Should I play this game?

If you spend anytime in any sort of game forums, whether it be reddit or the forums of a specific game you come across this question of a fairly regular basis. Thing is? It is probably the WORST place to ask, for a couple of reasons. Let me elucidate (word of the day used in a sentence, check)

  1. The people in forums are seldom representative of the player base as a whole. They are on the forums instead of inside the game! Some are there to ask for new stuff, complain about the new stuff. Or once in a while to show off their new stuff. The game was WAY better in the old days before the devs ruined it . . .
  2. People in the forums are there because they do play the game and may or may not be happy with that fact. You have what is called a self selecting sample, in statistics (education applied, check) and that is not the best way to collect data
  3. How in the heck should we know what YOU like? What you enjoy? I have no idea if you will enjoy the same thing as I do anymore than I know what beer you will like, what food is good, in your opinion. Best music, good book? Why are you offloading the choice for your leisure onto complete strangers?
  4. Stockholm syndrome. (cheap psychoanalysis term used, check) Come on in, the water is fine, here, have some kool-aid.

Try the game, maybe watch a video of someone playing it or read some reviews from reviewers you trust. I always think that empirical evidence is the best so YES, try the game, for free, if you can.

I like mmos because I like the social aspect. My wife and I play Elder Scrolls together. She never showed an interest in Eve Online and that is OK. I play other games as fun ways to pass my time, to de-stress (Hellgate London was great for that) and sometimes just to enjoy all the effort that devs have put into the story, the art, the sound and the music.

Should you play the game? I don’t know. Should you play A game? Hell yes. If you wind up in one I play? stop by and say hello.

fly it like you won it


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