Second Tullder

Mike hitched up his jacket to keep the holster accessible and leaned back on the park bench.  Tanta was knitting and Ruis was standing nearby splitting his attention between the kids playing and the two sitting.

“Tanta said yous talkin about all the high and mighty stuff you been doin, she said.  Y’all talk about where the real action be?  Ya talk bout dat?”

Mike smiled.  “Null or low?  If null then I would question the idea that that is where the real action takes place when even its residents complain about stagnation.  But yeah, that was how our second day started.  Day two began with us sitting down to General Low-Sec Discussion.  Sugar set the pace and it was a good one.  She was very organized and had a list of questions and suggestions, everything from Supers in low to FW standings and more mining opportunities for low miners.  Research into clouds was also brought up.”

Ruis looked up at the sky and back at Mike.  “What’s ta research?”

“Gas mining, you goof.  Iffen you gonna make boosters, drugs, then you need specific hard to get materials.”  Mike snorted and then noticed that Tanta had stopped knitting and was listening more closely.  “Problems?”

Tanta shook her head and smiled.  “Sounds like this Sugar be a formidable woman.”

“She is.  They discussed Faction Warfare . . . “

Ruis interrupted.  “So how come you never went to fly for our people, Mike?  How come?”

“Mainly the same reasons that were being discussed.  Faction rules are bad enough that it becomes a one ways street.  I likes my freedom.”  Mike shrugged.  “It was a dense session and a lot of things crossed the table. but that was nothing compared to when we got onto nullsec.

Nullsec was the big topic and you knew this going in because we actually allotted a double session to it.  I asked that they start with the goals and then tell us how they was gonna get there.”

Ruis leaned in a bit.  “So whats they want?  More Huge Battles like Assakye?  More o dem?”

“No, not really. Fozzie set the pace sayin ‘We want to create an environment where the act of living in null sec is a bit more involved in some way. Where warfare is less soul crushing and allow a larger variety of organizations in null sec. These are points we have discussed before where it allows both large groups and small groups to be able to operate in known space.’  He went on to explain that bottom up doesn’t mean the rich won’t get richer, it just means that it will be apparent that all the little wallets are feeding them, like in rentin.

The changes to power projection are the first step on a longer road.  We’s gonna be seeing new ways of defining and taking and holding sov but that will probably come out next year some time.  We want more granularity and the ability to say ‘this here asteroid belt is mine’.  Say it with smaller and destructible structures.”

“I prefer to say it wif flowers”  Ruis opined.

“That you steal”  Tanta said, not looking up.

Mike grinned, he had stolen flowers from her garden as well, it was the best way to make sure they were fresh.  “Well further down the road we know the way sov works is gonna be changing.  Whether it be tossed in the bin or so heavily modified its own mother wouldn’t recognize it is up for question. All I know is the powers that be are serious about downgrading stations and outposts the the point that enough ships could take them down.”

Ruis snorted.  “Who is going to feel safe, then?”

Mike shrugged.  “Nobody, to the point where everybody just stops worrying about it.  Maybe.  Figuring out how people and organizations will react is the hardest thing.  But it is what they have the CSM for.  Then there will be occupancy level claims and/or ways to stake your claim to an area.We spent a fair amount of time discussing the ramifications of this and I am looking forward to hearing what other folks think, now that it is ‘out there’”

“But,” Ruis said. “Most folks try to make the rules favour themselves more than the working overall, they just do.”

Another shrug.  “Yup, so you listen to what is said and WHO is talking and you try to see, are they talking for themselves or for everybody.  Hell, even in this discussion we were having some folks would talk from their specific power base.WE talked about all the alternatives to jump travel, whether it be gates for the big ships or the death express.”

“What is that?”

“It is when we die on purpose so we wakes up sooner in our clones.  If the battle is a long way from home it can save a fair amount of time. I know it sounds weird to yas but some do use it.”  He hurried to push on.  “If it works out right it won’t kill capitals and supers but make them more usable in the smaller numbers.  If there is less worry of someone dropping in from halfway across the galaxy then you might field the big ships in small numbers more often.  Same goes for bomber wings, we don’t want them to be the only choice but we also don’t want them to be a pure bad choice as well.  So we tossed back and forth the pros and cons of occupancy sov vs the granularity model.  The one question I asked that didn’t get answered was whether the powers that be had talked to line grunts as opposed to the leaders of coalitions”

“You always did think troop over officer.”  Tanta murmured.

“Always seems asking the opinion of the guy in charge is a sure way of getting status quo or a firmer entrenchment of his power.  It would be like asking bankers how money should be kept and used.”  He held up a hand.  “Yes, I know that is what is done, but it is a stupid way to do things.”

“Then came Team Five-O, they be the ones that we have the closest ties to, chat with them every other week in formal settings and damn near every workday by comms.  Because of that we knew a lot of projects going into the meeting but it was nice to see things like the mockup for new UI elements, visible bookmarks and all that.  We also discussed the basics of new paint jobs for the ships and some new missions of the Burner variety coming along.”

“Burner missions?”  Ruis asked.

“Very hard to solo, very deadly, this I know first hand.  And I am looking forward to a rematch.  Then we chatted with the Corporations & Alliances folks.  Like tax law the rules for those systems are so convoluted that nobody knows all of it.  They have actually hired an outside team to research the topics.  Then we talked about awoxing, that is where a person infiltrates a corp just to shoot the folks in it.  Some ancient loophole made that legal.  That is gonna change though the discussion on it went longer than you might expect.  We also talked about shares, being able to access corp roles from Crest,  Best one was being able to invite to a corp rather than the convoluted invite/accept/accept the acceptance.”

“Well tank heavens they fixed dat.”  Tanta rolled her eyes.

“Little things that start to make sense mean a lot to some folks, Tanta.  Not everybody hits them but they is a stone in the shoe for the folks that deal with them everyday.  After they left then we talked to another team . . . Team TriLambda, or as we like to call them, the Art department.  Most of what they showed us was things like the new Blackbird, Chimera, Dominix, Exequeror, Incursus and Maulus as well as some portraiture work.  We talked about clothes and hats and other such fripperies.”

“Some folks care ‘bout how they dress.”  Ruis straightened a thin leather tie.

“And other folks figure you is just waiting for that to be your noose.”  Mike grinned.  “Gotta admit, those art folks do draw some nice stuff. but that meeting lead right into one that was a more focused topic though still artistic. Alliance Logos was a hot topic because it is not as simple as it seems.”

“I don’t know why.  I seen your ship have logos on it, that stick and hoop one has more than a couple.”  Ruis frowned.

“It is a legal issue.  To permanently inscribe a logo demands that the rights to it are clear and in a huge galaxy with multiple legal systems that is not as cut and dried as you might think.  The last session of the day was Security.”

“Secret Police like to keep their own secrets.”  Tanta nodded.

“I was amazed at how much they actually told us.  We talked about ISBoxer, botting, cheating, RMT, ddos . . . .they held nothing back buuuuut.”

“Let me guess.” Ruis said.  “You can’t say much about what was said.”

“Not much at all.”  Mike admitted.  “Though what is in the minutes shows that we did talk about things the time stamps say it all.  Short minutes for a full hour.  It is what it is.  If you showed how you caught folks they would get more evasive.  If you draw specific lines then there will be some ass who dances right on it.”

“Speaking of dancing.”  Tanta said.  “It is time we headed back, I have a class to teach and YOU.” She jabbed a needle at Mike.  “Have the evening meal to cook.  Take Ruis into town and fetch fresh, make what you want but enough to feed 20,”

Mike and Ruis nodded and answered in unison “Yes, Tanta”



and that was day 2

The thing that struck me the most about this day was the fact that we disagreed, even between the council members themselves.  I am not saying this is bad but it lets you know who stood up the way YOU would have.  Who spoke for you.

Well it is important to see how things are decided and not just what.

I am going to take a small break and I will do day three.

as I said last time, if you don’t like who this is written the feel free to go read the full minutes yourself

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Second Tullder

  1. Heretic Caldari says:

    You know, Mike, I’ve always desperately not liked the IC writing style, on your log or anyone’s, when trying to communicate thoughts on the game. I invariably skip to the OOC comments.

    But I have to give you a very large kudos for sticking to writing the way you want to write, despite what must be constant and continuous pressure to change. BZ.

    • mikeazariah says:

      thank you. I appreciate both sides of the argument but since the minutes themselves are straight information I figure I can do my thing. I appreiciate the sentiment that you don’t like what I do but you applaud the effort anyways.

      some folks feel that way about bagpipes (not me, I will go out of my way to watch a drum and pipe parade)


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