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Drawing boards-Ishtar

Mike grinned. “Tut tut, looks like rain. No I was thinking more along the lines of how you think I ought to be fitting out the Kry Baby.” He gestured back at the Ishtar floating above them. “I don’t want to be going out after the bigger targets and making a damn fool of myself.”

“Not gonna be sendin tha one ta join the Domi an the Raven you used ta own, eh, mon?” Continue reading

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Mike pushed back from the comm panel and sighed. “Rough?” A soft voice asked from behind. He nearly shot right out of his chair in surprise. “What the . . how did you get in?” Dierdre looked about the room … Continue reading

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The Sky is Failing!

Mike sat back and switched on the news feed on his comm, ticking the box for commentary. “Holy . . . ” The waves of commentary washed across the screen in a flood containing passion, confusion, common sense and often … Continue reading

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Candidacy CSM II

OOC Not mandatory but this incident follows the Planet Risk Podcast episode 9 ******* He closed down the communication channels and leaned back. It took a moment for the pounding on the hatch to get through to him. “Knocking? Nobody … Continue reading

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