Touch Grass

I looked this up, the meme, that is . . .

Touch Grass, or Touch Some Grass, is a popular online insult and alternative way of telling someone to “go outside,” implying they’re spending too much time online and it’s affecting their wellbeing. The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but it started spreading significantly in 2019, becoming increasingly popular on Twitter throughout 2021.

See, the thing is? I don’t see that as an insult. It is a suggestion of concern and a direction for self care. Hell we all need that reminder, now and again to just exist in the real world, get a bit of nature. I love getting out and ‘touching grass’. Yesterday was no exception and I took a fewshots to try to bring some into your timeline

willow from below
red and white flowers
my wife knows what these are called, I am bad with plant names

So, understand that if I ever suggest that you touch grass it is NOT an insult in any way shape or meaning. It is my wish that you get a chance to go where things grow, where your soul and your heart can be replenished.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Touch Grass

  1. Informer says:

    As an indoorsman, I always chuckle at that expression, like it’s taken for granted everyone should prefer to be outside like an animal or a homeless person. With the no air conditioning and the bugs and dogshit, no thank you. I couldn’t care less if I never went outside again; to me, Coruscant is the ideal environment. Grass is for paving.

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