Very short stint in the Navy

“You have been saying you would for months now.”  Riyu said.  “We have a hisec exit that is only a short hop from Amarr.  What do you say?”

Mike looked at the incursion alerts and nodded slowly.  “Not much to do here, right now.  I ‘spose I can head on in to visit.  I have to pack my toothbrush, sleeping bag, and a good ship for the job.  Ask your folks what they would like to see.”

There was a pause and then Riyu asked.  “They want to know what you can fly.”

Mike chuckled.  “Well any bc, strat cruiser, BS, ,command ships, got all sub cap guns up to T2 specs.”

“All of them?”

“Specialization is for alts and insects.  Ask for some fits and we will see what I can bring.  I am leaning towards a laser boat so I don’t have to wory about logistics of ammo.”

An hour later and Mike was following a set of bookmarks through three wormhole systems to the destination.  The Navy Apocalypse was new to him but it was nice and stable and well founded, even if he had fit it for a shield fleet. His hosts had been waiting for him and they got under way right when he arrived to investigate a sleeper site. 

“Funny, I remember these guys being harder, before.”

Riyu laughed from his Dread.  “You were a lot less trained, then, right?”

“Yeah, and in a Drake.”

“Not to mention the fact that lately you have been fighting Sansha.  After them these must seem tame by comparison.”

Mike looked out at the wave of six Sleeper battleships and smiled.  “Well, slightly tamer, yeah.”

In the aftermath Koni asked if anybody had run a clock on the site.  Mike checked and reported “Looks like right about 38 minutes, give or take.”

‘Well, not bad work for less that 40 minutes, here is your cut.” 

Mike looked at his wallet flash and whistled softly to himself.  Just shy of 100 million.  “Thank you very much.  Now, where can I hunker down for the night?”

The pos password was entered in and he warped under the prove umbrella of shields and defensive and offensive arrays.  Telling his crew to get some rest and thanking them for a job well done he slept.

The following morning.  . . “What?”

He groggily watched as the ship bounced off of the shields and the defensive array that had protected him last night now was opening fire.  Quickly he resent the password but the guns kept firing and his warp was locked down.  “Abandon ship, people, this is not going to be pretty.”

It wasn’t.  There is something seriously wrong with losing a ship not even a day old.  His capsule swam right through the force field, same password accepted without a hiccup. His host were apologetic and helped rescue the crew and salvage the ship but Mike followed the path back to hisec in a ship far far smaller than the one he had entered in.

“Not your best first day.”  Riyu said.

“Win some you lose some.  I have not given up and I will be back, after I earn a bit of isk to cover the loss.”  Mike laughed.  “Maybe later this week.”


“I do not want excuses.  Use one of those finder agents and tell me where he is.”

“The agents are not miracle workers.  He is out in a wormhole right now and until he surfaces again we cannot do a thing about it.”

“This is not tolerable.  Every day he is out there increases the risk of contagion.  Report as soon as we have a fix.  The next time we go after him will be The last.”


“Tell me this is some sort of joke and we will laugh and switch envelopes in a minute.”

“Shut up, I am reading.  This is not a training mission, it is a hard target and we have to get it right.”



Hands up if pos passwords have ever gotten bad for you.

Wormhole earnings exceeded incursion earnings.  But. I was running with a good crew who are very experienced.

If you are looking for me to moan and wail about the null folks trying to rush incursions, you are goigntmo wait a long time.  Part of the GAme and from an rp standpoint probably a lot more honest.  Pilots would not farm while planets were being upkifted.

On the other hand.  . . Csm elections are around the corner and it looks like candidates will need a certain number of supporters to even get into the election.  You can let the organized null take the board again or hisec and wormholers can start to get organized.

Yes, I will be running again.  (Even with an arrow in the knee)


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2 Responses to Very short stint in the Navy

  1. Bob Fenner says:

    Arrow in the knee? Do I detect another Skyrim player? 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      I play skyrim in an odd way. Master level hardcore rules, die, start over. So no, I have not finished it yet

      and yes, playing games by my own rules is fun

      that is why I love eve


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