More time spent on Minutes

“So then they got onto the idea of ‘events’, you know, like hunting the Purity loonies.”  Mike took snack from the plate the waitress dropped on the table and grinned.  “Things to do in between other things to do.  They have been good and will probably continue.  I expect the Blood Raiders will have their annual dustup, sometime soon.  There was some talk about what appropriate rewards were when you did stuff for Concord or Scope.”

“You sad you didn’t toss your hat in the ring, this year?”  Scotty asked from the side.

“No, but I think the ring may throw a hat at me.”  Mike replied.  “Probably soon.  They got into the minutiae of fashion, both SKINs for the ships and citadels as well as right down to hats for capsuleers. The coucillors spent some time trying to convince the powers that be that vanity pieces DO mean something to some pilots.  Some folks want to have a sense of identity even down to their ship colours.”

“Like you don’t want your big Bus painted all yellow.”  Scotty said.

“Oh I like a few other paint schemes as well,”  Mike grinned,  “though I wouldn’t


be the first to use them.  Either way, more appeals to our collective vanity cannot be a bad idea, no?”

He then took on a more serious tone.  “Then they started to get into the more meaty subjects like the clone alterations that are acommin.”

The listeners poured more drinks from various pitchers and leaned in a bit.  This was something they wanted to know about.  “Ya knows Valkyrie pilots?  Simple rinse and re-use clones, eh?  Well looks like the modifications of clone tech has allowed a ‘budget’ version for us capsuleers as well.  You don’t learn as fast, you cannot learn much beyond the basics.”

“So why do it?”  Someone asked.

“Economics, relativelesy speaking it is damn near free to fly like that.”  Mike shrugged.  “Some folks be willin to sacrifice anyting ta get what they thinks is a deal.”

Scotty looked at Mike and asked.  “Somethin about them bothers you though, right?”

“Ayup.  Mainly waves of them not caring the cost, waves of them not really caring who they votes for, waves of them overwhelming shorthanded staff for issues, waves breaking upon the shores of our status quo.  Now that may not be a bd thing, overall but I do see issues.  But the Powers That Be tell us they will monitor for major shifts and react accordingly which means a lot of those waves MAY happen before they decide to build a breakwater.”

“That is good, isn’t it?”

“In one way, yes.  It will let us see what is the word that can happen but if it drives the old guard away . . . some may not come back.  And if the new wave of folks learn to like what they have they will kick and scream if their little toys are taken away from them.  I am not sure there IS a right answer to be found so . .  . well one of the other side said it best.

CCP Seagull emphasized again that the intention of clone states and the
restrictions was not to encourage every alpha state account to subscribe, but to
allow them to be able to play side by side with the omegas without wrecking the

so we will have to see and be prepared to weather out the storms.”

“Then they spent some time on how we can rework our line of sudies and resumes (character sheets)  and I knows that there will be people who hate it just because it is change.  They will beg for things to be an option to be the old way and they will be denied.  Thgis is a pattern for every change of this type.  Some more instinctive things like the pause and apply will be better used and personally I think it all sounds fairly nice.  They also looked at how inventory will be indicative of whether and ‘alpha’ can use things or not, both on the ship tree and on basic market and inventory.”

Mike grinned.  “The session after that was statistics.  Now I won’t bore you with them but I found this to be one I always love to attend and the graphs made are awesome


Stuff like the above can advise you as to what MOST folks use for their damage dealt and maybe prepare or fit similarly.  Or try to buck the tide and find something better.”

Mike looked about and nodded to the waitress.  “Feed the folks.  Assorted appies till the plates stop emptying.”

He sat back.  “Talkin be work, too.”



More has come out since the summit and In may incorporate a bit, here and there, but this is mainly based off of the minutes.

Eve Metrics is always my fav bit.  Go look at the graphs.

If anybody knows about setting up Fortizrs could you send me a note.  I seriously am looking at them but not finding a lot of info online that is a cohesive ‘how to’

fly it like you won it


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From a Distance

“Well, well, well.  “Scotty drawled.  “Look what got dragged in to Cat.”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “I don’t think that is how that sayin goes.  I am here on a mix, business and pleasure.  The pleasure be that of buying a few rounds for you and the boys.”

“And the business?”

“Scouting sites . . . thinking of putting up a Citadel one of these days and I like these stomping grounds.  But first I have a lot of learning to do.”  Mike grimaced.

“Well, at least you are not all caught up in Minutes, this year.”  Scotty looked at his sideways as they headed for the bar.

“I still read them of course, just don’t worry if they spelled my name right.”  Mike tried to keep a straight face.

“You miss it, don’t you?”

Mike sighed.  “I do, don’t know why or what but I do miss the whole process.”

“Well then, we have just the cure for you.  You can buy us drinks and explain the damn things to us.  Pretend that you are still a caring community type.”

Mike laughed and nodded.  “Sounds good, Maybe I will get it out of my system.”

Soon enough he was holding court in a local bar and letting any who wandered in hear his opinion of what the high and mighty were up to.

“To start with you have to understand that this was unusual right from the start.  ALL 14 councilors made it to the summit.  Usually some of  would remote presence in and/or just no even try.  We were not always ‘invited’ or able to assign the time to the meetings so the ‘powers that be’ [ccp] have never dealt with this large an invasion of capsuleers into their inner sanctum.  Larger rooms and more voices would, for me, be a concern.

The First sessions were ‘here is how we work, this is what we do, followed by ‘this is what we have planned’.  Best takeaway your average pilot could use is knowing who does what.  What team to watch if you have a specific interest.  In the short term things may be fairly solidified as to what is coming but as we move into the next year possibilities open up.  Then they asked the council for suggestions for the roadmap . . . ”  Mike chuckled softly.

•New Space and Stargates -Noobman
•More frequent balancing -Mr Hyde, TheJudge
•Ability to influence gates in already known space -Aryth
•Better and more engaging NPCs -Sullen
•Expanded and better Mining Gaming -Steve
•More high-risk, high reward PvE -Gorski
•More Social PvE –Jin’taan
•Better experience after the first week- Innominate
•Better experience in large fight situations -Bobmon
•Structures, space and their customization -Kyle
•Giving players the ability to create missions to give other players more
    content- Fafer
•Instant action -Fafer
•Graphic Creation Toolkit for content creators -Xenuria
•More personalized assets -Nashh
“I am not going to go back and see if these are things they promised to push for, during the last election, but the open question on record is a good move and will help in future elections.  The one thing I found worthy of special note is the PTB (powers that be) reaction to Jin’s request for more social PvE.  We mission runner tend to be a solitary bunch except for the incursion communitee.  The head honchette indicated

there is an assumption that CCP doesn’t want to make more content like this, and that this assumption isn’t really true.
so there may be more group missions in our future.”
“Groups missions?”  Someone called from the back.
“One of the more common terms is ‘raids’.”  Mike shrugged.  “I figure it will be hard to do but not impossible.  Some of us will still try to do them all alone and damned if I don’t think some hotshot will ‘solve the puzzles’ quick enough.  But back to the minutes, we can tear ’em apart, later.
So the Powers started talking about a lot of details such as
•The IGB removal and covering all of its functionality.
•Some performance optimization for the post-processing system
•Item packs for starter packs
•Removal of the Login queue
•One-Click Purchase (with further discussion regarding fraud and hacking
Engineering Complexes
Which lead them in a dozen different ways as they most likely discussed the ramifications and state of each choice made.”
“Which didn’t make the minutes.”  A voice said from the back.
“No, that sort of thing seldom sees the light of day but I KNOW they do not just mention it and move on.  They also touched on Faction warfare and said something that both excites and scares me . . .
When the topic of standings with FW was brought up, CCP Burger brought up that
they’re looking a bit into this and all sorts of expanded possibilities to actually
make standings matter.
Which can mean a lot of things but from my point of view the 4 empires are starting to recognize the Cuckoos egg they are hatching in their nests.  Capsuleers, some of us, at least, barely recognize heritage and just fly and do what we want leaving the empires to squabble among themselves.  Others still maintain loyalties and affection for our homes and heritage.  I am Gallente . . . THEN a Capsuleer.”
The locals gave some whoops of support and then quieted to hear what worried Mike.
“I . . .I don’t know what is coming but it feels like a storm . . . the winds are changing.”  He shrugged.  “Of I am just in need of another drink.”
One was passed to him and he continued. “Then they talked about the business of making Capsuleers.  Getting folks to join up and become immortal.  Sales and pitches and samples of product lines a preview of the store: but in the end that is not something that directly effects me except to give me more folks to greet with the Bus.
But then the high level stuff was done and they started to get down to brass tacks.
If you unfamiliar with this?  Yes, I write in character, live with it, yes I clicked the link, too, just thought I would pass the love on.
I will break this up into manageable chunks and this is the first of how ever many it takes.  I pulled it from the first 10 pages of 55 pages of the Minutes.  If you don’t like my summary then 
go read them yourself.  Hell I do.  Next post soon, RL willing.
fly it like you won it.
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“See, I always thought the point of terrorism was to cause fear, to sway minds or drive an enemy into a corner.  Ting is, I seldom see that it works.”  Mike scooped some of the contents of the skillet onto a pair of plates and slid one across to Free.  “I never saw you as a terrorist . . . more like a combat specialist.  You don’t go trying to scare folks or even make the news, you juss wants dem dead, no?”

“Exactly.”  She picked up a fork and poked at the food.  “What is this again?”

“Food.”  Mike grinned.  “Don worry, I no spice it too much or too little, it be juss right.”

“There are times when we differ on what ‘juss right’ means.”  She took a bite and smiled.  “But not this time.”

“So what are them Purity folks up to, then?  They make lots of noise and pretty nice targets but I just don’t see the point.”  He washed a mouthful down with some red wine.

“They object to one not of Pure Amarr heritage taking the throne.  She is, by bloodline, sullied with the Udorian ancestry of her family.  So they want her removed and another more pure elevated to Empress.”

“How do you and yours feel about it?”

“Depends on how she stands on the one question we care about.  If she supports chainers then she is a target.  Not because of Bloodline but because of beliefs, simple as that.  We will not try to change her mind, just her from living Empress to ‘The Late Empress’.”

Mike snorted.  “Have a hotline to the Drifters, do you?”

“No, sadly.”  She ate some more and looked at him.  “You are going to be there, for the coronation, aren’t you?”

“If I is in the area twould be rude not to drop by and say hello.  Heavens forbid I might be seen as being rude.”  Mike grinned wider than before.  “I tink I may even be in that area on Bus business.  Maybe.  If y’all wants to come along I am sure I can find rooms for ya . . . ”

She paused then met his happy gaze with a serious one.  “I may take you up on that, I may.”



IRL the Prince William and family landed in my home town about an hour ago.  People were lined up for hours to get a glimpse of them.

The other prompt for this is the violence in the last few days south of my border.  I just have this to add.

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, … Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.  MLK

I think that a The Coronation of stellar empire like the Amarr would/will be a big thing.  So IF I can find the right time and be there, I will.  Now I just have to decide on the right ship for the job.  And do I white skin it?

Tuesday, but when Tuesday? just says what day.  A time would be nice . . . anyone know?

Ah well, till then?  fly it like you won it




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OOC Preparing for Alpha

OK, hopefully, this will be a big thing and I decided to make alpha characters ahead of time.  One for each race.  The thing is that this MAY ber a very dated piece, very soon.  If they change the new player experience and the base skills shift then all the work I do here becomes ancient history.

I don’t think that I have mentioned this before but that is kind of how my eve writing career started.  A player who had a website asked me to write a character creation piece explaining the difference between each race and bloodline.  It DID make a difference back then.  He paid me for the write ups and that gave me a start in Eve.  Now here I am, doing it again and once more there is a chance that it will be a two month article that then becomes ‘no longer relevant’.

But something makes me want to write this and so I made another trial account and a new character so I could remember where we start and set up the changes.   Then I relaised that I could just hit Eve Uni Wiki and find the list.

So what will My Amarr be allowed to use once the November expansion hits?

Amarr     Remote Hull Repair Systems     1     Armor
Amarr     Repair Systems                               4     Armor
Amarr     Thermal Armor Compensation     1     Armor
Amarr     Corporation Management           1     Corporation Management
Amarr     Drone Avionics                               4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Durability                            4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Interfacing                          3     Drones
Amarr     Drone Navigation                          4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Sharpshooting                   4     Drones
Amarr     Drones                                               5     Drones
Amarr     Light Drone Operation                 4     Drones
Amarr     Medium Drone Operation           3     Drones
Amarr     Repair Drone Operation              2     Drones
Amarr     Electronic Warfare                        4     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Propulsion Jamming                    3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Weapon Disruption                      3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Advanced Weapon Upgrades     1     Engineering
Amarr     CPU Management                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Emission Systems     3     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Management               4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Systems Operation     3     Engineering
Amarr     Electronics Upgrades                   4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Grid Upgrades                  4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Pulse Weapons                 2     Engineering
Amarr     Power Grid Management             4     Engineering
Amarr     Thermodynamics                          3     Engineering
Amarr     Weapon Upgrades                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Controlled Bursts                          4     Gunnery
Amarr     Gunnery                                           5     Gunnery
Amarr     Medium Energy Turret                4     Gunnery
Amarr     Motion Prediction                        4     Gunnery
Amarr     Rapid Firing                                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Sharpshooter                               4     Gunnery
Amarr     Small Energy Turret                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Surgical Strike                             4     Gunnery
Amarr     Trajectory Analysis                     4     Gunnery
Amarr     Leadership                                     3     Leadership
Amarr     Missile Launcher Operation     1     Missiles
Amarr     Acceleration Control                   3     Navigation
Amarr     Afterburner                                    3     Navigation
Amarr     Evasive Maneuvering                  3     Navigation
Amarr     High Speed Maneuvering           3     Navigation
Amarr     Navigation                                      4     Navigation

Amarr     Warp Drive Operation                 3     Navigation
Amarr     Biology                                             3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Cybernetics                                     3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Industry                                            5     Production
Amarr     Mass Production                             3     Production
Amarr     Mining                                               4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Mining Upgrades                            4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Reprocessing                                    3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Salvaging                                           3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Armor Rigging                                  2     Rigging
Amarr     Astronautics Rigging                      2     Rigging
Amarr     Drones Rigging                                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Electronic Superiority Rigging     2     Rigging
Amarr     Energy Weapon Rigging                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Jury Rigging                                        3     Rigging
Amarr     Archaeology                                        3     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Acquisition                 2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Rangefinding             2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometrics                                      3     Scanning
Amarr     Hacking                                               3     Scanning
Amarr     Survey                                                  3     Scanning
Amarr     Science                                                4     Science
Amarr     EM Shield Compensation              1     Shields
Amarr     Explosive Shield Compensation     1     Shields
Amarr     Kinetic Shield Compensation      1     Shields
Amarr     Shield Compensation                     3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Management                        3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Operation                              4     Shields
Amarr     Shield Upgrades                               3     Shields
Amarr     Tactical Shield Manipulation       3     Shields
Amarr     Thermal Shield Compensation    1     Shields
Amarr     Connections                                       2     Social
Amarr     Criminal Connections                     2     Social
Amarr     Diplomacy                                           3     Social
Amarr     Distribution Connections              2     Social
Amarr     Mining Connections                        2     Social
Amarr     Negotiation                                        2     Social
Amarr     Security Connections                      2     Social
Amarr     Social                                                    3     Social
Amarr     Amarr Cruiser                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Destroyer                              4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Frigate                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Industrial                              1     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Mining Frigate                                  4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Spaceship Command                      3     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Anchoring                                           1     Structure Management
Amarr     Long Range Targeting                     3     Targeting
Amarr     Signature Analysis                           3     Targeting
Amarr     Target Management                        4     Targeting
Amarr     Broker Relations                               2     Trade
Amarr     Marketing                                           2     Trade
Amarr     Trade                                                    3     Trade


(OK so formatting is not my thing)  This is what you will be ‘allowed’ to have active as an Alpha clone.  So this is what you should be making . . . right now.  Think about it.  You train at normal speed right now, alphas will train slower (how slow I do not know)  IF you plan on making an alpha for whatever purpose you would be well advised to make it and start training it with the better speed available, no?

Now if you asre a new player the above list means next to nothing to you so let me make a few suggestions for what to hit first.

Light Drone Operation–Buy it, get it training.  Drones are handy, period.

If you are going to do missions beyond the Career agents?  –Connections

For fitting?  Go to this link and see their recommendations.  I do not like to try to reinvent perfectly good wheels.

Frigate, destroyer, cruiser to max.  Frigate first and then move on.

Look at what you like doing, what you want to do.  Fitting skills are always good while you are deciding but always keep skills on the burner.  Alwas be learning till you max that Alpha out.  If in doubt guns and defense are good as well.  Amarr armor tank and lasers, for example.

Basically, what I am saying?  Plan ahead.  CCP tells us things?  USE that knowledge and make good decisions.

fly it like you won it





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OOC Interesting times

Juan Carlos Minjita check your contracts, you won the trio of destroyers.

Been a very busy week. News drops from CCP have gotten everybody tlaking and about more than one thing.  You have some positive that it is the end of the game and others sure that it is a bright new dawn.

So the long and the short of it is that November is gonna be awesome (in spite of the US election)  We have changes coming that Eve has never seen before.  On grid boosts and the end of offgrid boosting, Alpha clones which means you can play free forever if you are willing to accept some specific limitations.

So I helped record two podcasts this week and also took part in a PvE town hall event that Jintaan put on.  (One is here, another here, the third I will link when released)  I have fought through threadnaughts and in the end I came to one major conclusion.

I am really really sad that I will not make it to Eve Vegas this year.  It is going to be awesome.

Lots to think about, lots more to hear about.

Great time to be in the game and that is where I am going to once I post this.

fly it like you won it



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Modified 8

So sitting in the Help channel one of the ISD’s links a page of the ‘Golden Rules of Eve’.  Yeah, I don’t read that language but it is attributed to an older post by Akita T.  Instead I let Google translate do its thing . . . took it, let it rattle about in my head and this spilled out.


“No,” Mike said to the seminar he had agreed to run, “I am not sure there is ever an absolute ‘right’ way to do something but there are guidelines that you should at least know about.”

“Just guidelines?”  One of the prospective pilots asked.

“Yup, because each and every one of you, if you are to be successful will break more than a few of them at one point or another.  Forget some and groan when the lesson is hammered home.  Guidelines help you along, help you adjust but you should never, ever, consider them to be written in stone.  Got it?”  He looked about making eye contact with a few of the student and waited for some nods.

Ok, first . . . Yer gonna lose stuff.  So do not put all your eggs in one basket, all your savings in one ship.  Or if you do?  Be ready to start from the ground up without whining or complaint.  To quote someone better than myself?”

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
Now some folks put it as ‘Never undock in what you cannot replace’.  But when you are starting out?  you may not have that luxury.  So try not to or be ready to face the loss when it comes.  Some cannot and retire from flying before they ever truly flew.  Sad.”
“Have you done that?”
Mike sighed.  “Yup, been rich then been broke.  Worst was the loss of a ship and then the loss of more trying to get to the wreckage of the first.  Took me a while to bounce back.  But I did.  I had to.”  He looked off in the distance remembering a Machariel and winced just a bit.
He took a breath and continued.  “Second?  People are gonna shoot at you, whether you like it or not.  There is no safe space.  Your good intentions make for shit armor and shields.  Faster you understand that both predator and prey are involved in the kill the better you will adjust to space.”
“But I thought if I mined in hisec. . . . ” asked one.
“Still get shot”
“I won’t, just hauling cargo, low end, not worth . . . ”  started another
“Still get shot.”
“I’ll fly with friends and make our own corpor . . . ” A third offered
Mike grinned.  “Better.  You will get wardecced . . . then get shot.”
“So how do we stop them?”
Mike grinned.  You don’t.  You just make it tougher so only the really dedicated will shoot and they my decide to go for more obvious weaker targets.  Weakness draws them like blood in the water draws sharks.  Fly prepared, fly smart . . .you will still get shot, just less often.”  He grinned.  “And try to always be ready to shoot back.
“Thirdly.  Scams happen, people WILL try to fool you, rob you, trick and deceive you.  The old adage of ‘If it looks too good to be true?  It probably is.  Applies in spades.”
“But I have heard about your Bus . . . ”  One asked quietly.
“Yup, confusing as hell because I have all the earmarks of a scam.  An outrageous offer of a free fitted ship and I say there are no strings attached.  The bounty on my head makes me look questionable as well.  I am not scamming but people dealing with me should read carefully and check just the same.  This is why I only deal in Career systems . . . scamming is heavily discouraged there.”
“So why do you do it?”
Mike grinned.  “Because for all the talk of trust nobody?  That would be a very bad way to go through life.  You have to be willing to take a chance, to talk and maybe even put your hand in the lions mouth.  Sure, there will be loss, but we already covered that.  Sure you will be fooled now and again . . . but to live in space alone?  Far worse.  Part of what I do is teach that trust can happen, just proceed with caution.”  He took a sip of coffee and leaned back.  “After all, you guys are trusting me to tell you the truth and point you in the right direction?  But did any of you check to see if I even have a clue about what I am talking about?  Or did you take me at face value and trust I would not steer you wrong?”  He laughed at the confused expressions on their faces.
“Where was I?  Ah yeah, fourth . . . the most important skills are not those bought and paid for from some academy.  Assuming some pilots history SAYS that he has only three days in space can be deceptive as all hell, especially these days with Skill Injectors.  But this was true, even before then.  Some folks have innate skills that are not taught but they have them, just the same.  They may not be able to fire the gun well but far better than you at making the critical decisions that decide a battle.  I always LOOK at the age of a pilot but I do not let that mean I discount a young one.
The other side of that coin is that YOU will grow as a pilot, if you try and learn to.  Do not rush this like it was some sort of game.  Grow your skills and your experience.  Become more than the sum of your ‘education’.”
He looked around and KNEW that one went right over their heads as would the next.  “This leads us to the fifth, Bigger is not always better.  I have seen pilots rush to get into Battleships and then fit them with small guns because they could not use the large.  I have heard pilots fresh out of the Academies ask what the fastest way into a Titan was.  For one or two of you?  Maybe supercaps will be the right end goal.  Others of you will realize that your love is for a smaller class.”
“Whats yours?”
Mike looked up at the ceiling in the direction of the hangers and  smiled.  “I can fly a lot of ships and I use what is needed for the task before me but I do always seem to come back to the Destroyers.  They just make me . . . joyful to fly.  So if you are always chasing the next hull, the next class?  That is fine . . . I did that.  Just keep looking around and back and find your joyful ship, the activity that makes you happy and remember to remember.”
“Six.  The most powerful weapon/tool is information.  I cannot stress this enough.  LOOK at the damn things you are using and KNOW why you chose them over some close version.  Compare. Do your reading and do the same for people.  Every bit of knowledge helps form your decisions, prepares you for what is to come.  IF you want it?  It can be found and it is often the advantage that makes the difference in a fight.
Which brings me to seven.  Fair fight.  More mythical than Unicorns.  If a fight is fair it means you BOTH screwed up.  If it is a battle then fight to win.  If it is a game then play by the rules you set for yourself but you can never be sure the otherside is more interested in winning than in fairness.  Look back through the history of the ‘fair’ contests of Alliance tournaments in the past.  The organizers try to make it fair and then some competitors do everything in their power to subvert that and get any advantage they can.  Never cry because it was not fair.  Ever.  Most pilots will only laugh at you.”
He sighed.  “Oh some of us try to be fair and have our own codes of honour and such.  I am laughed at, often.  But the unfairness is of my own choice and the stumbling blocks I set for myself?  Well they make winning that much more sweet.”
Both his hands hit the table with a loud slap, the students jumped.  “Brings me to the last thing for today.  You will lose.  Fights, battles, wars, ships, assets, and sometimes you mind and will to keep going.  Accept that and keep going anyway.  Learn from your loss.  Make the loss a fee you paid for a hard earned lesson.  Or quit.”
He looked around the room and his voice dropped to nearly a whisper.
“But don’t quit learning.”
Hell this whole post is one lesson.  Mine is that I enjoy reading old stuff and modifying it into my own framework of experience and needs.
Been a while since I did a draw.  Since I have that love for destroyers?  I will give out a trio of T3 Destroyers, enter in the comments by naming the one you DON’T want.
fly it like you won it


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BB77 rose coloured glasses

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 77th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page.
Blog Banter 77 – The Malaise
Is there a malaise affecting Eve currently? Blogs and podcasts are going dark and space just feels that little bit emptier. One suggestion is that there may be a general problem with the vets, especially those pre-Incarna and older, leaving and being replaced by newer players who are not as invested in the game. The colonists versus immigrants? Is this a problem? Are there others? Or is everything just fine and it’s just another bout of summer “ZOMG EVE IZ DYING!”
Eve is like a pair of Siamese twins sharing vital organs.  There is the company and then there is the player base.  Neither exists without the other.  (Yes the players will go on but they will not be the player base of Eve)
So when someone says that Eve is dying I always wonder which twin are we looking at?  The player population is one measure and the companies health seems to be the other.  But if one twin starts to fall the other will try to support it as best it can (or fall right along with him/her).  I am sure that and unchecked fall of one will kill both and that will happen someday.  But this is not (yet) that day.
But summer for Eve is an odd time.  I am sure any of us living in a place like Iceland would take advantage of fair weather whenever possible so it is not a huge surprise when they all seem to take their off time in the same months.  This causes a slowdown in production and change to the game so the doom-cryers shout that Eve is dying.  By the same regard players  from around the globe seem to also have lives and some minor awareness of the outdoors.  We go out and try RL for a bit and don’t log onto the game as much. DEATH DOOM DESPAIR!!
I have often admitted to being an optimist but even I acknowledge that all things end, someday, myself included.  That does not mean I go through each day browsing casket catalogues, just that I am aware of mortality in all things.  Will Eve die?  yup.  It will die when one twin or the other gives up.  I do not surrender easily to panic, despair, doom.  Knowledge of mortality does not mean we have to race towards it rushing past all the life between now and then.
stop . . . smell the roses . . . blow something up and play the game
have fun
I’ll be in there, waiting for you and if I am the last player?  I will turn out the lights when I am done.
Oh, while writing this I had lots of images and research that molded my thoughts without making it into the post.  From the Matrix ‘not like this’ to history of conjoined twins who died.  But in the end?  I gots stuff to do, in game and out.
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Example 2 (Career Missions 1)

Where the last lesson stopped is where I will begin.  You need to dock but I suggest you skip docking in the local station and head right for the Career agents.  Hit f12 and then click on Show Career Agents.  this will show you the closest set of five agents to take you through more of the basics of Eve.  meia6w5

Right click the location, under the name of one of the agents (in this case Uitra VI) and ‘set destination’.  Your location may be different id you started as a different race or eve in a different area.  That is fine, head there.

How?  Ah, good question, grasshopper.  On your Overview one gate is now yellow.  You can either right click and select jump OR you can left click it and then left click jump in the Selected Items box.  There is a third way I will mention at the later in this post in the Business mission.  You are now in warp . . . weeeeee.  You get to the gate and go through it.  A new gate is yellow and odds are that it is already selected, jump again and again and dock when that is the choice and you will be in the agents station.  As I say in Rookie Help Chat, follow the Yellow gate road.  You little star traveler, you, you are in a new system far from the old one and new things to do.

On the right, where the Overview used to be is now the Station services box.  From the top you can undock or see Captains quarters, interact with various functions of the station such as personal grooming, insurance, bounties etc. On the bottom is the people part, three tabs, Agents, Guests, Offices.  If it is not selected, click Agents.  There they are, your teachers for the next little while.

I am going to do this an odd way . . . this post and the ones that follow will each deal with a single mission from all 4 agents (excluding advanced military until we finish basic).  In other words, this will cover the first missions Industry 1, Exploration 1, etc and the next post will cover the second mission from each agent and so on.  You do NOT have to do it this way but it makes sense to me in how I approach the process.

Please make sure your skill queue is active.

Industry 1 (Mountains out of Molehills 1 of 10)–Right click the agent and start the conversation.  READ what he says and then remember to click accept at the bottom of the conversation.  Make sure that you have a Miner I mounted on your ship and then undock.  The number one frustration players hit at this step is they warp to an asteroid field and mine the ore.  After all, that is what you are supposed to do, right?  Wrong.  The agent wants you to go to a specific place to mine.  Right click open space, mission–encounter–warp to location OR if you have the mission bar active on the left, click the mission


If mining is not the active tab on your Overview then click it and a Veldspar asteroid will be visible on the Overview.  Select and lock it, right click and orbit it at 5km and activate your miner.  A quicker method to locking targets is to control left click them.  In combat this is a shade faster and a good habit to get into.   Now you wait.  If you hover your mouse over the Miner I module near the HUD you will see the yield and time to get that yield.  Time passes and your ore hold fills.  When full head back to the station, dock and talk to the agent and complete the mission.

Exploration (Cosmic Anomalies 1 of 5)–Star the conversation with the agent, accept the mission and undock.  You do not need any special fittings or such for this one.  Hit Alt-P to open the probe menu and look down the list for Anomaly Training Combat Site.  Don’t worry, you won’t be fighting.  On the same line, to the fight there is an arrow that will allow you to warp directly to the site, click it or rt click the line and choose warp to.  On arrival a popup explains a bit and then you will, on the overview find a small diagonally crossed square.  Select it then click Open Cargo in the selected items box.  You will fly to it, open it and Loot All in the window that opens to get the item you need the ‘Proof’.  Dock at the station, talk to the agent, complete the mission.

Business (Balancing the Books 1 of 10)– This one where reading carefully is needed.  You are doing a delivery.  To do that delivery you need to know where you are going and remember to put it in your hold before you go.  When you accept the mission the cargo will appear in your Item Hanger of the Station, alt c to open inventory, drag it from item to the ship name on the side..   If you are unsure?  Double check that it is in the ship before you undock.  Trust me, lots of players do this trip and either forget to take the item or even forget to accept the mission.  So destination set, item in the hold?  Undock.  Earlier I covered how to move but there is one last way I should mention.  Autopilot.  There is an A to the lower left of your HUD or you can click ctrl-S and the ship will fly to the destination without any more work on your part.  WAIT! Yes it works but there are a few downsides I think you should know.  It takes you to about 15km from the gate and slowboats the rest of the way.  This means it takes longer than manual flight.  It also means that anyone who is arriving 15km off and slowboating in may be inattentive or even away from the keyboard, letting the computer fly.  You are hanging a ‘gank me’ sign on yourself.  Slow and a tempting target.  On the plus side?  You get where you want to go while you go do other things like read some marvelous blog about Eve.  Either way get to the destination, dock.  Now start a conversation with your agent again, even though he is way back there and you are here.  That triggers the unlaod of the cargo and the completion of the mission.  Right click the agents home and set destination and then return to the career base.

Military (Cash flow for Capsuleers)–  This is a simple ‘go kill someone’ mission.  But before you head out I would like to talk a bit about weapons.  Each race has two specific weapon types and each weapon type has two sub classes, usually short and long range. It is about time you get rid of the civilian weapons and choose something to do some real damage with.  Example went with Rockets . . . just because.  Caldari are Missiles and Hybrids.  Amarr are Lasers and Drones.  Gallente are Hybrids and Drones.  Minmaters are duct tape and bubble gum.  I means Projectiles and Missiles.  So pick a system and do a bit of reading and find out what you need to train to use it.  You may need to buy a skill book and train for a few minutes to be able to use it but trust me, the difference in combat will be worth it.  There is a big difference between plink plink plink and killing the enemy with papercuts vs (with the rockets) shhhh boom, he’s gone, who is next.  Make sure you know the weapons range before you start firing and get to where they will have effect.  Optimal IS optimal.  One thing to remember, though.  Civilian weapons do not use ammo.  All others need something.  Lasers have crystals (that do not wear out or later wear out very slowly)  the rest are one shot uses one shot, simple eh?  Carry ammo in the ship.  I have seen folks in Rookie Chat astounded that the guns do not load from the hanger in the station.  I just wonder if they think bullets in the gun safe at home will let them shoot at the range.  Whatever.  Lock and load, undock, use either the mission description on the left or right click open space and go to the encounter site.  Boom boom booom.  Loot loot, dock and talk to the agent, end of mission.

Well?  That is the first four missions of the Career agents.

Two things

HUD stands for heads up display, for me it refers to the circle that shows shields, armor, hull and the buttons/controls that surround it.

In the interest of honestly I did autopilot to Jita and back making some purchases I will talk about in the next post.  I did not get ganked, I did go get a cup of coffee and put in a load of laundry.  In other words a bit of real life while the ship put putted to the next stop.

fly it like you won it


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Example 1

For those of you who follow my blog?  This is a new thing helping new players.  Example will be in every title so you can identify them easily.

I will not bother with the character creation position of the start of the game except to tell you that you can cross-train and fly any race so the decision means less than you might think  It basically decides where you start and what beginning weapons you start with.  It all evens out in the long run.  What I will emphasize is name.  You choose it you are stuck with it, there are no name change certificates and I totally support that stand.  This is who you are, who you will be and what you will be called in crowded bars or on the streets of Las Vegas (Yes that has happened to me)  Before you go with some sly innuendo consider if you want to be called that on comms and known as that at eve meetups.


So you finalize the name hit accept and in you go . . . suddenly you are in space with a confusing display and a small chat box talking to you about how to do thing.  This is the pre-tutorial, called opportunities.  This post will run you through this small part of the start of the game.  Do it right and a lot of opportunities will be checked off and you will be up close to a quarter of a million isk (No that is not a lot but it is a good start)

Training-Always have your skill queue active.  Alt X to bring it up and drag some skills in, gunnery engineering, whatever.  Just be learning something while you go.  Me?  I would recommend drones up to III first and then whatever weapon system you have already started as part of your character.  If you are lost then The Magic 14 are boring skils that pay off in the long run as they help fit better ships further down the road.  Just don’t leave you queue empty.  There are no levels in this game, no exp grind.  To get better?  You skil up in the queue.

Looking-  Try sight and left click and drag, see what it does. Spin the view, use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, if it does the opposite of what you expected you can go into the escape menu and invert such things to suit yourself.

Moving.  See those red shapes on the right hand side box called the Overview?  Click the closest one then hit Approach in the box above, you are now moving towards it.  If you click orbit you will move towards and then circle it.  If you want to move in some other direction you can double click in space and head wherever you please, just stay local for now.  Bottom of the HUD is a speed indicator, you can alter your speec there, full stop can also be achieved with ctrl-spacebar.

Shooting.  Ctrl left click OR select then click lock target on the Selected items box, Either works in space or on the Overview.  That locks the target IF you are close enough.  You have both a target lock range and a gun range.  I will cover gun range and damage another time.  For now?  Lock on and charge in shooting.  Hover over the weapon icon to the right of the hud and it will tell you optimum range, try to orbit at that range for best effect.  You can alter orbit default by right clicking the orbit icon on the selected items box.  Boom, he blew up, choose another and another and sweep the skies clear of red.  Now go back and select the wrecks and loot them (box icon in the selected items box).  Loot all the wrecks.

Mining.  On the overview are tabs, one is labelled mining.  If you click that tab the overview filters differently and you will see that some of the asteroids around are things like Veldspar.  That is something you can mine.  Orbit a rock, lock it, activate miner and sit back.  Mining is a low attention activity and demands patience as the mining cycles churn away and ore fills your hold.

By the time you are full?  It is time to head for a station and that is where THIS lesson stops.

fly it like you won it


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Taking Care of Your Own

She adjusted the comm so it was square with her desk edge before initiating the call.


“Mr Azariah I am calling to inform you that I will be restarting a hauling service.”

The man laughed.  “Desk job not to your liking?”

She looked at the desk before her, everything exactly in its place and smiled.  “I just feel that a further challenge is required.  I shall continue to ‘hold the reins’ of the group you have handed me but I know there is more that I could be doing.”

“Well it is a job, not a prison sentence.  Y’all do what you wants to and I will support you as need be.  I admit that the corp and alliance has been quiet for a spell.  Do y’all need a ship?”

She blinked.  “I have a Sigil and I am sure I can earn . . . ”

“Miss Talon.”  He was suddenly very serious and the accent dropped.  “I take care of my own.  You have been serving the corp and alliance for more than a year and asked nothing in return.  IF you need a ship you say something and it shall be provided.  In return I expect if there is hauling to be done for the Operation you will be amenable to providing logistics.  Buy what ship you need, you have access to my wallet for a reason.”

She blinked and nodded.



Corporations are supposed to take care of their own people.  Those that do not should say so up front or be left in a hurry.  Especially the people who do the day to day grunt work of running a corp.  I have nothing but admiration for them.

I am doing a small experiment in a hauling character to see what isk is made and standings changes for npc hauling and some regional trade.  Being Kaye?  Books will be kept in detail.

Just training a skill or two up to where I wants them as per the eve uni suggestions.

fly it like you won it

draw coming up soonish



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