Minutes tullderr

“So, de high and mighty comes down ta visit the little folk.”  She swept the checkered cloth out and a wide motion and let it drift down across the grave.  “You set out de food, I gots the other stuff.”

Mike dutifully opened the large case he was carrying and started to unload enough containers to cater a small wedding.  “Tanta, why you always pack so much?”

She lined up a trio of bottles and sniffed primly.  “It be better to give folks more than enough, then they gets to choose what dey will take an what dey will leave.”

Mike nodded slowly.  “I get it, like what we do with the minutes.”

She opened the first bottle of clear liquid and filled three glasses, setting one on the grave she handed a second to Mike and kept the third raised.  “To da ones we love, who is always wit us.”

Mike answered “Ones we love.” and sighed.

“So, tell Tanta about dese minutes and start eatin.  I made you favourites.”

Mike filled a plate under her watchful eye and dug in as she poured the third drink out on the headstone and refilled the glass.   “Well, you know I was away at those meetins.  We keep notes and the ones that clear the security checks for not saying too much we release to the public so they few who care can read em.  Lets folks know who said what, among other things.  Even cut down, though, they come out to 144 pages and some folks complain . . . ”

“Like you did about how much food there be.  I gets you.  So does someone make a takeaway?”

“A tl:dr?  I did but it was too much joke and not enough meat.  So it got cut.”

“So tell me, then.  Whatja all talk bout.  I sure ain’t gonna read 144 pages looking for mention of my boy here an there.”


So yeah, this is my run at a tldr of the summer summit in character.  If you don’t like this format, tough, read the whole thing yourself.


“Lessee,” Mike pulled out his comm and consulted it. “You know how I is for order and dates, I will check this to make sure I at least get some of it right.”

“First off was Third Party Development.  These the folks who get licensed to do the work for the government without working directly.  Contractors.  Mostly we talked about SSO which is single sign on protocols . . . how you log onto comms and your ship and the like. And about how the ship and the comms can talk back to you through the Crest protocols.  It was technical in a way but will impact everybody from market folks to HR officers in big corps and alliances”  He set some bones to a side dish and took another gulp of the liquid, coughing after.  “That ain’t as smooth as usual.”

“New supplier, the old one got caught”  Tanta replied.

“Then there was,” He glanced at his comm. “Content Tools, this be how databases of folks are kept AND how missions be chosen for us pilots to run.  Turns out a lot of missions have kinda gotten lost and become ‘hidden content’.  Guy named Affinity said ‘There is a lot of it that is just in an awful state right now and it is almost hard to prioritize
where to begin.'”

“Fool, if it all needs doing then you do something.  If there ain’t a low hanging fruit then you just start picking at it till it be done.”  Tanta snorted.  “Yer plate be getting empty, try some pie.”

“We talked to them about finding some new things for us to do, new missions and anomalies and the like.  We also spoke on standings and how they need to be modified to reflect what is going on and not be a barrier to work like they are right now.  We even chatted a bit about sleeper sites in wh space and incursion folk missions and timing.”

“Incursions, that be what you do for isk, right?”

Mike nodded and continued. “After that was Web Team, this be the first of a few folks who put the public faces up for the various governments.  How you see them when you go to common informational sites.”

“Most times all the gov’t want to tell me is how much more I should send them in taxes.”

“Ayup. Well, here we was talking about forums, Evegate and the like.  As Sugar Kyle said ‘EVE Gate should be a one stop shop for mail, events, news, dev blogs, information, events. A lot of it is buried under sections and subsections.’  We talked about adding stuff like crosslinks to kills and the like.”  He eyed the chicken and grinned as she shoved it closer.

“Tho the next fing,”  he said through a mouthful of meat, “was Ship & Module Balancing.  Dis always be a fun one because we gets to see what is being planned and why for new engineering of the tools we use.”

“If you had a brain, you’d know the comms was the tools you used the most.  Guns is the toys you plays wif in between”

“Yeah, well it was a look in the toy-box.  A bit was on new ships coming but we spent a lot more time talking about how the modules we fit on those ships are gonna change.  As Fozzie said We want to consolidate a lot. ‘We want to make all named modules useful and create a distinction between T1, named and T2 modules.’  So they will be starting on cargo scanners then cap flux coils and working up from there.”

“Boy, did I ever make you listen to me talking about dance moves and bore you wif terminology you didn’t understand?”

“Yes, Tanta”

“Oh . . . well then carries on”  She sniffed and filled her glass again.

“In the end they figure about 200 modules are gonna be ‘gone’ as they will no longer be needed or they will be replaced.  We covered changes to ‘ceptors that have been announced, since. as well as a bit of a chat about bombers.”

Mike checked his list. “Next came Player Experience which is what we call how pilots experience New Eden.  We talked about ‘notifications’ which are the information snippets that cross your screen all the damn day.  You know, ‘you just learned dis, or so-and-so just activated a ship’, that sort o ting.  We also discussed how new pilots are brought into the fold and ways to make that transition to immortal easier.”

He set board down and started slicing fresh bread as she filled two mugs with soup.  “Next one was the one we could say the least about. The Roadmap.  It was the long term look at changes in the wings and some of them are . . . well all of it is so secret that if I told you here, they might impound Onc from his casket.  To fill space we even put in a recipe for sauce.”  Mike showed it to Tanta who sniffed.

“Appropriate herbs?  The man knows nuttin bout writing recipes.”

“Tanta there still be people waitin for you to write any at all.”

“Come cook wif me and learn em for youself, I always say.  Probably applies to that roadmap as well.  Become a part of it or keep flying and learn it for youselves, eh?”

“Yes, Tanta.”  He continued. “Then came Economy Overview which is always a favourite for a few of us.  Mynnna sat up straighter as did I when this started.  We discussed inflation and compared models to describe it.  We talked about who was rich and what rich meant and the fact that even the supercomputers cannot track all of everybodies stuff at the same time.  We also discussed Plex as a gold standard and a separate entity from all de others.”

“So I actually made you listen to the nuances between Sa’idi Ste and a Ghawazi step?”

“Anchoring the foot, yes Tanta, each vocation has terminology that seems made specifically to obscure meanings or bore any outsider who has to listen to it.  I could stop?”

“Nah, you started it but have some more chips and pass the dip.”

He scooped a mouthful in and continued. “Next was Monetization”

She spit to the side and muttered something about taxes.

“Tanta, people does has to make a living.  As long as they don’t get too greedy about it . . . well we talked about things like our perma-outfits that arrive everywhere your clone does.  We talked a little about ships skins and even gender reassignment and name changes and neural remaps.  Some I liked, some I opposed, but that is the way of things.”

He looked around the picnic and burped softly.  “Much more and you will have to roll me back to the hotel.  Lessee, last was  Marketing & Sales.  We discussed recruiting new pilots into the fold.  How to advertise, how to make them aware that they too could be up there with us.  We covered media types and the message being presented.”

“You did cover a lot over those days, didn’t you?”

“Tanta.  That was the first day.  There were two more after that but I think you need a break and we need to pack up before the sun sets.  Iffen you want I’ll bore you with those another time.”

“This mean you gonna stay a day or two?”

“Yes, Tanta.”

“Good, then I ain’t rollin your fat self to no hotel, you comin home.”

“Yes Tanta”  Mike smiled as they packed and left saying goodbye to his Uncles final resting place and waving to the rest of the occupants and their visitors.



Go read them yourself

Yes, I am going to do day 2 and three

Yes I will do them as a conversation, live with it or heed the first advice and stop reading this and read the real thing for yourself.  If you are gonna be lazy you are gonna pay the price.

I have said it on a few Podcasts this week.  One of the main things you should watch for in the minutes is HOW and WHO.  How the CSM advocates for you and who said what.  This will come in handy when the next election rolls around.

fly it like you won it.



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  1. Loch Bannon says:

    VERY neat way to sum up the minutes. Great read, thank you!

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