Mike was sitting, sipping his coffee, and laughing as the news-feeds scrolled by.   The war was warming up and he still did not have a single iota of need to go join.  But oh the war of words was so fun to watch.

He thought back to other days and other propaganda wars.  He shuffled through old files and found a quote . . .

Do not be so foolish as to not listen to REASON, rise! Trust the truth, verify the facts and you will see that I am right!

Why does BoB make you pay for space you can not make money from, RISE members? They know we camp your systems every day and night. They know you can not mine or rat without a high risk of dying. They know you will have the weight of the largest alliance in eve history pushing down on you soon. They know these things the same as you and I, but why have they ordered the withdrawal from your region? Why have they not brought you supplies, POS fuel, or capital fleets for your defense? Why has BoB not even so much as used a titan to jump bridge one of your members to make a tiny bit of profit somewhere, anywhere?


Now it looked like that same piece could be re-used with only a bit of swapping of names.  The irony of the once brave heroes now being the villians was not lost on Mike.  It happened far far too often.

The biggest irony of all, in Mikes mind was that it was money that was bearing down on the defenders.  They who once would darken the sky with rifters had graduated to ‘we didn’t want that anyways and it has already been replaced’ attitude.  The hubris and challenging questions of ‘who dares challenge us’ had been answered.  What they had come to worship had turned on them.

“A glutton commits gluttony.  Karma is an Iron.”  He sipped his coffee again.



Yeah, I am in clip and jump mode.

Look intro the eve reddit area and the posts labeled propaganda… they are fun to read.  Listen to Mittens justify the withdrawal from Vale.  sigh

If you are reading this on a mobile, I apologise.

Look, even if you never plan on going to the war, watch the show attached to it.  Hell, maybe there will be a kickstarter of the Book to chronicle the great war.

Or maybe the money will run out and everyone will wander off and it will end with a fizzle, who knows?

fly it like you won it




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