Who Are You?

Mike answered the comms and the first thing he heard was “Who ARE you?”

Thinking that is was a rookie asking from the help lines he kept open he answered. “Hi, I am Mike, I drive the Bus.”

“What B . . . no, I mean who are you to US? We have no blues except you. Why do you get special treatment?”

Mike tapped some keys and found out who the pilot meant by ‘us’. “Ah, now I get it. I was set blue quite a while ago by your people for the work I do.”

“You do . . . what work?”

ll sorts of things, I have served 5 terms on the CSM, written and talked on shows about New Eden, help newbros and, as I said before, drive the Bus.”

“Huh, ok, thanks.” Th contact closed.

Mike paused a moment “I wonder if that means I stay on their Blue or am removed?”



This brings me to the rl topic as it blurs into gaming . . . something that has been a bit forward in my mind of late. I mean ‘who are you’ is always a big question to try to answer.

For a lot of my life I was my profession. I am a teacher or ‘I teach at x-school’ Other times I was what I needed to be at the moment. “I be the one who tells ta when ya scan board, ya scurvy dog.” (That time was fun)

Most of the time, now, I am Mike (yes it is my real name) and I no longer identify by job just as myself.

But in game, we are other thing, other people or are we? You see a lot of armchair psychologists say that pvp just means you are a psychopath IRL. yeah, nah. It means that I am playing that part of the game . . . In other games I have been a thief, an assassin, a pirate, death, Hades, and a cat. That does not mean that I am going to change my place or residence to hell nor do I plan on giving myself time to chase a laser dot or lick myself clean after a workout. (yeuch)

That is the one thing I LOVE about Eve Fanfest and Vegas. We get to meet the real people behind the personas online. To me? That is who you find out ‘who are you’.

Sadly with my age has come slight hearing loss and my eyes are not what they once were. In the bars the sound drowns out any chance at conversations for me so if I seemed to ignore you or was slightly ‘out of it?’ please accept my apologies.

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Snowball Pictures

Mike was laughing and showing them the pictures from the snowball fight.

“Now this one was me after I undocked and the noise as the fireworks went off was damn near deafenin.”

“I always wondered about that.” Corey said. “Space is a vacuum so how do you have ‘noise’?”

“Fair question. Our connections to the ship simulate the sounds to allow us to have more instinctive feedback and response. Same way we ‘see’ while encased in a metal egg full of goo. So the simulation of what I was in was damn noisy. Ya know some pilots actually turn off that part so they fly in silence and jokingly ask ‘it has sound?’. I think they is missin out.

Now this shot I took from a bit of a distance. Planet or moon is kinda bleak but oh we lit up their skies I betcha.”

Tanta muttered “My fancy pants pilot canna tell the difference twixt a moon and a planet.”

Mike shrugged and showed the shot.

“Another one of the Bus in all her glory as well as a few other nice ships but the prettiest one was this.”

“That there is a Monitor and a few of them showed up to fly about. Someday I hopes to save up enough to have one o my own but that is a long long ways away.”

Corey frowned. “I know it is not my place but before we were . . . friends I did do a complete dossier on you. You are not poor.”

Mike nodded slowly. “My assets make me look rich but that includes Bus assets. Your dossier did not differentiate”

Corey nodded then looked up sharply, “You mean people trust you with that much in assets?”

Mike shrugged. “They do and I, in turn, keep to the social contract and do not betray the trust. It is not how I do things and it would be the end of the Bus as a whole.”

“I tried to raise you right, but you have a stubborn honest streak I just couldn’t get out of ya.” Tanta chided. “Even as a boy he would fess up if I asked who ate all the cookies.” She chuckled and slid the plate of fresh baked cookies a bit closer to him and saw his eyes light up.

He took one leaned back and smiled. “It was a good day, I remembered to thank Commander A9 and hope he passed the thanks on to the others.”

“Yeah I think that was a moon.”



Live events made by players are always fun. Devs and ISD showed up as well (and were welcome) but it was a player thing.

I’d like to thank the organizers a lot if only for the chance to take the pics and chat with other.

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“So, where is he now?” Free asked as she helped chop veggies for the dinner.

“He has been doing more Bus runs of late and I thought he would be coming by soon as he is in the area but he has diverted to Luminaire” Corey was setting out bowls and silver for the dinner.

“What is in Luminaire?”


“Come again? What do you mean, snowballs?” Free frowned as she made even and precise cuts.

“Lordy, tis dat time o year again. You does know that this season be his favourite, eh?” Tanta said from where she sat, watching a pan of meat sizzle. “The lad be out celebrating and havin some fun, I spect he will be home soon after dat. Best we be making some cookies tomorrow mornin ta have fresh for him when he arrives.”

“I still don’t understand what snowballs have to do with spaceships.” Free protested.

“Old tech, used for wargames, non damaging weapon systems modified to look like a snowball hits. A friendly mock battle to celebrate the season. Held in Luminaire and run by a pilot Mike is friends with, Commander A9.” Corey said. “Should be running about 2100 galaxy time on the 18th (that is tomorrow)”

“So is he there in one of his small fast ships to scoot around and dodge?”

“He took the Bus”

“Of course he did.”




no moral to this, just hope to see y’all there if you can make it. I will try to remember to take some screenshots and if you do the same? send me the good ones.

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Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent

“I spect,” Tanta told Free as she carefully poured the tea, “that you should be hearing from your old bosses soon enough, eh?”

Free shook her head. “Why would they being doin that? They know where I am and who I am with.”

“They sees me as weak, failin. Maybe they would like someone close to me on their side. Maybe that person be you.” Tanta smiled and shoved the plate of cookies close to Free. “Eat child. since that boy aint here cookies almost have a chance to go stale.”

“I made my decision.”

“I know that and so do you, ting is, does they? And how hard will they try to convince you? Be prepared for it because they still figure that you owes them somethin.” Tanta nodded. “But do YOU believes dat?”

Free took a bite of a cookie and chewed thoughtfully. “They took a little orphan girl, trained her, molded her, made her into a weapon that they could apply against enemies. I am good at that. Do I owe them for what they made me?”

“Dat be up to you to decide, child. They gave you a job, a purpose. What have We given you?”

Free smiled. “That is easy, Tanta. You gave me a home, a family. You, Mike, Ruis, the girls and mothers. I have never felt like an outsider, here. I actually wondered, at one point . . . is Mike a recruiter for you?”

“Not that he knows of. The boy has a good heart and folks he sends to me are usually worth meeting. I trusts his instincts, to a point. But he does occasionally let his dark side show.” Tanta held up a hand. “Nothing truly bad but he does sometimes roam and hunt with the pirates of Low, I hear he is even ‘Blue’ to some of the more dangerous ones. As a result not all of his friends are brought here for me to meet.”

“And he is a politician.”

“Even worse. He associates with Organizations that will eat their own at the drop of a hat. All the morals of a cage full of starving rats. I worry every time he is with that sort, ya lies down with dogs . . .”

Free nodded. “And yet he always manages to come home flealess.”

Tanta laughed. “If he did come home wit dem he would have each of them named and be teachin them ta do tricks. You knows it is true.”

Free laughed and the conversation turned to other topics. If Frees former employers called Tanta would have no worries about the outcome.


At the best of times I barely follow all the ins and outs of Null Sec alliances but from what I can tell the rats are turning on themselves.

The most recent ones are the folks who try to moderate and keep a level of decency are stepping down, here and there. That and some nonsense about a player station being popped and loot scooped from allies, not enemies. For all that the perps of that one say they did no wrong . . . they did it on off hours and only 4 or five of them took part. They knew what they were doing and wanted to keep things for themselves.

Yeah, title in latin, live with it

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Should I play this game?

If you spend anytime in any sort of game forums, whether it be reddit or the forums of a specific game you come across this question of a fairly regular basis. Thing is? It is probably the WORST place to ask, for a couple of reasons. Let me elucidate (word of the day used in a sentence, check)

  1. The people in forums are seldom representative of the player base as a whole. They are on the forums instead of inside the game! Some are there to ask for new stuff, complain about the new stuff. Or once in a while to show off their new stuff. The game was WAY better in the old days before the devs ruined it . . .
  2. People in the forums are there because they do play the game and may or may not be happy with that fact. You have what is called a self selecting sample, in statistics (education applied, check) and that is not the best way to collect data
  3. How in the heck should we know what YOU like? What you enjoy? I have no idea if you will enjoy the same thing as I do anymore than I know what beer you will like, what food is good, in your opinion. Best music, good book? Why are you offloading the choice for your leisure onto complete strangers?
  4. Stockholm syndrome. (cheap psychoanalysis term used, check) Come on in, the water is fine, here, have some kool-aid.

Try the game, maybe watch a video of someone playing it or read some reviews from reviewers you trust. I always think that empirical evidence is the best so YES, try the game, for free, if you can.

I like mmos because I like the social aspect. My wife and I play Elder Scrolls together. She never showed an interest in Eve Online and that is OK. I play other games as fun ways to pass my time, to de-stress (Hellgate London was great for that) and sometimes just to enjoy all the effort that devs have put into the story, the art, the sound and the music.

Should you play the game? I don’t know. Should you play A game? Hell yes. If you wind up in one I play? stop by and say hello.

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Mike came out of the ship with a big grin on his face. “Damn that was fun.”

Scotty looked back at the Retribution Mike had just exited. “Been in Caldari space with that? Most folks been running the destroyers.”

“I know, I know. Ran into a few of them, here and there. A Kiki or two and some Sunnys. But this suited me just fine, for now. It sometimes comes down to a matter of math, for me. While I hold a lot of assets for the Bus I am not that rich anymore. So I am savin up and may try a Kiki laters if I make enough to do so.”

“Pays that well, them Caldari jobs?”

“Two and a bit runs covered the cost of that beast.” Mike jerked his thumb at the retribution. “Now I am keepin track to see if I can afford the Kiki. Want that one ‘prepaid’ and not a debt load.”

Scotty whistled. “So whatcha figure? How many runs you gonna have to do?”

“Well the thing is? There be some competition for the prize. I am batting about 60% of the time it pays off and the rest someone else gets the last trigger before I do. So I am waiting for the fuss to die down and the playing field to level out a bit. It don’t help none that the action I want is lose to the crowded part of space.”

“Space is too big to get ‘crowded'” Scotty objected.

“Depends on how ya look at it, I suppose. “Seems you find the most hisec capsuleers in Caldari space and these runs are Caldari so the math is against me. But even us immortal Gods have to sleep now and again so I am watchin the charts and making hay while the rest sleep. I Figures a few days and a bit of luck and I will have what I need.”

Scotty chuckled. “You know? It is nice to see you flying for your own purposes again, between the Bus and politics i was beginning to think you had forgotten yourself.”

“A fair worry but I tend to be around myself enough to remind me that I am still here, still at it. Come on, I’m buyin.”



My thanks to Erstschlag who made a good lesson Vid and fit that I could use, right out of the box. Thing works well for me.

I do hope that I can manage a Kiki by the end of the event, love that ship to pieces.

But as to the last part of the post . . . Burnout is a thing, both with games and especially for players who have served on the CSM. But I am still playing, still active in rookie help chat.

oh and speaking of rookie help chat there is this jerk for the last few weeks who REALLY seems to have a bee in his or her bonnet and a stick up their ass. The make new toons just to log on, swear and curse until banned, and then they make another toon. Weird. I am not sure what CCP can do against such a dedicated asshole but I think that they should do something.

The rest of the channel is friendly and welcoming and a lot of the regulars help as best they can. The ISD show FAR more patience than you might expect.


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Why s Man

” . . . so then we had to put them all back the way that they had been stacked in the first place.

I am fairly sure people smarter than me know a fancy way o’ putting this but it seems that sometimes making a change just because you think it is better than standing still is not the best course of action. A buddy of mine is in a fleet and they decided to bring an old composition out of mothballs. As they fitted up someone asked why they had stopped using this fleet design.

When they all were wiped out he had his answer. The change had been made for a reason and just because they had forgotten the reason did not invalidate the change. The question becomes not how to change something but why is it that way in the first place. Fleets, kicking someone out of the corp, where we keep the important stuff. All of these were decisions made sometime in the past and if you do not know WHY then you do not have enough information, yet.

My love to the family, isk transfer sent”


**********OOC and Lessons**********************************************

I have seen a lot of folks suggesting what changes to Eve lead to the current decline and many have suggestions of how to ‘fix it’

Thing is? Not everyone is working from the same data, from the same assumptions. Because I signed an NDA I cannot tell players what I know behind some decisions so they can make a balanced evaluation on their own.

Worse it feels like sometimes CCP also make decisions and changes without knowing the history of ‘how the hell we got here’ It scared me when I found out how many CCP devs were new in the past few years. They do not see the fence . . .

Oh, I got ahead of myself.

A core component of making great decisions is understanding the rationale behind previous decisions. If we don’t understand how we got “here,” we run the risk of making things much worse.

From an article I was reading . . . here

Cool ideas and it felt like it went to the basis of what Eve is struggling with. A lot of games do not hit this issue because they do not last long enough to have a history they can forget.

But some of us remember

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Touch Grass

I looked this up, the meme, that is . . .

Touch Grass, or Touch Some Grass, is a popular online insult and alternative way of telling someone to “go outside,” implying they’re spending too much time online and it’s affecting their wellbeing. The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but it started spreading significantly in 2019, becoming increasingly popular on Twitter throughout 2021. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/touch-grass

See, the thing is? I don’t see that as an insult. It is a suggestion of concern and a direction for self care. Hell we all need that reminder, now and again to just exist in the real world, get a bit of nature. I love getting out and ‘touching grass’. Yesterday was no exception and I took a fewshots to try to bring some into your timeline

willow from below
red and white flowers
my wife knows what these are called, I am bad with plant names

So, understand that if I ever suggest that you touch grass it is NOT an insult in any way shape or meaning. It is my wish that you get a chance to go where things grow, where your soul and your heart can be replenished.

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It has become a bit of a running joke that I like to play games ‘wrong’ or in other words, by my own rules and conditions. In Elder Scrolls Online I have a number of alts and some do have specific tasks or rules but one in particular I want to tell you about, this time. Meet Walker Fiveclaw.

Image of ESO Character

Now Walker is well named because he is running under a few conditions that put the game back to something approaching the original dificulty and then a bit more the main condition being that he never uses wayshrines to move about. This first rule has lead to a lot more appreciation of the culture and landscapes of ESO as I don’t ‘skip the travel time’ and try to walk down every road before moving onto the next territory. He also does not get ‘assistance’ from other alts that I have, no sending ‘good armor’ or spending cash. What he has done? He has done himself.

If an npc asks/begs him to help he will but no dungeons and manages to skip most delves except for those you get accosted for them. Minions are optional IF he manages to acquire one but for the most part he travels alone and just slowly tries to cover all the ground in a zone before moving on to the next. Resurrections HAVE to be done with soulstones no wayshrine restarts.

Is this ‘the right way’ to play eso? In my opinion . . . yes. I am having fun therefore it is A right way. There is no THE right way to play.

While in Northern Elsewer I actually saw folks arguing about this in zone chat and one person seemed quite angry that others were not playing/doing it right. That leads me to my next post, already partially written

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Mike listened as the author explained his new science fiction idea of the future possible.

“So if the triglavians decide that what they took is not enough then what if they come back for the rest? Oh I know some of you might object that the empires would stop them and I would answer . . . like they did last time? So that is the basis of my new series. The possibilities of all of space being taken and remapped and how the old established order would try to rise again from their own ashes.

I mean if the systems can be taken would it not be possible for them to return?

Look at the present day economics. Talk to the haulers who no longer have a safe passage from Amarr to Jita and how Dodixie and Rens are slowly becoming backwater stops as opposed to thriving trade hubs. Now imagine the pressures that would arise if Null bloc powers faced the same issue. Or if a huge swath of lowsec was stolen making passage from null to high much much longer and problematic. How many system would have to be stolen to isolate the chain down in Paragon Soul. Cutting them off from the rest of New Eden except via wormholes and filaments?”

The author continued but Mike had leaned back and started considering how that would effect the average capsuleer. If the whole of space was stolen and stations slowly lost then it would be almost a restart of the immortal life. Many would try to quit, retire if they found that what they once had was being taken away but how many would step up to the challenge and relish it?

How many would fight to stop it and how many would try to hurry the process along?


Lessons. This post was spurred by an announcement out of China

Man, can you imagine reworking the eve online map? Slowly via plot or wholesale via a new server?

I think it will take another post to discuss all the other changes China and NetEase are looking to do because some of them are formidable.

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