Cane Rat

His image had the familiar flicker of a telepresence.  “Sorry I couldn’t be here in person but . . . ”

The Dean waved a hand.  “I understand.  You are not as close to home as you once were.  But what you have to say to the students may help them just the same.”

Mike smiled.  “Maybe, though I doubts it.  Tons more folks know about this than I do.  Alls I got is what works for me, or has so far.”

“What ‘works’ is a better lesson than what ‘should work’, go on, they are ready for you.”

The image of a hurricane floated above the students, slowly rotating in place.  “Some of you will get very used to looking at ships spinning.  I hope not too many of you.  More observant of you, or the more practiced should be able to tell me something about it just by looking at it.”

A hesitant voice from the audience called out “425’s”

“Good eyes.  AC’s because I am a firm believer in getting up close and personal.  Especially with a nice fast ship like a ‘Cane.  Now you may see that it does not have the full racks but carries a pair of neuts as well.”  He touched a control and the fitting was shown.  “Not to mention a warp disruptor in the mids.  Anyone know why?”

“Um, I thought that the rats didn’t . . . oh, you are loaded for more than rats.”

“Exactly.  For that same reason I do not specialize the tank but make the ship ready for anything.  Biggest thing to remember is that in null you have to be ready and paying attention.  You watch for neutrals or war targets in local.  You fly a ship tha may not be xustom made for hunting in belts but it will be what you need if you are surprised.  There are good surprises and bad ones.”

“What kind of good surprises?”  Someone from tha back asked.

“Well, start with target identification.

This is standard list of target id’s and their relative worth.  The tougher thye are the more Concord will pay for them.  If you get really lucky you will see the officers and then the isk balance begins to feel nice.”

“That happen often?”

“Luck of the draw.  You’ve all met the lucky SOB who always manages to be in the right place at the right time?  I know one guy, my current CEO, who says he never sees the good stuff.  I fly with him and suddenly there is a faction spawn.”

“We were told you were unable to attend because you were at war.”

“Things have cooled for the moment but I expect warmth soon.  I prefer to look ahead and plan ahead.  Not the issue right now, though.  If you fly belts in hisec you will see cruisers, frigs, and BC’s.  You see a lot more Battleships in null.”

“So what do you fly against those?”

Mike pointed up at the Hurricane above him.  “You work on transversal approaches and try not to get hit.  Move in close and watch the angles and planes you are in orbit.”


“If I orbit flat, relative to you, so that it looks like I am going back and forth then there will be times where my angular velocity drops to zero.  If I look like I am circling, drawing an O in space from your perspective then I am always in motion relative to you and maintain a harder to hit profile.”
“How is the ISK?”  The voice was flat and slightly disinterested.

“Not bad, though there are lots of other ways to make more.  But I enjoy flying, shooting.  The idea that there might be something special out there, an officer or a faction ship just waiting for me to find it.  The thrill of the hunt . . . if you think it is all about the isk then I recommend you stop training ships and start in on your trading skills.”

A few students slumped down at that, others perked up.

“Look, you pick your ship and your battles and for that matter, the style you want to fly.  I am never here to tell you which is the best, just give you a bit of information so you can make informed decisions.”



Honest.  The last line is how I feel.

As to fits . . . since I am using a fleet doctrine ‘cane I am loath to publish it in complete format.  You have enough info to put one together.

fly it into null . . . lose it, fly again


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