Once again, tis voting time

“Been waiting for you to show up.” Scotty said, sliding the bottle and shot glass across.

Mike filled his glass, tossed it back and smiled. “Another full roster, lots of people to choose from and there have been others who have already had a lot to say about who should be elected.”

“Any of them right?”

Mike grinned. “All of them and none of them. See, the thing is that voting IS a personal choice. Asking someone else to tell you who to vote for is like asking someone else to choose your menu or drinks. They MIGHT get it right but then again they might not. Letting them choose is just being damn lazy.”



Same goes here, for me, I am going to tell you who I plan on voting for and maybe a bit of why but honestly folks? You do need to decide for yourself.


“But here you are about to give your opinion, eh?”

“Too true, too true. First off is the common theme that I am seeing from some of the pundits. That is to ignore all ‘bloc votes’. If they are a member of an alliance then let their own people get them into office.”

“Admit it,” Scotty said, “You have been known to say similar things.”

“I have, but usually with caveats. Being in an alliance should NOT automatically remove you from consideration but, at the same time, I do not want to see a full bloc CSM. So for a candidate to make it past that filter? Yeah, they need to give me a reason to vote for them. This time around it is two of the incumbents, Brisc and Kenneth. I Have them on my ballot in spite of them being Bloc candidates because I have seen them work and work hard on the CSM. So I like them because of ‘insider knowledge'”

Scotty nodded, slowly. “But the rest of us would just have to take your word for it?”

“Exactly. And while I mention incumbents? Arsia Elkin has shown to be a good advocate as well and I would love to see her get a chance to serve a full term. Steve Ronuken is also an old hand at the CSM and will always have my vote when he runs.”

“So that is four of the ten slots on your ballot.

“Yup, now we get down to the nitty gritty and a bit of the thought process behind it.”



No I am not going to break NDA but CCP has announced that a lot of the upcoming year will be delivered through the lens of Faction Warfare. If you want to be logical about your vote then it would make sense to bring at least a few of the low and FW people to the table.

Torvald and Phantomite experienced in CSM and MAN did they advocate for what is now on the horizon.

If you want hisec represented? Dutch Gunner and/or Kshal Aideron

Wormholes? Mark Ressurectus

Tournament play? Ithica Hawk

NPSI? Keacte

Balance issues? Stich Kaneland

Each of these folks could bring some very good things to the table and I would be happy if some or all of them got in. This is NOT to say that the other candidates are bad just that these are the ones I know or know of and would trust to do the job.

Links to a few articles about other folks choices


Ashey in space Ballot

Others have written good things and if you have not checked out Ashterothis interviews, please do. They are always a great resource.

Please vote


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