Look, I get it. Games are games and where we go to escape. But sometimes the real world impinges on the gaming community and what we do says a lot about us and how we relate to said world(s).

Yeah, I am talking about Russia and the Ukraine.

In the forums threads are being shut down as fast as they are opened because (specifically) the forums have a ‘no rl politics’ rule. Fair enough. I am pretty sure eve online reddit is doing the same thing. Odd thing is? I would like to hear from folks about this, from the people I play with. Situations like this can be a litmus test for people you know only on line. I don’t mind talking about the ‘hard subjects’ even with people who might think differently than I do.

I have gone on record as asking that CCP hold a Plex for good event supporting the victims of this war and I will be right there donating if they do. I do NOT agree with punishing your average gamer because he or she happens to live in Russia, right now. Nor do I ask them to speak up and publish their names in opposition to the state. Even in North America that can have long lasting consequences and I shudder to think about the results of speaking out in a place like Russia.

We play a game but we all live in the real world. Simple as that. We are people, humans, gamers and thinkers (if you successfully play eve that is) but when the computer is off, when we are afk? The real world is there, waiting for us. I like playing games, I like playing with those of you who play eve or ESO or any of the other games I dabble in. I never ask your creed, colour, nationality, or even gender preferences. We play together and that is enough. Sure it is a little kid attitude but I have always thought that they had the right of it before we get them to learn to hate, distrust, take sides.

Do I have aa opinion the current conflict? Yeah. I think Russia is in the wrong. I also think that Taiwan is a country and that China is watching this as a test bed for their future plans. If you disagree with me? Well that is for you and this is for me. You do you, boo.

Oh, I hate having to say this next bit but any opinions expressed here are Mine, not wordpress, not Eve Online or Elder Scrolls Online or freaking tic-tac-toe. You have a problem with it? come to me.


ps, no I am not gonna meme-post a flag or anything like that although I am looking hard at Bowhead skins (again)

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  1. Sean says:

    Well said. I don’t hate your average Russian. I hate what their government is doing. You’re right on it being a good litmus test. My litmus test IRL for the past 6 years has been “Are you a Trump supporter?”. I don’t want or need those kinds of people in my life.

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