Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent

“I spect,” Tanta told Free as she carefully poured the tea, “that you should be hearing from your old bosses soon enough, eh?”

Free shook her head. “Why would they being doin that? They know where I am and who I am with.”

“They sees me as weak, failin. Maybe they would like someone close to me on their side. Maybe that person be you.” Tanta smiled and shoved the plate of cookies close to Free. “Eat child. since that boy aint here cookies almost have a chance to go stale.”

“I made my decision.”

“I know that and so do you, ting is, does they? And how hard will they try to convince you? Be prepared for it because they still figure that you owes them somethin.” Tanta nodded. “But do YOU believes dat?”

Free took a bite of a cookie and chewed thoughtfully. “They took a little orphan girl, trained her, molded her, made her into a weapon that they could apply against enemies. I am good at that. Do I owe them for what they made me?”

“Dat be up to you to decide, child. They gave you a job, a purpose. What have We given you?”

Free smiled. “That is easy, Tanta. You gave me a home, a family. You, Mike, Ruis, the girls and mothers. I have never felt like an outsider, here. I actually wondered, at one point . . . is Mike a recruiter for you?”

“Not that he knows of. The boy has a good heart and folks he sends to me are usually worth meeting. I trusts his instincts, to a point. But he does occasionally let his dark side show.” Tanta held up a hand. “Nothing truly bad but he does sometimes roam and hunt with the pirates of Low, I hear he is even ‘Blue’ to some of the more dangerous ones. As a result not all of his friends are brought here for me to meet.”

“And he is a politician.”

“Even worse. He associates with Organizations that will eat their own at the drop of a hat. All the morals of a cage full of starving rats. I worry every time he is with that sort, ya lies down with dogs . . .”

Free nodded. “And yet he always manages to come home flealess.”

Tanta laughed. “If he did come home wit dem he would have each of them named and be teachin them ta do tricks. You knows it is true.”

Free laughed and the conversation turned to other topics. If Frees former employers called Tanta would have no worries about the outcome.


At the best of times I barely follow all the ins and outs of Null Sec alliances but from what I can tell the rats are turning on themselves.

The most recent ones are the folks who try to moderate and keep a level of decency are stepping down, here and there. That and some nonsense about a player station being popped and loot scooped from allies, not enemies. For all that the perps of that one say they did no wrong . . . they did it on off hours and only 4 or five of them took part. They knew what they were doing and wanted to keep things for themselves.

Yeah, title in latin, live with it

fly it like you won it


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6 Responses to Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent

  1. How does one separate out the dogs in New Eden? I’m pretty sure the motto of the place is “sumus omnes canes in hac villa.”

  2. Angry Onions says:

    My first and last experience with nullsec corporations was to barely avoid being scammed in a move operation. “Move your assets to station Z, put them.in corp hangar and we’ll start operations soon” became “Empty hangar corp, disband corp, have a few dozen noobs stranded in station Z in the middle of nowhere and run with it”.

    Was very instructive and since then I don’t care more of nullsec drama than I do care of the feats and trials of meat maggots.

    But it makes sense. When the sole purpose of endgame is to fuck someone out of the game, eventually the only ones left to be fucked out of the game will be your former “”friends””.

    And EVE is not in a place where much is left to do before the lights shut. Dog eats dog is gonna be the new black.

    O tempora, o mores!

  3. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    So it has been years since I have logged onto Eve, or actually followed anything. I am shocked to see some of the old guard around. Is Eve worth logging onto anymore?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Glad to see you are still kicking.

      In answer to your question? Well you know to take my bias into account . . .

      They are kicking in a new event that has some of the community in debate about whether it is a ‘we can make a difference’ kind of event or a ‘it has been decided’ one.

      New ships are coming into play and the Alliance tournament starts this weekend. I am still driving the Bus and helping the new bros when I can.

      On the downside? # logged in of late has been dropping. Reddit is (as always) full of bitter vets wearing sackcloth and ashes. You would probably enjoy the Goon drama, of late. (popcorn not provided)


      • Dinsdale Pirannha says:

        I have indeed been catching up on the downfall of the lead psychopath. I am not sure how I feel about woke politics being the driving force of his ouster.

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