed the whole game up or failed to stop a dev from doing so.  Once in a while you get some thanks and man, do you treasure it.  You will fly to a foreign country and meet with some very dedicated people and advise them on what is THEIR bread and butter, their livelihood. Take it seriously.  Oh have fun, you know I do, but never forget that people are behind the game as well as in front of it.  They don’t want it to fail anymore than you want your employer to close up shop tomorrow.

There is more I want to say but this is enough for now.

fly it like you won it



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