Why s Man

” . . . so then we had to put them all back the way that they had been stacked in the first place.

I am fairly sure people smarter than me know a fancy way o’ putting this but it seems that sometimes making a change just because you think it is better than standing still is not the best course of action. A buddy of mine is in a fleet and they decided to bring an old composition out of mothballs. As they fitted up someone asked why they had stopped using this fleet design.

When they all were wiped out he had his answer. The change had been made for a reason and just because they had forgotten the reason did not invalidate the change. The question becomes not how to change something but why is it that way in the first place. Fleets, kicking someone out of the corp, where we keep the important stuff. All of these were decisions made sometime in the past and if you do not know WHY then you do not have enough information, yet.

My love to the family, isk transfer sent”


**********OOC and Lessons**********************************************

I have seen a lot of folks suggesting what changes to Eve lead to the current decline and many have suggestions of how to ‘fix it’

Thing is? Not everyone is working from the same data, from the same assumptions. Because I signed an NDA I cannot tell players what I know behind some decisions so they can make a balanced evaluation on their own.

Worse it feels like sometimes CCP also make decisions and changes without knowing the history of ‘how the hell we got here’ It scared me when I found out how many CCP devs were new in the past few years. They do not see the fence . . .

Oh, I got ahead of myself.

A core component of making great decisions is understanding the rationale behind previous decisions. If we don’t understand how we got “here,” we run the risk of making things much worse.

From an article I was reading . . . here

Cool ideas and it felt like it went to the basis of what Eve is struggling with. A lot of games do not hit this issue because they do not last long enough to have a history they can forget.

But some of us remember

fly it like you won it,


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