Mike listened as the author explained his new science fiction idea of the future possible.

“So if the triglavians decide that what they took is not enough then what if they come back for the rest? Oh I know some of you might object that the empires would stop them and I would answer . . . like they did last time? So that is the basis of my new series. The possibilities of all of space being taken and remapped and how the old established order would try to rise again from their own ashes.

I mean if the systems can be taken would it not be possible for them to return?

Look at the present day economics. Talk to the haulers who no longer have a safe passage from Amarr to Jita and how Dodixie and Rens are slowly becoming backwater stops as opposed to thriving trade hubs. Now imagine the pressures that would arise if Null bloc powers faced the same issue. Or if a huge swath of lowsec was stolen making passage from null to high much much longer and problematic. How many system would have to be stolen to isolate the chain down in Paragon Soul. Cutting them off from the rest of New Eden except via wormholes and filaments?”

The author continued but Mike had leaned back and started considering how that would effect the average capsuleer. If the whole of space was stolen and stations slowly lost then it would be almost a restart of the immortal life. Many would try to quit, retire if they found that what they once had was being taken away but how many would step up to the challenge and relish it?

How many would fight to stop it and how many would try to hurry the process along?


Lessons. This post was spurred by an announcement out of China

Man, can you imagine reworking the eve online map? Slowly via plot or wholesale via a new server?

I think it will take another post to discuss all the other changes China and NetEase are looking to do because some of them are formidable.

fly it like you won it


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