+++ t-5 hours +++

“I finally manage to get a man on the inside.”

“Has he placed the device?”

“Yes, it should go off with maximum effect, it runs off of the sensors of his battle overview and will only trigger once he is in full battle.”

“Excellent.  This ought to end his nuisance once and for all.”

+++ t-1 hour +++

“I’ll miss having you around the place.”  Mike hugged Free one last time.  “You do tend to brighten up the atmosphere.”

Free smiled.  “You are probably the only person in the known universe to think that.”

“I am often unique . . . and very careful to spell the word correctly lest I become  eunich.”

“You take care of yourself, Mike.  You do have enemies, you know.”

“And probably a few I don’t know.  Most folks, though, don’t bother hating me ’cause I is juss a simple old fool of a pilot, no danger to anybody.”  Mike drawled and leaned against the door.  “I made some transfers so your outfit should be flush for a while.  Most of it went through the GBA, in case you were wondering.  Oh, and I packed you a picnic lunch for the shuttle trip.”  He handed a small basket to her.  “I know you is gonna miss my cooking.”

She laughed and took the basket from him and left.  As the door closed behind her he opened comm channels and called and active crew to his Dramiel.  There were Sansha to shoot and he had to get to an appropriate system, fast.

+++ t-20 min +++

In the Incursion system he opened specific channels that held pilots he could trust and watched for a call he might answer.  =Need Webber in Ekrin=

“Perfect.”  Mike linked up the fit for Trickster4kids and smiled.

The invite was not long in coming and he found the fleet was in the same system he was sitting in.  He undocked and joined them.  When he offered to boost as well as web and gave the particulars of his skill set the fleet shocked him by making him the actual FC.

“I don’t do it a lot but if you all are willing.”  Mike frowned as he noticed his overview settings were off and quickly worked to rebuild them as they ran an incursion swiftly.  “Ok, folks, three logis and good ships . . . I want auga auga deltole deltole deltole.  Ignore everything else and be quick about it to keep from making the logis work too hard.”  It was less thn 10 minutes and they all were looking for another site.  “Ore, any of you have lyavite lying about?”

One pilot had some in his hold so they went to another site and warped in.  “Smael first, then romis, I will tag order.”  Mike focussed on the job at hand and tagged as he webbed ships coming into his envelope.  “OK, when these are down Niarja and smaels always are first priority, then the Tamas.”

Static answered his as systems started to blink out.

“What?  hello . . . he . . . ”


A thought sent the ‘abandon ship’ throughout as he tried to restart, revive his ship.  Overview, comms, all was gone.  He was blind in space knowing another wave could be incoming right now.

“Gaaaaagh! No no no!”




To the fleet I was with, I am very sorry I left you in mid battle.  I could not reconnect and ended up reloading Eve over the next three hours, from scratch.

Scariest thing is a disconnect, worse when you don’t know if you will return to being in a loki or a pod.

But I FC’d and did NOT mess up.  Good fleet and willing pilots and we WERE running Vanguards.

dammit, I really hate disconnects.


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2 Responses to Sabotage

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    Murphy is an jerk. Crap happens and it usually happens at the worst possible moment.

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