Imagine the future you

Mike was busy racking up another Sisters mission and accepting the compensation when the comms started distracting him.  First there was an old acquaintance applying for membership into the corp.  She just wanted a place to work and work quietly and he recommended her without hesitation.

Then came a scrambled one from the Kriganni.  He wanted to have a face to face meeting later in the week to discuss progress.  Mike swallowed back his curiosity and set a time and place.

The third was also scrambled but Mike recognized the caller once the protocols had cleared.  This man had contacted him once before when looking for a hidey hole for Free to run to, Mike had offered his suite.  So maybe she was in trouble again?  “If yer askin, I ain’t changed the locks . . . she knows that.”

The tech shook his head, startled by Mikes direct attitude.  “No, we have a different request, this time.  We need an introduction.”  Coordinates pinged to one side.  “This IS one of your facilities?”

Mike called up a list and nodded, then blanched.  “Of all the gin joints in all the town on all the planets in New Eden, she walks into that one?”

“Gin joints?  I have it here as a fish processing plant.”  The Tech looked confused.

“It is neither.  Can you get a message to her?  Before she heads in?”  Mike looked about as though searching for something.

“She won’t go in till I give the all clear but she is exposed, right now.”  The tech looked nervous.

Mike snorted.  “I doubt that bothers her much.  But I understand.  Okay . . . tell her this.  Tanta is there.  I  . . . want . . . no I need Free to tread carefully.  These people, this place are important to me.”

“You always form a deep connection with canneries?”  The tech started to laugh and then saw the look on Mikes face.  “Joke,  joke . . . I will deliver the message.  Anything else?”

“Is this call on or off your records?  Will others see this?”

“Not if you don’t want them to.”

“I don’t, I don’t want whoever is higher up your ladder to even notice where she is, that it might be special.  That kind of leverage would put too much at risk.”  Mike shook his head.  “I need this conversation not to happen.”

The tech reached out touched a control.  “What conversation?  If it is so important, why did you say yes?”

Blowing out a breath Mike said.  “Close your eyes for a moment and imagine Free alive in the future and still working, having done this for 50 years or more.  She is dangerous now so what will she be then?”

The tech shuddered.  “Why would you want me to imagine that?”

“Because that is who she is going to meet.”



Our skills increase.  Go back and shoot Dagan for some new guy.  Remember how hard it was then?  I did that today and the guy I was helping said he almost felt sorry for Dagan, it was over THAT fast.

Eve is 10, can you imagine playing in 5 years?  In 10 from now?

This post has been rattling in my brain for a while, sorry it took so long to get out.

oh, I should see what rubicon will bring, looking forward to tomorrow, one more sleep.

fly it like you won it.



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17 Responses to Imagine the future you

  1. Red Garsk says:

    Hey Mike,

    Awesome blog, I’d hereby like to enter the Strat competition…



  2. Jerod Trd says:

    You know, aside from the mention of people meeting an unfortunate end in the past at her hand… you haven’t filled in Tanta’s backstory very much… do we get a good look at this now? 🙂

  3. anon says:

    Whoever designed the encounter with Dagan was a genius. It’s too difficult for a new player to solo, but not so difficult that it will instantly kill him or otherwise look unbeatable. The new player has sufficient time to get out when things go pear-shaped. So it forces the new player to seek out help, which hopefully means social interaction, and it is axiomatic that social interaction is the key to player retention in an MMO.

    Depressing thought — these two papers I’ve sunk close to a hundred hours of cumulative time into, will never be as useful or as meaningful to anyone as is shooting Dagan for a newbie.

  4. Jerod Trd says:

    (Not trying for a second entry)

    I don’t think I want to imagine myself in 10 years… not sure I’l like where I’m going. 😦

  5. Silinde says:

    The last time I ran the SoE epic arc I tried to do the whole thing in a rifter. when I got to Dagan I had to upship to a destroyer because the rifter wasn’t breaking his tank. I wonder if I could do it now.

    And I do believe that he was designed to encourage the social interaction.

  6. Xian Dahr says:

    Glad to see you writing again, guess I have not looked in a while. Maybe we will fly together sometime.

  7. Zand Vor says:

    So I’m feeling ignorant, is there a story arc of SoE quests? oh I’ll look it up myself 😛

  8. Frank Bean says:

    Hello, entering the stratios contest. Keep up the good work.

  9. Deth Delkanara says:

    Glad to see you back writing. CCP needs to revamp that minutes process. One word: Steongrapher. Anyways, don’t get burnt out and don’t let the nay sayers wear your down.

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