Bet you think this blog is about you

“If only we studied the stars as much as we study our own reflections.”
― Kamand Kojouri

Now in games there are sometimes chances to ‘get fancy’ Where you can wear a hat, paint your ship, change your outfit or an emote. It may not make any difference, tactically, but for some people it is everything.

As a CSM I occasionally get people asking me to ask the Eve Devs for ‘cat ears’. Another common ask is the ability to have Corporation or Alliance Logos on a ship. These things, as I said, would not add anything except aesthetics to the game and something for the owner of said ship to take pride in. And I get it, I really do.

Elder Scrolls Online” Tons of Vanity items. Outfits, pets, housing, effects, all of it available . . . at a price. See, that is the other side of the coin, this stuff has value to players and so it also can be monetized. It is an opportunity to add some pixels, give no new advantage, but the player is happy and shows off the bling bling.

Minecraft? Skins and just the whole creation effect is one huge vanity. There is very little winning of that game and a lot more of ‘look at THIS!’. I do not play WoW but I am fairly sure that some of the stuff is to look good more than it is to be good (darling). I think MMOs do feed on our need to pretty up or ugly down. To modify and design and appreciate the art we have made within their art.

and I am sure, irl and in game

you loook Mah vell ous

fly it like you won it


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