The Sorting Hat 2/3 Sh∅ts

“Now where were we?”  They returned to the table with a bottle and some shot glasses.  “Fafer?”

Mike cracked the seal on the bottle and let it ‘breath’ for the required 2 seconds before filling each shot glass in turn.  “Yeah.  He has been active in the forums but no interview, no CSM Match no effort beyond the basic throwing of the hat.  So Nope.”

“You really come down hard on the ‘Just throw the hat’ people,  don’t you?”

“Work ethic.  I want to see people who have it ON the CSM and so you damn well be able to demonstrate that to me up front.  Otherwise I do not have time for them as what do not have time for me or the election.  So Nope it is, bottoms up.”

A moment was spent as the glasses were refilled and emptied immediately as Mike took one look, shook his head at Falck Longbottom.  No words, just a sweep of the hand and another Nope.  Another shot.  Scotty breathed out heavily.  This game may get dangerous.”

Mike grinned.  “You have no idea.  Next is Gorski.”  He refilled the glasses but then shoved them back.  “Yeah.”

“You know you are going to be accused of ‘old boy networking’ if you knee jerk approve people you have worked with.”

Mike laughed.  “Not by people who know me.  Hell, if Sion had manages to run again he would be right next to Aryth in my Nope.  But the troll side of me does hope that he places 15th and gets on in his usual way, just for consistency and making him the hardest working CSM never elected for three years running.”

“You have the oddest affection for patterns.”  Scotty sighed.  “Harry Saq?”

“The man wrote a great huge manifesto for his campaign and then sat back.  Hugely active in the forums but . . . effort in the campaign, aside from that one Manifesto, has been minimal.  I think the Low Maybe for him.  Now comes the hard part.”  Mike pulled the bottle close and readied his shot glass.  “Hit me.”


“Nope, effort”  The glasses went up, emptied and hit the table.  Mike refilled then.  “Again.”


“Nope, effort, shot.” Drink, slam, pour.

“Nope. same reason, shot.”

“On the bright side,”  Scotty said, exhaling loudly, “we ARE moving through the list quicker, now.  Jin’taan?”

Mike faked reaching for the shot glass then sat back grinning.  “I don’t know him directly but I did like his interview and he IS engaged.  He is a Yeah from me.I just wonder whether CVA will be able to get behind him and push hard enough.”

“Joffy Aux-Gao?”

“Yes, he has the recommendations from people I know and admire.  He is making the effort and representing a very under-repped portion of the population.  He has experience skills and the time to apply them.  He is a Yeah.”

“John Ellsworth?”

“Take a shot, which is saying more than he has, so far.  Nope.”

“Jugular Vein?”

“Tossed his hat and that was it.  Nope.  Shot”

“Kane Carnifex.”

“Nope, didn’t even bother making a campaign thread.  Shot.”

“Are we going to survive this?”

Mike grinned.  “Hope not.”  He eyed the bottle.  “Gonna have to take a break soon to resupply.  We planned poorly and out logistics suck.  Now for Kyle Aparthos.  He is a strong candidate but suffers, perhaps, from the burden of responsibilities problem I talked about before.  If he gets on the Big Bloc ballot I am sure he has a chance to be elected but for me?”  Mike paused and looked off in the distance.  “I do not want to get into the Grr Null trap of thought patterns but I do think tactically, at times.  I KNOW that null and its interests will be represented whether I voter for them or not.  My concern is making sure there are OTHER voices at that table.  But that being said?  IF there is to be Bloc candidates there I would rather he was one of them.  So he is a high Maybe.”

“Lorelei Aparthos?”

Mike laughed.  “I looked back at last years election results and I am fairly sure that if I had not been running then Lor would have gotten in.  I worry a bit about balance with this one.  Highsec candidates often fall into one of two categories, Tora is the example of one side and Lor may be the example of the other.  But that is ok.  It is a harder job to balance in the middle than to take a side and defend it against all others.  Yeah . . . not an overwhelming yeah but a Yeah, just the same.”

“Mining Forman?”

“Nope, shot”  And the level of the bottle went down again.

“Mr Hyde113”

“One hell of a resume.”  Mike eyed the bottle.  “Yeah, I think he might bring a lot to the table.  Yeah.”

“Nashh Kadavr.”

“Community community community.  Hell Yeah.  Nuff said.”

“Niko Lorenzo.”

Mike frowned.  “I like this guys resume and experience but I have not seen enough of his communication skills to evaluate him properly.  A Maybe for him.”

“Nikolai Agnon?”

“Too narrow a focus for me, IF someonme wants to see Faction War represented he might be right for them but . . . just a Maybe for me.”


“I will be honest with you.  I do not know enough of the wormhole people dynamic to know if this guy represents them or is just saying he does to garner votes.  He goes in the Maybe pile for me. but for others that may make him a Yeah.  I did like this quote of his . . . ”

The truth is I’ve only ever lived in c5 and c6 space. As far as C4 and below, months ago when I decided I wanted to run for CSM and I talked about it with a few WH’lers, they asked me the same exact questions “I wish to know if he has a desire and willingness to represent and understand all of wormholespace or just the niche he has experience from”.

I’ve made a point to learn more about life in C4 in below since then. I read WH’ler blogs, I listen to podcast, I read over everything said in the diplo channels. Unfortunately there is not as much media coverage that I’ve found for the lower class holes in terms of wars. AAR style battle reports, fleet fighting videos ect to learn from. So if you have a site or youtube channel I’m missing I would love to educate myself more.— Noobman campaign thread

“Great answer . . . but a Maybe for me.”


“Nope, and we have finished the bottle.  Let’s go find some more food and another one.”



Second third done.  Yes I am judgmental and just saying what I think and how I will vote.  What did you expect?  If you really want to find your own way you will read this and take it with a grain of salt the size of a Rifter and make up your own minds.


I HOPE I will get the last third done later this evening and then I can relax and write the hardest post I have ever tried to write.

fly it like you won it






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7 Responses to The Sorting Hat 2/3 Sh∅ts

  1. Dorian Reu says:

    Good job, hope the walk helps and I look forward to the next two.

  2. May I point out a Typo? That is “Lorelei Ierendi”, not Aparthos…
    other than that, a truly excellent second part! Looking forward to the third!

  3. Gaa. Here I am desperately trying to plunder your comments. and you are 1/2 way through. and it is 11:30pm and 4:30am where you are so I can’t even nag you.

    It’s almost as if I should do my own research. … and do it on time.

  4. Noizy says:

    Nick’s CSM Watch interviews is now posted. He was a late entrant into the race and one of the last interviews conducted.

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