Yeah, I know. I am not known for player vs player stuff. It has been a long long time since I did any. But New Year, new me. I am going to try to make an effort to get out and about every now and again


“Look,” Mike said calmly “I know you want some combat experience but this is a bad idea.”

“I know, I know. But accept the dual and let’s go.” The rookie was champing at the bit.

Mike sighed, hand hovering over the button that would let CONCORD know that this was an agreed to battle. “Fine, but this is a lesson. Expect me to be teaching.” He pushed the button and the two frigates started moving.

“First thing? In Eve there is seldom such a thing as a fair fight. If you are in a fair fight it means that both sides screwed up.” He added a bit of speed to the Hawk and started to orbit the Executioner. He fired a single salvo then waited for the return fire to get started. Laser flashed by and one or two shots connected but his shield ship barely noticed them.

“Second thing is age . . . now it is not as sure and indicator. folks can rush learning and others ignore it but it is good odds that given my age and yours? I have the advantage. So you want to be at optimum for your weapons.”

” So thats aroun 5k i thing with the lazors” The rookie answered and the executioner edged closer.

“I am using missiles so I do not have an optimum range, Just in range or not in range.”

“Up close it is.”

Mike smiled and watched his shield levels as he continued talking, not turning on the Booster just yet. “May fav part of combat is when your heart starts beating a bit faster.” That was true . . . combat always gave Mike a shot of adrenalin, a bit of the shakes. The incoming fire took him down to a noticeable level, 75% shields when Mike decided that the rest of the lesson would be empirical. He hit the booster and let the missiles fly. It was over very quickly.

“Bookmark this spot so you can come back and loot your wreck, then dock, if you please.” He turned the Hawk for the station and soon was back in the station giving the rookie a new ship (Sunesis due to the pilots enthusiasm).

In Mikes mind that had not been a battle, just an object lesson. But the seed had been planted.

Not a day or two later Mike got a message inviting him along on a roam and he did not wait long to get in touch and agree.

Bombers Bar. Long history and Mike had flown with them long long ago and it was nice to have a chance to get out there again. Good experienced and patient FCs make all the difference in the world. Mike got on early to make sure he had all the comms set and that he could make sure to be properly fit and ready to go (sure enough he did lack one thing but the fleet provided and soon they were filamenting into the unknown




It was not the biggest hunt ever, not even close but it was great to be in a fleet again, banter with the pilots and get out of hisec.

Not shown? The cloaked Blops waiting patiently.

He was back in hisec and heading to base and a big smile on his face. New year, new me. Oh he would still Fly the Bus, help in Rookie chat. But he would also start doing other things, learning again, growing.



One of the best things about Eve is that you are not locked into a pattern, a role. You are what you fly, what you do

My thanks to Katya and the rest of the gang for let this old dog tag along.

I am going to shoot for one roam a month. Do new things, hunt as well as help.

fly it like you won it


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