Hammering for others

This one is a mix, it starts with ESO and then goes into more generic games stuff, including a reference or two to Eve.

I continue with my unmagical character in Elder scrolls Online.  Hammer and now a bit of Bow work for when you want to reach out and hit things like dragons.  Because Elsewyr has dragons and going toe to toe has not worked out well for me.  Each bit of the story-line leads to others and then people will even flag me down in the wilderness, begging for help.

One thing lead to another and suddenly I was in Auridon and who do I meet up with but my old friend Raz.  The sly cat is still working for the queen and asks me to help.  (Why does helping Raz always involve me waking up in a cell?  Ah well, he always helps me get out of it so . . . )

And this chaining of stories without feeling that I am on a rail is kind of what I want to talk about for a moment.  I am not even sure if I have started the main quest line for this game or if there IS one.  Anchors drop from the sky but I have not triggered the explanation for why, yet.  Yes I have run that story-line with other characters but Hammer?  For him they are like the weather, something that happens . . . bring an umbrella and a maul.

Other games, like Eve, have agents you have to go to and only the epic arcs have chains to them (That and the ever hilarious ‘dolls missions’)  What mission you get are randomly pulled from the central pool.  PvE is not a big thing in Eve, it is the other players that are the true challenges.  The one thing that drives me crazy in the game is the insistence of the agents to only deal with people who are docked in their station, even if they are sending me elsewhere.  We have all this high tech comms but Noooo, you need to be face to face as it were.

Secret World and Black Desert online and others have mission hubs, stay in this region till level x, then move on to that region to do mission there.  Going back to earlier regions means that you can blast the low level critters like the hand of god (In secret World I spent way waaaay to much time in the foggy Kingsmouth.  I enjoyed experimenting with weapons and setups in an area where I could practically KICK the baddies if I had to.)  I honestly have not played WoW and so I do not know for sure but I suspect it is of a similar ilk.

But back to Elder scrolls for a moment.  I could probably download an addon that would walk me from one mission to the next but I like being surprised, running into side missions in the middle of no where.  A blocked aquaduct that leads to regrets of a healer making very hard decisions years earlier coming back to haunt him.   Explorers who want your help to find a lost boy in a mine.

When I am lazy I go to my wife and ask what she would like done.  The honey-do list, some call it.  She, now and again, gets angry at this because this is our house and I should be able to see the jobs that need doing just as well as she can.  She does not like being a mission hub.  So I poke about and find a job and that leads to another . . .

Bottom line?  I enjoy having things to do in a game.  How I want to be given the jobs depends upon my mood, more than anything.  I occasionally take on challenges of my own making . . . .Hammer in ESO or Operation Magic School Bus in Eve Online.  Other tasks may swirl around me but I am occupied and entertained and that IS what games are about, right?

hit it like it was a nail.



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4 Responses to Hammering for others

  1. Helena Khan says:

    ooc -what set are you aiming for in ESO?

    • mikeazariah says:

      As a rule I do not really fight too hard for set until I hit 50, anything lower seems so ephemeral. Cool I got this, damn I outgrew it already . . . Currently one of my crafter character knocked to gether a cheap set of nights silence so I can move a bit quicker in sneaky mode (when called for) and since the nice lady keeps asking me to kill dragons I have a Darlac Brae as secondary.


  2. Helena Khan says:

    Yeah, understand that one 🙂 Ended up with whitestrakes and rattlecage plus a monster helm/shoulders on my main. Heavy healer with destro on the back bar. Mana could be an issue if you weren’t careful, but with food and/or potions I found that being very durable and having spell power over 3k more than made up for it. Been away a long time though and the game has moved on considerably. Bahraha’s was quite fun on my sneaky vampire, but again spell power based.

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