The Immortal Blues

Mike walked into the pub and looked about then sighed to himself and grabbed a table. It was a medium crowd but not a face that he knew was amongst them. His comm trafffic was busy but not talking to him and oh so many of the old familiar names no longer seemed to crop up as often.

That was the problem with being an immortal and in space . . . the rest of the universe kept changing, whether you were a part of it or not. He knew a lot of his friends had ‘moved on’ and he felt like a rock stuck in the river of time, stubbornly refusing to move or be eroded. Flying the Bus and spending his newly acquired free time doing bits of this and that. It was not a rut but there was definitely a groove.

He picked at his food and idly read the news feed only to see one of his sources go dark.

He sighed and sent a note of thanks to the editor. He would miss that feed. He missed a lot of the older publications and new sources that had gone dark, through the years. He especially missed the ones he had been a part of, Podside, writing for the Eve Tribune, talking on various shows that left him an invite and a link. Those sorts of invites didn’t come very often anymore.

rock . . . river

He poked at his food, appetite gone.



Yeah I do feel a bit old, today. and I do feel sad when people move on.

Oh I don’t expect them to stay just because I am, but the sadness comes, just the same

fly it like you won it


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