He was on a Bus run when the comms chimed.  A reminder.  A date and a place.  He sighed, “Another year already, eh?”

He finished the pass wondering what he should bring.  Come armed or . . . in the end he chose a diplomatic shuttle and arrived in the system.  He was greeted by Rayne Lee who handed him a ship with which to light a cyno and he stood out from the station and did so.

Quiet chatter with a few folks (Tovanis, Erika Mizune) and a second cyno joined his, just off of the station.  “we are immortal, till we are not”  Mike whispered to himself as he eventually closed the cyno and returned to his own ship.  He thanked Rayne and left the Cyno ship there for next year.

The way home was faster than he expected as one Brave Newbie had decided to camp the gate of GE-8JV and Mike awoke in his home station.  He was a little ticked off . . . the loss of the ship was nothing but the disrespect (as he saw it) of camping a memorial service . . . He decided NOT to send the extra isk he often sent folks who killed him and just dropped a line to the killer and some officers of Brave expressing his disappointment given that he had been told

During the memorial, Brave will not fire upon neutrals in our space unless fired upon first,

In the end?  It did not matter.  He had come to pay his respects and had done so.



Not everybody gets a cease fire notice.

Broadcast for Reps (B4R) is an in game organization to help folks who might be suffering from depression or having thoughts of self harm.  No joke, they will help you get help if you let them.

fly it like you won it






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