Who Are You?

Mike answered the comms and the first thing he heard was “Who ARE you?”

Thinking that is was a rookie asking from the help lines he kept open he answered. “Hi, I am Mike, I drive the Bus.”

“What B . . . no, I mean who are you to US? We have no blues except you. Why do you get special treatment?”

Mike tapped some keys and found out who the pilot meant by ‘us’. “Ah, now I get it. I was set blue quite a while ago by your people for the work I do.”

“You do . . . what work?”

ll sorts of things, I have served 5 terms on the CSM, written and talked on shows about New Eden, help newbros and, as I said before, drive the Bus.”

“Huh, ok, thanks.” Th contact closed.

Mike paused a moment “I wonder if that means I stay on their Blue or am removed?”



This brings me to the rl topic as it blurs into gaming . . . something that has been a bit forward in my mind of late. I mean ‘who are you’ is always a big question to try to answer.

For a lot of my life I was my profession. I am a teacher or ‘I teach at x-school’ Other times I was what I needed to be at the moment. “I be the one who tells ta when ya scan board, ya scurvy dog.” (That time was fun)

Most of the time, now, I am Mike (yes it is my real name) and I no longer identify by job just as myself.

But in game, we are other thing, other people or are we? You see a lot of armchair psychologists say that pvp just means you are a psychopath IRL. yeah, nah. It means that I am playing that part of the game . . . In other games I have been a thief, an assassin, a pirate, death, Hades, and a cat. That does not mean that I am going to change my place or residence to hell nor do I plan on giving myself time to chase a laser dot or lick myself clean after a workout. (yeuch)

That is the one thing I LOVE about Eve Fanfest and Vegas. We get to meet the real people behind the personas online. To me? That is who you find out ‘who are you’.

Sadly with my age has come slight hearing loss and my eyes are not what they once were. In the bars the sound drowns out any chance at conversations for me so if I seemed to ignore you or was slightly ‘out of it?’ please accept my apologies.

fly it like you won it


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  1. Glad to see ya, Mike. Hope all is well.

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