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I know that I have mentioned, once or twice that I spend a fair amount of time in Rookie Help Chat.  I was asked by a few folks where the links to my ‘lessons/lectures’ are.  Well?  to tell the truth there was no repository other than me madly typing (badly) into the in-game notepad.

So what this is is a collection of the notes but not the links.

first is my Bus annoiuncements

Operation Magic School Bus is in system

That means that for the next few minutes, I’m giving out free fitted ships to pilots less than 30 days old who speak up, here in local, and dock up at the only station in the system.

Or you can stay silent
and wonder if you missed out on free stuff. Your call, hero

Just a reminder, folks, keeping an eye on local is always a good habit to have (unless in Jita)

and my bounty lesson

1) People do not have a license to kill if you have a bounty., Open fire in hisec and Concord WILL take an interest.
2) You do NOT get the whole bounty, The bounty payout is roughly 20% of the value of all destroyed objects (ships, modules, cargo, implants), otherwise known as “Pend Insurance Estimate” on kill reports
3) Bounty is from other players so it may or may not mean something about the bountied character . . . good or bad. It means nothing about what Concord or the Empires think of them,

and the answer to ‘why can’t I loot this wreck’ that is commonly asked.

Is the container/wreck yellow? It’s because it belongs to someone else and if you did take it anyone (yes ANYONE) can shoot you for 15 mins. If you want to do that anyway you can turn your safety down by clicking the green dot by the hud

and the answer for ‘where did all the asteroids go and when will the come back?’

Mining Notice: At busy times the rookie system belts can and will be mined out. You can either go to other nearby systems OR take missions from career agents and watch for your own private asteroids inside some of the missions.

Belts respawn at 1100 Eve time

What I tell folks who ask why the Bus exists or what my scam is

I am not recruiting, I do not want you.
I am not scamming, what little you have is not worth my effort

Plenty of folks will try to scam you, Nobody will really double your isk. But I do hand out free fitted ships to new pilots.

Operation Magic School Bus is funded by older players who donate, wanting you to stay long enough in the game to be worth flying with or shooting at.

a clip of gate camp rules, raw

[22:16:50] Vol Jbolaz > Surviving Gate Camps.
[22:17:56] Vazara > Rule 1: Thou shall check the map for unusually high numbers of pilots in non station system/chokepoint systems. 25 pilots active in lxq? You might want to check to see if they’re friendly before you jumped in.
[22:18:16] Vazara > Rule 2: Thou shall fit a cloak. <br><br> Rule 3: Thou shall fit smartbombs in the rest of your high slots. <br><br> Rule 4: Thou shall fit an ECM Burst in a mid slot (you can only fit one due to an ECM Burst nerf so don’t bother fitting more).
[22:18:36] Vazara > Rule 5: Thou shall fit WCS in your lows. EXCEPTION: if you have a scout you can probably get away with 1 wcs and the rest nanos. <br><br> Rule 6: Thou shall be on the lookout for gatecamps starting at .4 space.

and my common how to make isk as a newbie.  Probably my most used lecture because how to make isk is a common question

OK, first off it is not easy for a new player to make enough to plex his account right out of the gate. The company wants to get paid. But there are ways to do it

Ask yourself. Is this a game or a second job? Do I want to spend time grinding in game so I can play for free and continue grinding?

Mining is steady, low attention and low return, but it is easy to get into and most folks start with it

Mission running. Like mining it is slow and steady and at least you look at something other than rocks. Once you get your standings up a fair amount of isk can be made in L3 and L4 missions. But alphas will be limited due to ship and fitting issues

Faction war makes lots of isk but has standing consequences you may not like.

Exploration is faster but always a bit of a gamble. People (new players) do manage to plex within 2 weeks. Others lose their ships and all the fittings. It is less of a sure thing but there is a higher payoff.

Trade. If you have the mind for it you can make boatloads of isk buying and selling. A lot of the extremely rich folks got that way in this gamer through trade. Thing is you need money to make money. For the knowledgable this is the way to go.

Bottom line? This is a game. If it become too much like work you are probably approaching it wrong and are far more likely to burnout or quit. Play, have fun, isk is not a goal just a tool to allow you more options.

Less used is the ‘off the beaten path’ lesson

1) open dotlan and then search for the system you are in example Conoban gives me this map http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Kor-Azor/Conoban#sec

2) look for dead ends, places off the path that go no where. Make sure they are not connectors to other regions (grey on map)

3) If the dead end has a station? even better or if it is a cluster of stars, a cul-de-sac Set the drop down filters on the top to show security so you know when you are wandering into null or lowsec.

4) copy the name of the destination, back in eve, alt e, search the name and drop down set to solar system. Rt click set destination and off you go

5) end of lesson and oh, please don’t autopilot. please

When I see a rookie with a really stupid name?

Choices: Your name may be cool and edgy now but there is no in game way to change it. If you expect to play long term, go to meetups, become a famous FC do you want to be called that to your face? Just askin

And another collection page I call the Welcome

Welcome to Rookie Help Chat. This channel exists for 30 days then you are shoved out of the nest. Helpers include Vets of the game, ISD’s and GM’s and the occasional Dev. Ask your question or watch and learn from others who ask

Learning how to play Eve is tough. We Know. The best places to learn: this chat, eve uni wiki, career agents, trial and a LOT of loss and error. google and youtube once you figure what to ask

Correct ammo is found by rt click weapon-info-used with. Loading? Have ammo in ships hold. rt click weapon while in space, load. If docked alt f and drag and drop ammo onto guns

Autopilot is a punishment for laziness AND a ‘Gank Me’ sign that you hang on yourself

Begging for isk in Rookie Help chat is like asking people at a homeless shelter for spare change, rude and stupid, please do not do it.

If someone is irritating you in chat rt click their name and select Block, handy tip, no?

Grrr Rant There is no BEST in Eve, stop asking. It is all situations and skills and so many factors that Best ship Best guns, Best way to make isk do not exist. Best is not a thing, ok?

That is the test part, there are pages and pages of links that I drag drop but they make more sense in game than out

I am hoping you all survived this year.  next year eve turns 15.  Wow.  And the Bus keeps on rollin

fly it like you won it and oh, since it tis the season.  1 week to leave a comment and be entered in a draw . . . 499 plex (I had 500 but I ate one)












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Quick list

A lot of things buzzing through my head as we move into the holiday season and it has been a while since i posted. Let me just point form this puppy and see where I get

– Celebrating the 3 year anniversary of Operation Magic School Bus.
-It is time for me (and any others interested to get cards sent to ccp for the holidays. I mean real cards, dammit. Not emails/dms not snapbook or instachat or facetweet.
-Huge changes to alpha and omega and I am really liking some of the discussion of business models and eve futures in the brave new world. Other parts of the discussion scare the beejeebers out of me. I still do not know where I fall on the alpha mini injectors but my instincts tell me that I am probably against it.
-The election is coming as is the next summit and dammit I never finished my write up of the last one. (makes another note in the todo list)
-Holidays mean the Bus hands out extra stuff. I have been giving ships to the occasional regular helpers of Rookie help chat and a bit more generous in the stops at career systems Still debating if I WANT to start handing out the occasional BC and more common cruisers.
-Have the frigs changed? Do I have to rewrite fits (again) (I looked, no, for now)
-Are you lot interested in seeing how I do Bus fits, maybe class by class or race by race
-I do have to do some fiction soon.

This is the third year for this and I am pushing it again The concept is simple. I want you (yes, YOU) to send a Christmas card to CCP. Not a digital thing but an honest paper and stamp card. I push it early because we are talking international mail and its speeds.

Address of the main office in Iceland is

CCP hf.
Grandagarður 8
101 Reykjavik

fly it like you won it


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Mike was pouring through the minutes but nobody cared about that, anymore.  All the news was about the fall and flip that actually was supposed to have been engineered WHILE at the Summit.  He sighed.

“Did you hear the . . . ”

“If this is about CO2, Scotty, yeah I probably did hear at least three versions and I am unwilling to bet any of them are correct.  See, that is the key.  There is no truth, in something like this, for the main actors.  They justify or glorify or misremember how much they were involved and nobody likes to be spear carrier in the final act.  So each was a mastermind, each was a key element.  And, as a result.  There is no truth.  Not for them, anyways.”

Scotty squinted.  “Who does get the truth?”

“Line members.  They get the hard truth of what has happened to them.  They have to face what looks to be the dissolution of something they have fought for, built, laboured on for years.  They lost a lot of ‘sweat equity’ and I expect some will walk away at this point, hung up their pods and go home.  Others will try to find shelter under other flags but this truth is going to last a long time.  They probably don’t care about who or why or how, just what . . . what next.”  Mike voice was soft at the end.  “Well, at least those who weren’t preppers.”

“Preppers?”  Scotty looked curious, “This some ‘down-home’ word of yours?”

Mike nodded.  “Old one.  There are folks who are always sure the worst is about to happen so they prepare for it.  Most times they get laughed at for being so paranoid but then things do go down they are the only ones ready.  They have stashes and backups and are ready for almost anything.  As a result when something big DOES happen, they are the only ones ready or calm.”

“So what would a CO2 prepper do?”

“Well in the case of a null corp like CO2?  I would always have a failsafe stash somewhere in hisec.  Something you can carebear with, be it incursions, mining, missions, whatever.  A place you can still go an fly.  That way if someone gets control of the corp memvbership and boots you out?  You have a place to go.”

Scotty grinned.  “You have a cache or two yourself, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but with me it is more distribution of assets due to laziness, not preparedness. I just like having things handy so I buy and keep them spread about.  The second rule is don’t own too much, isk in your own wallet is safe, stuff in other peoples citadels is not.  But, that being said?  Isk in a wallet does nothing.  Just do NOT keep all your assets in the same unsafe place.  When flying in null you make sure you have some doctrine ships handy but not every damn ship you own, especially the blingy ones.  A real prepper could probably tell you the percentage of assets you can put at risk in dangerous territory, for me?  What you can lose and not cry about.  Which is how I used to treat any ship I had in null, anyways.  If you treat it as already lost then theft or flip of a station just settles the matter but is not a shock to your system.”

Mike paused.  ‘The last thing is the hardest, or always was, for me.  To live within your means and not pour all your hopes and dreams and assets into one thing, one endeavour.  If you do and lose it?  well you better to be ready to rebuild,  Kiplings If leaps to mind.  And when you are a nomadic organization?  Sinking roots is just plain silly, have the means to move if and when that becomes necessary.  Prepare, stay prepped and then you survive the storms.  Fail to do so?  Well then we are back it ‘If’.”



Yes I will finish the minutes but this was boiling through my head in the wake of Judgement Day (or whatever you want to call it)  If you do not know thew incident to which this refers?  Do some reading but remember what I said about truths.

I gave my daughter a summary of the events and she cried out, no, not the Goons, when I got to who benefited.  This from someone who never has played, just listened to her father.

Fly it like you won it


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But No Timelines Set

“Ey, you readin dat ting Mike be readin as well, mon?”  The fitting team looked up from the Loki that they were working on then went back to work.

Scotty grinned and looked down at his own comm.  “Yeah, figure if I read it then I won’t have him talking my ear off about it.”

“So wats it say, den?”

“I am up tot he bit about structures, you know . . . out with the old and in with the new.”

“So, when be dat comin about?”

“Don’t know.  They seem to have it planned but not timelined.  Speaking of time, though they did talk a lot about vulnerability timers.  From that they talked about taking down the old dead sticks.  Though one of them asked if it was really a problem.

Steve asked what it was that made the council believe there were lots of abandoned structures, to which various members of the CSM replied that it isn’t actually the case at the moment, but they can see it happening in the next six months based on their own plans if they were invaded to just drop citadels all across space.


They talked about something called an FC ship, but didn’t seem to go into details.”

“If it is shiny I expect we will see one, soon enough here in dock, eh?”  Ev laughed.

“Most likely.  Then they got onto a bit about upcoming events and circumstances.  There was a question about why things like the Blood Raiders are not being run as was expected.

CCP Larrikin asking the CSM on their thoughts on the Blood Raider Shipyards. Specifically, he asked why they were not being run. Aryth answered that they had been waiting for interest to die down so they could run them without drawing

Which sounds like a good plan, not everyone wants to know what you are up to.”

“Unless dat be your job, ta tell em, eh?”

“Which leads us to the next bit.  They are going to be breaking up the o7 show.  Rather than one bit episode they will go with smaller pieces.  Then they got on about that party Mike is getting ready for.  Vegas.  Room and capacities and such.  To me?  It sounds like Jita, with more lights.”

“A real den o’ iniquity, eh?  He will fit right in.”

“Aaand speaking of holes, they started in on wormhole space.  Seems some wormholers actually bait and kill drifters, using their citadels.”

“No, well aint dat just a cryin shame”  Ev made a mock sad face and then laughed.

Scotty smiled and nodded before adding.  Wormholes look like they are coming up on the horizon, not soon but just the same . . .

CCP Larrikin replied that there had previously been discussion on modules that only work in specific areas of space, so you could have new modules that only work in a certain wormhole with a particular effect. CCP Larrikin continued that wormholes are one of the areas of space that CCP are happy to add some
heavy complexity.  CCP Fozzie added that Tech 3 modules are inevitable at some point in the far future so they could work with this. Noobman described that refineries and the
moon mining mechanic would be a big boon to wormholes in that it would allow corporations in wormholes to then able to have corporation-level income activities.

They have come a long way from ‘nobody will ever live in there”

“Yeah, dem capsuleers always find a way ta beat the odds and make fools of anybody trying to predict what they will do next, eh?”




This is a light cover from page 21-30 and was fund to read.  Understand, again, that I am just doing a light pass over it in these commentaries.  The details, if you want them may be found by reading the original document.

Between the lines is hard to read but fun when you try.  You won’t always be right but try, just the same.

fly it like you won it



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Big Jobs

He had five files open and was working on the main project when the comms gave a signature chime that meant the powers that be had released the Minutes.  Minimizing all the other files he settled back and read what the current CSM had been up to, making notes, just in case he wound up on a podcast again.

“Lessee,”  he murmured opening up the document and starting at the top, “Blah blah blah welcome to the meeting, what do you hope to get done even though we already set the agenda weeks ago?”

Yukiko explained that his focus was on opportunities •

Innominate is worried about the static nature of the map •

Aryth is concerned with making sure that moon mineral rebalance and drilling goes smoothly •

Judge is concerned with ship and module balance •

Steve was focused on finishing the structure replacement •

Suitonia is concerned with PVP across the game, especially with how people get into PVP •

Rhiload is concerned about PVP and structures •

Jin’taan is focused on improving the velocity of balancing •

Noobman is focused on structure and capital warfare

“I wonders iffen this is what they ran on, what the folks who think that they were being represented hoped they were electing.”  Mike thought of opening up old campaign promises to check but decided he had enough on his platter right now.  “Then they hit the Roadmap, yeah no surprise that one is blanked out.  One of my fav parts of the first day but ‘for yer eyes only’ type stuff.”  He poured himself a coffe and settled back down to read on.

“Production, choosing who does what, who works where, what projects are ‘on’ and which have to wait.  A lot of hard hard decisions come out of here.  Captains quarters closed down, for example.

CCP Vertex asked the CSM what they had heard and what sort of sentiment they saw with regards to the removal of Captain’s Quarters, to which they replied that they had not seen many people making many complaints

“Really?”  Mike chuckled, “Ah well, I guess we listen to different folks.”

TheJudge added that the biggest issue that people had was that the removal of Captain Quarters destroyed hope of further development of walking in stations.

“Hope is a hard thing to destroy and it dies messy.”  Mike sipped his coffee and moved on to the next, Genesis.  Resource Wars.

“Somethin new to fight about, eh?  Like we needs that . . . ”  He leaned back and spoke from memory

Thou, why, thou wilt quarrel with a man that hath a hair more or a hair less in his beard than thou hast. Thou wilt quarrel with a man for cracking nuts, having no other reason but because thou hast hazel eyes. What eye but such an eye would spy out such a quarrel? Thy head is as full of quarrels as an egg is full of meat, and yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as an egg for quarreling. Thou hast quarreled with a man for coughing in the street because he hath wakened thy dog that hath lain asleep in the sun. Didst thou not fall out with a tailor for wearing his new doublet before Easter? With another, for tying his new shoes with old ribbon? And yet thou wilt tutor me from quarreling!

“Yeah, we don’t needs the push but a new fight or contest basis is a nice change.”

Mike looked at the next section and grimaced.  “Oh, this one is always fun.”  he skimmed what had been said and nodded.  “Yeah usual thoughts and wrongness.  You’d think that we would learn, over the years.

CCP Guard then asked what the CSM sees as a perfect lowsec.

Aryth stated he sees it as a nullsec with training wheels, so without the need to build infrastructure and services. Yukiko added he sees it as a PVP area without the need for looking after stuff. Jin’taan reiterated that there are people who are worried that they will lose strategic content. The CSM also brought up that lowsec has some unique PVE, namely level 5s.

Mike snorted, “training wheels nullsec”  He sipped his coffee and went back over it.  “I guess when you only know nullsec you see all other parts of space as perversions of it.  I wonder if Hisec is just ‘rules heavy nullsec’.  Glad to see Steve and Rhiload bringing up some real concerns mind you.  Good job.”

“Huh. Nother closed session on clones and access.  I always did wonder when they chose the names alpha and omega if there realized there was an entire alphabet in between.  I suppose we will find out, one of these days.”

Mike grinned.  “Heh, Economics session.  I always love this one.  Yeah they talked about the price of Plex.  Oh ho, Aryth explained how the price is being manipulated by players, pushed up by players. And another acknowledgement by the powers that be that they can step in and have the tools and means to do so, IF they decide that it is necessary.  I do like the talk around escrow scams though.”

He tapped and scrolled and grinned.  “Ah, more things to do.  Still not sure about why, though.  But I do like ‘events’ and hope more start to paint a bigger picture.  Set pieces are all well and good but sometimes a bit of history moving and ‘I was there moments’ last a lot longer.

He read a bit more and leaned back.  “I don’t expect I will be doing a lot of moon mining but it is nice to see they got right into that topic and it widened as it should.  I like that Jib spoke up about timezone tanking.  Jackpot mining is nice but what the hell is an eldritch horror?  Might be interesting.  Key takeaway i have from the Moon session is that there WAS a lot of give and take when the chat went from possibles to upcoming.”



If you vote then you should watch to see that your vote was well represented.  This is where you look.  Now understand that if the person is not named that does not mean they did not speak up, just that they did not make the minutes.  Each of these sessions is a minimum of an hour long and a lot is said that doesn’t make it in.  By the end of it?  Everybody is worn down.

This covers my small side commentary of the first 20 pages of a 49 page document

But you should glance through it yourself, looking for the nuggets that directly impact your gameplay.  It may not be something that I noted or thought directly worth commenting on.

I will write the second half and some more stuff in the near future . . . oh, one other thing

Yeah, that happened.  Or, as ISD Arooga put it . . . man they must be unable to find any content.

fly it like you won it









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Little Jobs

“See, the thing is,”  Mike continued.  “I am not sure who we are working for and why they are paying in such an odd way.  Boosters instead of cash?  It just feels sketchy.”

Scotty shrugged.  “Things have been tested 7 ways from Sunday.  They do what they say the will do and don’t seem to have any side-effects.”

“None chemical.”  Mike muttered,  “But they are getting capsuleers used to coming in and ‘doing things’ according to someone else’s agenda.  It just rubs me the wrong way.  Hell I seem to be making progress just because I poked my head into some sites as I often do and popped a few Sansha.  Suddenly, I have a booster to claim.  Feels almost Pavlovian and  . . . ”  Mike harrumphed and sipped his coffee.  “Learning to act on reflex and depend on muscle memory is all well and good until you slip and . . . oh leave the ring of battle in a blaze of glory.”

“That final was amazing.  No question about it.”  Scotty had a huge grin on his face and so did Mike.  “I figure you were going nuts with all the Drakes there, though why a good Gallente soul like yourself would care?”

“Because I spent years in that hull and it did me well day in and day out.  Because it has such a bad rap these days that people have made it into a joke and I love that brick.  It always (almost) got the job done for me.  And sometimes, at the end of the day, getting a job done and done well is what makes a win.”

“Well, they sure as hell won, today.  Wouldn’t mind getting one of those ships.”

“You and me both.  Way I see it . . . ”  Mike paused as his comm chimed oddly, he stared at it for a moment before opening the message.

“Problems?”  Scotty asked.

“No, just someone else askin me to do a little job for them.”

Scotty frowned.  He knew that specific message tone and it had not made that sound in a few years.  But why would they be calling him now?  He quietly watched Mikes face for a clue and saw a slow smile grow, the smile Mike usually got just before he went off to do something that might earn him another medal from Kry.  Mike paid the tab and headed out quickly making his excuses almost out of reflex.

Scotty waited till he was well clear before he started to laugh.  Asking Mike to do a small job was like thinking the lighting a fuse meant that there would be a small fire.  What he did not know was Mike was also laughing as he headed off to his office to start making notes and calls.  Laughing for the exact same reason.



You running any of the Lucky Strikes?  I ran a few but almost as an afterthought.  I am still not sure what I think of dailies.

If you missed the finals of the Alliance tournament, go watch the last bout.  It was an awesome and brutal match swinging both ways so fast  . . . just holy crap.  I was on the edge of my seat.

If you are curious what medals Kry has given me?  Look me up while in game.

If you are curious about the last bit?  Good.  Hopefully something will come of that too.  But I do have a big grin on my face.

fly it like you won it.


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Mike docked and exited the ship, walking slowly up to the restaurant level and found a place that served decent sandwiches and coffee.  He looked out over the concourse and sighed.  It had been a quiet run through Caldari space, a few folks who knew him waving as he went by but no new pilots noticing his call or offer.

But there had been an offer made to him. Some group called The Agency had a series of ‘this and that’ tasks that he could easily do on the fly while making the rounds in the Bus.  The pay was not the best but a bit of pocket change would be welcome and it broke up the day to take a side field trip.

Which brought him to the latest lesson.  Finding the roads not taken.  Sometimes you wanted to be with a group and he wished like hell more rookies paid attention but when it came to exploration it was nice to have a system to yourself.  Even the rookies sometimes asked how to find unmined belts and he had made a lesson just for them of how to use Dotlan and specifically  how to find the lesser trafficked areas using stats like ship kills, npc kills and jumps.  How to look at a map and find the dead-ends where there was less through traffic and a better chance of finding things others had not come looking for.  Islands and the implications of them, both hi and low.

He sighed and stirred his coffee idly.  Casual,  that was what he was in spite of the time he put in.  There were no demands for how long or when he flew save those of his own whims.  No clock to punch or minimum isk to earn just drop into the ship and go.  He eyes the news and sat up, seeing the potential for the opposite type of lifestyle.

  1. A refinery that is deployed at the correct spot beside a moon can fit and online a special moon drilling service module. Only one structure can mine each moon at a time.

  2. The owners will then setup the fracking operation, with larger chunks taking longer time to be drilled from the moon.

  3. The moon drilling module begins blasting a chunk of the moon away from its surface and dragging it towards the structure. This process takes between one and several weeks depending on the choices made by the structure owner. Observers can watch the chunk move through space as a way of estimating when it will reach the Refinery.

  4. Once the chunk of moon rock has completed its journey into space, the Refinery can use its drill module to detonate the chunk into a minable asteroid field. The exact time of the detonation is controlled by the owners of the Refinery within limits. If the chunk is left unattended long enough it will disintegrate into the asteroid field on its own.

  5. The new asteroid field that appears with the explosion of the chunk will contain new types of valuable ores that will yield moon minerals when reprocessed. The composition of the field will depend on the composition of moon materials available in the moon. The field will generally remain far enough away from the Refinery structure that you won’t be able to effectively mine it from docking range but close enough for a pilot controlling the Refinery to be able to cover the friendly miners and/or attack uninvited guests.

  6. Once the chunk has exploded, the drilling module can begin fracturing a new part of the moon to start the process again.

Timing, order, sequences to be scheduled and followed.  Mike shuddered.  Not for him but he followed up on the conversations surrounding it, both support and outcries of anger.  (although he knew they could announce almost anything and get the same mix)  The usual suspects spoke on the matter and in the end?  Mike saw it is a good step forward.  More pilots would be needed, not just a single supervisor.  More opportunity to make a play for a steal or find a lot of juicy targets in a single spot.

<memo to self, Spectre fleet contacts need to be updated, might be some fun, ahead>

Mike chuckled at the note and finished his coffee.  Uitra and the second pass through Caldari space then on to Gallente and a stop at home.  He had a spring in his step thinking of seeing family and friends again.



cry all you want, the mining shift looks like a decent change.

The Agency event is meh, for now, but I have some ideas burbling in the back of my head about it.

fly it like you won it


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OOC Why followed by ‘did it work’

The Data:
Let’s set the stage for the decision by taking sample of 5 days in June. During that timeframe 10.6 Trillion ISK was rewarded in bounties. Of that:

  • 22.3% (2.3T) of the ISK was generated by 1.4% of characters earning bounties, using Supercarriers
  • 24.2% (2.6T) of the ISK was generated by 4.8% of characters earning bounties, using Carriers
  • 19.1% (2T) of the ISK was generated by 16.6% of characters earning bounties, using T1 Cruisers

Just under half (46.5%) of the bounties earned during the time period was generated by Supercarriers and Carriers, meaning a small percent of the population received a huge portion of the total bounties.

— CCP Larrikin

This came out yesterday and set off memories of protests in 2011 of the 99% vs the 1%.  It is amazing how well the issues line up.  Only thing is? the people nominally in charge of fixing it are not heavily in the pockets of one side or the other, they just want the economy to continue on.  (Oh but they DO try to get get their own pocket politicians, or so I am told)

From 2011

1% of the people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income … In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1% control 40% … [as a result] the top 1% have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99% live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1% eventually do learn. Too late.[10]

Read that then the first quote for the people in Supercarriers.  The numbers damn near match up, don’t they?  I will enjoy 1% people (or their spokesmen) explaining this in terms of trickle down economics when I always feel the only thing trickling down is then pissing on we poor folk and laughing the whole while.

But something was shown to be true.  CCP still listens to the players, still answers and still meets to discuss options when there is an issue that ignites the players.  Oh they do not give everyone everything they ask for (see sov) but a well reasoned argument, even buried in a threadnaught or as a threadnaught does sway the change the course of the great ship this game is.  I did not plow through this particular threadnaught as I do not own a super nor do I make beaucoup isk (dank, is the isk dank?) in null.  But I did read bits here and there and saw that, between the screaming monkeys, some decent questions and arguments.

For me, when faced with CCP changes to Eve, I always ask 2 questions.  What was the motivation/goal of this change and how will you measure its success.  If there are solid answers to those then I sit back and watch the change happen and see if it WAS successful.

Laugh, play the game, don’t be swayed by any wall of tears of rich people wishing to be richer.  Isk is not the endgame, it is a set of numbers that some assign a value to.  If they assign the wrong value it is called RMT and then it is the end game.  That is what I plan to do.

Oh and my personal opinion of the Super nerf?  Don’t have one so I don’t have one but I do agree that the 1% mentality of some players could easily be more toxic than any nerf. If CCP works really hard at keeping 1% of the players happy?  Well, you do the math on that one, won’t you?

Fly it like you won it


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Mike was docked in the School In the Pasha system and trying to cut through a pastry that left a lot to be desired.  The run had been  . . . . quiet but gave him a lot to think about, just the same.  Since he had been asked to not advertise in certain protected spaces his response in the Career systems HAD diminished but he kept at it.

It was the conversations that he had engaged in that made his stop for a decent cup of coffee and a slice of cardboard masquerading as a strudel of some sort.  He pushed the pastry away and prayed it did not poison some poor fedo.  He returned to his message back to Tanta.

So, I am working my way through Amarr space and thinking that it be a lot more quiet of late, hereabouts.  I find the biggest crowds of starting pilots in the Gallente and Caldari systems.  I figure that folks go where they figure the living to be ‘easy’ not realizing that the path less taken may be easier to run along.  Lemming reflex, I call it.  Go thattaway because everyone else is.  Ah well.

One system had a lot of folks who didn’t seem to understand my comms but I still managed to hand off a ship or two and got a Спасибо in return.  They probably had no idea of what the hell was going on but a ship is a ship, eh?  Like I said, quiet run whgich gave me a biit of time to actually meet some folks and chat for a bit. 

For example I was doing a small resupply in Amarr proper.  Now I have spent the time modifying my comms to edit out spam and scam and a decent conversation with the local IS possible once you make those adjustment.  Met an artist called Tenla Amarr.


Had a good eye for images and photography and I enjoyed a small gallery of her work.  Few others were  chatting along as well and it was like walking into a pub and making some new friends.  Oh I teased a few, here and there . . . especially the CODE supporters but it was all good natured and nobody seemed to get hot under the collar. 

Then, while making the run I got a indicator that there was a class happening and I decided to hotdrop to see what was being taught.  Eve Uni does announce classes and anybody can log in.  This one was being run by Seamus Donohue and was already in full swing by the time I arrived.  he was calm and patient and answered questions very thoroughly and let me toss my 2 cents in as well.  (which I did)  Only strike I could say against him was that he did not Know what the Bus was. (but he did let me explain)

Of all the trade hubs ya know?  I like Amarr the best. Good prices, friendly folks, nice scenery.  Oh not to slag Dodixie but it is not the capital Amarr is.  Don’t tell Free I said that, though.  I might not live through her displeasure.  Now if only I could find a place that could cook a decent pastry.

My love to all, see you next pass in Gallente space


He closed the comm and shoved the pastry even further awah, finished his coffee (called covfefe for some odd reason) and headed back for the hanger.  Time for the second Amarr lap and then on to Caldari space



Dammit folks, read local, speak in local, encourage others to at least keep an eye on it

when in Amarr the Bus hands out Amarr ships (duh)

My current favourites are



2017. still am not happy with a cruiser fit for alphas in the Amarr line, working on an arbi but may backtrack and try an Omen instead.


fly it like you won it


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Molok and Chemosh

“There be sometin speshul when da big stumble.  It be even mo’ fun iffen dey is tripped.  Ya know what I am sayin, mon?”  Ev was leaning back against a ship that had been mothballed and they all were laughing.  “Look at dees two glorious bastids. https://zkillboard.com/kill/62384639/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/62384661/&#8221;

One of the hanger crew squinted at the kills.  “So?  A couple of Testes got kicked by Goons.  What else is new?”

Another crewman looked a little closer and asked “What the heck is a Molok and a Cremosh?”

“Chemosh ya ill iterate.  They be Blood raider capital ships and those are the plans for them.  The reason you haven’t seen them is this is the first time capsuleers have gotten their hands on even the prints.”

“And they both were lost?”  The first hanger crewman asked plaintively.

Ev roared with laughter.  “They were.  The Impies managed to figure out the hole in the defenses of the Blood Raiders Shipyard and they exploited that hole.  Who woulda thought dat a small ship could be such a big threat to a large structure?”


Ev shrugged.  “Some people figure bigger is safe and smaller is weak.  Dey sometimes right, but not this time.  Impies, dey brought punishers so dey don’t has ta reload.  But hard to keep sometjin like this quiet and other folks showed up in other ships.”

“Like claws”  Someone added.

“Like claws.  Testes, dey waited and watched and swooped in as tings was blowin up and grabbed the goods.  Of course running into the centre of the target zone aint dat healthy.  First one made the grab and ran, blowed up and lost one blueprint.  His backup scooped the remaining and continued the run but he didn’t get much further.  But when he went?  so id the othe blueprint.  So we aint gonna see one o those ships for a while, yet.”

“So who won?”  A confused voice asked.

“Depends on who ya ask.  Testes managed a theft right under the noses of the Impies.”

“He means Goons.”  Someone stage whispered.

“But dey didn’t get away wit it and the Impiers did figure out the hole and exploit the hell out of it.  Personal like?  I think they all won.  Only real losers was the Blood Raiders and I wont even day my heart bleeds for dem because dey might like dat.”



Yes, you can have more than one winner.

Yes I wish I had been there.

Yes it is a great story.

fly it like you won it


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