Go Vote! (please and thanks)

“I hear you but I really don’t think you are being totally honest with me.”  Free protested.

“I thought I could help so I tossed my hat in the ring.”  Mike repeated.

“And you campaign has consisted of talking to people in local, but never while running the Bus, Answering invites from groups or people who wanted to interview you and NOT slagging anyone else running?  Do you even know how politics works?”

Mike grinned.  “Apparently not.”

“See? I run exactly what the Glorious leader of the Goons says is an absolute waste of time and effort.  If I am not part of The Machine then why even try?”

“And yet, you do.”  She folded her arms and smiled dangerously.  “But you also take time off to guard Tanta and don’t beat the spacelanes to garner votes.  I will bet that you did not make any backroom I will promote you if you promote me promises.  In other words . . . ”

“Yup same old campaign as ever.  Either folks want me to serve or they don’t.  I tell them what I think, how I will work for them.  The rest?  Political smoke and mirrors or the  . . . how did Rixx put it?

“And Rixx is right.  There is a power to the mob, to a mass of people all heading in one direction.  I get that but I refuse to let it stop me from running, to let it cow me of convince me to join in.  Here I stand.  And let the voters vote as they may . . . or may not.  I am still trying to get them out to vote.”

“Did you vote already?”

“Yeah, normally I would be drunk with Scotty and explaining all the candidates and who was worth it, who was not but . . .

“But Tanta.”

“I have my priorities and I would lay even odds Scotty could, by now, say exactly who I would vote for.  The community people, Not the big alliance folks.  The outliers but the ones who made an effort on the comms and spoke up.  The ones who have a proven track record.  Manic, Liz, Lor, Steve, Matteral, Olmeca, Matt and Dunk (though he breaks my pattern) Exoo.  Maybe not in that order but those are, one and all, folks I would love to see on the CSM whether I get elected or not.”

“And you say that, who you think is good, to anyone who asks, don’t you?”

“You mean as opposed to just trying to convince them that I am the right one to vote for?  Of course.  IF someone asks me then I assume it is because they respect my opinion.  They were probably going to vote for me anyways so why insult their intelligence and preach to the choir?”

Free shook her head.  “I am not sure if you are a fool or just something people do not expect , , , an honest man,”

Mike laughed.  “Probably both, Free, probably both.”



Go here to vote and please go there if you are an Omega acct.  You list candidates in order, I suggest 9 above and would love to also be on that list, preferably near the top.  But even if you disagree with me?  Look at those on the above list, maybe vote for them.

If you want to see candidates sorted?  

The above is an excellent site to visit.

Since this post seems to based on twitter, one tweet from me to round it off.

Again, please vote, you have a few days left to do so from the time of this post

fly it like you won it


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7 Responses to Go Vote! (please and thanks)

  1. You already have mine

  2. Lorelei Ierendi says:

    Hi Mike!

    By “Lor” did you mean “Lorelei”? Cos I think Lor was Data’s evil twin… 😀

    Good luck!

  3. Caroline Groohk says:

    You’ll have mine too;
    not for the horde, but for the bus. 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      Sometimes the Bus feels like it SHOULD be leading a horde, big and carrying so many ships. Man a player fighter [platform would be so damn cool.


  4. Easy Esky says:

    Burnt some PLEX and your number one,Mike. Good Luck – hope you are elected and can “keep the bastards honest”. Also Lorelei was No2.

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