Characters needed

You, too, could wind up a character in this blog fiction

4 Responses to Characters needed

  1. JimBob Bazooka says:

    Jim Bob strolled into Mike’s office and plopped down a stack of crisp clean blueprint copies on the desk. “Seems like a good thing you are doing, Mike, and I want to help. I plan to get out to a newbie system and try to pitch in.” ” Figure I will build up some ships to hand out, maybe even rig them, since the newbros probably won’t be able to.” ” I will put up some mineral buy orders and use the materials to build the ships.” “Plan to hand out some BPCs also to any who seem interested in industry.” “My ummm cousin, yeah, that’s the ticket, will keep providing us with decently researched copies of what we need to build.”

  2. professorzed says:

    Have you seen my EVE Online short stories blog? Unfortunately, I can afford neither an EVE Online subscription, nor a computer that is capable of playing EVE at the moment. However, that doesn’t prevent me from dreaming up characters and stories.

    P.S. Are you still CSM, or has the election happened yet?

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