It has become a bit of a running joke that I like to play games ‘wrong’ or in other words, by my own rules and conditions. In Elder Scrolls Online I have a number of alts and some do have specific tasks or rules but one in particular I want to tell you about, this time. Meet Walker Fiveclaw.

Image of ESO Character

Now Walker is well named because he is running under a few conditions that put the game back to something approaching the original dificulty and then a bit more the main condition being that he never uses wayshrines to move about. This first rule has lead to a lot more appreciation of the culture and landscapes of ESO as I don’t ‘skip the travel time’ and try to walk down every road before moving onto the next territory. He also does not get ‘assistance’ from other alts that I have, no sending ‘good armor’ or spending cash. What he has done? He has done himself.

If an npc asks/begs him to help he will but no dungeons and manages to skip most delves except for those you get accosted for them. Minions are optional IF he manages to acquire one but for the most part he travels alone and just slowly tries to cover all the ground in a zone before moving on to the next. Resurrections HAVE to be done with soulstones no wayshrine restarts.

Is this ‘the right way’ to play eso? In my opinion . . . yes. I am having fun therefore it is A right way. There is no THE right way to play.

While in Northern Elsewer I actually saw folks arguing about this in zone chat and one person seemed quite angry that others were not playing/doing it right. That leads me to my next post, already partially written

fly it like you won it


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