42 is not enough

Mike wiped his eyes and shook his head.  “So let me get this straight.  You are doing a marathon”


“A mining marathon.”


“And you plan on breaking your old record of 42 hours?”

She grinned.  “Oh definitely.  The only question is by how much.”

“And how far are you into this right now?”

“32 hours and counting and I haven’t even started to hallucinate, yet.”  Her voice was chipper and a ‘bit’ manic.  “I have made a few minor mistakes, warping back with a full hold or letting a laser die.  BUT I have managed to clear 11 belts.”

“11 belts.  wow, just . . . wow”  Mike paused.  ‘Taking bets as to how long you will go?”

“What a good idea!  But I don’t have much in the way of prizes . . . except ore.”

“I’ll take care of that.”

“You will?”

“Friends support friends, even when they are doing crazy things.”



Notice the lack of name.  I will say why another time.  Those who know please refrain from naming in the replies.

Prize for guessing closest under the number of hours the marathon goes on for.  Guesses MUST be placed more than two hours before the end of the marathon to count.

Prize will be the opposite of sitting in a hulk . . . it will be a faction frigate.

Guess soon one guess per character (so you can guess three times with an account.

include character name in the guess.  Hours minutes, do not bother me with seconds.  In case of tie first guess registered will win

fly it like you won it


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19 Responses to 42 is not enough

  1. Ty Delaney says:

    48 hours, 23 minutes. Tell her Ty wishes her luck.

  2. mararinn says:

    53 hours, but keep the frigate for someone who is likely to lose it in spectacular fashion 🙂

  3. Athereon says:

    Lets split the difference (sort of) 50hrs 30min. So how much caffeine is involved??

  4. bobfenner says:

    Keep the frig Mike but just for fun I am gonna say 51 hours and 25 minutes. 🙂

    Good luck to the lady in question. She is a star!

  5. Bleys says:

    Does it count if we enforce our bet with fleets of thrashers?

    Put me down for 48 hours even.

  6. satyrwood says:

    The high numbers are covered. I’m counting on them hallucinations. 46:30

  7. Deth Delkanara says:

    56 hours 22 minutes.

    No clue who it is but yeah, I have done some things similar to this in my younger days. Three day con weekend, no problem, school Monday, no problem, caffeine and sugar, gamer’s best friend. Go go gadget miner!

  8. Riyusone Haro says:

    61 Hours
    Insanity goes a long way. At least I hope it does.

    • Kry says:

      Oh good i hoped you’d win based on “insanity goes a long way”. i think i’ll use that on my bio somwhere.
      for some reason i thought that you had guessed 71. When i stopped at 61 I was sad to let you down i had reached my limit — i was not tired at all and i wanted to mine more — but the targetted veldspar was starting to do a little dance when i wasn’t looking right at it — so i knew that at 61h i had found the line between “wierd-crazy” and “stupid moron should win a Darwin Award crazy-crazy” and that’s a line i’m not dumb enough to cross — at least not for a silly stunt in a vide game.
      I’m glad you won tho. the 90-yr old grandma in my allaince bet 71 hours and for some reason i thot she was 61 and you were 71 and i wanted you to win so i was dissapointed I had to stop at 61 LOL.
      I know people who had done 68h and more and maybe next time i’ll reach or beat that! I’ll remember to go outside and look at the horizon next time maybe that will help me reach 71 next time!

  9. Lightstar says:

    51 hrs I recon

  10. Kwahom Toblat says:

    Having spoken to this miner before, and she is totally insane but totally brilliant. I gonna guess she’ll smash her record and go for 72 hours. After that though she’ll be dribbling and deluded – no change then 😉

  11. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    It seems she really is nothing like my name.
    59hrs 59min

    Best of luck to her

    Go go power caffeine!

  12. Salazar Enouch says:

    54 hours 35minutes, I believe you’ve got in you Ms/MR whoever you are.

  13. Khrage says:

    66 hours and 6 minutes.

    good luck

    • bobfenner says:

      All bets are off. She finished at 61 hours. Good going to our favourite, most bonkers miner. She truly is Queen of the Carebears. 🙂

      • Kry says:

        Sadly while mining i learned from Gallente Heroes chat channel that i’m not “Queen of Carebears” anymore.
        Since the time i got that veldspar autographed by Chribba ‘to kry the queen of carebears’ — http://eve-files.com/dl/239662 — that title has since passed on to Mintchip.

        That’s ok.
        I have an actual enemy in eve now — someone who wants to see every ship i own blown up becuase something i said was proven right and then I was then foolish enough to tell him ‘i told you so’. I been feeling like i don’t deserve that title ever since.

        Also, i don’t like using my gender as a factor in eve and having that link on my character’s bio caused me to come out as female to othe players before they had made up their minds about me. I prefer people to make up their minds about me before they learn my gender.

        And besides, I need more room on my bio for a link to my newest 3rd party app. I fixed one last bug in it during this very mining marathon (early on in it, not toward the end when i saw the veldspar move) and links take a lot of room on a bio.
        (if you know what a MUD (multi-player dungeon) game is or ran BBS software back in the day, you may find my Trade Wars 2002 adaptaiton that runs in the eve browser an amusing diversion 🙂 )

  14. mikeazariah says:

    Settled, Kry did 61 hours giving Riyu the win but I think the GBA will support me in also sending a little something to zzzleepyhead and Marnora as well. Riyu will be awarded a Worm and the other two get Comets for their comments.

    61 hours . . . . wow, Kry is, as one dev said upon meeting her, the kind a person who met her “Oh she is one of the ones who looks like bots to us.”

    fly it if you won it


    • Bob Fenner says:

      Mech IS a bot. The clue is in the name. 🙂

    • Zzzzleepyhead says:

      Woot! O.o Didn’t see that coming
      Cheers Mike! I loooove your blog. Have had my eyes on the comet for a while and drooled over it, so now when I logged in I saw a contract with one in it my heart almost skipped a beat.

      You’re (and everyone supporting you) are the champ! Keep it up

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