The Sorting Hat 3/3 Stagger to the finish


[OOC:  The funny thing is that the end of this trio of posts marks the beginning of the election proper.  Everything up until now has been just the preliminaries.In a lot of ways one mans finish line is anothers start.  I approach the end of my trio of terms and I REALLY want there to be good people to pass the baton to.  That is why I do this as opposed to sitting back and just quietly voting.]

They came back to the table some time later, not carrying a bottle but bottles.  “Isn’t there some rule about liquor before beer?”

“Yup, Liquor before beer . . .  don’t be such a wimp.  Now we only have a wee bit left to do, let’s get it done.”  Mike opened his beer and poured it out, so dark to be technically black with a golden froth.  “Who is next?”

“RF Gnaeus Crassus”

“Ah right, the Frog guy.  Yeah, I liked his interview and he has an aspect that I don’t know if the CSM has ever covered before.  He spoke well and generally won me over.”

“Another in the Yeah, then.  Rivver?”

“Enthusiastic tyro but needs more seasoning and work.  Nope.”


Mike looked at the ceiling and said.  “He is a Maybe, Just didn’t really hit any of the buttons on my list and his platform was ‘meh’ to me.  He may be someone elses cup of tea but not mine, I will stick with beer.  Maybe.  He is not bad, just not who I am voting for.”

“Maybe it is, Steve Ronuken?”

“Yeah and hell Yeah.  I have worked with him for two years and have nothing but good to say about him.  When someone tried to throw mud at Steve it was so ludicrous that it just made the slingers look like complete and utter idiots.  He is a steady and reliable person and the best one to provide the anchor of experience to a fairly new CSM.”

“Well if you are going to waffle about it . . . ” Scotty assigned Steve the the Yeah list. “Sullen Decimus?”

“Huh, this one was a tough on to assign.  He has a lot of good points and experience but he also hold 2 different directorships so he has that burden of responsibilities.  To a certain extent I do hope he has the support of his voting base.  He is a very high Maybe for me.  So close to a Yeah that the border blurs.”

“But a Maybe, just the same?”

Mike nodded.  “Very high but he will have the support of his own people, or he won’t.  That will be the telling point for his campaign.  Next?”

“Terandria Starsong”

“It is like seeing myself, years back.  I didn’t win then and that was probably a good thing.  Ali was a newbro candidate and she made it work and work well but now?  Where is she?  Nah, let the run be a lesson in what works and what does not.  Aside from throwing the Hat I see little other effort.  Nope.”

“Nope it is.”  Scotty peered blurrily at the list.  “Getting there.  Next is The Judge.”

“Funny thing.  He is also one of those, like Sullen, right on the line between Yeah and Maybe but in the Judges case?  I pushed it slightly over the line to Yeah but very tentative.”

“Fine, a Yeah is a Yeah.  Tora Bushido is next.”

“Huh, is the one after that Toxic Yaken?”

Scotty peered at the list and nodded.  “It is, why?”

Mike tapped a key and brought up an ancient clip.


“Some pilots choose a life that is less than savory.  Last year, Tora ran and mistook his own career as how he had to present himself while being a CSM.  He is not the only one to make that mistake.  Some people who DID get elected still thought they were playing a game and not something more real.  I know, I have yelled at them for it.  I doubt it had any lasting effect but it made ME feel better.”

Mike sighed.  “These two guys SEEM to get that, Tora more this year, than last.  Thing is I don’t think we need two of them in the Council at the same time.”

“So you have to pick one.”

“Nope.  The voters have to pick one.  Together they are worth a seat but I will not say that one is better than the other.  Tora has more experience, perhaps, BUT he also has that old Burden of responsibility as he is corp and alliance CEO.”  Mike shrugged.  “I break my onw rules and say the pair of them get one Yeah and it is up to the voters to decide which.  Of course if they split the vote then neither will be elected.  Wormholers hit that sort of problem, once.  But I am not one to tell people voting tactics, far be it from me to meddle.”

Scotty grinned, “Far indeed.  So they are each a half Yeah or I combine their names to ToxicTora or BushidoYakenand call that one a Yeah.”

Mike cracked another beer and shrugged.  “Please yourself. Now who?”

“Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci”

“Ah, the historian and Lore expert.  I like him and appreciate all the work he has done but I think he needs to broaden his base and background before I would call him a Yeah.  Maybe, from me.”

“Maybe it is.  Utari Onzo?”

“See?  Now this is a bit more of Lore with a background in other things to match.  CVA and Amarr forever kind of thing but we can forgive people their foolish beliefs if they forgive me mine.  He is a Yeah, mark it down, will you?”  Mike set another empty to the side and asked.  “How many more?”

“Six.  Vaari?”

“Nope.  Effort.  Next?”

“Vic Jefferson.”

“Well this one I cannot fault for effort.  He has been on a lot of others campaign trails stirring up debate and or attacking their positions.  He communicates a LOT but not always in the best interests of cooperative work.  I think I was forming an antipathy to his style based on how he acted in other peoples threads more than I was to his own thread. I have to hand it to him, he is active.When he got called on his attacks in his own thread  he had a very reasonable explanation for it.  I disagree with a lot of what he says he stands for but I appreciate the fact that he stands for something after wading through far less verbose campaigns.  He is a Very high Maybe but a Maybe, just the same.”

“Maybe it is.  Viceran Phaedra?”

“CSM for CSMs sake.  This guy struck me as a politician (do NOT tell me it takes one to know one) The funny thing is I think he might be decent for the process but he does not show enough specific knowledge, for me, to be a yeah.  So Maybe.”

“Maybe it is, Wyld?”

“Nah, this beer is just making me sleepy.” Mike muttered.  “Oh you mean the candidate, Wyld.  I think the drink made him sleepy, dopey and several other of the dwarfs.  He MIGHT be one of the very few joke candidates who actually filed the papers properly.  Nope.”
Scotty made the notation and  said “Two left.  Xavier Azabu?”

“He is another one of those candidates that just . . . did not make me react.  He is neither good nor bad, just there.  If he does work for other voters then maybe he will be voted for but for me it is a meh, Maybe.”

“Last one and I am sure he is last just because of alphabetical reasons.  Xenuria”

Mike sighed and rubbed his face.  “One of the hardest things to do is keep an open mind.  Mainly because if it is open others try to shovel all sorts of garbage into it.  With Xen the question becomes am I reacting to the platform or all the laughter and slander (or truths) leveled against him?  Is he what the mainstream narrative says he is?  It almost seems that there is a game of baiting him into saying things and then laughing at the results.  I would have LOVED to see this level of scrutiny placed on any other candidate.  Hell I would have welcomed it if I was running because having your name out there is half the battle.  Having an active thread keeps you on the front page.”

He took a pull direct from another bottle.  “So, in the end I did what I often do.  Read the content and ignored the name.  It was hard because, as I said the baiters were out in force and some of them were masters at it.”

“Master Baiters, got it.”

“Well, I am fairly sure they were doing what they were doing to please themselves . . .  Anyhow.  The platform was thin and had a fair number of holes in it.  Total reform and buzzwords do not make me want to vote for him.  Maybe others will see it differently.  In the end?  He is a Maybe.  I think I would have to meet him in person and not know who he was to make a fair judgement.  I honestly think I cannot see all the way around the noise that surrounds him and know if he is playing a fool or being played as one.”

The empty bottle hit the table with a musical ‘tink’ “But then, this is politics.  The same could be said for us as a voting population.”



I said it in Eve Vegas and I think it may be one of the wiser things I have said.  “Stop Electing Politicians”

ironic since I seem to be one.

Look, these are how I feel.  What I think.  As soon as Eve gets up and running steady I will go vote and I hope you do as well.  I spent a lot of the weekend doing the work on this and CSM Watch, CSM Match, the eve NT interviews and others.  A LOT of work went into people trying to help you find the right people to vote for.



whether it is for my Yeahs or my Nopes.  Whether it is people you know or people you were told to vote for by some higher level bloc ping (though I would prefer you thought for yourself)

and fly it like you won it






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3 Responses to The Sorting Hat 3/3 Stagger to the finish

  1. Utari Onzo says:

    Great read and I’ve loved the RP flavour. I can only emphasis the importance of voting guys. Even if not for me or people I’ve recommended, vote for someone and be a part of the process.

  2. Rob Kaichin says:

    A maybe for Xenuria…


    Methinks the rotgut has rot ya brains!

    As open-minded as I tried to be, every time he posted my intellect took on a foot of water. It isn’t hard to sink a ship, you just have to put enough weight on it, and Xenuria is dense enough for 10 of them.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Love that metaphor. Thing is, and what I was trying to say is I am never sure if I am seeing Xen or the bastardization of what you get if you poke with a stick often enough.


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