Mike was just making some replacement purchases for the Bus when the comm pinged.

“Mahk, you up for a roam?”

“What do you plan on flying, Otto?”  Mike grinned and started browsing his hanger of ships.

“T3Ds, Destroyers, Any frigate class.”  He shrugged. “With my roams Mike, i generally try to subscribe to the ‘Whatever makes you most happiest'”

Mike grinned and looked over at a Comet.  “A police comet is tempting.”  He considered some destroyers but his eyes kept coming back to the black and white.  “Ooooh, pretty lights.”


Half an hour later three of them undocked and headed out, Otto, Orange and Mike.  Otto in a Keres, Mike in the Navy Comet, and Orange in a Hecate.  They found the rhythm of command and feedback, quickly and then Otto called fore them to open fire . . . on a Scorpion. It got clear before they could get point but Otto called the destination, Planet 3.  Mike got there and sung out “point” and superfluously “and webbed, like that will help.” Grinning he asked.  “Permission to open fire?”

“Light him up.”  Otto called and amazingly the battleship began to take damage.

Mike got the drones out JUUUUST before jams and neuts started to stop him from directly hurting the beast.  Watching the drones continue shooting brought joy to the Gallente.  But then Otto called.  “Incoming Phantasm.”

Mike checked his warp-out and continued to try to get another lock on the Scorpion.  “Rip . . . rip”  The other two called out as their ships exploded.  Mike mashed the GOTH button and vanished from the planet 3 orbit.  Otto was gone. Orange started limping home in a pod.

“You mean I am all alone?”

“Yup, you’ll do fine, just watch out for the drag bubbles on the way out.”

“Oh goody.  Carebear, remember?  I graze and hope predators don’t find me.”

Oddly, Orange died to a Garmur and so Mike was all alone on the trip home, never saw the Garmur, saw the Scorpion, again, here and there.  Hit one bubble and burned out of it.  Passed through  HUGE battle on one lowsec gate and made it back to Jita.

“Otto, I want to file a complaint with fleet command.  I came home in the same ship I left in.”  Mike laughed.  “Thanks for the run. I enjoyed it.”

“We’ll do this again.”

“Absolutely.”  Mike docked and looked over at the Comet.  “Damn, I like that ship.”



I honestly think we had the Scorp nervous.  He was halfway through armor when the Phantasm arrived.

I did send a note about this out to the Operation Magic School Bus mailing list.  Pity none were able to make it but it was VERY short notice.

Oh and we saw scaredpanda fly by, damn I wish she had joined us.  Hell I wish each and every one of you had.  Fleets are fun.  Loss is acceptable and expected.

Fly it like you won it.


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