The Immortal Blues

Mike walked into the pub and looked about then sighed to himself and grabbed a table. It was a medium crowd but not a face that he knew was amongst them. His comm trafffic was busy but not talking to him and oh so many of the old familiar names no longer seemed to crop up as often.

That was the problem with being an immortal and in space . . . the rest of the universe kept changing, whether you were a part of it or not. He knew a lot of his friends had ‘moved on’ and he felt like a rock stuck in the river of time, stubbornly refusing to move or be eroded. Flying the Bus and spending his newly acquired free time doing bits of this and that. It was not a rut but there was definitely a groove.

He picked at his food and idly read the news feed only to see one of his sources go dark.

He sighed and sent a note of thanks to the editor. He would miss that feed. He missed a lot of the older publications and new sources that had gone dark, through the years. He especially missed the ones he had been a part of, Podside, writing for the Eve Tribune, talking on various shows that left him an invite and a link. Those sorts of invites didn’t come very often anymore.

rock . . . river

He poked at his food, appetite gone.



Yeah I do feel a bit old, today. and I do feel sad when people move on.

Oh I don’t expect them to stay just because I am, but the sadness comes, just the same

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The community Feeds

“The problem is” Mike said, “that there is a LOT of places you can get your news from and not all of it agrees. Each has its bias, each has its share of bitter folks who try to convince you that you should never fly ever again or at least not fly with those OTHER assholes.”

The class looked up and nodded. They all had seen at least one of the news media of that slant.

“So what do you do? Some pilots take the simple solution of avoiding ALL the media and just living out their days in New Eden unsullied by the toxic waste of the media. Others find the media that most agrees with them and then form an echo chamber of self confirmation.”

“What do you do?” One asked

“I try to sample all of it and find the truth somewhere in the middle. So let us take a look at a few feeds.”


Reddit r/eve Now here is a VERY active site but the main issue is that there is not a promise that the people active there actually play the game. Some brag that they quit long ago but still actively show up to throw poo like monkeys at the zoo. Memes, propaganda and lordy do they love a scandal.

Eve Online Forums Well, supposedly people here are still connected to flying although I doubt a day goes by that someone does not quit in a huff. (and others ask if they can haz their stuff) You will occasionally find huge running arguments that often devolve into the same core group of pilots repeating their arguments ad naseum.

There are podcasts,Video streams and some of them might cover the news or their own tribes propaganda while others just celebrate the idea is ships in space. In the end it comes down to you to explora and find the media that is right for you is a good place to start. But when you go out to take in the media remember that it is not balanced and there is no outside force even making them tell the truth


“Honestly I wonder if there are Goon pilots out there who have not a clue what has happened over the past week. They fly in their fleets and some of their buddies are still around so business as normal. Boss replaced? That’s nice, I guess. Who we fighting next?” Mike smiled. “Others might even believe Mittens exit speech, it takes all kinds.”

“You do you boos, you find your own sources and or ignore the big picture, wander in the grand forest paying only attention tot he trees near you.”



Few people trust the mainstream media, anymore. It is no wonder if you see how the news is made, chosen, and edited.

Eve is often a microcosm of reality without normal constraints being applied. In this case it is no different. CNN, Fox News, Eve News24, INN . . . .all the same.

Good luck trying to figure out what is going on and what is true and what is bent. But in the wise words of Nosy Gamer In short, friends don’t let friends visit r/eve.

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Human Resources OOC

You know? I did not expect to one day be writing about human resources in an in game organization. It was just not on my radar as a thing. But it is more me ignoring reality than it not being needed. Corp and guild drama has been around for a long time as has the occasional objectionable person within a corp no matter what their particular flavour of ‘objectionable’ is.

Groups sometimes have to make a decision about a problem player. They have play or tactical value but is all the stress worth it? If the group as a whole does not make the decision then often individuals will by voting with their feet. One group I know of in Eve are pirates. They will merrily destroy your ship and take your stuff. But when it comes to other interpersonal issues . . . well I will let their leader put it properly

But when it came to the Imperium it seems they took a more solomenic approach, no complaints if the complainers are also booted from the group along with the accused (and you can let the accused back in later).

Now the Goons say they are going to revamp their procedures and make it better, going forward. But tell me, who joins a game about space to listen to complaints of racism and sexism and other isms too numerous to list? They better be doing something to reimburse that poor soul.

I am talking about a game and yet it feels almost too real to deal with

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Aftermath OOC

So Mittens stepped down amidst some really nasty accusations that waved receipts.

Now what?

Well that depends on us, the other players of the game. It can go lots of ways and I thought that I might run through a few of them with you.

  1. He is gone and with him all the sins that were committed. I am not a fan of this one. Letting one person take the fall implies that everything was done was done by him alone, with no accomplices, others knowing, aiding and abetting. Which leads to
  2. Witch hunt. We have tasted blood and now we want the heads of anyone even remotely connected who might have known and said nothing/done nothing. That would of course would lead to
  3. Purge. Goon structure needs to be dismantles, forever referred to a groomfleet and groomerwaffe. The SImperium, same. Anyone who stays with them past the next few days is assumed to be a pedophile, sex pest, and probably smell of elderberries.

wow, that escalated quickly

Angry mobs seldom know when to stop and often feed on their own if they lack a more substantive target.

But Mike . . . what should be done?

Well I had a fun chat with my wife about this (she does not play Eve but she lets me ramble on, now and again) and it made me think on what would be the right path that does not end in fire and pitchforks and  auto-da-fé . She asked if anything could be done from the devs side and I told her ‘probably not’ as that would start to make CCP the purity police for the world. And I doubt they want that job.

But it did get me thinking . . . understand that I am of two minds with this. So I will show you both and let you decide which you side with.

a) Object Lesson. Disband Goons, make it clear that if you associate with asshats you will be considered one of them or to use an older saying ‘lie down with dogs, get up with fleas’. Make the name Goons synonymous with such nasty behaviors to the point nobody wants to be known as one. MAYBE this will convince others not to go down this same road and alliances/Corps to see that if they do not police their people WE WILL. ‘Oh, you’re a goon? ew’

b) Trust but verify. Allow the Goons to do their own internal housekeeping and clean up this mess and make sure they have mechanisms in place to handle it in the future. If they show that they are taking steps to do so, fine. If they are just asking for forgiveness and then say moving on . . . well that is less than satisfactory. The mechanism cannot be ‘one guy’. (How the hell did Nom get stuck with that job, anyways?)

Either way? I do hope that the other corps and alliances are taking notes because I seriously doubt that all the assholes were in goons.

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RL and games in other words . . . OOC

Yeah know, I have been trying to get the momentum up to start writing again, to get back to my origins of blogging. But the reality conspires and I feel the need to post about something a little bit gaming and a lot o bit reality.

Accusations have come out against the leader of the Imperium aka the Goons.

I am not going to enumerate them but let’s just say they are mainly in line with sexual harassment and protecting others accused of similar activities to the point of blocking or kicking out accusers in the name of protecting his own.

yeah, you can guess how that went over in this day and age.

Now you may need a bit of background to this but I will not name names, just describe the situation. The center person of all of this has delighted in playing the mastermind and evil genius of Eve Online for a long time. Most of his offensives in battles and politics are named after the actions of dictators and historical baddies. One of his more famous quotes was ‘We can be your best friends or your worst enemies’

most of the rest of his quotes I do not repeat, being a gentleman and all

As of this morning he has stepped down. Make of that what you will. Thing is, he has bragged that he does not have to log in to play the game, he acts from beyond the confines of Eve Online. So he could and might still remain active . . . remain a force within the game. You see what gives him power is the huge niumber of players in the game that follow him, obey his wishes. They will still be there, still proudly calling themselves Goons and the Imperium and maybe even guided by him from the shadows.

Nothing will have changed

They have supported his actions for a long time. Evidence would be swept under the rug and forgotten when drowned out by the cries of ‘we are winning’

Kind of reminds me of Doctor Nassar, in a way for WAY too long

Maybe he will walk away.

but history and patterns doubt it, after all he is one of the most famous spymasters in eve

I play in the game but I do hope that the game cleans itself up, heals. I do NOT want to see more people leave Eve but maybe this should be the sunset for the Goons. I am not sure if this stain will wash out with just his exit (proclaiming innocence all the way)

I’ll keep you posted

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Once again, tis voting time

“Been waiting for you to show up.” Scotty said, sliding the bottle and shot glass across.

Mike filled his glass, tossed it back and smiled. “Another full roster, lots of people to choose from and there have been others who have already had a lot to say about who should be elected.”

“Any of them right?”

Mike grinned. “All of them and none of them. See, the thing is that voting IS a personal choice. Asking someone else to tell you who to vote for is like asking someone else to choose your menu or drinks. They MIGHT get it right but then again they might not. Letting them choose is just being damn lazy.”



Same goes here, for me, I am going to tell you who I plan on voting for and maybe a bit of why but honestly folks? You do need to decide for yourself.


“But here you are about to give your opinion, eh?”

“Too true, too true. First off is the common theme that I am seeing from some of the pundits. That is to ignore all ‘bloc votes’. If they are a member of an alliance then let their own people get them into office.”

“Admit it,” Scotty said, “You have been known to say similar things.”

“I have, but usually with caveats. Being in an alliance should NOT automatically remove you from consideration but, at the same time, I do not want to see a full bloc CSM. So for a candidate to make it past that filter? Yeah, they need to give me a reason to vote for them. This time around it is two of the incumbents, Brisc and Kenneth. I Have them on my ballot in spite of them being Bloc candidates because I have seen them work and work hard on the CSM. So I like them because of ‘insider knowledge'”

Scotty nodded, slowly. “But the rest of us would just have to take your word for it?”

“Exactly. And while I mention incumbents? Arsia Elkin has shown to be a good advocate as well and I would love to see her get a chance to serve a full term. Steve Ronuken is also an old hand at the CSM and will always have my vote when he runs.”

“So that is four of the ten slots on your ballot.

“Yup, now we get down to the nitty gritty and a bit of the thought process behind it.”



No I am not going to break NDA but CCP has announced that a lot of the upcoming year will be delivered through the lens of Faction Warfare. If you want to be logical about your vote then it would make sense to bring at least a few of the low and FW people to the table.

Torvald and Phantomite experienced in CSM and MAN did they advocate for what is now on the horizon.

If you want hisec represented? Dutch Gunner and/or Kshal Aideron

Wormholes? Mark Ressurectus

Tournament play? Ithica Hawk

NPSI? Keacte

Balance issues? Stich Kaneland

Each of these folks could bring some very good things to the table and I would be happy if some or all of them got in. This is NOT to say that the other candidates are bad just that these are the ones I know or know of and would trust to do the job.

Links to a few articles about other folks choices

Ashey in space Ballot

Others have written good things and if you have not checked out Ashterothis interviews, please do. They are always a great resource.

Please vote


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Look, I get it. Games are games and where we go to escape. But sometimes the real world impinges on the gaming community and what we do says a lot about us and how we relate to said world(s).

Yeah, I am talking about Russia and the Ukraine.

In the forums threads are being shut down as fast as they are opened because (specifically) the forums have a ‘no rl politics’ rule. Fair enough. I am pretty sure eve online reddit is doing the same thing. Odd thing is? I would like to hear from folks about this, from the people I play with. Situations like this can be a litmus test for people you know only on line. I don’t mind talking about the ‘hard subjects’ even with people who might think differently than I do.

I have gone on record as asking that CCP hold a Plex for good event supporting the victims of this war and I will be right there donating if they do. I do NOT agree with punishing your average gamer because he or she happens to live in Russia, right now. Nor do I ask them to speak up and publish their names in opposition to the state. Even in North America that can have long lasting consequences and I shudder to think about the results of speaking out in a place like Russia.

We play a game but we all live in the real world. Simple as that. We are people, humans, gamers and thinkers (if you successfully play eve that is) but when the computer is off, when we are afk? The real world is there, waiting for us. I like playing games, I like playing with those of you who play eve or ESO or any of the other games I dabble in. I never ask your creed, colour, nationality, or even gender preferences. We play together and that is enough. Sure it is a little kid attitude but I have always thought that they had the right of it before we get them to learn to hate, distrust, take sides.

Do I have aa opinion the current conflict? Yeah. I think Russia is in the wrong. I also think that Taiwan is a country and that China is watching this as a test bed for their future plans. If you disagree with me? Well that is for you and this is for me. You do you, boo.

Oh, I hate having to say this next bit but any opinions expressed here are Mine, not wordpress, not Eve Online or Elder Scrolls Online or freaking tic-tac-toe. You have a problem with it? come to me.


ps, no I am not gonna meme-post a flag or anything like that although I am looking hard at Bowhead skins (again)

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Knock knock.

So Eve Online is doing a crossover with Doctor Who (heaven forbid you say Dr. Who, just not done doncha know) and of course the usual suspects all proclaimed this to be lots of things, most of them bad.

Me? I am enjoying it. But then I have always been contrary.


“You are spending a lot of time in that ship and the records say a lot of jumps, too.” Scotty looked up t the Astero.

“Best thing I have for the two jobs I am doing right now.” Mike smiled. “I am doing the Bus ‘Silk Road’ style and I am watching for certain anomalies along the way.

“What sort? Old Sansha drop points?”

“No, these things are a bit more unusual. They seem to be some sort of temporal knots and some of the things inside there are not your normal data. I Even managed to cobble together a filament or two and they took me to even stranger places.”

“How strange?”

“Well it is the first time I bounced a ship off of the walls of a warp tunnel. First time a local anomaly hit me like some demented abyssal weather but only lasted a short while . . . .and . . . look I never know whether the input I get into the capsule is the same thing I would see through a window. You know what I am saying? But the colours, they seem to reach right out and grab your eyes and scream LOOK AT MEEEEEeee. I don’t stay too long . . . .word is they are very time limited occupancy before the whole thing collapses, with you in it.”

“You’re going again, aren’t you?” Scotty could see the enthusiasm in Mikes eyes.

“Damn right. But this time I may open one with some enemies, so we gotta get a cruiser ready to go. I was thinking one of the Bus cruisers, a caracal for the first time.”

“Why that?”

“Missiles don’t miss, let’s me look about more and trust my weapons to do what they need to do. Wheh I am in tourist mode I like to be able to take time to smell the roses.”

Scotty muttered something about drones and Mike laughed.

“Yes but sometimes the wee ships need a lot more attention than you might think. Nah, totally lazy, me.”



You know this event hit a very nice balance. It does not impinge too much on the game as a whole but is there if you want it. It has an interesting new tiered mechanic that you have to work your way up and through.

Starts easy and you pick, slowly, how far into the rabbit hole you want to fall.

Sure a few people will be sporting odd clothing from the event, nicer skins for their ship. But I see it in the same light as the monocles of days gone by. They are a fashion choice that makes NO sense in a space game but we are eccentric capsuleers and immortal. We wear what we want. If it happens to be a wildly coloured scarf or a spiffy suit with a bow tie?

Pity Doctor Who never wore cat ears.

Explore, play, blow things up

fly it like you won it


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Yeah, I know. I am not known for player vs player stuff. It has been a long long time since I did any. But New Year, new me. I am going to try to make an effort to get out and about every now and again


“Look,” Mike said calmly “I know you want some combat experience but this is a bad idea.”

“I know, I know. But accept the dual and let’s go.” The rookie was champing at the bit.

Mike sighed, hand hovering over the button that would let CONCORD know that this was an agreed to battle. “Fine, but this is a lesson. Expect me to be teaching.” He pushed the button and the two frigates started moving.

“First thing? In Eve there is seldom such a thing as a fair fight. If you are in a fair fight it means that both sides screwed up.” He added a bit of speed to the Hawk and started to orbit the Executioner. He fired a single salvo then waited for the return fire to get started. Laser flashed by and one or two shots connected but his shield ship barely noticed them.

“Second thing is age . . . now it is not as sure and indicator. folks can rush learning and others ignore it but it is good odds that given my age and yours? I have the advantage. So you want to be at optimum for your weapons.”

” So thats aroun 5k i thing with the lazors” The rookie answered and the executioner edged closer.

“I am using missiles so I do not have an optimum range, Just in range or not in range.”

“Up close it is.”

Mike smiled and watched his shield levels as he continued talking, not turning on the Booster just yet. “May fav part of combat is when your heart starts beating a bit faster.” That was true . . . combat always gave Mike a shot of adrenalin, a bit of the shakes. The incoming fire took him down to a noticeable level, 75% shields when Mike decided that the rest of the lesson would be empirical. He hit the booster and let the missiles fly. It was over very quickly.

“Bookmark this spot so you can come back and loot your wreck, then dock, if you please.” He turned the Hawk for the station and soon was back in the station giving the rookie a new ship (Sunesis due to the pilots enthusiasm).

In Mikes mind that had not been a battle, just an object lesson. But the seed had been planted.

Not a day or two later Mike got a message inviting him along on a roam and he did not wait long to get in touch and agree.

Bombers Bar. Long history and Mike had flown with them long long ago and it was nice to have a chance to get out there again. Good experienced and patient FCs make all the difference in the world. Mike got on early to make sure he had all the comms set and that he could make sure to be properly fit and ready to go (sure enough he did lack one thing but the fleet provided and soon they were filamenting into the unknown

It was not the biggest hunt ever, not even close but it was great to be in a fleet again, banter with the pilots and get out of hisec.

Not shown? The cloaked Blops waiting patiently.

He was back in hisec and heading to base and a big smile on his face. New year, new me. Oh he would still Fly the Bus, help in Rookie chat. But he would also start doing other things, learning again, growing.



One of the best things about Eve is that you are not locked into a pattern, a role. You are what you fly, what you do

My thanks to Katya and the rest of the gang for let this old dog tag along.

I am going to shoot for one roam a month. Do new things, hunt as well as help.

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“There is” Mike said. “something to be said for live vs recorded. The intimacy and immediacy makes for a better performance, a better experience.” He gestured at the screen above the bar. “Knowin that that is happening live, right now, in some distant place means that I can watch, wager and feel apart of it. Of course I would rather bet there.”

“I was there?” Scotty jibed.

“One can dream. They say that there will be a gathering of pilots soon enough. I have hopes that I will be able to make it to that one.”

“You are a pilot, what can stop you from being anywhere you want to be?”

“No, I don’t like to bet against all the roadblocks the Universe can come up with. I can hope, make gentle plans and maybe things will align in such a way . . . “



Yeah this is a short post because I am slowly trying to get back into the writing and recording thing.

The two links above? They are key. The AT tournament is the result of CCP Aurora and other devs she manages to get to help make someting I once feared was gone and bring it back again.

Fanfest. Coming back and yes I would rather it was in Harpa but that is because even I can can find Harpa in a strange city. I have been to one Fanfest in the past and I really hope that I can make this one but, given all that I have been through, I am considered immuno-compromised so flights etc are a bit of a health concern for me. I want to go, My wife wants to go, heck, both my girls want to tag along. They, of course want to see Iceland while I do the eve thing.

I hope it all comes together.

fly it like you won it


ps for the record? I love the AT prizes

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