Introductions (for Blaugust)

If you already know who I am and what I am about then feel free to skip this and head on to the next post (when it shows up)

Hi, I am Mike. Yes that is my real name. I know, apparently I do not do the internet correctly but then that is about par for the course as I also play games in my own way and tend to have my own opinions regardless of their correctness.

I am 62 as of the writing of this post (age, not IQ) and currently in decent health. Oh I have had cancer (twice) and work done on my heart but right now I am ok. While I do tell stories about my health now and again as an aside in passing when blogging this is not a health blog. You want to hear tales of torture and woe? Well, you will have to buy me a beer or rum, first.

I am a gamer, have been for a very long time. I prefer MMOs and the main two I play these days are Eve Online and Elder Scrolls Online. Most of this blog is IC (In character) posts about my time in Eve Online. If you look at the archives you will see that I have been doing this for a fair amount of time.

In Eve I run a charity/welcome wagon for new characters arriving in the game. In ESO I tend to grind various achievements and set myself odd side challenges to keep the game fresh. The funny thing is that in Eve, a game famous for alts, I mainly play as Mike Azariah and only use alts for lesson videos. In ESO I suffer from a bad case of LOTS of alts and always wishing for another character slot.

I LOVE interacting with folks whether is is when I streaming on twitch or just chatting in local and rookie help chat. MMO means that there are other players around, why wouldn’t you want to play with them?

well, that is me in a nut shell (very appropriate)

fly it like you won it


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