Go Vote! (please and thanks)

“I hear you but I really don’t think you are being totally honest with me.”  Free protested.

“I thought I could help so I tossed my hat in the ring.”  Mike repeated.

“And you campaign has consisted of talking to people in local, but never while running the Bus, Answering invites from groups or people who wanted to interview you and NOT slagging anyone else running?  Do you even know how politics works?”

Mike grinned.  “Apparently not.”

“See? I run exactly what the Glorious leader of the Goons says is an absolute waste of time and effort.  If I am not part of The Machine then why even try?”

“And yet, you do.”  She folded her arms and smiled dangerously.  “But you also take time off to guard Tanta and don’t beat the spacelanes to garner votes.  I will bet that you did not make any backroom I will promote you if you promote me promises.  In other words . . . ”

“Yup same old campaign as ever.  Either folks want me to serve or they don’t.  I tell them what I think, how I will work for them.  The rest?  Political smoke and mirrors or the  . . . how did Rixx put it?

“And Rixx is right.  There is a power to the mob, to a mass of people all heading in one direction.  I get that but I refuse to let it stop me from running, to let it cow me of convince me to join in.  Here I stand.  And let the voters vote as they may . . . or may not.  I am still trying to get them out to vote.”

“Did you vote already?”

“Yeah, normally I would be drunk with Scotty and explaining all the candidates and who was worth it, who was not but . . .

“But Tanta.”

“I have my priorities and I would lay even odds Scotty could, by now, say exactly who I would vote for.  The community people, Not the big alliance folks.  The outliers but the ones who made an effort on the comms and spoke up.  The ones who have a proven track record.  Manic, Liz, Lor, Steve, Matteral, Olmeca, Matt and Dunk (though he breaks my pattern) Exoo.  Maybe not in that order but those are, one and all, folks I would love to see on the CSM whether I get elected or not.”

“And you say that, who you think is good, to anyone who asks, don’t you?”

“You mean as opposed to just trying to convince them that I am the right one to vote for?  Of course.  IF someone asks me then I assume it is because they respect my opinion.  They were probably going to vote for me anyways so why insult their intelligence and preach to the choir?”

Free shook her head.  “I am not sure if you are a fool or just something people do not expect , , , an honest man,”

Mike laughed.  “Probably both, Free, probably both.”



Go here to vote and please go there if you are an Omega acct.  You list candidates in order, I suggest 9 above and would love to also be on that list, preferably near the top.  But even if you disagree with me?  Look at those on the above list, maybe vote for them.

If you want to see candidates sorted?  

The above is an excellent site to visit.

Since this post seems to based on twitter, one tweet from me to round it off.

Again, please vote, you have a few days left to do so from the time of this post

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One contest ends, another begins

Mike swung down from the ship to find Free waiting for him, his eyes snapped around scanning others nearby,  “Tanta is . . . ?”

“The delivery is complete, she is off to sit with the judges, seems she taught some of them in the past.  I am officially dismissed, I am.”  Free smiled and seemed to relax a shade.  “Will you be staying to watch the contest?”

Mike chuckled.  “Nah, I knows our countess has it in the bag.  She hired the right teacher, for that.”  He cocked his head to one side, considering Free.  “I owes you one.  Coming out to keep an eye open, watch over Tanta.”

Free shook her head.  “La, I get to spend time with her?  I would be thinking I owes you.”

Mike started to laugh.  “You know you sound more like her everyday.”  He considered that she did not bristle at this and smiled even wider.  “And you know I mean that as the highest sort of compliment.  Do you need a ride anywhere or do you have a plan that starts here?”

“Tanta has asked that I stay a day, there are people she wants me to meet.  She won’t say more than that.”

Mike whistled softly and stepped closer, lowering his voice.  “Way I see it?  One of two things gonna happen.  Either she is gonna show you how to build your own network, outside of thems you work for.”


Mike grinned.  “Or she has some young men lined up to meet you and she is trying to marry you off.”  Mike roared with laughter at the expression on Frees face.  “But I think she probably knows better than to do that, just yet.  Food?”

Free nodded.  “Food, and maybe, juust maybe you can explain why you have not mentioned that.”  She pointed to a news broadcast just as it ran images of the candidates for the next Council.  “I happened to notice your smiling face up there.  Were you going to tell folks or just hope you got elected accidentally?”

Mike held up his hands in a placating fashion.  “I can explain.”



  1. Never say that if she is mad at you, because the explanation is not gonna be good enough
  2. yes i am running again for CSM, would love it if you put me on your ballot.
  3. More on the campaign on the next post, then I do my sorting hat posts.

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He was on a Bus run when the comms chimed.  A reminder.  A date and a place.  He sighed, “Another year already, eh?”

He finished the pass wondering what he should bring.  Come armed or . . . in the end he chose a diplomatic shuttle and arrived in the system.  He was greeted by Rayne Lee who handed him a ship with which to light a cyno and he stood out from the station and did so.

Quiet chatter with a few folks (Tovanis, Erika Mizune) and a second cyno joined his, just off of the station.  “we are immortal, till we are not”  Mike whispered to himself as he eventually closed the cyno and returned to his own ship.  He thanked Rayne and left the Cyno ship there for next year.

The way home was faster than he expected as one Brave Newbie had decided to camp the gate of GE-8JV and Mike awoke in his home station.  He was a little ticked off . . . the loss of the ship was nothing but the disrespect (as he saw it) of camping a memorial service . . . He decided NOT to send the extra isk he often sent folks who killed him and just dropped a line to the killer and some officers of Brave expressing his disappointment given that he had been told

During the memorial, Brave will not fire upon neutrals in our space unless fired upon first,

In the end?  It did not matter.  He had come to pay his respects and had done so.



Not everybody gets a cease fire notice.

Broadcast for Reps (B4R) is an in game organization to help folks who might be suffering from depression or having thoughts of self harm.  No joke, they will help you get help if you let them.

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“This contest,”  Tanta asked.  “Gonna be at the usual place?”

“Of course”  The countess replied.  “It is tradition.”

The three ladies (though two would smirk at being called such) sat at a small table between practices.  Bottles of water and cups of tea were on the table before them along with a small plate of freshly made cookies.  Free poked at one and sighed.  “Bacon-chocolate again?”

Tanta smiled without comment and returned her focus to the Countess.  “That be a good thing, that hall has history and we can take advantage of that.”

The Countess leaned forward, now paying more attention, “How, what advantage is to be had if we both dance on the same stage?”

“You remember the first lesson I taught you?  About intent?  I told you about your intent in a dance is not a thing you can see but it makes all the difference in the mood, in the moves.  There is a difference between moving and moving with intent.  Now old buildings, they has the same thing, the same . . . ”  Tanta waved her hand. “You feel it sometimes, if you pays attention.  Schools, churches, they has a feel if they have been made right, used right.  You step into one, close your eyes and just feels it.  This place I brought you to?  been teaching here for a very long time.  It is a place where I seem to get better results.  Close your eyes . . . feel the history of the place, all the students who have come and gone chasing dance when they shoulda stayed still a moment and let the dance find them.  But this place, it has intent.”

She closed her eyes and after a moment the Countess followed suit.  Free watched the pair of them but kept her own eyes open, moving, guarding. Others formed a wider perimeter and a small comm patch would let her know if anything had happened further out be she knew that she was the last line.

“La,”  Tanta said, opening her eyes. “Now the contest venue?  It be a place where the challenges have happened for a very long time.  So whatchoo think the intent of that building be?”

The Countess looked to Tanta and considered the question.  “Challenge, winning, losing, an exhibition.”

“Conflict and choosing are very old tings and they leave their mark.  So you use that but choose the intent you want to speak to you.  The winning.  Let that resonate within you and grow, become part of what you do on that stage. Take a moment and let it flow into you, through you let the winning take hold even before you take the first step.”

The Countess looked to Free, questioningly.

“I have been to places where death hung heavy in the air.  Slave pens where despair and surrender soaked into you.  I do not know if it was  a byproduct of the architecture and its purpose or something more spiritual but I know what Tanta speaks of, I know.”  Free spoke softly.  “I have been in well appointed houses that were just walls and furnishings and small barren apartments where you knew a home was and love grows . . . ”  She shook her head.  “I knows better than to argue with Tanta, you let the win become part of you just as I never enter combat planning to fall.  If your opponent sees it and feels it, all the better, they will almost default into the defensive, the losing position.”

“But talk is not dance, up, tea is ova.  We work on form and flow again, today . . . ”  Tanta rose smoothly and stepped out onto the open dance floor drawing the Countess with her.



I have been in old schools and libraries and felt the building about me.  I have found peace in old churches and feared to walk into certain old folks homes when I was a courier because the place was shrouded in death.  I have never been to Notre Dame but I felt the loss caused by the fire, just the same.

For others of you?  It may be a sporting arena, or your favourite pub.  Buildings take on a feel.  Go to a new anything and you feel the difference.  Or the missing bit that the historical ones have.

The last category is nature itself.  Not all beaches are the same, not all places in the woods.  I have places that calmed me and others that hurried me on the way through.

I am back from my vacation, back to Eve, to writing, home.

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Follow the Money


“The problem is,”  Mike said, looking down at his comms, “money.”

Free waited for Mike to continue his thought as she now recognised the tone change as him going into lecture mode.  Tanta was now in her quarters and others had taken over the shift to watch over her (and the countess but most worried more about Tanta than some unknown nobility/celebrity)

“I been readin the Minutes of the CSM and a lot of it seems to be coming down to isk, time and time again.  Thems that has it and means to make it worry about automation passin them by.  The powers that be see them usin too much o dat automation and bad tings may come to pass.”

“You are tired not really making a whole lot of sense, you are not.”  Free said and leaned back.  “Elucidate.”

“Elucidate, oh lawsy someone done got a word a day comm calender.”  Mike laughed and counted off on his fingers.  Mining, Anoms, Skill farms.  Ways the Big organizations can and do make the beaucoup bucks.  Thing is they can be automated, ‘bots’ we call em.  Allowing the bots to run rampant would well and truly screw up an economy.”

“So you make them illegal.”  Free said.

“Killin folks be illegal, too.  But I don’t see you ready ta slow down just yet.  There is isk to be made and folks willing to make it.  Some of the Big boys think/hope that they be ‘too big to fail’ and if they is caught they will be warned off, to keep the economy solid as opposed to properly prosecuted. Maybe they do it through cutouts or puppets, keep their own hands clean.  Maybe they good enough, for now, to get by without having to resort to such methods.  I don’t know because I ain’t in the inner circles.”

“Do you wish that you were?”

“Nah, I aint well suited to taking orders.  I do what I do and get by, somehow.  Right now, though we is seeing a lot of what Malcanis used to talk about.  Any fix we set to reign in the big boys will be easily adapted to by them and a hindrance to the little guy even more.  Or so the Big ones keep sayin.”

“You usually swear by Malcanis law.”

“Still do, thing is it is a game of percentages.  If there is a  . . .say 20% drop in mining the little guy takes a hit on his income, sure enough.  Buy 20% of a little guy does not have the same isk total ass 20% of the big uns.  IF it is even partially effective then they is still gonna take a hit in a far higher total value, even if they do adapt.  Mike tapped his pad.  It’s like this, suppose the 20% hit gets a little guy making 2 bill a month, he loses 400 mill, right?  The big guy adapts and the hit is only 5%, but his income is  . . . lets round it to a trillion.  May be more may be less but that is a nice easy to play with number.  5% hit to them comes to 50 Billion . . . a month.  A billion here and a billion there and soon you talkin real money.

Thing is, even if the CSM reps from those big alliances do the math (oh and I Know they does math better than me) they also know that if the whole economy collapses we all will be just making rock piles in the rubble that is left.  So they has to help even if it do hurt some in the short run.  They just try to minimize their losses and ‘control the fall’.”

“The Minutes, you said, are heavily edited and a lot is missing . . . a lot.”

“Ayup, and no I don’t know what is being said behind the NDAs but I am good at makin guesses and I do know how things happen in there.  But readin through the minutes I keep hearing isk at the back of it all.  That be why hisec and lowsec pretty well got completely ignored.  Aint a lot of money there.  Aint nobody speakin up for them unless the topic is brought up.  And it wasn’t.  Leastwise not in the parts they let out.  Even wormholes were, for the most part, ignored.”  He sighed.  “A lot done but . . . ”

“But not done to the things you care about, not them.”

“Zactly.  But dance practice starts early in the mornin so I is gonna take a drink an walk the perimeter one time before catching some shut eye.”  He stood and bowed in a formal manner.  “I always appreciate having a person to chat wif.  Specially one willing to lissen.”

Free smiled and headed off to her own quarters.  But she loaded toe comm channel with the minutes and decided to see what he was looking at first hand.



Minutes are here

I have been skimming the reddit commentary on them as well as the forums.  I won’t bother defending the CSM here (again) but some folks had less to say about the minutes and more about mad that their part of the game was getting hurt and or ignored.  Given how the nerf hammer was swining in some sessions I am kind of glad Hisec did not see a lot of mention.

Been a while since I did much writing, feels good to get back in the swing of things.

Oh and for those of you stubborn enough to read this far?  Draw for a battleship.  Just make a comment within the next week or so.

Last thing, the Bus will be doing a very special run through the career systems next week.  Gnosis and implants, I am thinking.  Remind folks you know to keep an eye on local in the career systems.

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Mike and Free sat on the floor with their backs against the mirrored wall watching Tanta teach dance to the Gallente nobility.  It was probably just coincidence that they also had a clear line of sight to both entries into the room and that there was enough space between them to allow easy movement if something happened.  Probably.

Tanta was circling and inspecting the Countess who stood still before her.  “Tis all ’bout the attitude.  Frame, poise and just pure  . . . intent.  You get dat an you be half way dere.  You don’t get dat and then you juss learnin steps but not dance.  Dance is more dan movement, more dan keepin time to da music.  You wants to move somebody you gots ta put yer ‘eart in de art.”  She circled again and then looked over to Mike and Free.

“Emé.  Stop actin the bodyguard an come be useful for a change.”  Her tone made it less of a request and more a direct order.  Mike jumped to his feet and ran over.  “Now dis boy, he not much o a dancer but he spent too much time wit me not to learn a ting or two.”

Free straightened up a bit and shifted so the door was still in view and Mike was side on to her.  She saw the change as he moved, normally he . . . well, swaggered would be the best term for it but as he came close to Tanta the movement changed to a smooth glide, his shoulders shifted back and his spine straightened.  He also had not made a single quip which was, for him, nothing short of a miracle.

“Intent.”  Tanta declared “It be more than a pose, more than anyting in the muscles, it be up there.”  She stretched up to tap the side of Mikes head.  “Not that there be much else up there to get in da way, him bein a man and all.”  She looked up to Mike and said. “Paso”

Maybe there was a slight balance change but suddenly he loomed over the two women, almost threatening without moving.  His expression had hardened even though there was still a smile on his face it was one of a predator.

Tanta nodded then said “Mendre”.  Again any change was a subtle one but the smile warmed . . . a lot.  His balances seemed back, inviting his partner to step much much closer.  “You see?  Intent, not steps.”  She slapped Mike on the arm, “Go sit down, we be doin dance and you done all you can do by not moving and ruinin everytin.  Tank you Emé.”

Mike stepped back and bowed to the pair of them then swaggered back to Free and slid down the wall to the floor.  Free looked at him and thought and then nodded.  “Now I understand.  How you recognise me so quickly when I am in disguise.”

“Hmm?”  Mike asked, eyes still on the door.

She paused, looking at him.  “Intent means a lot to you, doesn’t it?”

“Tanta says life . . .  it is the dance we all do, whether we know the steps or no.  I help a lot of newbros when I can because their intent is to learn.  Now and again a troll comes along to disrupt that flow.  If they is of bad intent then they find me changin mine right quick.  We each dance our own dance with our own intents and intensity but if you pays attention, you sees the shades of it juss the same.  Oh I will go on a roam with a hunting fleet now and again but not with the intent to ruin someone, just remind them that space be dangerous.  I fully expect them to have the intent to shoot back and dat be fine, too.”  He glanced to her for a moment.  “Intent is what is inside, not the steps but the thought behind them, like Tanta be teachin.”

Free met his eyes for a moment and then looked back to the door but she listened a bit more closely to Tanta.  In the back of her mind she began to connect it not to dance but martial arts she had learned . . . and it all connected.



Just a short one, and a small rl story for you.  Both my daughters have done Karate.  When the youngest was about 5 she went into her first Kumite (fighting an opponent at a tournament)  She can out on the mat all smiles and waving at friends on the side, cute as a button and not that respectful of what was about to start.  Then the ref barked out the first ‘ready’ signal and she went into a stance, smile gone, serious and almost growling, eyes focused on the opponent.  Her intent was clear and she won her first match 5-0 all in very clean kicks that connected properly.

Some rookies who play eve come in with the wrong intent or understanding of what the game is. They will not know that ship loss happens, that yes, other folks can and will kill you.  I honestly had a guy surprised he was shot, he had ‘just been orbiting them in a 0.4 system”.  . . . yeah.

I may do a small commentary on the CSM winter summit minutes (soon™) but when I do I will be looking for intent, what was the CSM trying for and what was CCP trying to accomplish.

It feels good to be back writing.

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Ok, two things and In will let you go, I know you are busy this time of year.

  1.  Operation Northern troll, send CCP a christmas card https://mikeazariah.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/ooc-operation-northern-troll/  Send ccp a real honest to goodness Christmas card.

2. Operation Magic School Bus will be doing a special double run through the career systems with a small twist.  For the Holiday runs I will announce each day where the Bus is and stay there, for the day (on and off as rl allows.  Special gifts shall be handed out as the spirits demand.  Sop watch here or me on twitter @mikeazariah  to see where I am.

Merry Christmas

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Before departure

It was a larger than normal crowd in the graveyard.  What was normally a quiet time for Mike and Tanta had blossomed into a full family event (living and dead) and the spread of food and drink covered more than a few graves.  People were laughing but respectful as they talked of old times and poured a bit out for those who could not raise their own glasses.

“So they convinced you to come teach a few steps?”  Mike asked with a grin.

Tanta nodded, loading Frees plate a bit higher over her futile protests.  “They had another teacher, one of my former students.”

“Let me guess . . . she met with an accident.”

“Wrong twice, boy.  He was out and out killed.  Somebody is trying ta slant the results of the contest but they hit the wrong target cause now they gots me to contend wif.”

“Tanta I kin takes you where you wants to go but I cannot stop assassins once we get there, I just can’t.  It ain’t my speciality.”

“Boy, you juss drive yer Bus.  I gots others to watch my back when we is on the ground.”  She looked over to Free and nodded.

“Tanta never travels alone, but I and a friend will be tagging along as well.  You are right in that a determined hit will be hard to stop but the previous target was taken out up close and personal, not a bomb or large scale event.  I will watch over her, I will.”

“La, see?  You has nuthin to worry about except starvin, Eat more, I make this all up special.”  Tanta shoved a bowl of gumbo towards him and he dutifully took some.

“Feed me too much and I won’t fit in my own pod.  Once the contest be over then there is no reason for you to be targetted, no?  So how long we lookin at?”

“Once we gets there?  10 days.  But you has to get us there first.  My sources say that they might try something subtle like a pirate . . . ”

Mike laughed.  “I know too many pirates.  If someone new tries something out there he damn well better be ready and trained.  I don’t doubts that many of my friends would shoot me iffen I crossed their sites on the wrong side of the tracks but take out a contract on me?  In the Bus?  Oh some hotshot may pretend to be a pirate and make a try but I is fairly known and this is home turf.”

“I will get you there, Tanta.  I will.”  Mike set down his drink on a headstone and plate to one side.  “I will stay for a bit and be back for the contest but I cannot be away for 10 days.”  He stood.  “But understand one ting and one very important ting at that.”

Mike raised his voice to fill the graveyard so all could hear.  “If someone tries to take a shot at Tanta, who will put themselves in harms way to protect her?”

Free rose silently, as did everyone else present.

“Tanta, you do not risk one life . . . ”  Mike hesitated.  “I don’t count as one no more, being a podder but look around you.  I gets you all there, all safe as far as I can carry you but know you are carrying a lot of life yourself.”

Tanta, seated on the grave like a queen on her throne looked about at all the serious and worried faces and snuffled back a tear. “Why you leave politicking, Eme?  You so damn good at it.  I knows what you is saying and I will listen to those worth listenin to.”  She smiled up at Free.

Mike turned and took both of Frees hands in his own.  “Call in what favours you have.  Eyes everywhere, Ears everywhere else.”

She was about to make a joke until she looked into his eves and saw the pain.  Silently she nodded.

There was a quiet moment then Mike grinned and scooped up the gumbo and set to serving other small parties.  The celebration of life and death continued as it always had and probably always would.  Old ways, they die hard.


No real lesson here.  I am trying out some new things like running abyssal sites to make a bit of isk.  I thank https://www.alpha-orbital.com/news/abyssal-solo-worm-fit   for that.  Good advice and a good ship fit goes a very long way.

I also am streaming on caffeine the runs, now and again, I usually tweet when I am doing that and include a link.  Feel free to follow me on twitter @mikeazariah *could probably grab the link for above as well.

I am gearing up for Christmas and of course the Bus will be doing some fun stuff though it will probably be in game and less so in the blog.  I WILL make a special stop each day and tweet it then hand out a largish gift or two in local to those who pay attention.  That will be the 12 days of Christmas Dec 25-Jan 6 you heathens

But I have been lax and so comments to this post will be entered in a draw for a Worm.  Damn nice little ship.  1 week or so before I make the draw.

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Money Talks (summery winter minutes part 2)

“So”, he said as he gathered things for the trip.  “The minutes I was reading are actually relevant to right now.”

“How?”  Free asked, she was already packed.

“There be different types of combat.  There is kills someone directly then there is just grow so strong they will not even think of fighting you.  They talked about the economics report for a specific month and war was all over it even if there were not as many explosions.  Now this was high comedy for folks who tend to read between the lines.  One councillor asked if bounty payouts were currently sustainable and was flat out told no.  Another asked which subcap ship was drawing all the isk only to be told it was Carriers and SuperCarriers that were doing the most damage to the economy.”  Mike laughed.

‘Why is this funny?”  Free asked.

“Because a LOT of the the council is representing Nullsec where this is happening.  They were hoping that their constituency would not be noticed so directly.  Turns out Abyssal Tier 5 runs are making nice isk as well.  Then they talked about other lesser isk policies and how we poor capsuleers are supposed to make a living.”  Mike grinned.  “Those of us who work for a living, that is.”

Free frowned but scooped up her bag as Mike paused then tossed another pair of shoes on top of his case and they headed out.  “Extra shoes?”

“Juss in case Tanta wants me to help.”  He replied.  “I prefer ones that are broke in.”

OOC- next convo was on ESI sign ins and such, not really IC material but of interest to some of you

“Then they talked about sponsored events.  Like when we went after the rogue drones and the slavers.”

“That should not be an event, just something that is all the time.”  She was heading toward the ship he had arrived in but hew steered her off to the side and a much larger ship.  MUCH larger.  “That?”

“Ayup.  She can be comfortable and don’t expect many folks think of this as a people mover.”

“That is because it isn’t.  For all that you call it a Bus . . . ” She stopped as Mike swung to face her square on, the smile gone.

“I move Tanta so she be safe.  Not so I can win a fight or even shoot back.  Her.  Safe.  The Bus is 3km long and very tough to take out before Concord takes an interest.  You will be ready to man a shuttle and recover an escape pod iffen it comes to that.  But movin thru hisec?  This be safest. I know you thinks in terms o safe is when they other is dead and that be so but when the other is most likely hirelings?  I had to choose between fast and sneaky or big and tough to kill.”  He gestured at the Bus.  “It may last long enough for help ta arrive.”

“What help?”  Free asked.

“Again, we is movin through hisec.  This is where I lives.  I won’t put out a call for a fleet but I may ask a few trusted friends to keep an ear open just in case I calls.”  Mike laughed.  “If I made an illegal call for help in Rookie Help Chat the results might be . . . interesting.”

Free frowned.  “How so?”

“Well that was another ting that was discussed.”  Mike lead the way up to an elevator puled up along side the Bus.  “Most new pilots are not taught how to fit ships.  They make the oh so common mistakes like dual tanking or mixing guns.  There was a lot of talk about better trainin for new pilots or at least some basic lessons on how to fit a ship.”  Mike sighed.  “We see a lot of that along side the trolls.  The players that that think themselves edgy to push the limits of civility.”

“That is a big accusation coming from a Gallente”

“Some words don’t need being said.  Some stands about people based upon the colour of their skin?  Where they be born?  Not welcome.  Not now, not here, not there.   You want to rile up a Gallente?  Push his or her limits on those boundaries.  Rookie help chat is very specific about such talk but the people in charge ain’t always about.  Damn I wish they would give me a hammer, even a small one because some nails just beg to get knocked into the wood.

They also chatted about giving the new pilots a bit more of a hint as to what they should be training and why.  Us helpers usually just point towards the Magic 14.  But that is us and Eve Uni, not the powers that be, doin the teachin.”  Mike sighed and gestured her into the body of the ship.  “Make yerself comfortable while I go get naked and plugged in.”

She rolled her eyes and boarded the Bus as Mike waved over a crane and rode it down the hanger to the pod bay.



What should be taught and how is a common refrain for the Eve NPE, they have changed it again and I am not sure that it is for the better.  IF I ever get on the CSM again I am going to do a pedagogical analysis of the NPE and hand the damn thing in.

There is still a bit more to write on the minutes and the wardec thread is still going hot and heavy in the forums.  I may have to write a side piece on that.

Y’all getting ready for eve vegas?  I am jealous.  But you kids have a great time.



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Interlude between Minutes

If you are looking for more minutes, see the next post, this one needed to be done, it was yelling at me to be written

“Where the hell are we going, anyways”  Mike asked, walking beside Free.

“Wondered how long it would take you to ask.”  Free said.  “Back to pack and then you are flying us to fetch Tanta.  She has someplace she needs to be and thinks that You are the one to take her.”

“Tanta takes standard ships all the time . . . why would she . . . ”  Mike stopped.  “Someone wants her dead.”

Free nodded and continued walking for a moment before realising Mike was not beside her.  She looked back to see Mike standing very still, hands slightly out from the sides of his body, eyes focused in the distance.  Then he relaxed and caught up with her.  “Lead on.”

“That’s it?  No demands, no ranting?  Just lead on?”  Free asked incredulously. “Damn I just lost 200 isk.”

Mike laughed.  “You made a bet with Tanta?  I thought you smarter than that.”

“With Ruis.  I thought it was easy money.”  She looked down.  “I should know better, eh?”

“It was easy money, for Ruis.”  Mike grinned.  “Oh I am plenty mad but there ain’t nothin here to take my mad out on.  So I thought about what you had told me.”

“I haven’t told you anything, yet.”

“Tanta needs protection but it ain’t from one person.  Otherwise you would have handled it without me getting involved.  It ain’t from ground assault or locals because Tanta seldom runs and she has a friends around her, at home.  So this is big and vague . . . and new.  Now what is new that would make Tanta a target?”  Mike looked off into the distance for a moment and then snapped his fingers.  “Dance lessons.  Ensî Beatrice Batteuse?”

Now Free stopped to stare at him.  “How?”

Mike grinned “You know my method. It is founded on the observation of trifles.  I read the news and look for patterns all the time.  Trifles have layers, like an ogre.  When something makes Tanta break pattern you can usually make good guesses as to what, based on how she moves.  You told me everything I needed to know, assuming that I was paying attention.  Now lets go get packed.”


No lessons but the last piece to this puzzle was this odd post from CCP


that made me start thinking and you know that is always dangerous.

I will get back to minutes next post

fly it like you won it,


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