The Sky is Failing!

Mike sat back and switched on the news feed on his comm, ticking the box for commentary. “Holy . . . ” The waves of commentary washed across the screen in a flood containing passion, confusion, common sense and often a complete lack of common sense. People said the same thing over and over and over. He spent an hour trying to read all of it before he gave up and started skimming. Another hour and he was searching elsewhere for summaries and trying to make sense of it all.

“There has got to be some simple way to find out what is being said.” He opened channels up that he normally didn’t monitor and started to talk to people. Some had come to the same conclusions he had, others were totally oblivious that there was anything wrong at all. They were up to their usual day to day activities and not sweating what tomorrow might hold.

His favorite response was from A. Nonny Moose who said “I am reading everything there, not to understand or to form an opinion. I am collecting pirate tears. I am collecting the tears and savoring the whines of people who so often have done the same to us Carebears. Nothing is going to come of this . . . the prices quoted will change. The methodology of claiming Sovereignty is a vanity thing for the most part. A flag is a bit of cloth, a holdover from battle standards in ancient times. You can mark what is your and what is not with the blood of you enemies or any who fly into the zone you claim as your own. That costs only the sweat and ammunition to hold what you think is yours.”

Mike looked at the prospective numbers and skimmed to comments that actually seemed to do the math. They changed as estimates of costs and benefits changed. “Just as they should. People keep forgetting that an economy is a living thing. It moves to suit the environment and adapts, molds itself to what its own market can bear. If thing is not functional, then nobody will use it. If it is, then the whiners will leave and the workers will make a go of it. Simple.” He nodded to himself with the satisfaction of knowing not enough to really worry about anything.

His comm pinged as an incoming alliance message appeared, Mike roared with laughter. It was a proposal that alliance members begin to prepare for a move to take advantage of the upcoming changes. The mining strikes and the cascade failure of moon operations in zero sec were beginning to have repercussions that a savvy and fast acting alliance might be able to capitalize on. Big alliances would be falling back under massive new costs of restructuring and holes would be opening up. There was a call going out for scouting trips into the dangerous territories and maps were being poured over. Contacts with other alliances were being opened.

For better or worse, in spite of all the 0.0 tears one thing was about to happen. CHANGE. Chance was a chance for some to win and some to lose.

But that is the way the universe works.



The point is, we shouldn’t whine about the negatives but try to find the positives. Do the math. If the numbers really don’t work out I am sure they will be altered. CCP has shown that already. But if you think whining will make veerything free and ponies for every girl and boy . . . no

They shifted the directional scan down from 2 seconds. But they did not take the timer away

They will make sov affordable. But they WILL be making it live in Dec.

Tears is not going to change that.

But trust me, a lot of Carebears are laughing.


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4 Responses to The Sky is Failing!

  1. Geaux Tiger says:

    Nice one man. I had much the same reaction you did when I first started to try and make sense of it.

    Enjoyed as always. Keep ’em coming.

  2. two things you are possibly missing:

    1) despite the inevitable reduction in systems containing sovereignty, the nullsec alliances that remain will not in any way be reduced in military power. If another alliance moves in next to an established alliance forcibly or without negotiating and without massive resources, you will find said alliance involved in a quite one-sided fight very quickly.

    2) just because we live in 0.0 doesn’t mean we’re all pvpers. We love our carebears, they make our ships, produce our liquid ozone and strontium. They drive the war machine and the up-coming changes have made 0.0 a more efficient place for them.

  3. mikeazariah says:

    No, actually. I did say that the flag boundaries will not be the true boundaries anymore. It still always comes down to what you can keep defended. But I think some of the alliances might welcome additional corps who are willing to come in and help develop 0.0.

    There also will be those who will enforce your one sided fight example. Such is the nature of people.

    Actually I think the changes in sov emphasize everything except pvp in 0.0. They give the potential for more belts, more missions, more exploration. So in that you are right that 0.0 is not just pvp. I am sorry if I gave the impression that I thought that was so.

  4. sorry if I came across as terse in that previous comment – just reading your blog at work makes me write in “work mode”. it’s going to be fun whatever happens and I hope your alliance does get an opportunity to move to 0.0 🙂

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