One contest ends, another begins

Mike swung down from the ship to find Free waiting for him, his eyes snapped around scanning others nearby,  “Tanta is . . . ?”

“The delivery is complete, she is off to sit with the judges, seems she taught some of them in the past.  I am officially dismissed, I am.”  Free smiled and seemed to relax a shade.  “Will you be staying to watch the contest?”

Mike chuckled.  “Nah, I knows our countess has it in the bag.  She hired the right teacher, for that.”  He cocked his head to one side, considering Free.  “I owes you one.  Coming out to keep an eye open, watch over Tanta.”

Free shook her head.  “La, I get to spend time with her?  I would be thinking I owes you.”

Mike started to laugh.  “You know you sound more like her everyday.”  He considered that she did not bristle at this and smiled even wider.  “And you know I mean that as the highest sort of compliment.  Do you need a ride anywhere or do you have a plan that starts here?”

“Tanta has asked that I stay a day, there are people she wants me to meet.  She won’t say more than that.”

Mike whistled softly and stepped closer, lowering his voice.  “Way I see it?  One of two things gonna happen.  Either she is gonna show you how to build your own network, outside of thems you work for.”


Mike grinned.  “Or she has some young men lined up to meet you and she is trying to marry you off.”  Mike roared with laughter at the expression on Frees face.  “But I think she probably knows better than to do that, just yet.  Food?”

Free nodded.  “Food, and maybe, juust maybe you can explain why you have not mentioned that.”  She pointed to a news broadcast just as it ran images of the candidates for the next Council.  “I happened to notice your smiling face up there.  Were you going to tell folks or just hope you got elected accidentally?”

Mike held up his hands in a placating fashion.  “I can explain.”



  1. Never say that if she is mad at you, because the explanation is not gonna be good enough
  2. yes i am running again for CSM, would love it if you put me on your ballot.
  3. More on the campaign on the next post, then I do my sorting hat posts.

fly it like you won it



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