A brief sojourn

Shifting to low and null was stressful, but not so much as travel there once was. Jiorj reflected on his comfort level as he slid through systems looking for the new base and making a few bookmarks along the way. Local was an automatic glance as he entered system, a quick check to see what bookmarks he already had followed by the placement of a few more. Align, check, jump, warp and on to the next system. The Comms chimed and he slid to a safe spot and activated the cloak as he started to read.

“Huh.” He had known that it would be a very long haul to get to the point where the locals would trust him enough to allow him to install clone copies. He had made the long flight from the one clone center where he started his career, once, and was prepared to do so again, when the need arose. But this corp message told of an alternative path. If he joined Estel Arador Corp Services then he could swiftly have a liaison who would expidite the making of jump clones in the local systems.

Jiorj looked into the suggestion and found it to be true but he was very very loathe to leave the corp in the middle of a war. In the end he went to speak directly to Black Claw.

“I know that making the Jump Clones is a good idea but I do not want to presenty as being a coward or a quitter.”

Black Claws image smiled. “Jiorj, I do not think that is something I could easily be lead to think. You have told me why you are going and that you will return, that is good enough for me and if anyone asks, I will tell them what you are up to. You may want to shuttle a few ships why you are flying under the ‘new flag’ and the enemy cannot fire on you. We will be here when you get back.”

Jiorj thanked the leader of the School and logged off, sighed, and commenced the leaving of OUCH to make his clones. The process and searchig for apprpriate bases took a pair of days and he was soon back in OUCH laughing at the message he had received while on leave. . .

Hello! I have noticed that you have resigned from OUCH, as short as your term with them was, I would like to sympathize myself for your losses, as well as congratulate you for what could have been, the best decision you have ever, and will ever make during your time spent in eve.

Before this can be forwarded to anyone else in OUCH with misconceptions, I would like you to understand that I am completely sincere when I say that I sympathize towards your losses. I personally would not have stayed in a corp for so long with a CEO who holds his ego in higher regards then his members and their well being, and for that I salute you.

Fly Safe!


[06:58:49] Cellest Grendal > just thought you would be taking the heart beat of the corp and it’s members in consideration

[07:00:01] Black Claw > I don’t do what the corp wants. The corp does what I want. If they don’t like it, they’re free to leave. Most of them share my vision

“The thing is”, Jiorj mused softly to himself, “We do. Black Claw created a place to learn, to teach, to grow into more competent pilots by actually going out and doing things. We do share his vision, and his decisions are his to make as he is the founder of the school. He has let those who want to go, go. Those who have stayed do so on the belief that what we are fighting for is NOT a bit of territorry. It is making a stand against . . .against . . .against whatever the hell you want to call the opposition.” (Some of the terms he had used in corp chat were less than proper)

A School that had been created to help pilots learn to deal with adversity. This is the group that the enemy thought would pay a billion to end a simple wardec. Jiorj laughed. Perhaps it would be better if we asked them to set a class schedule. If they were going to become part of the curriculum at least they would have the decency to post classtimes. The laughter grew as he opened the comms and prepared for a nullsec roam, the class for the evening was in session . . . with the enemy huddling in it little hisec station camps wondering where all of that targets went.


If you are making wardecs in a hisec bid for what amounts to extortion be sure you research your target first.
Spelling counts when making extortion and so does grammer. People lend more credence to somoene who doesn’t stutter, slur, or grunt.
If you are going to use quotes to try to damn someone, make it something out of context that doesn’t make them look like who they normally are.


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