Jiorj's letters home 13/1

I hope this message finds you all well. I have enclosed my tithe to defray the awesome debt I owe you all in helping me achieve the dream of becoming a capsuleer. The crew and I are well and safe and have found gainful employment at every turn. The Rebublic military school has been very efficient at training and supplying me with more ships, lessons and isk to make me a better pilot. At their suggestion I looked for a corporation that would help me even further and I think I have found one. The corp has alloowed me to monitor their communications while I complete the Republic courses and I learn much, just listening in.

I have, in the space of a dozen hours, accumulated 7 ships uncluding an industrial I am learning to fly as well as the Rifter. To think, the model that one hung above my bed when i was a child now sits in a hanger awaiting me. I am well and should be getting back to training as they are now teaching me the intricacies of scanning for anomolies and artifacts. I have completed the Basic Military course as well as the Business introduction. I am currently studying Exploration and Industry. Once I have completed those two then I will finish with Advanced Military and then be ready to join my new corp, Open University of Celestial Hardship (OUCH).

I will write again when I have accumulated more isk to send home or there is news beyond what I have told you so far.


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