(OOC) Halfway Through

Well my sleep schedule is totally borked and I have had the usual ups and downs of a summit set.  It is hard to wrap my head around this being the last one (unless I run for some future CSM)  For my local time the meetings start at 1 am and end about 9 or 10 am.  There is a one hour lunch break and the rest of the time I am sat in my little kitchen nook with a laptop and trying hard not to wake the rest of the household.  Notebook and notepad always at hand, sometimes to refer to old ideas, others to jot down what I want to say or future actions that may need to be taken, followup contacts or notes to write to others.


EVE Roadmap w. CCP Seagull  –In retrospect, on this one, I regret that we spoke too much and did not give CCP Seagull more time to talk.  The hour session to open the summit passed wayyy too quickly and I wanted this one to last an extra hour.  If you are expecting me to spill what details happened, tough
Team Security  — I swear, I laugh more often during these sessions than most others.  What they had to tell us brought a huge grin to my face and I look forward to the ‘lamentations of the women’ when they finally next go public.
Team Psycho Sisters (Team working on UI, UX, new camera etc) —  We spent a lot of time going over the new camera woes and the comments that some of us on the CSM had received (by the sounds of it comments is a NICE way of saying it)  Then the topic moved on to other parts of the UI and a lot of it had me asking now?  NOW?  can we have it now?
EVE Producers (a sit down with the producers) This was a continuum of the roadmap of the roadmap session with some honest exchange of concerns for the future based on the past.
Brain in a Box (The back-end of EVE)– two words.  Graph Porn.
Capital Ships (Team Five-O and future of Capital warfare)–  Looking forward to seeing where some of this goes.  A LOT of Capitals is (as seen at Fanfest) new ground and not the same ships only bigger.
Art Session (With members of Team Trilambda)  As usual we spent a lot of time drooling over new art assets and the implications of them.


Project Discovery (A science project within EVE)– Yes we DID bring up the worry of people spam clicking to get rewards and skew results.  Yes this is a cool thing to add to any MMO and I am glad to help be a part of it.  Yes, the scientist npc looks just like one of the people running the project.
Nullsec and Sov– As a joke and because I was hungry I made popcorn and ate it all through this session.  The most common question CSM asks is ‘why should we bother about nullsec sov?’  I am still not sure what the Null folks want for an answer, ponies?  a blue ribbon?  My personal belief is they want assurances that if the take it and hold it that they will have won Eve.
Team Astro Sparkle (Engagement team responsible for events such as Frostline)– This was one of the frustrating ones for me because I love what has happened in the past months with Events like the Blood Raiders and Frostline and not getting to chat in the bar after.  This is the one of the sessions I will have to do followup mail for.
Ship balance–With symmetry from the art department this is much easier (Kidding) Huge changes of the modules tiericide has this a very active subject.
Wormholes– I will be honest with you, I spent 6 months in a WH corp and mainly found the level of worry and paranoia too much.  Oh I trusted the people i worked with but not the rest of the Universe.  D-scan and I didn’t get along (from what I hear, right now it would be worse)  It was a lively discussion and I considered making more popcorn.
Customer Support (The GMs discuss helping people)– The logs show nothing.  Nah, they show lots and some of the data we saw may never see the light of day but this increased the admiration I have for the GM crew and made me wonder if I could ever do that sort of thing.

Overtime-Extra sessions are good and we had a great one in the overtime session with a last minute guest that we enjoyed talking to, a lot.  Minute may show what was said but this session was one of the ones that increased my optimism for the future of Eve.

Leak? break NDA? no.  The minutes will be out soon enough and you will get a lot more from them than you will from me, as it should be.  What you get from me is the ‘feel’ for what has gone on so far.  The CSM/CCP relationship hit a bad stretch and was involved in far too much fault and gunnysacking.  The blame is not one-sided by any extent of the imagination.

Some people REALLY do not want to let go of the past because it is partially what defines them.  We are doing well in this summit and there are bridges being rebuilt.  I am glad for that because I want to be able to hand a working model to CSM11.

2 more days to go, I’ll try to get back to you on them.  Look at the schedule and if there are points you want me to raise, send me an evemail.  Of course if you are reading this after the 18th,  too late, I guess.

fly it like you won it



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  1. “Brain in a Box (The back-end of EVE)– two words. Graph Porn.”

    This, so very much please.

    Regards, a Freelancer

    ps: popcorn 🙂

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