OOC Why followed by ‘did it work’

The Data:
Let’s set the stage for the decision by taking sample of 5 days in June. During that timeframe 10.6 Trillion ISK was rewarded in bounties. Of that:

  • 22.3% (2.3T) of the ISK was generated by 1.4% of characters earning bounties, using Supercarriers
  • 24.2% (2.6T) of the ISK was generated by 4.8% of characters earning bounties, using Carriers
  • 19.1% (2T) of the ISK was generated by 16.6% of characters earning bounties, using T1 Cruisers

Just under half (46.5%) of the bounties earned during the time period was generated by Supercarriers and Carriers, meaning a small percent of the population received a huge portion of the total bounties.

— CCP Larrikin

This came out yesterday and set off memories of protests in 2011 of the 99% vs the 1%.  It is amazing how well the issues line up.  Only thing is? the people nominally in charge of fixing it are not heavily in the pockets of one side or the other, they just want the economy to continue on.  (Oh but they DO try to get get their own pocket politicians, or so I am told)

From 2011

1% of the people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income … In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1% control 40% … [as a result] the top 1% have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99% live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1% eventually do learn. Too late.[10]

Read that then the first quote for the people in Supercarriers.  The numbers damn near match up, don’t they?  I will enjoy 1% people (or their spokesmen) explaining this in terms of trickle down economics when I always feel the only thing trickling down is then pissing on we poor folk and laughing the whole while.

But something was shown to be true.  CCP still listens to the players, still answers and still meets to discuss options when there is an issue that ignites the players.  Oh they do not give everyone everything they ask for (see sov) but a well reasoned argument, even buried in a threadnaught or as a threadnaught does sway the change the course of the great ship this game is.  I did not plow through this particular threadnaught as I do not own a super nor do I make beaucoup isk (dank, is the isk dank?) in null.  But I did read bits here and there and saw that, between the screaming monkeys, some decent questions and arguments.

For me, when faced with CCP changes to Eve, I always ask 2 questions.  What was the motivation/goal of this change and how will you measure its success.  If there are solid answers to those then I sit back and watch the change happen and see if it WAS successful.

Laugh, play the game, don’t be swayed by any wall of tears of rich people wishing to be richer.  Isk is not the endgame, it is a set of numbers that some assign a value to.  If they assign the wrong value it is called RMT and then it is the end game.  That is what I plan to do.

Oh and my personal opinion of the Super nerf?  Don’t have one so I don’t have one but I do agree that the 1% mentality of some players could easily be more toxic than any nerf. If CCP works really hard at keeping 1% of the players happy?  Well, you do the math on that one, won’t you?

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Mike was docked in the School In the Pasha system and trying to cut through a pastry that left a lot to be desired.  The run had been  . . . . quiet but gave him a lot to think about, just the same.  Since he had been asked to not advertise in certain protected spaces his response in the Career systems HAD diminished but he kept at it.

It was the conversations that he had engaged in that made his stop for a decent cup of coffee and a slice of cardboard masquerading as a strudel of some sort.  He pushed the pastry away and prayed it did not poison some poor fedo.  He returned to his message back to Tanta.

So, I am working my way through Amarr space and thinking that it be a lot more quiet of late, hereabouts.  I find the biggest crowds of starting pilots in the Gallente and Caldari systems.  I figure that folks go where they figure the living to be ‘easy’ not realizing that the path less taken may be easier to run along.  Lemming reflex, I call it.  Go thattaway because everyone else is.  Ah well.

One system had a lot of folks who didn’t seem to understand my comms but I still managed to hand off a ship or two and got a Спасибо in return.  They probably had no idea of what the hell was going on but a ship is a ship, eh?  Like I said, quiet run whgich gave me a biit of time to actually meet some folks and chat for a bit. 

For example I was doing a small resupply in Amarr proper.  Now I have spent the time modifying my comms to edit out spam and scam and a decent conversation with the local IS possible once you make those adjustment.  Met an artist called Tenla Amarr.


Had a good eye for images and photography and I enjoyed a small gallery of her work.  Few others were  chatting along as well and it was like walking into a pub and making some new friends.  Oh I teased a few, here and there . . . especially the CODE supporters but it was all good natured and nobody seemed to get hot under the collar. 

Then, while making the run I got a indicator that there was a class happening and I decided to hotdrop to see what was being taught.  Eve Uni does announce classes and anybody can log in.  This one was being run by Seamus Donohue and was already in full swing by the time I arrived.  he was calm and patient and answered questions very thoroughly and let me toss my 2 cents in as well.  (which I did)  Only strike I could say against him was that he did not Know what the Bus was. (but he did let me explain)

Of all the trade hubs ya know?  I like Amarr the best. Good prices, friendly folks, nice scenery.  Oh not to slag Dodixie but it is not the capital Amarr is.  Don’t tell Free I said that, though.  I might not live through her displeasure.  Now if only I could find a place that could cook a decent pastry.

My love to all, see you next pass in Gallente space


He closed the comm and shoved the pastry even further awah, finished his coffee (called covfefe for some odd reason) and headed back for the hanger.  Time for the second Amarr lap and then on to Caldari space



Dammit folks, read local, speak in local, encourage others to at least keep an eye on it

when in Amarr the Bus hands out Amarr ships (duh)

My current favourites are



2017. still am not happy with a cruiser fit for alphas in the Amarr line, working on an arbi but may backtrack and try an Omen instead.


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Molok and Chemosh

“There be sometin speshul when da big stumble.  It be even mo’ fun iffen dey is tripped.  Ya know what I am sayin, mon?”  Ev was leaning back against a ship that had been mothballed and they all were laughing.  “Look at dees two glorious bastids. https://zkillboard.com/kill/62384639/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/62384661/”

One of the hanger crew squinted at the kills.  “So?  A couple of Testes got kicked by Goons.  What else is new?”

Another crewman looked a little closer and asked “What the heck is a Molok and a Cremosh?”

“Chemosh ya ill iterate.  They be Blood raider capital ships and those are the plans for them.  The reason you haven’t seen them is this is the first time capsuleers have gotten their hands on even the prints.”

“And they both were lost?”  The first hanger crewman asked plaintively.

Ev roared with laughter.  “They were.  The Impies managed to figure out the hole in the defenses of the Blood Raiders Shipyard and they exploited that hole.  Who woulda thought dat a small ship could be such a big threat to a large structure?”


Ev shrugged.  “Some people figure bigger is safe and smaller is weak.  Dey sometimes right, but not this time.  Impies, dey brought punishers so dey don’t has ta reload.  But hard to keep sometjin like this quiet and other folks showed up in other ships.”

“Like claws”  Someone added.

“Like claws.  Testes, dey waited and watched and swooped in as tings was blowin up and grabbed the goods.  Of course running into the centre of the target zone aint dat healthy.  First one made the grab and ran, blowed up and lost one blueprint.  His backup scooped the remaining and continued the run but he didn’t get much further.  But when he went?  so id the othe blueprint.  So we aint gonna see one o those ships for a while, yet.”

“So who won?”  A confused voice asked.

“Depends on who ya ask.  Testes managed a theft right under the noses of the Impies.”

“He means Goons.”  Someone stage whispered.

“But dey didn’t get away wit it and the Impiers did figure out the hole and exploit the hell out of it.  Personal like?  I think they all won.  Only real losers was the Blood Raiders and I wont even day my heart bleeds for dem because dey might like dat.”



Yes, you can have more than one winner.

Yes I wish I had been there.

Yes it is a great story.

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Practice and Training

“Encore . . . point!  encore, encore, center yourself mes petits.  Always keep your centre.”  Tanta watched the students with a critical eye as they continued to do the same steps over and over and over.

The knife flew as the vegetables became even chunks and then were apportioned to individual plates, ready to be added.  Scotty watched Mike cook and asked.  “How do yo manage not to slice your fingers off?”

Mike smiled and said.  “I was trained before I practiced, it makes a difference.”

“Encore but slower. Each move is a critical part of the whole, each move.  You will do it all correctly be fore we put it together or there is no point, no point at all.”  She stamped her cane to the rhythm and they started again.

The knife flew and embedded deep into the target and then was shattered as the followup fire struck.  Free smiled at the resultant hole and reached for another knife and holstered the gun turning to face away from the target and pushed the button for the silhouette to start moving.  Hefting the knife in her palm she waited for the starting sound, that of a weapon sliding out of leather.

*sshhht*, spin, thud, bang and another target was destroyed.

Beyond the safety glass a the firing room tech talked to her personal one.  “She always train this hard?”

Corey winced.  “Don’t let her hear you say that.  She is very picky about the difference between training and practice.  Today is practice.”  He looked down to make sure the holorecording was still running.  “If she doesn’t like what she sees, later, then it will be back to training.”


Across the stars the two voices, Scotty and the firing room tech asked in unison.  “What’s the difference?”

The children sprawled on the floor, exhausted from doing the same moves over and over and over again, each time one of them had been corrected, perfected.  For the last half hour Madam had not corrected any of them . . . She now stood there letting them catch their breath and smiled.

“Now you all know the right way to do it.  Now you all WILL do it right or we will repeat this training.  Now you know what to practice, you know it well.  Training teaches you HOW and practice burns it deep.  If I lets you practice how to do someting wrong den DAT is gonna be burnt deep, too.  We done want that, we don’t.”  Her cane thumped for emphasis.

“Regardez.” The cane dropped to the side and Madam did a silent dance gliding across the floor as though gravity was no longer a concern of hers.  The children watches, muscles twitching as they wished to be up there, doing the same movement, the same ease of perfection.  “Training, then practice, then check the practice to make sure the training holds.  Dat is how we learn here, that is how, yes?”

The chorus of assent came from all the young students and the struggled to their feet to begin to practice what they had learned without being told to.  Tanta smiled.  That was the hidden lesson, the one never told, that learning only happened, training only worked, practice only perfected, if the the student wanted it so.

The knives were gone and she walked from the room taking the recording from Corey.  “Arrange for a flight to Gallente space, Dodixie.  We will find out own way from there.  I need to ask some training questions.”

Corey nodded and moved away.  He knew better than to ask where or why.


“Mise en place,”  Mike said.  “You make everything right then you do it right.”  He started assembly of the various bowls into a concoction that simmered and each move looked effortless because the hard part had already been done.  That is how training and practice came together.  Do it right and it works, do it perfectly and sometimes it looks so easy that an outsider would think they could do the same without the practice and without the training to back it up.



You can take this a couple of different ways.  The tournament season will be cranking up and there are teams that DO practice and practice a lot.  They try to get it right and then burn that right down to the bone so in the heat of the moment, adrenaline running, they will still get it right out of pure reflex and muscle memory

Make a ship right, fit it right, and you will do better than with a whatever fits approach.  Mise en place.  Do the hard work ahead of time.  Good tournament teams do that, too.  Fleet compositions and alternatives, plan for banned ships.

I have gotten good at Rookie Help because I take corrections and try to incorporate them into being better, answering quicker and more precisely (but sometimes with more works because rookies do not understand our eve-jargon yet.  “What’s a rat?”  I have links in a dozen or more note pages ready for the common questions.  “Anyone have an overview?  How do I know which asteroids are where?  How do you fit a   . . ”  I try to be ready.  All the components cut, prepared, ready to link.

Even way back when I started I had a buddy try to lock and shoot me as I learned then practiced the mwd cloak trick until I was smooth enough to be hopeful for my survival.  But even before Eve I had this drummed into me by some of my hobbies.  One instructor told me I was ‘too fast’ in a sport that demanded speed (fencing).  He said I had bad habits and hid them with speed but in the end I would plateau too soon and be unable to get better because the practiced bad would be an anchor slowing me down.  We went back to basics and I had to learn it right, learn it slow THEN begin again to get faster.  Training then practice.

Do you, in Eve train?  Practice?

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Catching you up OOC

  1.  I am not mad at CCP nor do I think they screwed me over.  They have set rules about the content of Rookie Help Chat and I am thankful for the two and a half years that they let me walk right on the line.
  2. I am still a strong believer in masking communities stronger and hope we can find and implement ways/channels/whatever to point the rookies in the right direction.  I am talking social circles, here, not sending them straight to some of the big Cops and alliances (much as I do appreciate what they do for the game)

so I was in rookie help chat and music came up, that lead to where players could access eve music offline (soundcloud)  From there some of the old radio stations came up (There was a miners radio for Eve?) and I mentioned and linked Eve radio.  Out of habit I opened the link myself to make sure it was still good and started listening.  The music was what I call rock and roll and they were talking about getting a fleet together.  I managed to finish the Gallente swing of the Bus run and hightail it up to Amarr in time to join a kitchen sink fleet.

Look, it is not my fault.  Gremlins happen.  DJ Accy dropped and couold not get back on after chatting with me for a few minuted but Wakkachu stepped up, got the fleet rolling and we headed out.  Now I want to say right off that this was a very new player friendly fleet.  He started out slow and paused on agtes even in hisec ot make sure everyone was understanding the flight/orders.  We swung into low and the fleet aligned and warped as one (I only got lost and 3j off of the fleet once.)  As we went deeper we started to see hints of targets, a Thrasher followed nad was followed by us, each hoping the othert would make a mistake. Neither of us did.  Then, in Sahtogas, we saw the hints of a small group forming up.  A loki came and checked us out then left, soon he brought back friends.    And we fought.  Losses were on both sides as we slowly burned through the Vigilant, Myrmidon, Sacrelige and Loki  while we lost a Gila, Vexor, and Magus (FC). The four pilots from Pasta were willing to stand and fight and so were we.

In the aftermath Wakkachu commented that this was a rarity in Eve.  A good solid fight that could have gone either way.  It was fun and I am sure I was not the only one who had a touch of the shakes and a grin on my face.  GF’s were exchanged in local and I accidentally linked the killmail there instead of in fleet (I apologize to Pasta, this was unintentional and not mean tempered in any way.)  We then took a moment and headed back to hisec and I left fleet, happy and a big grin on my face.

See?  Eve is like that.  I can choose to do things and if I decide to mine (which I did on the weekend) then Eve is boring/zen(depending on who you ask, I enjoyed the peace).  If I choose to go looking for fleets and pvp? Well that was there also.  But HOW the HELL do we show that to the rookies?

3) I am thinking of actually applying to be a speaker at EveVegas because you all need some rest after pubcrawls and I can talk a room to sleep anytime.  Problem is?  Can Linq soundsystems handle Canadian Gremlins>

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Ups and Downs

The ship drifted, a local safe spot made long ago during a war was now just a nice place to ‘pull over’ and think.  It had been a mixed week.  He had flown in a fleet, been part of a pair of kills and, in turn, lost his own ship.  That had been the ‘up’ part of the week.  He had made the usual stops in career systems and helped a few pilots along their way.  Some answered, most didn’t but the routine was a comfortable one.  A quick call in rookie help to remind pilots to keep an eye on local and then call in local to see who would like  a free fitted ship and was relatively new.

Oh the accusations happened, now and again.  That he was a scammer or was somehow setting the pilots up for failure but for the most part it was same old same old.  Two years of doing the Bus Runs had built into a nice routine.  He could keep an eye on the news, on things coming and things that might come and still keep on the go.

But now?

The Powers the Be had politely but firmly informed Mike that he was not to ‘advertise’ the Bus in Rookie Help Chat, anymore.  He sighed.  It didn’t stop him from doing the rounds, just hamstrung one of the best ways to get in touch with new players.  He had agreed, hoped for better but agreed.  They had allowed him more than two years before they pulled that particular plug and he would find other ways to get the attention of the new pilots.

Maybe take a page from the Signal Cartel and start with fireworks?  He  smiled.  There was always something . . . it was time to experiment.  Close one door?  I will find a window or a chimney.  He set the destination for the next stop and left the safe spance, once more on the move.



Yup, still making runs and yes I do need to get the rookies attention.  I REALLY need to find someone with the skills and software to make me a billboard spot for in the station, after all they gotta remove the CSM camnpaign ads soon, why not get in on that?  The young are always attracted by bright movement.


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Eight by eight

He has an collage projected up on the wall,  pictures of pilots, 8 across and 8 down.8x8.jpg“What’s that rogues gallery for?”  Scotty looked up at the display and tried to remember if he had met any of them before, a few looked familiar.

“CSM Election.  64 candidates passed the first hurdle of basic literacy and the ability to follow simple written instructions.  Now I have to narrow it down . . . a LOT.”  Mike answered, still staring at the board.

“We going to do the roll call again?  Naming each and saying yeah or nay?”

“Sixty freaking four times?  No.  I am going to do them in small bunches and do some group eliminations.  Then do a more detailed examination of the ones that remain.”

“Sounds efficient but how do you do group eliminations without being . . . well, too heavy handed?”  Scotty squinted at some of the photos SURE he knew the faces.

Mike looked down at one hand and smiled.  “Perhaps, but if we are gonna get through dis ting, we needs da ‘eavy ‘and.”  He fiddled with his comma little and faces on the grid began to dim.

Scotty nodded at some of them, ones he recognized.  “Null?”

“Those with a strong backing of the null alliances do not need your average hisec pubbie to foul the purity of their vote.  Either they have the support of those who fly with them or they don’t.  Iffen they don’t then there is likely a reason for that and I should not vote for them then, either.    Now this is not to say that there are not some damn fine folks in there, incumbents, for example and I hope that their own damn people will be stepping up to the plate for them.  But I won’t.”  Mike tapped the comm and more faces faded.

“If they is not willing to make an effort beyond a ‘vote for me’ post then they is not worth making the effort to vote FOR.:  I want people able to engage with CCP and with the players.  If they cannot show basic skills in that direction then . . . no.”

Scotty looked closer at the board and grinned.  “Not bad. But you still have almost 40 to go through.  Any other filters?”

“I could make up some rules and filter more but now I carve from the other side.  Those that I want to see get elected.  Or at least will be on my ballot.”

“What is the difference.?”

“Tactics of the election process itself.  the STV voting process is a bit complex but it does allow you to have a more direct second and third choice.  So these 4 are on my ballot for sure.

Steve Ronuken


Toxic Yaken

commander aze

“Old boy network in play?”  Scotty asked, skeptically.

“To a certain extent?  I suppose that is a fair question.  Steve is an old boy and someone I have worked with in the past.  He is a solid worker and the best representative for his area of expertise.  A known quantity and worth electing.  Roe I have worked with for quite a while and is very knowledgeable with market and industry.  I am sure some other candidates may say the same but I know Roe does walk the walk.  Commnade aze and I cross paths often enough in working with alphas and he is good in communication skills.  That is one of those enbulous qualities that the campaigns do not focus on well enough.  If you don’t speed gud den why wuld CCP lissen ta ya?”

“Yeah yeah, Toxic?”

“Two reasons.  One, he does espouse the same things I have been fighting for and with, and two, he is part of what I refer to as the hisec slate.  The three of them have joined together in hopes that at least one of them will get elected.  Roe, Toxic, and Aze.  I like the initiative rather than see them split votes and in the end none of them get elected.  And before you ask?  No, I do not have a preferred order and I personally do not think one is needed.  The STV SHOULD take care of that.”

Scotty looked back at the board, many dark and a few bright.  “Still have six more slots to face and sill about half of them are neutral.”

Mike wiped his face with his hand.  “I know, I know.  Now hear is where some of the darks get lit again.  The last CSM was good, damn good.  If they had drama they kept it quiet which is down right amazing.  So I have . .



The Judge

All are good communicators and represent players well.  A proven track record goes a long way with me.”

Scotty pretended to count on his finders. “Seven, three to go.”

“Now it comes down to personal gut feelings and or the recommendations of others.  It also sometimes is a section of the game I would like to see supported or covered.  Based on those? We have null sov, wh space, hisec, industry, technical covered above.  I am not advocating type of space but type of activity you DO in space as something I would want to see a broad representation covered.  Players who have ‘done it all’ are also good as they have the best chance of thinking through ‘If A then what happens to B’ lines of reasoning.  I told Dirk the same thing, the other day when we were interviewing three of the a fore mentioned candidates.”

“Not running but still deep in the process?”  Scotty asked softly.

“Hmm?   Look, I believe in the process of the CSM, in the way that the players are elected and what they do once they are elected.  Unlike some of the naysayers who call for its end?  I have been on the inside, arguably during one of the least functional times, to boot.  It wore me out but it did not burn me out, embitter me, or change what I thought of the process as a whole.  I don’t look at people based on where they are from but what they do (or do not do).  Based on that I have a shortlist of names that may make my ballot, depending on how much effort they put in over the next few days, interviews, engaging  in debate, that sort of thing. Among them are people like rhiload Feron-drake,  Ariel Rin, Juvenius Drakonius, Erika Mizune, DJ Thomas, Lorelei Ierendi and yes, even Xenuria.”

Scotty stared.  “Are you having some sort of attack?  Should I call a jump clone Medic?”

Mike grinned.  “I am curious if he can get elected again without (probably) the support of the Goons.  Look, there are podcasts to listen to and I may even have missed a name or two or missed that one or two of the above did not make the cut.  I honestly need to do MORE reading and more work but I am on it and have a good set of folks I like running and a few more slots to fill.”



Main thing?  I plan to vote.  I don’t care if none of the folks I choose get in, voting is still what I will do.  I don’t care if null manage to lock down all ten seats.  I will vote next year, too.

I don’t give up because there is opposition.  I don’t give up when I lose.

I am still here, still playing and still caring enough to write and speak and opinionate all to hell and back.

My thanks to podcasters and streamers and other writers who do have an opinion, do still care and whom I will be reading, listening toi etc just to try to form or reconsider my choices.

If you made it this far?  Tell me if you have someone you are supporting and be in the draw for a battleship.  No entry fee other than giving a damn opinion of your own.

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BB 80 Voices and wrappers

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 80th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page.
Blog Banter 80 – A Voice for All Players?

CCP Seagull ecourages you to get involved in CSM12 and put your name forward to be a Space-Politician. On his blog Neville Smit noted that CSM11 had done a good job with minimum of drama. However he said he’d not be covering CSM12 like he has in previous years as he sees no point. The power-blocs will vote on who they want and unless Steve Ronuken manages to get on CSM12 it is almost certainly going to have every seat taken by the big null-sec blocs.

Is Neville right? Is the CSM moving more and more into just a voice for 0.0? Is this a bad thing? Are the hi-sec, low-sec and WH players going to lose out badly or is it really not an issue as its the same game? Could a totally null-sec dominated CSM 12 give a balanced voice for everyone?

This banter took my head in a dozen different directions.  64 candidates running and a lot of them ARE aligned with major nullsec power blocs.


I took a step back and asked myself why I ran for so many years and why I will run again, one day.  I like this game.  I want it to thrive and grow and succeed.  If I suddenly became a member of Brave Legion or Pandemic Goons then that would not change who I am and what I try to do.  Not all people can be labeled by the group they belong to as being that and only that.

Some are . . . I will readily admit that some run for office to tick some imaginary ego checklist or to make the most for them and their friends or just for the perverse pleasure of rubbing others noses in it.  ‘See what we can do, pubbies?’  But not all.

Eve is not one community.  We are a city or even a country.  We have the rough and tumble cities and the great farmlands.  The suburbs and the inner city ghettos and they ALL are part of what Eve is, for better or worse.  Each of us, in our own way is part of the tapestry of the game.  from the alpha miner right up to the leader of a major coalition.  One may think he/she is more important that the other but that is a matter of perspective.  Either could quit tomorrow and another would step in to fill the gap.  Or not, but the game would go on.

Look, the key thing is both of them want the game to continue so they can keep playing.  For that?  CCP needs to manage to continue as a business.  Only a foolish hunter will kill all the game in an area.  He will have nothing to hunt next year.  Same fo fishing, kill all the fish in a lake via pollution or poor watershed decisions and that is the end of that fishing hole.  I seriously doubt any of the candidates want to end Eve.  But I will readily admit that some want to make Eve better for themselves and their friends at the expense of others game-play.

Every year I hear calls for the end of hisec.  (sigh)

Every year I hear the doomsayers point out how the null sec blocks will almost rule the Council (or if you are really angry, the RMT coalitions) and that this is why the Council needs to be stopped or the representation needs to change.

um, no

The council does not work as a voting body (anymore).  Every man, woman, trilobite elected has an equal voice.  CSM 9 got rid of officers.  CSM12 got rid of a difference in attendees, either you are ON and going to the summits or you are not.  Every voice has equal value and three cannot yell down one.  I have seen it tried, they failed.  Matter fo fact I find the one lone voice sometimes carries the day if they are reasonable and solid in their arguments.

I have seen several GOOD player reps who happened to also be members of large null blocs aregue FOR things that would not be in the best interest of the null entities.  Advise ‘Do that and we will Do this and take you to the cleaners.  Not a good plan.’.  I have seen others who claimed to be representing one group wind up in the back pocket of an entirely different organization.

Now I will readily admit I am a optimist.  Hopeless one, at that.  But I will be voting and for the people and the platforms and the reputations they bring as human beings.  Not their kill counts, or the words of their ‘great leaders’.  I do hope Steve gets in, that is true.  He and I have agreed on a lot of things, over the years.  But I am ok with many others being elected because I see past the wrapper of whatever alliance they are in this week and look at the player, not the character.

Do not tell me the CSM is run by null, tell me it is a player council and they want the game to be better.  I will be happy.



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OOC Minutes (I finish them)

Or they finish me.  Jury is still out.

From here they hit Eve Metrics with a lot of graphs worth taking a look at.  Aryth asked for less information in the eve financial reports under the justification that it was free intel not achievable via other means.  Personally? I love data and am sad to see that portion of the report go but easy mode has never been the Eve way, has it?

They provided sales graphs of skins, how most folks cash in LP for implants.  There are graphs attacked to the minutes showing some of these if you want to see in more detail..  Me, I like graphs, data, that sort of thing even if I hardly ever use the information in game.

Then they went on to the third party app, you do know that there is an app for Eve, right?  The first thing Aryth asked for, here made me nervous and maybe I just am a shade too paranoid.  He wants a way to see if a user is using 2 factor authentication.  Would that not make choosing victims to hack easier?  Then the Council was asked if they wanted self destructing messages as an option in the mail system (council said yes). I wonder if they would show, somehow, on API or could a spai work openly and not get caught?

CCP Orca quickly went around to ask people what feature they would want to see added:
•Xenuria: See clothing items on character when looking at your character, even if only
text based -“My character was fit with the following”
•Gorski: Changing skill queue from the app, even being able to see the whole skill queue.
•Bobmon: Community portal/feed, access to fiction
•Steve: Info/Item Database, Show mailing list name in the mail
•Innominate: Better Corporation/Alliance broadcasting, either through notification or mail. Reply all issue is real!
•Judge: See all mailing lists/labels
 •Aryth: Seeing assets, with search and price appraisal
Me?  I’d like some archive feature for threads and such, collapsing structures but they did not ask me.
Aryth asked that 0% tax transactions be logged and that was approved by game design.  I guess there are other ways to see that so it is ok intel.  Look, I am going to be doing a candidate review soon but Steve questions and discussions and monitoring of this sort of thing ARE the reason why he is way way up on my ballot.  He could discuss endpoint of the api, and crest and just basically be our side of the tech connection. </stevecampaign mode>
Next came Community, something some might argue does not exist (Hi Sion).  There was some hush hush discussion followed by more open topics like ISD (certification is getting faster soon (they say)) and the communications with players through various websites will slowly come to be just a one stop shop. (That I heartily approve of)  Mr Hyde and Nashh both asked for more support and connectivity to the Alliance tournament and told that it would be forthcoming.
CCP Falcon added that going into the future, the tournament is also going to be
more heavily integrated into the marketing strategy.  There was then some discussion on how to improve the tournament, and how we can better promote both the tournament and those pilots participating.
Some more work with twitch streamers was also mentioned.
Then came wormhole session but when everyone saw there were others around the cloaked up and searched for the door out.  Noobman presented some of the results/issues from the WH Townhall he had held earlier.  Between the data and anecdotal evidence?  Ascension was good for wh space.  Again the new scanning mechanism was complimented and should be a boon for the WH dwellers so I AM looking forward to seeing this new marvel. Noobman continued to add details to things the WH folks would like to see to the point that Aryth commented that it sounded like WH wanted null without the relative danger.  Having lived in wh space, myself, I never thought I was safe, there.  But to each their own.
Then came the Project Discovery session where it was revealed that damn, we Eve players can grind with the best of them.  The discovery atlas was supposed to last for months and we knocked it off in three weeks.  Result?  Other sciences are looking to use us as an asset (including we have found, since, the search for exoplanets.)  Bottom line?  we done good.
Last session was CSM Organization.This had some solid changes, 14 members down to 10 but all are invited to all summits.  When asked if someone might not be invited CCP indicated that if that was the case?
they would most likely have reached the point where CCP could justify removing that member from the council.
They then discussed other logistics of the summits themselves.
I am not sure how many (if any) of you struggle through reading all of this stuff I write but this is the end of the winter summit.  There were good points and some lows and some things that made me go hmmm.
Next up on my writing docket is a pair of pieces about the CSM election.  Then I get to write stories again.  I am honestly looking forward to doing that.
fly it like you won it.
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OOC Minutes the third


The New Eden Store

It hurts the mercantile side of me to see money left on the table.  I don’t think gouging is a good idea but to ignore a sale is just plain wrong.  The store is slow, iffy at the best of times and seems to ignore a lot of potential.

CCP opened the meeting by adding that they are aware that the store UI needs work, and
are planning to make improvements.

Good, now show us you mean it. CSM had good suggestions including more in game advertising, hats, guns, cat ears (Jin, you are weird) corp and alliance skins, citadel skins, Serenity skins (have you seen images from the Chinese server?) and other ideas.

CCP added that there are still discussions around how at the moment there is a very particular mood and style to EVE, and they are concerned about eroding it if they release things that do not match the aesthetic of the universe.
it ended with
Mr Hyde brought up how Alpha state players have a limited selection of monetization options, to which CCP replied that they are looking to heavily expand the available items for them.
So many good ideas in there and I encourage everyone to keep the pressure on if you think Eve is a visual game, at times.
Speaking of visual. The next item was the scanning and d-scan UI.  After a comedic start they got right into the fine details of something we should be seeing in the very near future on Sisi and soon after on Tranquility.  I have heard a few good things about it but I can easily predict the howl of outrage that ‘things changed’ and demands that there is a button to bring back the old way.  There always is.
After that came another top secret meeting that appears to be very long range plans.  A recipe from one of the aussie devs (I swear, I ever get elected again and I am bringin in recipes galore, I do loves me food)
Branding was next and this is something that enjoyed debating back when I was in the CSM.  I still think there is a tug of war going on within CCP as to what Eve IS.  Dark and distopian or is the palette supposed to be more open?  The Scope video guy was introduced (love his work) and then they got into the business of how Fanfest will look.  Then they looked at some more Scope videos for the new players and from there went into the billboards in space.  Soon they will be click linkable (want to know more?)


I truly wish I could find someone with the skills to make a Operation Magic School Bus ad that I could get onto stations and billboards.  Graphics and animation havenever been my thing.  But I digress.  Even some event sites would become clickable and we would be able to write our history, leave our marks.

CCP Orca then talked about the current state of the EVE Store. She explained that the current shipping prices are due to the low volume of purchases, and that at this stage CCP didn’t have any options to change it without an incre ase in volume through the store.

Catch 22, it won;t get cheap unless we buy and we won’t buy unless it gets cheap.  sigh

Then came the balance sessions with the usual suspects showing up.  Discussed were T3 cruiser, nullification effects, static bubbles, shuttles with interdiction nullification, and Alpha balance issues like the ability to fire T2 ammo.  Light missiles and rapid lights were brought up by Mr Hyde (hater of frigates). Heavy Interdictor Scrams , armor plates and Shield Extenders for battleships, Shield Capitals, shield slaves, Battle Rorquals.

CP Fozzie said they have some ideas and they did want to make a change, but also had a separate proposal for feedback: making it so that Rorquals could only PANIC when in proximity to an asteroid. The CSM was receptive to the idea.
Mr Hyde also brought up the issue of battleships having cargoholds that were a bit small,

some ships have lock ranges and scan resolutions that are out of line with the surrounding ships, Large Cap batteries . . .the list goes on and you may want to read that section to see if things you are interested in are also covered.  (my list is not conclusive)
Last session (for this post) was another whack at the NPE.  This time they started by talking about the career agents and how they plan on going from 5 to 3.  It then segued into a discussion on what should be taught by the game vs by other players.  Should the NPE have a pvp component? How much repetition is need to actually teach something?  How hard should a lesson be and how much loss should you hit them with so they learn . . .ships die, you don’t.  What does need to be taught.  This is something ongoing and if you have feedback make sure you communicate it to CCP and CSM.  Some interesting ideas were evaluations for the performance of the lessons so the player got some feedback.  (Man that will drive some OCD’s mad).
CCP replied that there had been considerations for making each empire just have a single starter system and school instead of three. The CSM was generally supportive of this idea.
This I am not sure of.  My teacher sense tells me big classrooms lead to other problems and it also would mean the loss of two of the three new npc corps.  Who goes, who stays?

feel free to read it for yourself if you do want more detail. I will finish this commentary in the next post.

fly it like you won it


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