Support Network OOC

If you have read much of my blog you know that family is important to me, both the bonds of blood and those of friends who have become like family. My kids call my best friend ‘uncle’ and his mom was an honorary grandmother to them.

It is nice to know when folks got your back but when it comes to gaming . . . blogging, this whole internet thing do you have the same support? I mean are you teased about you ‘little hobby’ or do they join in? Are they proud of your gaming accomplishments or do they just half listen to you while doing something else, anything else?

I was tempted to put up the ‘are ya winnin son?’ meme but some of those hit harder than I want to right now. My Dad was proud of my tech skills, for my Mom I am still the IT go-to guy, even if I am a few hours away. She knows that my gaming has given me a lot of friends in a lot of places and that I have even travelled to see them, now and again. I know she doesn’t follow much more than that and that is ok. (She says ‘hi’ to my Eve friends, though, I am up visiting her, today.)

My local friends and neighbours? Well they know I do some game on the internet and that is about the extent of it. My kids are proud and the meme mentioned earlier could be reversed, my eldest does ask ‘are ya winnin dad?’ in reference to the meme.My wife plays ESO with me but she has never felt the urge to try Eve. She does listen, good naturedly when I talk or vent about it. We each have our own interests with some overlap and that has worked for us for over 30 years so I think it is a good way to go.

But you. Are you getting the support for your gaming? Do you care if you do? Do you appreciate when they listen, not understanding one word in three but happy that you are enjoying yourself? If not, I am here and hoping that you are winning, in your own way, in your own games.

Make me proud, kid, make me proud.

fly it like you won it


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