“There is” Mike said. “something to be said for live vs recorded. The intimacy and immediacy makes for a better performance, a better experience.” He gestured at the screen above the bar. “Knowin that that is happening live, right now, in some distant place means that I can watch, wager and feel apart of it. Of course I would rather bet there.”

“I was there?” Scotty jibed.

“One can dream. They say that there will be a gathering of pilots soon enough. I have hopes that I will be able to make it to that one.”

“You are a pilot, what can stop you from being anywhere you want to be?”

“No, I don’t like to bet against all the roadblocks the Universe can come up with. I can hope, make gentle plans and maybe things will align in such a way . . . “



Yeah this is a short post because I am slowly trying to get back into the writing and recording thing.

The two links above? They are key. The AT tournament is the result of CCP Aurora and other devs she manages to get to help make someting I once feared was gone and bring it back again.

Fanfest. Coming back and yes I would rather it was in Harpa but that is because even I can can find Harpa in a strange city. I have been to one Fanfest in the past and I really hope that I can make this one but, given all that I have been through, I am considered immuno-compromised so flights etc are a bit of a health concern for me. I want to go, My wife wants to go, heck, both my girls want to tag along. They, of course want to see Iceland while I do the eve thing.

I hope it all comes together.

fly it like you won it


ps for the record? I love the AT prizes

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