Candidacy CSM II


Not mandatory but this incident follows the Planet Risk Podcast episode 9


He closed down the communication channels and leaned back. It took a moment for the pounding on the hatch to get through to him. “Knocking? Nobody ever knocks.” He tapped a control that allowed entry into the ship and turned to hear someone in heels marching up the corridor.

“Not bad but you screwed up some of it, you big goof!” Kry exclaimed as she stormed into the control room. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“We didn’t get the questions in advance. That was all off the cuff.” Mike popped open a quafe and downed it, feeling very dry after the session with LA and QP.

“I know that, and for the most part it was fine EXCEPT for the question you messed up! And it was the most important one!” She wasn’t quite yelling but it was close.

“Which question was that, oh Mining Queen?” Mike started to relax a bit and smiled into the fury of her frustration.

“The one where TeaCozy . . ”

“Um, Teadaze?” Mike softly corrected.

“Whatever, when he asked how you felt being the least experienced of the Candidates on the show. You went for the underdog status.”

“Well? To a certain extent, that is what I am.”

“Wrong. You should have taken it as if they were making you the cruiser to their battleships. You are faster, sleeker, the choice of the new generation of capsuleers.” She waved her hands about while she spoke. “You are NOT less than them, you are different. So you are not on your fiftieth incarnation of clone. What you are is what a lot of people out here are. New, not jaded. Scraping out the isk for the next ship and the next fitting. There are still things you haven’t seen, haven’t done and that means the universe still excites you.” She spun and pointed right at his face as though accusing him. “You called yourself the Average Joe. Good. Do you want the people you represent to think they are lesser beings? That they don’t measure up?”

Mike sat up, a frown forming on his face. “Of course not I . . . ”

“Well then? What are you going to do about it? Take the fight back to those other three who were on the show with you? Especially that . . .” Her voice dripped scorn. “Goon.”

“No. That is not what I am about and not what I am going to do. The CSM is an election of a board. The folks on that board are going to have to get along or NOTHING will get done. I will not throw mud, will not start fights. Hells, I thought the others did fairly well and we all agreed on a lot of things. If all four of us got elected I would count that a win not to mention a real BIG feather in the cap for the Planet Risk folks.”

She sighed. Then laughed. “You are so damn nice sometimes. You’d be polite to the pilot podding you.”

“I am serious . . . Each of those guys said stuff I agreed with, and some stuff I didn’t. They all came from different backgrounds and had areas of expertise. But they cared enough to take the time to be there, to talk to each other and to the population that listen.”

“I am serious as well. If you keep speaking of them in such glowing terms you might convince me to vote for one of them instead of you. Especially with that crack you made about mining. ‘Mr. I don’t mine excessively'” She wagged a finger at him.

“Caught that, did you?”

She nodded. “But other than that, you did well. You showed you could think big and think small. That you knew where your boundaries were and that you appreciated the boundaries of the others. I suppose the fact that there were no attacks does show that you four would get along and maybe the CSM would be more . . . open. You know most folks still don’t know what exactly the CSM is. So a lot of the votes are going to be blind ‘Her name sounds good’.”

Mike sighed and rubbed his face. “That is why I thought the Planet Risk folks were doing a good thing here. Trying to let a few more folks know what was going on.”

Kry shook her head. “But you know for all that they try, most of the people listening to a show like Planet Risk are experienced capsuleers. I mean after all, they focus a lot on wormholes. You would have done better to do an appearance on ‘Missions Collide’.”

“One little detail to that. Song Li is the host of that show and I doubt he wants to give his competition that much of a platform. I mean he is a great guy and all that but nobody should be expected to be THAT impartial. By the same regard I am glad the alliance tournament wasn’t closer so Teadaze wasn’t tempted to blow his own horn while he had a very large and captive audience.”

“I notice you didn’t mention Helen the goon.” She almost spit the name out.

“No, I didn’t. That one has me a bit . . . confused. The Goons have two official candidates and Helen is not either one of them. I don’t know if the Alliance will rearrange to vote as a block for three candidates or whether Helen is counting on an outside set of votes to make it to the finish line. Unlike the other goons Helen is actively campaigning.”

“Once a goon always a goon.” Her condemnation was final.

“Look Kry, I did what I did and now I move on. Whatr else can I do to convince people I am the right candidate.”

“Earn your decoration. Be the Cat. Get out there and get noticed. Talk to people in local, in the places you hang out. Let them know that if they vote for you they are votong for the person who is where they are, someone from their own neighborhood. That is what you do.”

“And what do I say?”

She sighed and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Answer their questions, talk to them. Be yourself. I know you won’t kiss babies and shake hands . . . but let them meet you.”

“That. I can do.”



Lesson. People don’t know what the CSM is

People don’t know who I am

Underdog is pretty much defined in the above two statements.

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9 Responses to Candidacy CSM II

  1. Bockyy says:

    Mike u where great, dont minde Mining Queen, she didnt sow huge roids recenlty so she is little jumpy… 🙂

  2. Mynxee says:

    Don’t beat yourself up; you held your own just fine in the Planet Risk debate. I’m sure your platform and stance resonates with many players. Best luck in your campaign.

  3. Sidrat Flush says:

    I know what the CSM is.

    Time Sink greater than pos warfare – You’ll get no thanks but you’ll get my vote.

  4. BobFenner says:

    Hey Mike, I thought you came across very well. I am gonna vote for you – and not because you in the same corp, but because its obvious you love the game and you would better represent ‘the average joe’. Best of luck brother

  5. Nicholas says:

    I really enjoy your stories… but when it comes to someone i am voting for. i look for someone who has expirience. and is serious about what they want to do in CSM. please don’t let this comment cut you down. but rather look at it as a way to make a comback for the next election. maybe we’ll meet someday in deep space 🙂
    but one thing is for certain i’m addicted to your writing now. please write often. i have my own stories too. maybe we can share them.

  6. scarto xen says:

    I thought you did well in the interview. I especially like your idea that the Sleepers awake.

  7. Dylan says:

    Great things come from underdogs. i’m voting for u.
    As i am a casual player.

  8. Eowarian D says:

    Hey Mike. I recently discovered your blog. Amazing way of how to express life in New Eden! I love it!
    About your perfomance on SI Radio, the Planet Risk Show. You did very well ‘against’ those ‘big guys’, like Teadaze and Song Li. You had my attention from the start on.
    As being a ‘middle man’ myself, you can count on my vote. As you said yourself, not only the big changes are important, the maintainance of the small(er) details is as important as well, if not more important.
    Best luck with the election!

  9. Hey Mike,

    Now that the whole CSM thing is over I feel I must share with you both Lumi’s and my support and express our sympathies for not getting on the counsil. Your views and platform you presented during that interview had both of us in total agreement. Not that we didn’t like or support any of the other candidates as well, but you had some really cool suggestions and a fresh approach that we liked very much!

    In any case, you are most welcome to join us in any of our next shows and talk wormholes and drink spiked quafe, just give us a ping!

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