Ev and Scotty

Ev sat down next to Scotty and looked about.  “OK, I here, now why all dis cloak and dagga stuff?”

Scotty looked around and then slid a small package across to the dockyard foreman.  “I got this sent to me.  Trying to decide if if needs to go further than you and me.”

Ev took the package and hit the control on top that brought up a small hologram. . . .

A mutiny.  Pure and simple it was a crew of workers and who systematically killed their way through the vessel.  Compromising communications and security protocols as they went the military crew never had a chance.  A biological was used that the attackers were obviously immune to but the ships regulars were not.  It was not a battle, it was a slaughter.  The last to die was the Captain of the vessel who did not even realize that she had lost her ship.  Her last words were about how this would never work. 

The leader of the mutineers, a striking woman, faced the comm recorder and said ‘This is the one who gave the orders that resulted in the death of Dee.  We all know it was not an accident, they were trying to kill Azariah.  Now we know why.  The book attached is what a group of fundamentalist Amarr wanted suppressed.  Mike has the original.  I know it is not much but we thought you should know that the truth was found, regardless of any ‘accident investigation’.”  She made a short gesture and the recording ended.

Ev blew out his breath.  “Damn.  What da hell we supposed ta do wit dis, den?”

“I think that is why she sent it to us.  She didn’t know, either.  Who do we tell and what will happen when we do?”

“Iffen ya tells Mike he is gonna go ballistic, you know dat, right?”

“Is it fair for us to decide?  And what about the rest of the people here.  Everybody has a right to know.  But if we say that Dee died because some Amarr looney didn’t like a book Mike was reading then this whole damn station is going to go into the faction militia.”

“You say dat like it was a bad ting.”



Could you imagine if a ship could be taken down by betrayal the way corps and alliances have been?

I haven’t given a ship away in a while . . . I think that it is due to the current inflation giving me a bad case of sticker shock

Have you been wincing when you look at the markets?

aw hell, I’ll find something to give you, any comment in the next week or so is in for an entry.

fly it like you won it



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6 Responses to Ev and Scotty

  1. Smackcrack4 says:

    Yeah, everytime I want to buy a ship on the market, I make a huge grimace and remember sadly that I could get the same hull for half of today’s price 6 months ago. And as I’m not spacerich (I still consider myself a noob with lots to learn even after 2 years) I can’t afford to buy much so money making is pretty hard. :/
    Edit: donations to Halt Tranty welcome! 😉

  2. I too am amazed at the cost of ships nowadays. But at least I know I only have to pop my head into a few wormholes and kill some sleepers to hopefully make enough to pay for the next new shiny. Now I no longer have to worry about tower fuel costs and getting ganked whilst doing PI I am a lot happier!

    I have sent you 100 million ISK Mike and I want to know what ship you gonna give away with it. 🙂

    Regards – Bob

    • mikeazariah says:

      Well, that will help dull the sticker shock . . . thanks Bob.

      I have not firmly decided, yet but your donation moves me out of frigates and up a step or three


  3. I haven’t bought a new ship in a while but every time I do I wince as my wallet takes the hit. Thankfully I’ve just moved into W-space and can start to actually buy some and afford to lose them.

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