Meeting Security

The Oracle class ship hovered close to the planet docking bay until the automatic systems took over and it glided in to form a giant Egg structure.  The pilot exited the ship into a corridor that lead to a room as secure as the modern technology could possibly make it.

She was handed robes of the finest silk by a gilded slave who kept eyes averted, as was right.  Another waited nearby, a decanter of wine at the ready should she indicate any wish for it.  Once properly attired she nodded and a wall opened up joining the foyer with a larger meeting room.  Eight others were already waiting (with assorted slaves around the periphery, but they did not count as people)  Sitting at the large oval table she smiled and nodded once.

Across from her a man began to list the patterns and breaking of patterns that the prey had engaged in, of late.  Once he completed his report another stood to report on the slow process of infiltration of various cloning facilities the most difficult one being deep in Blood Raider territory.  “I believe we may have found a new avenue of access on that one, though.  If we ‘donate’ say 500 of our livestock to them we should have a much easier time of it down there.”

She nodded and made a small note.  “One thousand.  We would not want to be thought of as cutting corners.  Make the arrangements. Do we know why he even has a clone in a Blood Raider facility?”

“A woman he was chasing, apparently.  She had a home there so in  typical Gallente fashion he let his baser urges make his decisions for him.  She seems to be out of the picture now but he has not bothered to shift the clone.  His ships are proving the tougher nut to crack.  He seems to have the loyalty of those around him and inroads are being made, but slowly.  If we had a freer hand in this regard . . . ”

“No.  Rushing the project may expose it and we cannot risk that after the last fiasco.  I want all the pieces in place and no overt actions.  The castle of God is built upon a foundation of Stone.”

They all bowed their heads and nodded.

The meeting soon ended and most of the nine left in shuttles, the Oracle being the last to leave and as it did so it ‘purified the site’ destroying the structure and livestock who had been cleaning it for the next meeting that would never occur in the same place twice.

It was not murder, since only slaves were killed, just good security practice.  An order was put in for the next facility and restocking of the staff.



I am a bit of a backstory junky, in my own way.  I like to know more about storylines I am in.  I want the bad guys to have a reason and a process that they follow.  Bond villains often used to drive me crazy for being mad geniuses but having such apparent flaws or the ‘self destruct’ mechanism built into their facilities.

Eve lore is deep, no question, but the thing I like the most is that it is not shoved into your face in some unblockable cut scene.  It is there if you want it but if you do not then the game still runs fine and the enemies do what enemies do.

As always, thanks o the artist who seems to always make me write something, Rixx Jaxix aka Brian Ward.

fly it like you won it


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