Combat, Once more, with feeling.

OK, this one is going to be all over the place so bear with me.  Combat, in mmo’s is a contentious issue.  Player want it to be visceral.  You hear devs talk about field trips to gun ranges to get the kick and the sound just so.  But in the end?  I am on a keyboard and mouse, there is no kick of the gun, no drag as the blade hits a torso.  Firing the missiles from a kestrel?  Whoosh sound.

So you suspend your critical mind and get going on the battle.  I have played some that were . . . well I guess frustrating would be the best way to describe it.  Mount and Blade leaps to mind on that one.  Oh I LOVE the game but I honestly suck at hand to hand combat.  For me the position of general of a well run force with me at the back sniping with a bow.  Not glamorous but it gets the job done and I could not swing a sword properly to save my life in that game (I know, I have tried)((RL? I did fencing and a bit of kendo and might be a bit better than you expect))

Some games can be too fast for this old hand and so swift that I always feel like I am fighting with lag inside my own damn brain.  Valkyrie Warzone is/was fun but I enjoyed it for the show.  I never had any expectation to be ‘good’ at it.  A lot of the Fortnite variants also come under that umbrella.  That is more about me than it is the game and so your mileage may wildly vary.

It can be fun and what I want but too cartoony.  Wii, my old friend, I am looking at you and that oddity called Resort Sports.  Hacking my way through all the other folks at the resort is fun . . . man I wish the graphics were . . . well Skyrim.  Speaking of Skyrim?  I actually had a lot of fun on my daughters switch.  Removing the controllers and swinging them about.

Some games have the ‘bullet sponge’ effect that feels ‘off’ in an otherwise realistic setting.  The Division, for example.  For gods sake how many shotgun rounds does it take to kill a garbageman?  (file that under sentences you do not expect to say too often IRL)  Again, I enjoyed the game but the combat was not the best part of it.

Eve . . . ah Eve.  We get the occasional person coming in expecting a dogfight and ask if a joystick works.  Um, no.  Eve is more Starfleet Battles or Age of Sail.  Maneuver a bit but mainly see who can take it vs who can dish it out.  And yet?  The shakes after a tense pvp combat happens.  Return from a roam positively giddy, win OR lose.  I cannot explain it and I am not sure CCP can either.  They caught lightning in a bottle.  Maybe that is why I keep in this game for so long?  Nah, it is the people, it is a different type of combat.  Social skills and friendships and betrayals and such.  Not all combat is missiles and lasers, after all.

And that is the kind of attack I got tonight.  Saturday nights in Rookie Help Chat sometimes see an influx of trolls.  I do not know why . . . maybe they are mad that they are not out having fun and take it out on the rest of us playing a game and not down at the club.  /me shrugs.  Whatever the reason?  They show up and almost have a standard set of attacks.

1) Disagree with any answer given

2)  Claim someone else is a troll.

3) Brag about how powerful or so much better they are.

4) Spam the channel with ascii art, usually poorly done and not very effective given that everybody probably  has different chat window widths.

I wonder, sometimes, if they have a scorecard or drinking game . . . take a shot every time someone wastes a line saying that they have blocked you, that sort of thing

This is their combat, such as it is.  I have developed a few counter measures.  This evening they decided to declare that I was the troll and came after me tooth and nail.  I deployed my favourite defence.  I was nice to them.  One took it out of chat and into the mails and each he added to my bounty I sent him a nice thank you note.  Every time he spewed venom I was understanding and said things like “That’s it, let it all out, son”

I was merciless in my kindness.  I will admit having a gin and tonic in hand aided in my patience and sense of humour about the whole thing.  Back and forth it went until HE blocked ME.

I finished my drink.  No shakes but a combat, just the same.

I had a topic and point to this, anyone seen them?  Ah, combat.  A question for you, dear reader (either one of you)  What mmo do YOU think has combat that is interesting and involves skill?  Please not one that involves speed of reflexes or 10 commands per second.

fly it like you won it





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