Living Live

He stopped in Cat, on the way back.

“So, where have you been?”  Scotty asked as Mike dropped down the ladder of the Eos.

Mike looked back at the ship and started laughing.  “Before we left the first system I told somebody that I was flying the biggest bulls-eye.  Turns out that I was wrong.”

“Command ships ARE kind of first shot at.”

“If they get there, ya.  Let me start at the beginning.”  They started walking towards the hanger exit and the nearest bar.  “Concord sent out a call for Capsuleers, Now understand, this does not happen very often.  Anbd of course the pirates decided that this was probably about them and put out their own call.  Concord escalated and the sides were taken.”

Scotty nodded.  “I assume you were there in a good Gallente ship because . . . ”

“Gotta represent.  I learned my lesson the hard way, at Luminaire, and showed up at the second staging area of Meves, things started gathering a full hour before the event and I would u-p being placeholder for the fleet commander.”


“While I was FC I did a skim of the fleet skills.  You would be amazed at how many pilots have not a single one of the leadership skills trained.  In the end only one guy showed up who had better skills than I and I gladly stepped aside and wound up in a wing command position.  There were about 220 of us, all told, in our fleet.  We knew that there was an Ivy League fleet, and one from the incursion folks also en route from our neighbourhood but I had no direct comms with them so it was all second hand.”

“In hisec is there much call for Leadership skills?”

“Unless you run in incursions, I guess not.”  Mike shrugged.  “Typical kitchen sink fleet.  We tried to keep the focus on armor but there were lots of shield ships bouncing around as well.  That was the first issue.”

“Shield vs armor?”

“No, ‘lots’.  The gate traffic and the very effect upon space started making things feel like we were wading in molasses.  Worse, I had been stranding off of the initial gate, trying to keep out of the way.  As a result I was always behind the main fleet  and in the worst of the traffic.  We got sent to Stacmon and it was slow going.  The FC, Super General, wanted to keep the fleet as a unti and so he waited for folks at that staging area even once we knew where we were headed next.  This, with 20/20 hindsight, was both a blessing and a curse.”

Scotty grinned.  “Good news bad news, eh?  Gimme the bad news first.”

“The main battle started while we were enroute.  According to some negative nellies ended before we arrived and we might as well turn around and go back to hisec.”

“You didn’t, did you?”

“See, that was the good news.  SG kept us together, had scouts running ahead reporting on activity.  When we hit a bubble we didn’t panic, we popped it and moved on smoothly.  When we got to the Gate into 8- which was where we had been heading he stopped us and gave the speech.”

“Today we are cancelling the apocalypse?  Declaring this our independence day?”

“Idiot.  No, he told the pilots straight up that the Concord reasons for going in there were gone.  Now it was about going in and messing up somebodies day.  Anybody who had had enough could leave right there, with no recriminations and they would probably get home safe.  Anybody going IN would not really have a reasonable expectation of surviving.”

“How many left?”

Mike grinned.  “About 10%.  The rest of us went in and hit back.”

“So in you went.”

Mike nodded.  “Now on the way back I opened up the comms to see what people thought of this and was kind of surprised.  Which says more for my expectations that of other people.”

“Wait wait wait.  What happened in 8-?”

“Well, I didn’t stay long.  I was watching the fleet to see how long a bunch of random folks from hisec would stick together.  THAT was our one big advantage was size and coordination.  The null fleets in 8- were smaller and were watching for the same thing I was, disintegration.  That is what keeps a fleet strong is following orders and moving as a unit.  as soon as you start spreading out you are, what was the phrase?  Defeated in detail?”

“Whatever.  Did YOU get any kills?”

“One, well and assist.  Turns out a Damnation is a damn nice bullseye as well and FC called it right quick when we arrived at the first jump.  Poor little guy melted.”

“Another hiseccer?”

“Nah, a Goon, but rumour has it that some of them have feelings too.  But then comms were going wild and half the fleet went one way while another half went the other.  I took that as my sign of the times and decided to head out.”

“Usually if you go deep in for something lkike that there are camps on the way out.”  Scotty observed.

“There were.”  Mike replied brightly.  “But they were just getting set up when I breezed through.  So here I am, safe and sound and I had a good time.”



Tidi happens.  Think of it as a time to organize your thought, your laundry, your desktop.

Sephira, Super General and the others in the Meves FCORD fleet?  Thank you.  I did have fun.  Ali Aras and I both were in this fleet.  Other CSM’s were sprinkled across other fleets, we are there, playing with you.  Xenuria, YOU knew you were gonna get podded yet you still streamed.

The one interesting idea I got from 17 pages of trolling and complaining was the idea of Concord jump bridging a fleet to an event.  making sure they are first on the scene.

The bad things I got from the thread, people blame CCP for anything that goes wrong.  People do NOT recognize trolls as a possibility.

Suggestions that might make things better. . . .

1) moderated channels where the CCP actors can deliver their lines without spam causing it to scroll faster than light.  Only thing in local would be links to that channel.

2)  Titan bridging would be cool for both speed onto the site and opsec.  (of course you stil have to find your own way home.)

3)  An after action report from CCP explain what happened and why.  Both in game lore and in basic gameplay.

fly it like you won it . . . less than 2 weeks to sisters ships.



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8 Responses to Living Live

  1. Lightstar says:

    Yo mike, how close are you too your SOE target?

    I’m about 27k off the first cruiser bpc, did you want the second? For yourself or a giveaway either is cool with me

  2. Zand Vor says:

    I’ll add on more thing. The FC’s leading the Kitchen Sink fleets (both CCP and player) should have taken significantly more steps and responsibility for the fleets they were leading. A little more organization just with scouts ahead to warn of the gate camps and keep the fleet together would have gone a long way to making sure more of the “hi-sec carebears” actually got to the action they wanted.
    I came from Ihad, I made it just barely past the first gate camp but even after waiting out at a very unsafe “safe” spot by myself for awhile, the 2nd gate camp right before the system with action in it caught me, I was dead before I even knew I was out of warp. It wouldn’t have taken much to break those gate camps imo, had anyone in fleet known about them.

  3. Serpentine Logic says:

    Sounded like a a great first step, with some good lessons learned.

  4. Braknstuf says:

    I had the oppertunity to run scout for this fleet and just wanted to say that for all the event failings the FC/Leadership did a fair job of recognizing the event for what it was, preparing everyone on what they should expect. The Decision to keep the fleet together even though it would take longer was probably the right one and allowed us to arrive in a large group, unfortunatly one that was not optimally structrued and untimatly not up to the task of the more experieced and structured pirate fleets. The fact that our effort was not overtly sabatoged was definatly a bonus.

    I ended up loosing my scout bomber while trying to gather system intel due to a fairly large number of bubbles that were filled with an insane number of drones. Had a good time in the fleet, but then again I didnt really expect it to end in another way.

    • mikeazariah says:

      If nobody else thanked you it is a damn shame, Scouts are the life blood of a fleet in dangerous waters. And a good attitude of not expecting better than a chance to shoot and be shot at.


      • Zand Vor says:

        Scouting seems like a high adrenaline venture with a lot of “oh sh** moments”. Definitely sounds fun to me. Wish I had an “in” for a fleet that would take a pilot for this! 🙂

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