Knock knock.

So Eve Online is doing a crossover with Doctor Who (heaven forbid you say Dr. Who, just not done doncha know) and of course the usual suspects all proclaimed this to be lots of things, most of them bad.

Me? I am enjoying it. But then I have always been contrary.


“You are spending a lot of time in that ship and the records say a lot of jumps, too.” Scotty looked up t the Astero.

“Best thing I have for the two jobs I am doing right now.” Mike smiled. “I am doing the Bus ‘Silk Road’ style and I am watching for certain anomalies along the way.

“What sort? Old Sansha drop points?”

“No, these things are a bit more unusual. They seem to be some sort of temporal knots and some of the things inside there are not your normal data. I Even managed to cobble together a filament or two and they took me to even stranger places.”

“How strange?”

“Well it is the first time I bounced a ship off of the walls of a warp tunnel. First time a local anomaly hit me like some demented abyssal weather but only lasted a short while . . . .and . . . look I never know whether the input I get into the capsule is the same thing I would see through a window. You know what I am saying? But the colours, they seem to reach right out and grab your eyes and scream LOOK AT MEEEEEeee. I don’t stay too long . . . .word is they are very time limited occupancy before the whole thing collapses, with you in it.”

“You’re going again, aren’t you?” Scotty could see the enthusiasm in Mikes eyes.

“Damn right. But this time I may open one with some enemies, so we gotta get a cruiser ready to go. I was thinking one of the Bus cruisers, a caracal for the first time.”

“Why that?”

“Missiles don’t miss, let’s me look about more and trust my weapons to do what they need to do. Wheh I am in tourist mode I like to be able to take time to smell the roses.”

Scotty muttered something about drones and Mike laughed.

“Yes but sometimes the wee ships need a lot more attention than you might think. Nah, totally lazy, me.”



You know this event hit a very nice balance. It does not impinge too much on the game as a whole but is there if you want it. It has an interesting new tiered mechanic that you have to work your way up and through.

Starts easy and you pick, slowly, how far into the rabbit hole you want to fall.

Sure a few people will be sporting odd clothing from the event, nicer skins for their ship. But I see it in the same light as the monocles of days gone by. They are a fashion choice that makes NO sense in a space game but we are eccentric capsuleers and immortal. We wear what we want. If it happens to be a wildly coloured scarf or a spiffy suit with a bow tie?

Pity Doctor Who never wore cat ears.

Explore, play, blow things up

fly it like you won it


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