Let it Snow


Mike relaxed and admired the special lighting the deck crew had done to the hanger.  He sat out on the Hull of the Bus, far above the deck the hologram of snow drifted and glowed in the lights that were there.  It was always a hectic time of the year and he was glad to take a moment for himself and just rest.

The Bus took a lot of his time as did the work behind the scenes, fits and shipping and draws and such.  He could not remember the last time he had flown just for his own amusement.  He would have to change that.  ‘all work and no play . . . ‘

His latest amusement had been snow as well.  He spent some time in Jita and would put bursts of snow to blank the scammers and spammers.  Oh it DID mean that he was also spamming but he would limit his actions to a small span of time and then move on.  The funny thing was that others would pick it up and that Jita was, for a little while less scammy as a % of posts.  (It also meant that some people now would never again hear anything Mike had to say as he was blocked)

Ah well. the snow on the ceiling was nice and it distracted him from the other aspect of the holidays.  Dee was gone and there was a hole in his heart because of it.  Loneliness was always worst when others were not and he could see the  . . .

“You gonna mope all day or you coming?”  A voice asked from behind him.

“I was bein introspective like.”  Mike answered.

“That is easier to do with a drink in your hand and folks around you to help with the hard parts, like thinking.”  Scotty grinned and offered a hand to Mike.

Mike took the hand and pulled himself upright.  He took a last glance at the snow above as the cold inside of him warned to the thought of food and drink and friends.  She was gone, yes.  But there were still other people to meet and other things to do.


Merry Christmas everyone.  I will probably do another post soon but I just wanted this snapshot out there.

Oh and I have another hospital story for the next time we sit down to drink.  You’re buying

fly it like you won it





。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ .; , 。 .   +  ゚   。  。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o.゚  。 . 。。 .  .。    o   .. 。 ゚  , 。. o 。* 。 . o. 。 . .。.   。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ 。  . .゚o 。 *. 。 .. ☆ .; , 。 .   +  ゚   。  。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o.゚  。 . 。。 .  .。    o   .. 。 ゚  , 。. o 。* 。 . o. 。 .。

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Mike stared at the hud, dumbfounded.  Damage?  Where?  Who?  Why?  When?  (how was left out because of legal reasons)  He had been distracted and flying from one region to another, taking his time at the gates but he had not noticed that he had even been shot at but now here he was, half shields that were slowly regenerating.

“Not that I mind being shot at, too much.  But it is almost insulting not to at least notice.  I wonder if I should send an apology.”  He hesitated then brought up the combat log.  Ah, there it must be, he now had kill rights against another pilot Casirio.  “Huh, newbie taking a pot shot?”  He accessed pilot data.  “Nope, no idea what he was using, hell I don’t even know what system he was shooting me in.  Poor sap, hard enough being a bad guy to be so bad AT it that the victim takes no notice?”  Mike shrugged and decided against the apology.

^Mike^  The comm crackled.


^Few months back I helped out with a little extra for the rookies.  was wondering if you wanted to do it again?^

“J,. I always welcome donations.  Last time I called them manners gifts but this time I think I will reward ‘engagement’.”

^Them shooting at you?^

“No, just saying a bit more then ‘me me me’ and ‘thanks’.  Social engagement is important.  You oughta see how few talk in a system, these days.  I see 200+ in local and talk to 5-10 of them.”

^But you keep doing it, anyways.^

“One starfish at a time, yup.”  Mike smiled as the wallet icon blinked.  “Engagement enrichment fund donation received, now to hit the markets.  Thanks J, gotta move on to the next stop.”

^Fly safe^

“Nah, I fly fast or prepared . . . or both”



2 years of doing this, wow.

Yeah someone shot at me and I actually did miss it as I had the sound off and was paying attention to my wife at the time (happy marriage needs that sort of thing, now and again).

What do you guys think, should I spend some time with fireworks to grab more attention?  Or just keep on keeping on?

My thanks to the donors of late, I am behind on  my in game mail.

speaking of mail . . . https://mikeazariah.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/ooc-operation-northern-troll/ this, please.

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Flying in Otter Space


“Ya know”  Mike said to the folks in the bar.  “There are times when you get reeeeal tired of hearing the young ones whine.  I wonder if they get tired of us telling ’em how much harder it was ‘back in the day’?”

“Probably.”  Muttered the drunk to Mikes right. “But who cares what they think or say.”

“One day that may be the guy you want at your back.  I care.”  Mike took another pull of his own drink in a futile effort to catch up.  “Might even be your logi.  Nah, I try to make sure my future is safer by tending to the present that will BE my future, presently.”

“Do you think about your sentences before you say them or what?”  The drunk frowned trying to figure out what Mike had just spouted.

“Nah, what is the point of both of us listening?  But the newbies, some of them nobody should be forced to listen to, whining that they don’t have enough, can’t do enough, that it isn’t fair that they cannot fly a Titan or have all the things right now.  Begging in Rookie Help Chat like they are the only poor folks in there.”  Another pull on his drink.  “They miss the chance to enjoy the challenge, the discovery.  To play.”

“Maybe they have a different way of playing.”  suggested the bartender, checking drink levels and placing a couple of fresh ones down as he cleared the empties.  “Maybe they think there is some ‘get to the good stuff’ action going on.”

“Nah, they’s just lazy.” opined the drunk.

“Some but not all.  Met a guy the other day that kinda made me glad I talk to folks.  New guy but somehow had tripped across my name and wanted someone to tell his adventures to.  I was just doing some industry stuff and had time so I said sure, let ‘er rip.”

I began on 23rd at 16:00, now I found a small group of guys who seemed to have time and interest in being pals and helping me learn, so we went out and I helped tackle as a 3rd web and scram and I accidentally didn’t know podding at low sec gives sec-loss
I came back after 2 pods and 3ship kills as a newborn pirate, I have learned now to move quickly through hisec. The next day I attend another fleet again and learn more about faction warfare hunting and we catch my first killing blow
Today I logged in and checked twitch for evescout and instead found bjorn, I fought cardinal syn last night who gave me many breacher fits and encouraged me

“So he shows me his killboard, kills and assists and he is just so damn proud that it was infectious.  He had a loss as well and shared that with me but the best thing was?  He shrugged it off as part of the experience.  The damn guy GOT IT.”  Mike smiled and took a pull from his drink that drained the glass.  “He said he had done a lot of things and master each of them and was now out to master being a capsuleer. I told him he would have to decide what mastering New Eden meant, to him.

I think I want to become a reliable scout or backup FC.  I was just proud because I wasn’t exactly listening to primaries, and instead free tackling which he called out sometimes.

“He has goals, independent thought that may or may not work well in a fleet.  But damn it he had fun, win and lose.  He has goals and he went out and FOUND things to do FOUND fleets to join.”  Mike raised a fresh glass just set before him.  “To Otter, because he otter do well and we welcome him to the company of pilots.”

“Here here.”  the drunk yelled as he slid from his seat and collapsed on the bar floor.



Yup, I did chat with this guy and yup I quoted some of the convo but damn I don’t know if I managed to capture the sheer exuberance.

So if you are a new pilot and have somehow stumbled onto this rambling blog o mine?  Welcome.  Welcome in deed, in word, in action.  IF you have a story to tell and you want someone else to help tell it?  Let me know but understand that I am doing things in game and in (ew) Real Life and may not always have time for a long chat.

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OOC: All by your onesies

Due to the nature of Operation Magic School Bus I cannot be in a corp, simple as that.  The Bus would be too tempting a target and I would be wardecced and hunted till kingdom come.  I am not complaining, I would expect no less.  But that means I do not have a corp/alliance and I fly alone.  Kinda makes my last post a bit ironic and leads me to this one.  Flying alone.


Except . . . sometimes you can.  You do not HAVE to join a corp in Eve (hell, there are very few things you HAVE to do, being a sandbox and all)  Not everything is about direct relationships with other players although you would be surprised at how wide the impact of anything you do does spread.  I will explain as we go along.

Normally folks think PvE when they talk of Eve solo play.  It is true that solo in hisec is a common choice but I always wonder if that is because it is what is taught by the career agents.  If all you are shown is how to mine then what can we expect you to think the game is about?

Ah, mining.  All alone in a belt, enjoying the view and the steady tick of ore arriving in your ventures hold and the value increasing.  Easy, safe, quiet, time for some netflix or surfing the web while you rake in the cash.  Unless, of course, some player decides that you look like easy and afk meat.  Unless you plan on plexing your account via mining.  Unless you find such activity boring (some do, some don’t).  All alone, right? Wrong.  You probably will selling the ore, meaning you interact and affect the market and the player you sell to.  Unless you are using it to make your own damn stuff then someone else gets involved.  Not to mention the ore you mine is not there for people later in the day who arrive at the belts to find them empty.  I kid you not, there have been hisec wardecs over mining rights.

So maybe missions?  Work for npcs, shoot npcs, all nice and steady.  Hey, Mike was a missioneer, right?  Right.  But that was as a paid account, omega class and I struggled through the T1 and T2 missions to start making decent isk.  T3’s are where it begins to be nice and T4’s more so for me.  I have read of people who make really good money blitzing T3’s but to do that they are in ships and fits that an alpha cannot fly.  It is nice steady casual play, I will not say otherwise and I still do the occasional mission when the mood strikes me.

Trade?  Made for solo, same for industrial, quite often.  After all, are YOU going to trust strangers by giving them access to your wallet or assets?  Yeah, you go it alone and maybe make a fleet of alts to support yourself.  But to be in the market you will be doing pvp of a different sort, you will be interacting with all the buyers and sellers and players from around the world.  You will be alone, in a crowd.

Exploration.  This is my current go to activity when on a break.  Great for casual play and slightly addictive like a puzzle game.  But if you head into low or null?  You better believe you are in a mmo and the other players are willing to make you less solo and more target.  You may be playing alone but you are a cat at a dog show.  I know folks who LOVE this playstyle and then I read things like this and realize that not all folks understand that even though you play alone, you are seldom alone.

PvP ah the life of the solo pilot and in this new age of off grid boosts going bye-bye we might actually see a resurgence or the death of this activity.  Hisec, ganking solo style.  My best contact for this tells me that they are changing career again but they made a steady life of scan, shoot, loot.  Was damn good at it, too.  Alpha capable thrashers backed with a will to kill and a penchant for teaching a bit of violence to inattentive players.  Lowsec pirate on the prowl, nullsec adventurer with a purpose.  Harlock of the spaceways, the Dread Pirate Roberts (I am SURE both names are taken but I am not pointing to the players) willing to go out and do violence all alone, your own man and your own success or failure.  Cool, aloof.

heh, look, you can play solo, casual and with Alpha states that is now easy and cheap to do but I really want to end with a quote from the forums this morning.

Everyone knows that friendship is the best ship in Eve. It sounds corny but it’s true. If you are trying to solo the game then you are missing at least 90% of the content.-ergherhdfgh

I do have one other post in this set to do, being alone in a group, the npsi and events aspect of play.  But then I have other things floating in the writing pool I call a brain as well.

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OOC: Joining the gang

I strongly recommend you read comments on this one as updates to info may be found there.

Eve is a social game, there is no denying it.  Some even call it a very pretty chat program.  But for a new player it can be intimidating trying to fit in to established groups.  You feel like the 5 year old trying to get into a baseball game with teenagers.

So I put a call out on twitter because Eve extends beyond the borders of its own chatter into other mediums like blogs, podcasts, twitch and you tube and Facebook and twitter.  (quick aside>  common eve twitter is #tweetfleet and I am @mikeazariah)  I asked . . .

Now I cannot and have not vetted the answers but all the usual suspects showed up.  Top of the list for learning is Eve Uni.  Close on its heels come the big nullsec pvp groups.of Brave newbies( https://wiki.braveineve.com/ ), Karma fleet (http://karmafleet.org/) and Pandemic Horde ( Forum post on joining Horde ).  If you are looking for a big organization and the chance to be in fleet battles one of them is a good place to go.

Eve University is a long standing teaching organization for Eve and yes the application process takes some time but their classes are very well organized.  Even if you do not join them a lot of their material is free as are the classes, even to outsiders. http://calendar.eveuniversity.org/ is always a good place to see what they are teaching and offering.

Signal Cartel is more specialized group focused on exploration and a very non-pvp stance.   https://t.co/LZku0I6c5N Is where to go to learn about joining them.   Evemail ingame Mynxee or Johnny Splunk. (tell Mynxee I sent you)  RvB is another specialized hisec friendly war that is still ongoing and I actually fought in for a while.  It is a blast for learning some fleet skills but you need to have a source of income to replace lost ships. R-V-B is the in game channel and rvbeve.com is where you can go for more info.

Speaking of violence but on a smaller scale Vagrant Skies is a member of the pirate organization called A Band Apart.  To join them you join the in game channel Vagrancy Encouraged.  (since I assume some of you are new, to join a channel click the little speech bubble at the top af a chat box and then type or paste in the name of the channel I mentioned and say join.  If it is a public channel you will be in and the message of the day should tell you who to talk to about recruiting  I check and Vagrancy Encouraged  does have that info)

Now here is the odd thing and this drives me crazy.  The LEAST advertised groups are the PvE folks.  Miners may group but they stay private for fear of gankers joining to set them up for kills.  Mission runners are the same way.  I started out in a mining corp and enjoyed myself a lot.  We had awoxers and wardecs against us but we survived until the CEO burned out.  It happens.  Being a sheep in a game for wolves is both a challenge and a punishment.  Some take it up and thrive while others are mutton and wool sweaters.  They have good reason to be careful and it is the Main reason Operation Magic School Bus is in Scope.  I make too good a target in the Bowhead to offer the opportunity to be easy prey.  Late Edit https://english.eve-guides.fr/index.php?article=137  is a mixed language group that lays claim to some PvE, I have not personally checked them out but if you do, let me know how it turned out.

Back to violence.  If Faction Warfare sounds good to you then there are lots in each faction to choose from. I have been assured that . . .

I am sure there are others for the Other Races but these guys spoke up when I put the call out and I do know some of the members of that group.  Late edit.  The Black Shark Cult (Caldari) also spoke up, find out mre at https://www.reddit.com/r/blacksharkcult/comments/3ce2v4/black_shark_cult_mission_statement/

Joining makes this less of a game of solitaire and more a hobby, a place where you go to meet up with friends on line.  Find the right corp and you will have things to do and accomplish far beyond what you can do alone.  Find the wrong group?  Get out and find the right group, don’t be a putz.  They will make some demands of you and you have every right to make demands of them.

A forum article on corp finding is worth reading.  Yes in the first few days it is good to find out what can be done and what part you can play.  Yes in the first few days you ARE the five year old tagging along.

But you grow up so very fast

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Wait for it

Example was a series I started to point new players to a step by step.  Then CCP announces that there will be a new new player experience.  So continuing this would be counter productive.  As a reselt I will wait the two weeks for the new stuff and then get a writin once again about new steps and baby steps for the wave of alphas (none of whom will have the foggiest idea that there is a blog to help them)

Speaking of alphas.  I am scrambling to get things in place for them with the Magic School Bus and this is me asking for donations.  A lot of folks have helped with hulls and isk but there is a lot to do and so if you can spare some materials or funds then I am here, about to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Operation Magic School Bus.  If you hate the gnosis I will take them as well when they get handed out, just sayin.

Let’s see, what else?  Oh Eve Vegas was fun to watch what I could and I plan on going through the rest of it and maybe do a little things post of things that struck me.  Point form and hard to read but it will what it is.  At least I did not do 700+ tweets like some writers I know . . .

Lots to write about as we are in interesting times.  I need to get back at this thing more hardcore . . .

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More time spent on Minutes

“So then they got onto the idea of ‘events’, you know, like hunting the Purity loonies.”  Mike took snack from the plate the waitress dropped on the table and grinned.  “Things to do in between other things to do.  They have been good and will probably continue.  I expect the Blood Raiders will have their annual dustup, sometime soon.  There was some talk about what appropriate rewards were when you did stuff for Concord or Scope.”

“You sad you didn’t toss your hat in the ring, this year?”  Scotty asked from the side.

“No, but I think the ring may throw a hat at me.”  Mike replied.  “Probably soon.  They got into the minutiae of fashion, both SKINs for the ships and citadels as well as right down to hats for capsuleers. The coucillors spent some time trying to convince the powers that be that vanity pieces DO mean something to some pilots.  Some folks want to have a sense of identity even down to their ship colours.”

“Like you don’t want your big Bus painted all yellow.”  Scotty said.

“Oh I like a few other paint schemes as well,”  Mike grinned,  “though I wouldn’t


be the first to use them.  Either way, more appeals to our collective vanity cannot be a bad idea, no?”

He then took on a more serious tone.  “Then they started to get into the more meaty subjects like the clone alterations that are acommin.”

The listeners poured more drinks from various pitchers and leaned in a bit.  This was something they wanted to know about.  “Ya knows Valkyrie pilots?  Simple rinse and re-use clones, eh?  Well looks like the modifications of clone tech has allowed a ‘budget’ version for us capsuleers as well.  You don’t learn as fast, you cannot learn much beyond the basics.”

“So why do it?”  Someone asked.

“Economics, relativelesy speaking it is damn near free to fly like that.”  Mike shrugged.  “Some folks be willin to sacrifice anyting ta get what they thinks is a deal.”

Scotty looked at Mike and asked.  “Somethin about them bothers you though, right?”

“Ayup.  Mainly waves of them not caring the cost, waves of them not really caring who they votes for, waves of them overwhelming shorthanded staff for issues, waves breaking upon the shores of our status quo.  Now that may not be a bd thing, overall but I do see issues.  But the Powers That Be tell us they will monitor for major shifts and react accordingly which means a lot of those waves MAY happen before they decide to build a breakwater.”

“That is good, isn’t it?”

“In one way, yes.  It will let us see what is the word that can happen but if it drives the old guard away . . . some may not come back.  And if the new wave of folks learn to like what they have they will kick and scream if their little toys are taken away from them.  I am not sure there IS a right answer to be found so . .  . well one of the other side said it best.

CCP Seagull emphasized again that the intention of clone states and the
restrictions was not to encourage every alpha state account to subscribe, but to
allow them to be able to play side by side with the omegas without wrecking the

so we will have to see and be prepared to weather out the storms.”

“Then they spent some time on how we can rework our line of sudies and resumes (character sheets)  and I knows that there will be people who hate it just because it is change.  They will beg for things to be an option to be the old way and they will be denied.  Thgis is a pattern for every change of this type.  Some more instinctive things like the pause and apply will be better used and personally I think it all sounds fairly nice.  They also looked at how inventory will be indicative of whether and ‘alpha’ can use things or not, both on the ship tree and on basic market and inventory.”

Mike grinned.  “The session after that was statistics.  Now I won’t bore you with them but I found this to be one I always love to attend and the graphs made are awesome


Stuff like the above can advise you as to what MOST folks use for their damage dealt and maybe prepare or fit similarly.  Or try to buck the tide and find something better.”

Mike looked about and nodded to the waitress.  “Feed the folks.  Assorted appies till the plates stop emptying.”

He sat back.  “Talkin be work, too.”



More has come out since the summit and In may incorporate a bit, here and there, but this is mainly based off of the minutes.

Eve Metrics is always my fav bit.  Go look at the graphs.

If anybody knows about setting up Fortizrs could you send me a note.  I seriously am looking at them but not finding a lot of info online that is a cohesive ‘how to’

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From a Distance

“Well, well, well.  “Scotty drawled.  “Look what got dragged in to Cat.”

Mike grinned and shrugged.  “I don’t think that is how that sayin goes.  I am here on a mix, business and pleasure.  The pleasure be that of buying a few rounds for you and the boys.”

“And the business?”

“Scouting sites . . . thinking of putting up a Citadel one of these days and I like these stomping grounds.  But first I have a lot of learning to do.”  Mike grimaced.

“Well, at least you are not all caught up in Minutes, this year.”  Scotty looked at his sideways as they headed for the bar.

“I still read them of course, just don’t worry if they spelled my name right.”  Mike tried to keep a straight face.

“You miss it, don’t you?”

Mike sighed.  “I do, don’t know why or what but I do miss the whole process.”

“Well then, we have just the cure for you.  You can buy us drinks and explain the damn things to us.  Pretend that you are still a caring community type.”

Mike laughed and nodded.  “Sounds good, Maybe I will get it out of my system.”

Soon enough he was holding court in a local bar and letting any who wandered in hear his opinion of what the high and mighty were up to.

“To start with you have to understand that this was unusual right from the start.  ALL 14 councilors made it to the summit.  Usually some of  would remote presence in and/or just no even try.  We were not always ‘invited’ or able to assign the time to the meetings so the ‘powers that be’ [ccp] have never dealt with this large an invasion of capsuleers into their inner sanctum.  Larger rooms and more voices would, for me, be a concern.

The First sessions were ‘here is how we work, this is what we do, followed by ‘this is what we have planned’.  Best takeaway your average pilot could use is knowing who does what.  What team to watch if you have a specific interest.  In the short term things may be fairly solidified as to what is coming but as we move into the next year possibilities open up.  Then they asked the council for suggestions for the roadmap . . . ”  Mike chuckled softly.

•New Space and Stargates -Noobman
•More frequent balancing -Mr Hyde, TheJudge
•Ability to influence gates in already known space -Aryth
•Better and more engaging NPCs -Sullen
•Expanded and better Mining Gaming -Steve
•More high-risk, high reward PvE -Gorski
•More Social PvE –Jin’taan
•Better experience after the first week- Innominate
•Better experience in large fight situations -Bobmon
•Structures, space and their customization -Kyle
•Giving players the ability to create missions to give other players more
    content- Fafer
•Instant action -Fafer
•Graphic Creation Toolkit for content creators -Xenuria
•More personalized assets -Nashh
“I am not going to go back and see if these are things they promised to push for, during the last election, but the open question on record is a good move and will help in future elections.  The one thing I found worthy of special note is the PTB (powers that be) reaction to Jin’s request for more social PvE.  We mission runner tend to be a solitary bunch except for the incursion communitee.  The head honchette indicated

there is an assumption that CCP doesn’t want to make more content like this, and that this assumption isn’t really true.
so there may be more group missions in our future.”
“Groups missions?”  Someone called from the back.
“One of the more common terms is ‘raids’.”  Mike shrugged.  “I figure it will be hard to do but not impossible.  Some of us will still try to do them all alone and damned if I don’t think some hotshot will ‘solve the puzzles’ quick enough.  But back to the minutes, we can tear ’em apart, later.
So the Powers started talking about a lot of details such as
•The IGB removal and covering all of its functionality.
•Some performance optimization for the post-processing system
•Item packs for starter packs
•Removal of the Login queue
•One-Click Purchase (with further discussion regarding fraud and hacking
Engineering Complexes
Which lead them in a dozen different ways as they most likely discussed the ramifications and state of each choice made.”
“Which didn’t make the minutes.”  A voice said from the back.
“No, that sort of thing seldom sees the light of day but I KNOW they do not just mention it and move on.  They also touched on Faction warfare and said something that both excites and scares me . . .
When the topic of standings with FW was brought up, CCP Burger brought up that
they’re looking a bit into this and all sorts of expanded possibilities to actually
make standings matter.
Which can mean a lot of things but from my point of view the 4 empires are starting to recognize the Cuckoos egg they are hatching in their nests.  Capsuleers, some of us, at least, barely recognize heritage and just fly and do what we want leaving the empires to squabble among themselves.  Others still maintain loyalties and affection for our homes and heritage.  I am Gallente . . . THEN a Capsuleer.”
The locals gave some whoops of support and then quieted to hear what worried Mike.
“I . . .I don’t know what is coming but it feels like a storm . . . the winds are changing.”  He shrugged.  “Of I am just in need of another drink.”
One was passed to him and he continued. “Then they talked about the business of making Capsuleers.  Getting folks to join up and become immortal.  Sales and pitches and samples of product lines a preview of the store: http://bit.ly/IqT6zt but in the end that is not something that directly effects me except to give me more folks to greet with the Bus.
But then the high level stuff was done and they started to get down to brass tacks.
If you unfamiliar with this?  Yes, I write in character, live with it, yes I clicked the link, too, just thought I would pass the love on.
I will break this up into manageable chunks and this is the first of how ever many it takes.  I pulled it from the first 10 pages of 55 pages of the Minutes.  If you don’t like my summary then http://cdn1.eveonline.com/community/csm/Meetings/summit/CSM11-S1.pdf 
go read them yourself.  Hell I do.  Next post soon, RL willing.
fly it like you won it.
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“See, I always thought the point of terrorism was to cause fear, to sway minds or drive an enemy into a corner.  Ting is, I seldom see that it works.”  Mike scooped some of the contents of the skillet onto a pair of plates and slid one across to Free.  “I never saw you as a terrorist . . . more like a combat specialist.  You don’t go trying to scare folks or even make the news, you juss wants dem dead, no?”

“Exactly.”  She picked up a fork and poked at the food.  “What is this again?”

“Food.”  Mike grinned.  “Don worry, I no spice it too much or too little, it be juss right.”

“There are times when we differ on what ‘juss right’ means.”  She took a bite and smiled.  “But not this time.”

“So what are them Purity folks up to, then?  They make lots of noise and pretty nice targets but I just don’t see the point.”  He washed a mouthful down with some red wine.

“They object to one not of Pure Amarr heritage taking the throne.  She is, by bloodline, sullied with the Udorian ancestry of her family.  So they want her removed and another more pure elevated to Empress.”

“How do you and yours feel about it?”

“Depends on how she stands on the one question we care about.  If she supports chainers then she is a target.  Not because of Bloodline but because of beliefs, simple as that.  We will not try to change her mind, just her from living Empress to ‘The Late Empress’.”

Mike snorted.  “Have a hotline to the Drifters, do you?”

“No, sadly.”  She ate some more and looked at him.  “You are going to be there, for the coronation, aren’t you?”

“If I is in the area twould be rude not to drop by and say hello.  Heavens forbid I might be seen as being rude.”  Mike grinned wider than before.  “I tink I may even be in that area on Bus business.  Maybe.  If y’all wants to come along I am sure I can find rooms for ya . . . ”

She paused then met his happy gaze with a serious one.  “I may take you up on that, I may.”



IRL the Prince William and family landed in my home town about an hour ago.  People were lined up for hours to get a glimpse of them.

The other prompt for this is the violence in the last few days south of my border.  I just have this to add.

The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, … Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth.  MLK

I think that a The Coronation of stellar empire like the Amarr would/will be a big thing.  So IF I can find the right time and be there, I will.  Now I just have to decide on the right ship for the job.  And do I white skin it?

Tuesday, but when Tuesday? http://updates.eveonline.com/date/2016-09-27/ just says what day.  A time would be nice . . . anyone know?

Ah well, till then?  fly it like you won it




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OOC Preparing for Alpha

OK, hopefully, this will be a big thing and I decided to make alpha characters ahead of time.  One for each race.  The thing is that this MAY ber a very dated piece, very soon.  If they change the new player experience and the base skills shift then all the work I do here becomes ancient history.

I don’t think that I have mentioned this before but that is kind of how my eve writing career started.  A player who had a website asked me to write a character creation piece explaining the difference between each race and bloodline.  It DID make a difference back then.  He paid me for the write ups and that gave me a start in Eve.  Now here I am, doing it again and once more there is a chance that it will be a two month article that then becomes ‘no longer relevant’.

But something makes me want to write this and so I made another trial account and a new character so I could remember where we start and set up the changes.   Then I relaised that I could just hit Eve Uni Wiki and find the list.

So what will My Amarr be allowed to use once the November expansion hits?

Amarr     Remote Hull Repair Systems     1     Armor
Amarr     Repair Systems                               4     Armor
Amarr     Thermal Armor Compensation     1     Armor
Amarr     Corporation Management           1     Corporation Management
Amarr     Drone Avionics                               4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Durability                            4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Interfacing                          3     Drones
Amarr     Drone Navigation                          4     Drones
Amarr     Drone Sharpshooting                   4     Drones
Amarr     Drones                                               5     Drones
Amarr     Light Drone Operation                 4     Drones
Amarr     Medium Drone Operation           3     Drones
Amarr     Repair Drone Operation              2     Drones
Amarr     Electronic Warfare                        4     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Propulsion Jamming                    3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Weapon Disruption                      3     Electronic Systems
Amarr     Advanced Weapon Upgrades     1     Engineering
Amarr     CPU Management                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Emission Systems     3     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Management               4     Engineering
Amarr     Capacitor Systems Operation     3     Engineering
Amarr     Electronics Upgrades                   4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Grid Upgrades                  4     Engineering
Amarr     Energy Pulse Weapons                 2     Engineering
Amarr     Power Grid Management             4     Engineering
Amarr     Thermodynamics                          3     Engineering
Amarr     Weapon Upgrades                         4     Engineering
Amarr     Controlled Bursts                          4     Gunnery
Amarr     Gunnery                                           5     Gunnery
Amarr     Medium Energy Turret                4     Gunnery
Amarr     Motion Prediction                        4     Gunnery
Amarr     Rapid Firing                                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Sharpshooter                               4     Gunnery
Amarr     Small Energy Turret                   4     Gunnery
Amarr     Surgical Strike                             4     Gunnery
Amarr     Trajectory Analysis                     4     Gunnery
Amarr     Leadership                                     3     Leadership
Amarr     Missile Launcher Operation     1     Missiles
Amarr     Acceleration Control                   3     Navigation
Amarr     Afterburner                                    3     Navigation
Amarr     Evasive Maneuvering                  3     Navigation
Amarr     High Speed Maneuvering           3     Navigation
Amarr     Navigation                                      4     Navigation

Amarr     Warp Drive Operation                 3     Navigation
Amarr     Biology                                             3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Cybernetics                                     3     Neural Enhancement
Amarr     Industry                                            5     Production
Amarr     Mass Production                             3     Production
Amarr     Mining                                               4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Mining Upgrades                            4     Resource Processing
Amarr     Reprocessing                                    3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Salvaging                                           3     Resource Processing
Amarr     Armor Rigging                                  2     Rigging
Amarr     Astronautics Rigging                      2     Rigging
Amarr     Drones Rigging                                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Electronic Superiority Rigging     2     Rigging
Amarr     Energy Weapon Rigging                 2     Rigging
Amarr     Jury Rigging                                        3     Rigging
Amarr     Archaeology                                        3     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Acquisition                 2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometric Rangefinding             2     Scanning
Amarr     Astrometrics                                      3     Scanning
Amarr     Hacking                                               3     Scanning
Amarr     Survey                                                  3     Scanning
Amarr     Science                                                4     Science
Amarr     EM Shield Compensation              1     Shields
Amarr     Explosive Shield Compensation     1     Shields
Amarr     Kinetic Shield Compensation      1     Shields
Amarr     Shield Compensation                     3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Management                        3     Shields
Amarr     Shield Operation                              4     Shields
Amarr     Shield Upgrades                               3     Shields
Amarr     Tactical Shield Manipulation       3     Shields
Amarr     Thermal Shield Compensation    1     Shields
Amarr     Connections                                       2     Social
Amarr     Criminal Connections                     2     Social
Amarr     Diplomacy                                           3     Social
Amarr     Distribution Connections              2     Social
Amarr     Mining Connections                        2     Social
Amarr     Negotiation                                        2     Social
Amarr     Security Connections                      2     Social
Amarr     Social                                                    3     Social
Amarr     Amarr Cruiser                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Destroyer                              4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Frigate                                   4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Amarr Industrial                              1     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Mining Frigate                                  4     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Spaceship Command                      3     Spaceship Command
Amarr     Anchoring                                           1     Structure Management
Amarr     Long Range Targeting                     3     Targeting
Amarr     Signature Analysis                           3     Targeting
Amarr     Target Management                        4     Targeting
Amarr     Broker Relations                               2     Trade
Amarr     Marketing                                           2     Trade
Amarr     Trade                                                    3     Trade


(OK so formatting is not my thing)  This is what you will be ‘allowed’ to have active as an Alpha clone.  So this is what you should be making . . . right now.  Think about it.  You train at normal speed right now, alphas will train slower (how slow I do not know)  IF you plan on making an alpha for whatever purpose you would be well advised to make it and start training it with the better speed available, no?

Now if you asre a new player the above list means next to nothing to you so let me make a few suggestions for what to hit first.

Light Drone Operation–Buy it, get it training.  Drones are handy, period.

If you are going to do missions beyond the Career agents?  –Connections

For fitting?  Go to this link and see their recommendations.  I do not like to try to reinvent perfectly good wheels.

Frigate, destroyer, cruiser to max.  Frigate first and then move on.

Look at what you like doing, what you want to do.  Fitting skills are always good while you are deciding but always keep skills on the burner.  Alwas be learning till you max that Alpha out.  If in doubt guns and defense are good as well.  Amarr armor tank and lasers, for example.

Basically, what I am saying?  Plan ahead.  CCP tells us things?  USE that knowledge and make good decisions.

fly it like you won it





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