Crew Mail, Letter home

. . . and so we won’t be making drinks out of THAT anymore.

As I was saying earlier, Captain Jiorj is an OK guy but you can see the changes already. He just got augmented to be an egger and already he is acting all funny. He raced through training courses that would have taken a normal pilot far far longer to learn. Would you believe he has already finished all of the Career choices the the Republic Military offers? But he came down to tell the crew that we were shifting systems he looked more frazzled than celebrating.

We loaded up a destroyer and filled the cargo bay with fittings and such before heading out into space. He left behind a hanger with at least half a dozen ships in it. I asked him before we left what he planned on doing with them and he looked off into the distance and told me we would come back for them someday or he would donate them to the tribe so the next young pilot would have materials to work with. I got a glance at the accounts and he is sending home 10% of his earnings in tithe. Can you believe that? Now he is talking about sending ships home as well.

But like I was saying, he is getting different. It is almost like he is uncomfortable outside of that goo he flies in. It started when he took one of those training missons that involved him flying a ship full of explosives into a pirate base. He left all of us behind in the bay and flew it solo. When he came back in the small life pod he just looked at us, lined up in the hanger and shook his head before goin to report a successful mission. We had to add some crew to man the destroyer. If we move up to the battlecruisers we will have to bring some more kids up from the surface or else hire here in the station.

I dreamed of becoming a capsuleer like him, but now that I see the changes I wonder if the price is worth it. What is he losing, to gain those stars?

I will write again after we settle in a new system and I know what is going on.

Your Son


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