Evespace meme

Every now and again I cannot resist taking part in the memes.

I was/am amazed at all the evespaces that looks so neat, so orderly.

Honest, this is what mine looks like . . .

Evespace or paper exposion?

Evespace or paper exposion?


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7 Responses to Evespace meme

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  2. manasi says:

    Now that is a space that looks like mine HORRAY!

  3. Bob Fenner says:

    Hey Mike. Your desk looks almost as disorganised as mine. Tell me, where are all the sticky post it notes reminding you what you supposed to be doing? 🙂

  4. More like yours Manasi? More like a mess you mean! Then again its Mike’s! Congrats!

    Adding yours to the list of EVE Spaces!

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  6. Mynxee says:

    OMG, are you sure you’re not my husband? His desk/entire home office looks exactly like that! For one of his birthday gifts, I offered a complete office cleaning/reorg. It took two days to accomplish and looked fabulous. Then entropy ensued. It’s back to looking like your space now. I just keep the door to his office shut all the time, LOL.

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